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Осталась только половина лета или ещё целая половина лета, у кого как?☀️
Parents of boys about to welcome a baby girl 😍
During our walk yesterday Lani decided to get all snarky with me. It cracked me up because it was done in a very joking type way. She KNEW she was being funny and got smart with me on purpose. For instance, she asked me what a sound was and I said maybe it was a tractor. She responded with attitude, "NOT a tractor, actually, jus' a car making noises." Well, OK, little missy, since you know so much! She also kept telling me, "I don't love you." Then she'd walk with all sorts of sass up in front of me and sneak a peak back to wait for a reaction. She had a twinkle in her eye and a silly grin kept teasing the corners of her mouth. The first time she said it I was taken aback and thought, "WHAT?!? I knew she'd say this someday, BUT NOW!? She JUST turned two! I thought she'd at least be 5 before I heard those heart stabbing words!" However, I realized she said it RIGHT after I had just chased her down and tickled her saying in a goofy voice, "Come back here, you!! I just wanted to tell you I LOVE YOU!!" It made me feel better to realize she was just trying to get me to play this game with her. So, I went with it, and as she would peak back at me I would let a smile creep across my face and suddenly she would start to run and giggle and laugh as I chased her and said, "Well, I DO LOVE YOU!!" I know that most likely she will say those same words someday with intent to hurt. I'm glad that, for now, she is simply being a funny little girl seeking out a way to laugh with me and get extra tickles.
Waking up to these two on you birthday isn't too shabby at all. Oliver sang happy birthday & gave me a lovely card he coloured in & stuck some stickers on. It's all a bit too much! 🤣😭 Heading out for a family ice cream date tonight to celebrate! 🍦 #emotionalinmyoldage #27thbirthday #hadtocounttomakesure
Ella & Boo was created out of my love of design and crafting, and I consider myself very lucky to spend my days doing what I love! Each Ella & Boo mobile is designed and hand stitched by myself in my home studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I want to get to know my customers and social media followers better, please take 1 minute to fill in my survey to help Ella & Boo evolve and grow with you in mind. (Link in bio @ellaandboo )
She has grown so much lately. That this feels like a life time ago.
Hands in pockets and gumboots on for our windy wintery walk this morning 🍃❄ . . . . #simplychildhood #winterdays #dailyparenting #exploreoutdoors #littleandbrave #wildandfree #staywild #letthembelittle
because this is her favorite, and Jakes and mine and well who are we kidding it’s all our favorite 😂 Her smile, joy and just happiness when they do this is just more than words can express 😇 - - #haystackrock #babiesofinstagram #dadlife #momblog #motherhoodalive #simplychildhood #oregoncoast #momlife #honestmotherhood #travelwithkids
Our beautiful girl at the @purebabyorganic photoshoot. 🌻
For the last time I put him to bed as a 5 year old and tomorrow he will be six 😭😭😭. The days are long but the years are short- so short! Goodnight sweet boy. I can’t wait to celebrate you tomorrow 🎉🎉
Subscription box for one of our babies 😍 I’m absolutely loving these wooden teething rings by @babeeandme and every baby needs some sleepy balm 😉 NOTE: This baby is an “original” subscriber at the original price rate, and the contents do not reflect what you’d get on the current price rate 💕 #babyessential #woodenbabytoys
We love to shop small!!! Obsessed with these shops 😍 tap for details 😘😘 If you are a fellow small shop, please consider donating to our upcoming auction #auctionfornoelle over @auctionsforhope (send me a dm!) & if you watch our IG stories, you know there is a special coupon code that dropped in the VIP group to kick off our Christmas in July sale 🎅🏼 . . . 😅 did you shop amazon prime day today? Tell me below and you could be our monthly shop credit winner! 😅 . . . . . #thatbowtho #thatsdarling #babybows #momtogs #candidchildhood #simplychildhood #the_sugar_jar #lovely #childhoodunplugged #letthembelittle #littles #wildandfree #magicofchildhood #makersmovement
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Fields of gold ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ————————— We’re very lucky in East Riding of Yorkshire to be surrounded by beautiful countryside - flat plains and endless skies. The girls and I went to a traditional village fair at Barnby Moor (the grannies on segways were a real highlight) and then on our way back we decided to wandered through these fields of gold. I’m not sure what the girls were looking at but I love how protective Freya is over her sister #protectivesister #galleryoflightfeature #lightseeker #childofig #cameramama #mom_hub #oureverydaymoments #yorkshirephotographer #yorkphotographer #pursuehappy #followthislight #mygirls #magicalsunday #theheartcaptured #mymagicalmoments #dearest_viewfinder #dearphotographer #artofvisual #thisweekoninstagram #outdoorportraits #simplychildhood #infinity_children #the_sugar_jar #thesincerestoryteller #oureverydaymoments #clickvision #fieldsofgold
