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This is so perfect for me!
Whatever happens with the homework, it's secondary. It doesn't really matter. I'm sure some teachers would not be agreeing with me here, but really, think about it. Does it really matter? I think it matters a lot more to connect with your child and to use that time to bond with your child.
Teach values and mindsets first. Go ahead and use spelling and grammar and reading and writing and math, but these are only tools so that kids can learn perseverance, trust and confidence. Values and Mindset come first. Learning to read is just a cool side effect of teaching values and mindset.
"Laughter is a rescue." Gloria Steinem
keep coming back to awe
As an alpha male very few things scare me in life. Not until I created two tiny alpha males did I know fear. · · · Now I worry about two things... · · · 1. Which one will test me for the position as leader of the pack. · · · 2. Which one getting bruised will make people wonder if my kids get beat 😂 · · · · · · #SingleDadSyndicate #Children #Support #LearnFromTheBest #Mentorship #FollowTheLeader #SingleDadProblems #SingleDadLife #SingleDadProblems #SingleDadsInvolved #ToddlerLife #KidsOfInstagram #Toddler #Fatherhood #SingleParents #SingleDadStruggles #SingleDadStatus #SingleDadSwag #SingleDadsBeLike #SingleDadStuff #SingleDadsOfInstagram
Today's Mantra : Be Agile
Put the child first, not curriculum, not homework. Learning will with follow naturally when connection with the child comes first.
Mistakes are good they help us grow, they show us what we want to know. So if you make a mistake and cry, just keep going, you're going to fly!
Very grateful for being in this place right now!
Keep coming back to laughter.
You can go see movies like this when your daughter is with her mom. #notadisneymovie #singledadproblems #nopottybreaks @galaxytheatres
Get out of your thoughts and SEE what you've actually done!
keep coming back to trust
Just finished a fun day getting his hair braided and faded.... #beautystrut #singledadproblems #guessmen #guessclothing #surgeonlife #coachsunglasses
Father’s Day is just a month away. Give yourself and your kids, the gift of becoming the best version of you! Tap the link in my bio for more information.
Point kids towards feeling excited when we come to a new question.
"If I waited for perfection... I would never write a word." Margret Atwood
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Grrrrr socks😡 #singledadproblems
Contemplating the important questions of life like I really don’t want to cook dinner tonight for my kids. It’s time for take out. #singledadproblems
You don't have to be excited about the homework, but you can be excited about your child.
Completely engage in life.
Get excited for yourself!
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keep coming back to love
Did you know? Homework can be an opportunity to connect with your child!
Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning. Gloria Steinem
Blessed to get to witness everyone's process.
Keep coming back to your SPARKS
Help kids develop excitement in their uncertainty.
"A dysfunctional family is any family with more than one person in it." -Mary Karr
it's your responsibility to be excited.
What makes your heart sing and your soul sparkle?
This quote makes me laugh. When I wrote this, it was truly mind blowing. It seems pretty obvious but I remember feeling like such a little kid... The frustration had disappeared because I just kept trying and trying. I don't even remember what I was doing, but I do remember being amazed at how comfortable I had become with trying, failing and trying again. That's exactly what I teach the kids in my class. Tap the link in my bio if you would like to talk about how I could support you through your "failures" Amy
What do you wish was possible, this week? How can I help you get there?
Sooooo yes i'm gone follow a workshop for dads making their daughters hair beautiful. Becoming a beter person every day!! #singledadproblems #becomingabadassdad
When I start paying attention to the things that really give me energy. Painting, creating, nutritional health, exercise, self-care, meditation, yoga and playing with my dog, the rest of my life flows and follows with ease. When I put myself FIRST, I am able to show up COMPLETELY in the areas of my life that need more energy from me. Specifically, teaching 7 year olds all week long. I used to have the mindset that self-care is selfish... NOW I can see I am CENTRED IN SELF. Being centred allows me to be with others. What do you think? Amy
One thing I love about golf, sometimes the ONLY thing I love about golf, is every round and every hole is a chance to start again. Every hole is a chance to have that perfect hole. I'm not an expert at golf by any means, but I mentioned this to my dad, (he golfs a heck of a lot more than me), and he agreed, that's part of why he likes it. In every moment we can do this, let go of what has happened and begin again. The key is, letting go. Personally, I think LETTING GO, is a little overused and being told to LET GO just helps to hold the situation in place. So simply, what does letting go mean for me? It means pretending that I'm going to shoot a clean 300 yrds. Not giving a shit if I was +10 on the hole before. How do you begin again? Amy
Saddest thing bout being single is being a single dad coming home after a great weekend with the boys and seeing the entry way empty #comehomeboys #singledadproblems #manup
Good for MEN and WOMEN these 3 simple steps changed my life I know what it feels like to feel good to wake up in the mornings and actually want to get out of bed and to lose weight and to finally have no more minor headaches and to say bye to the energy drinks and coffee I feel fabulous if you want to feel the same way or give it a try drop an emoji👇🏼Or pm me. $25 in credits or $50 to join my team P.S it’s free to be a promoter No web fees no contracts #tiredallthetime 😴 #ineedcoffeenow #ineedenergynow #weightmanagemant #feelinglikemeagain #singlemommylife #singledadproblems #beingyourownboss #meetingnewfriends
“ “Not knowing” something undervalued in our culture. Most of us are conditioned to believe that not knowing isn’t a very worthy trait.” - Adyashanti (one of my favourite teachers) So what’s the simple solution to this? Celebrate with your kids why they don’t know. Celebrate with your kids when they have a new question! And get excited for the possibilities of a variety of answers rather than sticking to just one answer. Often, after an answer is given, I will ask again: what else is possible? What could be another answer. I like doing this with especially obvious questions and answers. What colour is the sky? Blue, what’s another answer? Pink what’s another answer? Orange, green! When can it be green? Etc... Cultivate that excitement for coming up with possibilities! Don’t let the “right” answer get in the way of exploring! Leave a comment, let me know if you have a version of this in your life! Amy
Work too hard to keep my afro away.. hot weather equals frizzy hair. #singledadproblems #workhard #daddyduties 💪✊☝#numberonedad
Having troubles deciding if your child should go into kindergarten or grade one? Is your child near the cut off date for kindergarten and your not sure what to do? If you'd like a Free Consult to talk about this or any other challenges you're facing as a parent, tap the link in my bio to book a complimentary consult with me.
One thing I find most admirable in people of all ages is the ability to say yes to themselves. It is also something I try to teach the kids at school. Say yes to yourself. When you say no, others can trust your yeses. We want our kids to give authentic yeses, not yeses clouded with shoulds. Authentic yeses come when our needs are met. A “should” yes comes from valuing someone else's needs over our own. Does this mean we should give in when our child says NO? Nope. If you get a NO from your child, it’s an opportunity to get curious about what needs aren’t being met and help your child see and meet their own needs. Needs and feelings are two of my favourite topics and I would love to talk more about it. Any questions? Amy
How can you be your own teacher? How can you be your own coach?
Oh you know @odell_k9_nc already thinking of colleges, apparently @davidsoncollege has his attention ;) #mansbestfriend #singledadproblems #gottafinishmydegree #morningwalks
Where can you bring a little more light into the world? There are so many different areas of your life that can ripple out and affect your children. Where are you going to focus your beam of light today?
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