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It was a dull, dark evening. He didn't received my calls since morning and this was first time he ever did this to me. His friends and games suddenly became more important than me. Not just me, but more than his meals, health and everything. We are in relationship since 2yrs and I learned so much good things from him. But today, for the first time- this behavior was different. I am a woman with practical mind and caring, understanding attitude which usually is found in a imaginary girlfriend. But in real, I am the one! We're in so much love that it's not possible for me to doubt him or have any misunderstanding between us. This situation surely put me in concern if he's safe or not. Finally around 7pm he picked up my 70th call and said-" I'm really sick, I'm vomiting!". "Hey love, just take some medicines, calm down and sit for a while. You'll feel better. I am so worried since morning, no text or calls....." This all was what we both were expecting from me. Instead I threw the phone on the wall, it cracked in pieces and I knew it was over. All I realized that after my first breakup, something in me changed. I turned out more heartless, and those feelings which looked like attachment to me- were never in real. I simply cannot get attached to anyone like I was to him. You know you're not the same when you act like you hate the most. This is me! #lekhika_writeups #shortstory #writings #writeups #heartbreak #story #musings #shorttalesoflove #tinytales #love #lovingyou #emotions #feelings #pain #writersofinstagram #instawriters
More you crave for my body, more you loose my soul. (Part 5 ) 2 years had past to that incident. She stood there on the balcony each day. Hoping to see him again but he never came. She never met him after that day. Her lonsomeness killed her every moment. That unpopular kid had grown up to a lonely teen. That night she stared at the stars. The same way she had been doing from the last 2 years. She felt a touch on her shoulder. She turned. Tears came rolling down her face... It was him! Just his sharpness was lost. And his eyes didnt have the same intensity. He looked like a serine landscape. Her touch made him glow. His heart could be heard. When did dawn arrived none of them could guess.. . She asked him to accompany her to the school. But he denied. He turned back and vanished into the horizon. She was left drumstuck. What had happened to him? Where was the lively stud? To be continued.... Guys the next part is going to be the last one.. Keep following and do like comment and share.... #writersofinstagram #writersden #shorttalesoflove
As promised here is the best confession we got today. Happy belated propose day everyone!! πŸ’• I remember the first day of my high school. As I walked into the class, among those various unknown faces a face with big brown eyes caught my attention. She had brunette hair, curly but not too thick. She was tall around 5'8". She was beautiful. But it was her body that used to get more attention than her face. She was hot. Drop dead gorgeous was her body. Hailey Baldwin looked nothing compared to her. And her curves.. God knows why they used to give me a really strange feeling.. I remember she was friendly and sat next to me in the lunch time. Stuffed French fries in my mouth, made silly faces and it never felt like she was a stranger just a couple moments ago. When I got up, she was still sitting on the bench and, I remember, my hands brushed against her breasts.. what can I say, straight forbidden pleasurable it was. ..... I apologized but she giggled saying, 'oh, don't even worry about it.' And the next thing I knew, I liked girls. Propose day Confession by Pronomita Chakraborty πŸ’ #bisexuallove #lgbt #support #supportthelgbtcommunity #writerslife #proposeday #happyproposeday #writersofindia #writersofkolkata #writerscommunity #writings #instagramqoutes #instagramconfessions #instagood #instadaily #instapost #writerssoul #wintersconfess #love #romantic #romance #shorttalesoflove #shorttales
Blocking someone ? Go to options and block. A checkpoint "Are you sure?" Yes. Just simple 2 steps. Have you ever think what it mean, "Blocking someone"??? Blocking someone is the extreme step that you have taken. Making him/her realise the fact that your need is over. Just get the f**k out of them. Making himself/herself feel guilty for the time he/she had spent with you. Just because he/she cares about you & want your some sort of time. Just because you got someone else better than him/her. Just because you are busy in your work, but ever he/she asked you to prioritize himself/herself more than your work? Imagine going to someone's place frequently and one day he/she shuts the door on your face. Now feel the pain he/she is going through..... Think once..... @livingsoulfultales @livingsoulfultales Follow @livingsoulfultales #like4likes #follow4followback #writer #community #lovequotes #livingsoulfultales #wordporn #wordsofwisdome #wordgasm #shorttalesoflove #wordsofwisdom #wordofinstagram #wordoftheday #words #wordpress #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #metaphor #smiley
Introducing short stories.. Untitled Written by, Arindam Mukherjee Γ‚D. Every Wednesday, a part of the story will be posted. Read all the seven parts and follow up to know the name of the title? PART 1 The story. The story is of a boy. A boy who waited.. He didn't wait for his whole life like everybody promise to wait. He didn't wait till he died; like some does in mega serial or television shows. But he waited till his innocent,without-any-complexities heart got wrecked and broken into pieces like that of shattered windows after a heavy thunder-storm. He waited till his beautiful,creative mind destroyed like a rose that gets destroyed by an evil worm. Im becoming an emotional fag. Ain't I? Wouldn't it be better if i just narrate the story? Then let me... It was a nice and pleasant day of autumn. The thin fog which could be seen by the naked eyes from the gap of a window of a passenger train made a good scenario when the nascent sun just beamed its yellowish ray like a new- born kitten opens its eyes for the very first time. It seemed like the yellowish ray of that sun lightened the whole world.You might be thinking that either this story will be of an author or of a nature lover. Like,who else can explain the beauties of nature and give it a clear picture except a nature lover? No sir! When someone is in love,the deep one,everything in the world seems beautiful and this world,the very dirty world,full of selfish and lustful people; yes even this world seems to be mesmerizing enough.. Autumn evening. As far I remember and can recollect,the time was 5:07pm. The sun,which earlier seemed to have lightened the whole world,was then setting off. Is this really that sun? The same sun which could be compared to a mighty lion,the king of the jungle? Its light and its rage was fading. It was becoming calm,slowly,bit-by-bit. It seemed like the very sun has two faces. The face which shows its anger,rage and aggression and the other face which shows its calmness,dependency and weakness. No sir! Nothing is positive or negative in this world. Every thing is relative... __TO BE CONTINUED__ #shorttales #shorttalesoflove #shortstories #shortstoriesofinsta
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