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Which has been your most memorable day so far into 2018? • For me, one of the most amazing days so far has been my cousins wedding. Had a blast enjoying time with my family in Belgium ♥️ • His wedding was in a castle! We had so much delicious food (no diet allowed), we danced A LOT (trance and latin music included), I made new friends (thanks god some people there spoke english - all that side of that family is dutch), and cake.... cake was delicious. • So far 2018 has brought a lot of changes in my life and this party has bern one of the highlights of my year ♥️ I was embarrassed in that picture laughing at myself. • Enjoy those little moments, those little highlights! You will remember them forever and that’s what life is all about!
It's not always easy following our heart. Unfortunately hearts can get broken in the process. Some of us are born into families/cultures that do not support or accept our values, wants and needs. I see so many clients struggle with self-doubt, insecurities and people pleasing habits as a consequence. It doesn't matter how old they are - they still possess this enormous desire for their parents' love & approval. It's no surprise to me that I am attracting these particular clients, as this was me up until very recently. It takes a lot of strength to stand up to the ones we love and affirm that their idea of happiness & success is not aligned with ours. It can wreak havoc, create separation, exclusion, ridicule etc. Often the parent(s) has no clue what impact their 'conditional' love has on their child. In their eyes they are protecting them from hurt, from failure... from life itself. To the child it may be felt as manipulation, control, or disapproval. Most often the parent(s) is just repeating a generational cycle.. therefore, you can't blame them for not knowing any other way.. perhaps their child is here to show them a better one! Each dynamic is different. But whatever the dynamic .. a choice is usually made... to follow the heart, or to continue to people please. When we choose the road of pleasing others, we shrink, we #conform (and this dynamic often oozes out into our personal relationships). Everyone's journey is different, but it all starts and ends with following the heart ❤️ #relationships #family #patterns #cycles #karma #conditionallove #selfworth #followyourheart #speakyourtruth #onelife #dontshrink #honourwhoyouare #selflove #counsellor #counselling #familypatterns #journeyoflife
Be your self be True to you . #beyourself #happy #bored #lovelife #selfworth
‘Money doesn't make a man. Muscles don't make a man. Tattoos don't make a man. Character makes a man. Let a mans character be his currency, that will tell you what he's really worth.’ #growth #characterdevelopment #whatmakesamanstartfires #helpothers #selfworth
• CONFIDENCE comes not from always being right, but from NOT fearing to be wrong. • Vi kender alle den type, der ALTID vil have ret, uagtet om det holder vand eller ej. Man bliver så træt. • #confidence #wisewords #attitude #begoodtoyou #selfworth #selflove #mindset #motivate #inspiration #inspoforyou #healthylifestyle #fitlife #nutrition #beauty #skincare #wellness #aloevera #skønhed #hudpleje #kosttilskud #entrepreneurmindset #danish #webshop #lookgoodfeelgood #takecare #🙄
Last night I drove through a wicked rainstorm. I was scared. My windshield wipers couldn't keep up with the downpour & I was afraid of hydroplaning. I almost pulled over to stop. But...I came out the other side & there was this beautiful image in my side mirrors. I had to stop, turn around, & take this picture. Look at the colors! (No filter) What a metaphor for healing! The frightening times may be so scary you need to white knuckle it through & pray to get to other side. But when it's over & you can breathe again, you can look back at the majestic experience & see how it has strengthened you. What have you had to white knuckle through to get to the beauty of the other side? #yyc #yycblogger #positive #yycteacher #yycsmallbusiness #spiritjunkie   #badass #bodyconfidence #yycinfluencer #selflove #yycpsychologist #reiki #soulprenuer #wellpreneur #speaker  #yycgirls #loveyourbody #souljourney #ladyboss #yoga #bodyimage #networkmarketing #selfworth #confident #intuition #mom #selflovecoach #holistichealing #sacredselfcare
Don’t be the chaser, be the chased. You are tequila darling, not the lime. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Here’s the thing, whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside. Don’t let someone else tell you who you are or aren’t, don’t give them the power to control your happiness. 💕 Your happiness, self worth, self acceptance... your success is not based off someone’s shallow interpretation of you, someone’s approval or disapproval, someone’s compliments or criticism. ✨ YOU ARE enough, YOU ARE loved, appreciated and worthy. Repeat that, I AM enough, I AM loved, I AM appreciated and I AM worthy.