Don't let Monday get us down, Don't let what people say get you down. Don't let your thoughts get you down, Maybe your Monday be Bright and smiling!! Like sunshine and 70 degrees with no humidity. If it not going to well. Stand tall my friend. Because you got this, and if you need a friend, a ear to listen, I'm right here. . . You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing You say I am strong when I think I am weak You say I am held when I am falling short When I don’t belong, oh You say that I am Yours And I believe, oh I believe What You say of me I believe You Say by Lauren Daigle
Beautiful mama. Handsome little man. ❤️
Having the energy to take this boy exploring is everything!! I desperately want all of my friends to feel this good. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had one of my bad days. I’m not talking about simply being overwhelmed by a situation or feeling stressed about something... I’m talking about one of those days where you cry, without reason, all day and feel the weight of the world pressing down on you. Yeah, heavy stuff I know. I haven’t had a day like THAT in so so long. This is the real deal. My body is healing from the inside out and I 100% credit this transformation to the natural supplements I’ve started incorporating into my daily routine. So easy! So life-changing!! . . . #LittleManPhoenix #Phoenix4thYear #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #simplychildhood #thatsdarling #honestmotherhood #motherhoodsimplified #momlife #letthembelittle #our_everyday_moments #healthymama #happymama #joyfulmama #roadtrip #roadtrippin #MamaandPtakeIndy #GuizarSummerFun2018
Mom is traveling this week, so we couldn’t quite continue #Muffintinmonday today as planned. Instead we did ours a few days early this week. (Shhh. Don’t tell. 😉) . This week’s yummies: - blueberries, granny smith apples, raisins - carrots, celery - hard-boiled eggs - toast made with Dave’s killer bread (yum!) - peanut butter, hummus, and guac for misc dipping/spreading 😊 . Plus we added another M...myths! Greek myths were our read-aloud, and my kids LOVE these Usborne illustrated story collections 👍🏻 Reading aloud during picnic lunch is a WIN with the kids and easy for Mom too! 😃. . Join us next week! We’re making it a standing thing through the end of the summer! 😃❤️
This time six years ago we’d just brought home a tiny 7lb 4oz bundle of baby perfection. We laid down on the bed, ordered ourselves a pizza and wondered what on earth we were supposed to do now 😂💖. Fast forward six years and although I still often wonder what we’re supposed to do next (and definitely still order all the pizzas 😂), we’ve managed to raise the most hilarious, but definitely frustrating, super intelligent, beautiful and all round entertaining little person and I couldn’t be more proud 💖. Happy sixth birthday Nora Jane, thanks for making me your Mama, for making me who I am. Thanks for letting me learn the parenting ropes with you. I don’t always get it right but we’re in this, winging it together. We love you baby girl 💖💖💖 #cansomeoneslowdowntimeplease
"Just having a wee rest, Mum"...on our 0.03 seconds walk back to the car. 🤣 Kids are hilarious! Met our friends at the park & had a mini picnic this morning then spent the rest of the afternoon playing chef. 👨‍🍳 #happytoddler
I’ve been holding out on sharing these 🤗. Can you even launch a children’s nature line without a fox (and owl) pillow? I’m particularly excited about these pillows because they are sewn AND screen printed at the women’s sewing center. @ellebattung blew these animal designs out of the water 🦊🦉
High five to a awesome week! What do you have planned for the week? #whatyagotgoingon #whataboutbobwaters #letsdothis
🦈🦈🦈 // #adventuresofaugustjay
The way he cares for his little brothers ❤️❤️ Homeschooling has given our boys the kind of bond I always wanted them to have. Yes, they fight (hello, five small humans with big feelings in a small house 🙈) But they truly enjoy each other and look out for one another. I’m so grateful I get to be a part of it. ❤️
B A B Y B A B Y | Took this wee snap t’other day when this little lady was exactly 1 month old 😍 Still can’t quite believe it... it’s gone so quickly! The amazing belly stickers were a super cool Baby Shower present from the awesome @helzlou from the US of A ✌🏼I am so in awe in what my body has gone through and achieved to create this fabulous little thing and I cannot wait to watch her grow and flourish 🌱. . . . . #newborn #newbornbaby #momlife #momblogger #momentsofjoy #candidmotherhood #childofig #illuminatechildhood #livingarrows #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #childhoodeveryday #magicofchildhood #illuminatechildhood #letthembelittle #cherisheverymoment #cameramama #clickinmoms #simplychildhood #simplylittle #simplychildren
Favourite brand alert: @_bobochoses_ #reinabella 🐰
Positive people have more happiness. Do you believe this to be true or false? Was listing to a new audio book today and he spoke in great depth about this. People who are naturally or consciously positive lead happier lives. . I believe it 😍 And it’s something I truly try to make the greatest effort at. Life’s too short to fill your mind with fear and doubt so I choose to fill it with positivity and glass half full stuff 💪🏻. . Oh, and thanks @joelfreemanfitness for the bonding time this morning with the boy who helped me change my mindset about fitness and love myself a little more.
