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It’s 74 degrees and I’m freezing to death. #sheisnotlost #sunset #freezing #luckywelivehawaii
The bird keeper reading my card. #travel #incredibleindia #india #tashyrahul
I haven’t gotten around sharing any pictures from my Korea trip in my blog nor in my IG but I’ll be doing that for the next few days (or weeks) now. It’s only fitting since I’m really itching to come back. Korea has been a memorable trip and I can’t wait to start documenting it. This was my touchdown on Incheon International Airport. I was going solo for my first day so I was mostly taking photos of other people. #RichelGoesToKorea
Just call me Dr.Dolittle! I've always loved animals but something about travel is making me extra soft towards them. Maybe I'll need a pet when I get home? 🤷‍♀️ Also how much does that Dr.Dolittle reference date me? I googled it and found out that movie came out in 1998 (sorry to my millennial followers who are like who is Dr.Dolittle? 😂)
Luscious Ella. #ella #srilanka
Never been so turned on by a sunset in my life... watch out @ericlissner 😍
Mykonos is always a good idea ⭐️
Welcome to Jamrock. 🇯🇲⛰
You don’t have to live in the boxes that somebody else created 📦🙅🏼. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into a specific box and neither do you! Life is all about learning new things, exploring the world 🌎, engaging in any kinds of activities that make you feel over the moon 🌙 🔮... once you found it that’s when you start to build your own box 🦄💖 . #เม ื่อทุกคนอยู่เชียงใหม่มันก็จะแอบเนียนลงรูปเชียงใหม่ด้วย
Pull Up N Wreck ⚡️ (Someone called me white chocolate and she got called tablecloth, apparently both compliments) #VeniceBaby #LA
This was a wet and adventurous day. 🏔 our ears filled with roar of mother nature's extremes, our senses filled with the rich smell of wet earth, and our eyes sparkled at the sky melting from blue to dusty pink at midnight. Iceland is nothing but a dream. I'll be back.
Sometimes, you just need a good coffee and a serene view to start your morning! Happy Sunday y’all!
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