Big success requires getting out of the comfort zone.
It’s uncomfortable to talk about this, but I’m going to do it anyway.  When I left my marriage I left everything.  My house, my furniture, my religion…  The day I moved out my sister went to the store and bought me two plates, two cups, two forks, two knives.  I slept on the floor.  I had to give up everything I knew to get what I wanted.  I had to be brave enough to walk away from everything I’d built- culturally, financially, socially.  But that’s not the end of my story.  Because of my experience I get to help women become butterflies.  How amazing is that?
As kids we all must’ve gone to the circus and watch the Magic show and get amazed by how the magician disappears the rabbit, but what we didn’t realise at the point is that we don’t get amazed by how the rabbit gets disappear but we get amazed by how the rabbit is found again. Same way the idea of getting disappear hits our mind probably 10 times a day and at one point we even pick and pack up our stuffs to get disappear but have we ever asked ourselves that is disappearing what we really want? No my beautiful friend it’s not the disappearing but the foundness which comes later. Sometime we think of disappearing completely only never to be found but one should realise that disappearing isn’t the thing. If you really wanna disappear from something then disappear from your disbelief, your comfort zones, your fake friends, your fears and then you’ll be found and found in a better and strong way.. and if someone finds you in your disappearance then that’s the person who you should keep in your life. They’re rare and valuable! • • I’m lost and disappeared, who can find me? • • Drop me a comment and let me know when you felt like you were lost but you were found by that someone special! #selfcare #selflove #selfesteem #selfhelp #personaldevelopment #quote #motivationalquote #inspirationalquotes #quoteoftheday #lifecoach #lifecoaching #personalgrowth #loveyourself #bodypositive #encouragement #inspirations #successquotes #selfworth #poem #quotesaboutlife #motivationalquote
Never give up. Never stop trying. Set your intention, you will not fail.
Bullets are great for their compact yet amazingly powerful vibrations, which, when using it with a lover can pack in a few damn intense orgasms 💥💥💥#blackbeauty #bullet #multiples @missdemeanours
Do what you’ve gotta do for you.. 💞 . . You don’t need to feel bad, explain yourself to others for wanting to put yourself & your health first. 🙏🏼💞 Happy Friday everyone. 😍💞 currently doing what I love for my health & happiness 😍 some gym & me time. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 #metime #dowhatyoulove
One of my biggest goals as a mother is for Lil to look in the mirror and think “I am enough, I am beautiful”. Drew and I recently started to put together a “daily affirmation for her” we haven’t finalized it yet but every night before prayers we plan gto stand in front of the mirror with her and say, “I am beautiful,I am strong, I am enough”etc do you do affirmations with your child? Help us put our together!! #inHisimage #wordsofaffirmation #selfworth
So, I'm in a bit of a food funk atm and I could do with your help. I want to fight it but I'm really struggling to do it alone. I've stopped the "Heal Your Gut" program because having no coffee (my one cup of guilt-free joy a day) was making me crazy and sad. The lack of protein, too, in my soups, was affecting my mood and making me feel hungry and deprived, so I was snacking mad. I ended it badly, too, with a massive 3-day binge and a "fuck it all" attitude, added with feelings of self-baiting hopelessness. Not a good place to be - the danger "point of no return" zone. You probably all know the dark, dreaded place I'm talking about. I think at some point, while I was in Japan and saw photos of myself, I forgot that everything I'm doing is primarily about mental and physical health and long-term sustainability, and the focus turned back to that dreaded arch nemesis - weight loss - because I was unhappy with what I was seeing in the photos despite my best efforts. When I'm doing keto for health, I'm 💯 committed. Why? Because food becomes a value-based thing, not a weight-related obsession. I'm aware now of the underlying emotions weighing me down and making me eat without mindfulness and self-love, but I'm in a bit of a funk and feeling quite lost. Will I get back up? I hope so. I just have to dig deep again. Can't believe it's the old petty shit and my own flawed perceptions that have undone my value-based efforts. I think I'm just sad at the moment, coming to terms with a million life changes, and feel as though I'm constantly chasing my own tail. But, hey, that's life. And amongst it, I hope I restore my values and find my happy in health and well-being again. #keto #ketodiet #ketofood #ketogenicdiet #lchf #struggles #foodaddiction #emotionaleating #emotionaltrigger #feedyourworth #notyourfeelings #values #ketopeeps #ketocommunity #ketofam #selflove #selfworth #selfawareness #health #bodylove #healthy #happy #eatingforhealth #blog #blogger #humansrus