I’ve had the joy of working with this mama, Cecile and her son Aiden twice now...first for his first birthday shoot and down here at the beach for @potterandpehar. I’m so lucky to work with such amazing humans like these two! • • Photo: @elzaphotographie | Styling: @somersette_
Missing the simple beach life today! Also missing Milo... my little side kick, who’s officially at school every day this week. 😩 But we’re gonna make the most of this Monday and make it a good day anyway!
Cheers to Monday ☕️☕️ Hope your coffee is stronger than your toddler. Lenny is going through a ‘no’ phase and a new yelling phase when he doesn’t get his way. My older twins never did that so this is new territory for me 😂 Anybody else with a #strongwilledtoddler 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ . . . . #mynameismama #welcometotheworld #seekthesimplicity #liveunscripted #capturequiet #bonnetsonadventures #cameramama #magicofchildhood #ourcandidlife #dailyparenting #slowliving #kidswhoexplore #livelifeoutside #littleandbrave #littlepiecesofchildhood #simplychildhood #momswithcameras #bonnetbaby #letthembelittle #lifeofadventure #motherhoodunited #bonnet #honestmomconfessions #letsgoonanadventure #letsexplore #babiesinbonnets #littlelove #sweetsummertime #summervacay
Don’t parent alone this week! Come giggle with us!!! We’re here to help! No reservation needed! Drop in anytime!
Don’t parent alone this week! Come giggle with us!!! We’re here to help! No reservation needed! Drop in anytime!
And just like that it’s Monday 😭 I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! What did you get up to? Ours was full of early morning walks, which I think is my new favourite thing! Madeleine suddenly seems so grown up, she really feels like a toddler now. Her language is developing, she wants to walk anywhere and everywhere, and her character is really shining through. Every month I find myself saying ‘this is my favourite stage yet’, and then I eat my words because it just gets even better. She definitely isn’t ‘tiny’ like this t-shirt says, and I do miss my baby, but I’m also so excited to ride the train of life with her ☺️
11 months old ✨💗 Time is going way too fast! How are these two almost 1?? 😱 Any suggestions for 1st birthday presents? Or should I just deck out their fave room - the pantry 🤣
I'm fast learning that there's no quick way to prepare a caravan, pack up a house, move into said caravan and maintain some semblance of normalcy for the four kids at your feet. So while we had intended to leave the last week of July, I think it will be more like early August. Till then? Bunks to assemble, bedroom walls to paint, caravan serviced, furniture to sell/move, car to sell, 2 birthdays to celebrate etc. I knew this stage of the plan would be hectic but now that I'm here I'm basically 😳. Already thinking about tomorrow's coffee and simultaneously wondering if the primer is the right one and why the water pump isn't working. The not-so-romantic but very honest #vanlife post 😉
Raindrop sheets are always a good idea (double them over for a bassinet or Moses basket and then use them in the cot when baby is bigger). Gorgeous photo (and baby!) via @mylensoflove 👶🏻💛
Vintage bows & pretty ringlets 🌿
It’s special moments like this I need to cherish ~ Tramping in a place I never considered I would ever visit, let alone live ~ and to have my mum live in the same town is a blessing in itself 🍃
There are many benefits to rebounding, including: . Strengthening of the core muscles Stimulation of every body cell Strengthening of the bones Stimulation of the lymphatic system Improved posture Reduced back and neck pain Increased flexibility . . #rebounding #exercise #keepingactive #stayingfit #healthykids #happykids #myrebounder #happykidshealthykids #getkidsmoving #keepchildrenactive #tipsforkids #rebounding #celebrate_childhood #funseekingkids #simplychildhood #ukmums
🌞"Summer is a state of mind." -anon We are just trying to soak up as much summer as we can get since it is usually over as soon as it starts here. I'm loving watching little man's personality bloom. Did you know babies are born with all the neurons their brain will ever have? Their personalities are already hard-wired in there, and through love and nurturing they begin to make brain connections and this "unlocks" their inherent being. I love to think that through parenting we are uncovering the very essence of who are children are going to become. Parenting, the hardest job and the most fun and rewarding too. ❤. Hope you're all soaking up whatever season you're in. 🌞🌞 . . . . #beachbum #lifesabeach #riverrats #lifeontheriver #summerinpnw #pnwisbest #blackandwhite #bnwpic #bnw #magicofchildhood #ig_motherhood #simplychildhood #ordinarychildhood #earlylearning #childdevelopment #braindevelopment #nurturethenature #essenceofchildhood #momlife #summersun #swim
He likes zoos, but he loves aquariums and any type of sea animals. He’s settled in and enjoying sea life in the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.