you cannot loose this magic it is swelling upon contact with life below the surface, your very deepest velvet born & the work it took to become this heavy 📿 . (this saturday 3pm-8pm come support @laurelmakersmarket ::: poetry, photography, collages, & always love) . . . #poetsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #photographersofinstagram #supportlocalartists #laurelmakersmarket #localmarket #poetry #queerartist #queerlove #teachlove #belove #healing #arttherapy #lgbtq #gaygirls #sflesbians #queerinoakland #bayareaqueers #magic #powerfulwomen #womxn #selflove #selfworth #selfwork
Thank you Vimala for your generous heart to bless young girls & women in need of encouragement & inspiration to turn their lives around with my book. By getting my books, you also become my partner supporting the children’s education at the School of Mercy located at the Thailand-Myanmar border where many women & children are being exploited, enslaved & trafficked!!! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these children!❤️ . . **The School of Mercy is a project run by Mercy Team International (MTI), a part of Operation Mobilisation, a global Christian Movement. MTI is committed to the holistic transformation of the poor & marginalised communities in the East Asia Pacific Region. . . . . . #womenofcourage #breakingthefearbarrier #awakeningcourage #livingyourdream #transforminglives #courage #love #mindset #belief #fear #selfdoubt #selfworth #vulnerability #sgig #igsg #sg #inspiringwomen #empoweringwomen #connectingmothers #sgmummy #sgmum #sgmummies #sgwomen #mom #mothers #children #education
I can’t wait to reveal the rest of this poem. Today as I was doing my laundry a group of men walked by and said “you gone do mine too baby” I barely flinched because I’ve become numb to the daily comments misogynistic, harmful, hateful, unhealed men throw my way. Men love pussy but hate women. They hate women by limiting their roles, opportunity’s, trying to define and use our beauty , bodies and sexuality’s to uphold their male privileges. They see women as conduits for their sexual and emotional needs and not human beings. Not all men but too many. It’s a culture of hatred that needs to be reckoned. This message of violence and malice towards women is proclaimed in music, movies , books etc. for black women, double time. Black men with white women is no longer a “coincidence of love” it’s predominantly a mixture and self hatred and fetishizing . Love is a choice. There is a reason you are choosing Becky with the good hair Tyrone (haha). Lastly, the message of male dominance is presented often with the gospel in that “sit down , be quiet, get married , have kids , take care of the home and be a helpmeet” caca 💩 . Like, it’s God’s plan for you to silent all he’s put in you. Like throwing away your dreams is a blessing. That’s a beautiful lifestyle if that’s what you seek but often women of God are told that their sole value as a woman is to help a man. We need to talk about the bs and we also need to reassess our worth, I try to do both in this poem. Can’t wait to share the rest
When you wear an incredible @LuLaRoe Maria in a forest...does it make a sound? 😉 The answer is: It doesn't matter. Do what makes you happy...wear what makes you happy. 😍 You will be absolutely radiant...because you are being yourself. Everything else will fall into place. Always. 😘 #LuLaRoe #LuLaRoeMaria
All I want to do is send my client her life coaching homework but son won’t let me be great. Lol Although being a work from home mom and entrepreneur comes with multiple challenges I don’t take it for granted. These are years I cannot get so I cherish them deeply!!! Being your own boss not only benefits you but your babies too! • • • • #motherhood #empowerment #blackmothers #Mommy #babyboy #entrepreneur #Ministry #wife #Femaleentrepreneur #melanin #Queen #recipes #selfesteem #lifestyleblogger #Blog #gorgeous #Family #Selfworth #Psalm139 :14 #ImDope #woman #podcast #Marriage #Purpose #vegan #church #gospelmusic #Locs
I’ve fallen apart many times... every time with divine purpose, every time in a fucking heap of pain & confusion... yet every time the most divine gift of refocus & release. Every time I survived & I expanded. Falling apart brings a gift of rebuilding, we get to put the pieces back together differently... we get to learn about who we are & what feels right for us. We get to choose & course correct onto a path of awesomeness & self discovery that best serves our evolution. But don’t get me wrong, it felt like crap errrryyyyyy time 🙄😭😆 . The strength & precious wisdom I’ve gained & respect I now have for myself has anchored me both in my ability to overcome & in my faith. The deep knowing that I can handle anything that comes is such beautiful empowering comfort, whilst knowing it all comes for my highest good & learning. . I expect I’ll fall apart again in the future & that too will be perfect. I know it will hurt & confuse but I’ll trust it. My new understanding will allow me to surrender to the teaching & transformation it brings. Lol although we know I’ll have a fucking tantrum first... resistance to change & fighting to remain in the comfort zone is a beautifully human thing 😂😍 . The more we align our lives with our own truth & harmony the less destruction we require to refine & transcend... in flowing with detachment we are able to course correct & we more easily find our way onto the path meant for us. . All is as it’s meant to be, we are loved & supported beyond measure, we can truly let go & step forward into the unknown. This is how we grow & evolve. Believe, let go, you are safe. . I fell apart so beautifully. I survived so fucking perfectly. . Grateful for it all... tears & pain I see your gifts & I’m so so thankful for all you brought to building this Goddess version of me. It’s time to build our best selves 💕👑🦋💪🙏🔥🙌... are you ready? xxx . #selflove #strength #indigo #intuitive #goddess #breathe #trust #faith #fallingapart #lettinggo #surrender #karma #soulgrowth #mentalhealth #emotionalwellbeing #allow #karmicrelationships #lookwithin #selfdiscovery #rebuild #transformation #transcend #standtall #beyou #findingyourself #selfworth
I’ve been doing a lot of “last times” here in San Angelo this week as I prepare to move to Virginia. A couple of days ago, I spoke on base for the last time…at least for the foreseeable future. It’s difficult to say goodbye, but I enjoyed my time with the troops. 🔺 One of the core values of the Air Force is “Integrity First”. I always ask, “Integrity First with whom”. The answer is, integrity first with yourself. 🔺 Each time you make a commitment to yourself and break it…no matter how small…you degrade your self-esteem and self-worth. It’s like the person who says about New Year’s resolutions, “Don’t make one, can’t break one”. If you continuously break commitments to yourself, eventually you may not have the courage to try anything, and that’s a bad place to be. 🔺 And the opposite is also true. If you keep your promises and commitments to yourself, you will feel better about who you are. You will increase your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. 🔺 No matter what, always keep your word to yourself. Integrity first with YOU! 🔺 #willandpurpose
#100daysofchoosingme I didn’t know what it was to truly love myself without seeking validation. I had hard wired in me the idea that I needed to impress those around me so I could be accepted and supported. The acceptance and support was never unconditional. I was so hard on myself. Gave myself no mercy. I needed to be perfect. Pushed away love for many years in fear of being criticized or judged. In fear that I wouldn’t be deemed good enough. I was only enhancing my feelings of being alone and unconsciously blaming the universe for my situation without realizing that it was me who took in those beliefs, who affirmed them the more I resisted them, it was painful and too much for my body to handle. My body grew tired of doing things alone, of being this brave, wise, independent woman. I wanted love and my denial was so strong that I would always find ways to focus on something else. So interesting that the more avoid something, the more we attract it because there is so much charge there and unresolved emotions. Things have changed for me over the years and it has been because of my complete commitment to myself and being coachable 💜I’ll do whatever it takes to live from my soul and let go of all untruth. I am love, I am love, I am love, I am JOYOUS love. That’s who I am and that’s who you are, I hope you are 1000% aware of this every day of your precious life. #belove #lovecoach #lovecoaching #datingtips #relationshipadvice #selflove #selfworth #consciousness #womanceo #consciouswoman #gratitude #believeinlove
As a coach I’m here to support you when others say you can’t. Together we can achieve so much more.