BETRAYAL: be•tray•al (n) Telling mama you want to ride with her in the “boat” and mama saying “no why don’t you go with baba.” Suddenly, you’re with baba, you’re in the boat, and you’re hella betrayed. 😫 #adventuresofaugustjay #fieldspartyoffour
What a whirlwind of a weekend! I’ve got so many fun pictures to share, but trying to catch up on some others from last week first. . . The playhouse is almost done and the girls are LOVING it. I can’t wait to share the full before and afters on the blog soon. . . . #wildandfreechildren #girlmama #imaginativeplay #littleandbrave #motherhoodrising #diyproject #playhouse #swingset #kidsgifts #happychild #simplychildhood #treasuremotherhood #capturedmoments #dailydiary #documenttheeveryday #everydaymoments #dailycaptures #italianice #childhoodfavorite #orsd_food
She sits and looks through this book everyday. And it raises so many questions and learning opportunities. She is so wise, and she has most definitely been on this earth before.
Indiana Highlights Part 1: Train bridge, amazing park & zoo with free admittance, pizza dates, and a fun fountain. Oh, and did I mention we drove 13.5 hours? 😆 . . . #LittleManPhoenix #Phoenix4thYear #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #simplychildhood #thatsdarling #honestmotherhood #motherhoodsimplified #momlife #letthembelittle #our_everyday_moments #healthymama #happymama #joyfulmama #roadtrip #roadtrippin #MamaandPtakeIndy #GuizarSummerFun2018
Pretty much sums up the day.. one happy 19kg tot while poor dad has to grin and bear the 4km walk 😂
“You can’t sit with us.” ❤️🌈🦄 #adventuresofaugustjay
Beach days are the best days!🏖 . . We are loving @smiloinc and all the fun products they make for babies and toddlers! 🙌 This star blanket is the softest ever and he is keeping his snacks sand-free (well kind of sand-free😉) in these cute containers that are easy to open and BPA-free! Perfect for on the go! #mysmilo #partner
Free educational event + not crowded in Southern California = happy Meissner family 😂👌👍 We got to pan for gold, have a picnic, pet reptiles and marine life, and see fun birds. 🦎🦎🦎 Oh, and there was a guy dressed up in a dinosaur outfit Cedric kept trying to find the whole time 😄😄😄 #sundayfunday
Walk through the forest to see her little duck friends 🌿🦆 #dadsphotographyskills #countrysidelife #duckobsessedtoddler
Okay guys. I was complaining about sleep in my last post. Then today, my husband took the kids all morning so I could sleep in.. till noon 😂😴 He’s the best.
Klain and Archer in the background 😍
“Noldu ki şimdi bu kıza? Biraz önce gayet iyiydi” 😄😄😍
Excited to meet a sweet little princess today and capture this growing family!!! Stay tuned for some sneak peeks📷
When going on a boat just means eating snacks and pushing all the buttons. I mean what isn’t there to celebrate? #adventuresofaugustjay
Auggies first Ohio River floaf, and it didn’t disappoint. #adventuresofaugustjay #fieldspartyoffour
Cashing in on that post nap popsicle bribe. #adventuresofaugustjay
Spent my morning chasing Auggie around the park. When we were done we got in the car he said “Mama I like you take me to the park, I like my friends, and I like you.” ❤️❤️❤️😭 #adventuresofaugustjay
This handsome boy and I are a little over halfway to Indiana. 😍
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