So much this. I don’t know what it is about me that I give up after months of hard work. I think I fear success and the unknown. I fear reaching my goals and then going well what now? I sabotage myself and I always have. This needs to change. I don’t know how but I know it’s a problem. Fear holds me back. I know I’m not alone and lots of us suffer from this. It’s a constant battle. I go back and fourth and I hit a wall in my journey and just don’t give a fu*k. I want to be honest and open on here because social media gives the appearance of perfection and life is FAR from that... I want to say I’m struggling and that’s completely ok!! Life isn’t perfect and one day may seem like I have my sh*t together and then the next day I sometimes feel like a failure lol I’ve been binge eating fast food lately and I’m trying to figure out why. Obviously it’s emotional reasoning and sometimes it takes me time to figure out the root cause. Guys this is life. Don’t hide behind social media. Be authentically you 💕 EVERYONE struggles. My life is changing right now and it’s a good thing. I’m scared but I know in my heart life is going down a fantastic scary amazing path. Tomorrow is another day. If anyone is strugglingly, know it’s totally ok and you aren’t alone. . 💕❤️ . . #journey #progressnotperfection #myjourney #life #lifegoals #change #truth #onedayatatime #icandothis #faith #path #fitness #fitnessjourney #mentalhealth #mentaljourney #weightloss #weightlossjourney #selflove #selfworth #health #loveyourself #positivity #bodypositive #bodypositivity #authenticity #struggle #dontgiveup
Repeat this to yourself every morning! You can do this! Never forget how unique and amazing you are! ❤️ #amazing #selfworth #love #attitude #newday #newbeginnings
I love how she's the first person to tell you how imperfect she is. While some celebrities would like you to believe "they can do no wrong." she knows when to stop "acting."🔹🔹 #GabrielleUnion #JamieFoxx #SelfWorth 👉TAG A FRIEND
A year ago this month I made a decision to open my own practice. I freaked out for months trying to plan for any disaster that could have come up. When I learned to let go, and trusy my skills and experience, everything fell into place. I now have a practice I love with great clients and I truly love what I do. Belive in yourself ❤ #trust #confidence #selfworth #privatepractice #socialwork #businessowner #femalebusinessowner #therapist
✨ Evening Thought For All My Lovers & Seekers Out There: As I Foster My Connection to Self, I am Also Fostering My Connection and Understanding With Others. 🙏❤️💫✨ #wereallconnected #keepexpanding #sendingyouallloveandlight
The picture on the left was before I got pregnant with Harwen. #throwbackthursday #lovingyourself #selfcare #selfworth #wwfreestyle #Godisgood
Let's create love! Everyone goes through heartbreak at some point in their lives. My biggest one was this year! However, we have GOT to find love and happiness from within. Once you do, you attract love and happiness even further. We have GOT to fill our own tanks first so we can help others. Tonight I took yoga, I danced, I went and got a small ice cream (haha I resisted a large and still LOVED it #goals ), and now I'll rest. Let it flow. #selflove #selfworth #forgiveness #happiness #love #believe #peace #yoga #patience #meditate
Your contribution and inspiration will make a gigantic difference. Many people go through hardships, sometimes beyond our imagination. To inspire any individual, it doesn’t cost you anything, but it may save someones future and change the course of their lives. Let me give you an example. Imagine that you help someone, and they decide to turn their life around, quit with negativity and build something spectacular. This person may build a whole new industry because of one brilliant idea. Do you know how many jobs they create? Can you imagine the amount of impact it has on people’s lives? Don’t underestimate the power you have and the inspiration you can offer. If the option is to help or not, always help.
Be your own kind of beautiful 🌸🌷🌻 💋 #selfworth #blackandwhite
Where is your Faith at right now?
A wise woman once told me that I was too handsome to hide my face behind a lot of facial hair. She may be my Aunt, but she’s wise none the less. Thanks to @thetonsies for the trim and making me feel like myself again. Life lesson learned: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it 😉 #transformation #beyourself #2018 #confidence #selfworth #feelingood #new #handsome #fightme #summer #bringit #summer2018
One day at a time. 💙 We can really only take it one day at a time. Yes, we can plan out our entire week, month, and so on but we also know that life happens. Did I stick to my schedule that I originally had laid out for this week? Nope! But that’s okay because I’m getting it done and I’m happy with how my week has been. Life happens, we have to roll with what comes our way. The way we roll is determined only by ourselves. 💙 you choose what you need!
Self love is the OPPOSITE of selfish. If you're not taking *exquisite* care of you, how can you be there for anyone else??? Self-love is also a starting point . . . the edge of a GIANT pool of warm, nurturing water, that makes you feel more BEAUTIFUL + authentic + valued, than ever. When you value YOU, see your worth and *consistently* hold this vibration of high worth, the money you desire comes POURING IN to nurture you, too. Forget about "selfish" Goddess, step into the REAL YOU now. XO Gina . . . . #empower #manifesting #womenhelpingwomen #womenempowerment #strongwomen #capable #selfworth #selflove #confidence #selfesteem #empowerment #intuition #alignment #energyiseverything #successcoachgina #getwealthywoman #highlysensitive #lifecoach #businesscoach #vancouver
Forget what you feel, remember what you deserve. #vscocam #vsco #vscoph #vscogood #vscophilippines #selfworth
So true 🙏
This☝🏾 Love this so much. What this basically means is that you don’t need to do anything crazy to get attention, or anything out of the ordinary, or even be anything but yourself. You will attract your tribe and loving people into your life by what you put out. People see that, and are a magnet to good people with good vibes. You are enough, just as you are ✨ Who needed this today? Give me a 🙌🏿 emoji if this is what you needed to read today❤️ • • • • #youareenough #youarebeautiful #validation #validationisforparking #loveyourself #speakyourtruth #knowyourworth #knowyourworthladies #knowyourpower #aoa #thatsdarling #communityovercompetition #flashesofdelight #qotd #mycreativebiz #loa #lawofattractionplanner #putyourselffirst #youdoyou #goaldigger #goaldiggermovement #valueyourself #selfworth #selfworthquotes
I think comparison is a trigger that works directly to block creativity. I think this also brings up the truth that we are all worthy of RISING, there is NO rush, and we have to trust our own journey that is unfolding in what I believe is #divinetiming ✨ My favorite piece of advice lately is that just as there is enough sunlight and oxygen to go around, so too is our gifts and offerings - getting too heady about other people who are offering similar talents to the world is silly bc we all have our own unique wisdom, story, and vibration ✨ And finally, I am loving the perspective of just doing things regardless if I’m “ready” bc there is really no such thing as being ready. The wings will appear when you jump. ✨ #entrepreneurmindset #justdoit lol #selflove #moveforward #letitout #allthefeels #waxingmoon #firstquartermoon #soullessons
Back in business baby. Test lifts today. D 130 B60 S70 woot woot
Be your own kind of beautiful ❤️ today Hayley didn't want to go to school because of children bullying her 😪 #stopbullying #selflove #selfworth #loveall #nooneisperfect #beautiful #beauty #prettycolours #mygirl #love #portrait
So many of us forget to look after ourselves. We have this fixed belief that taking care of ourselves is selfish when it’s actually the complete opposite. You cannot pour from an empty cup, always fill up your cup first💧 how can you do this? Work out an hour in the day at the least where you can do something for yourself. This is different for everyone but for me, I love personal development so I usually, read, meditate, journal, take a bubble bath, go for a beach walk, affirmations, or book in a fun sweat sesh gym class with a friend. Self care looks a little bit different for everyone, but make sure you try out these and see how they make you feel. You are at your best, when you FEEL your best 🌟
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