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Life sometimes has a way of getting on top of you. Sometimes circumstances can get you down and cause you to experience an emotional low. It’s not always easy to pull yourself up from these lows and you can get stuck in such a dark place. Truth is the longer you remain in that place the harder it is to pull yourself out. We could all benefit from some tips on how to cope with feelings of sadness disappointment and hurt. Here are a few I wanted to share: 🌺Find a hobby to help transfer your energy and take your mind off of what’s keeping you down. Fitness is always a good choice because you literally can sweat out all of your frustrations and you’ll feel better and look great as a result. 🌺Wake up early and hop right out of bed and into a productive routine. When you’re in a depression you sometimes can’t fight the urge to stay in bed and just sleep. This will only cause you to sink deeper. Get an early start in the AM and develop a healthy morning routine to keep you on track through out the day. 🌺Journaling is an oldie but always a goodie. I love being able to just vent inside of my journal and let go of everything that’s been blocking me emotionally. Instead of letting it build up put your feeling down on paper. You’ll feel much lighter when you’re done. How do you cope with emotional lows? Share some tips below and help someone else who may be dealing with depression. #Depression #Mentalhealth #Mentalhealthawareness #LoveNaturalLuxe #SelfCareDiscussions #self #selflove #selfimprovement #selfmotivation #selfmade #selfconfidence #selfcontrol #selfrealization #selfrespect #selfreflection #selfworth #selfesteem #selfexpression #topicoftheday
Yessss!!!! I’m so thankfully for my thick thighs. I’ve always loved them, thickness is beautiful and sexy!! Embrace your thick and your slim. Thigh gap or not, love dem thighs, peeps! #thighs #thick #thickwomen #thickthighs #thickthighssavelives #loveyourbody #curvy #selflove #selfconfidence #selfworth #sexy #beautiful
Learn more about my platform, family and me. Link in bio. Check out all the other amazing videos and subscribe to the Miss United States Pageant on YouTube. . . #mswomansouthwest #MsWoman #msWomanUnitedStates #USNP #selfesteem #selfconfidence #shesbeautyandshesgrace #MUSP #alwaysMissUS
This is why I love being able to run my bizzz from home 🏡😍 ***** I get to spend time with my kiddos and work at the same time. ***** Before Beachbody I was depressed (also part of the reason I quit coaching the first time). I wasn’t happy with where I was at emotionally and physically (weight), I was frustrated with myself that I wasn’t one of those moms who lost all the weight right away. ***** Then Beachbody helped me with self love and confidence. I was so much happier and I felt so much better towards myself. 😘 I FINALLY got it through my head that everyone’s body is different and mine will do what it needs to on it’s own terms. ***** I absolutely LOVE helping others overcome what I did and still am in the process of doing. It is a HUGE passion of mine. 💖 ***** I’m always here to talk, so comment or message me and I’ll be there for you! 😘
#Repost @prasadmahes ・・・ You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily life. - Darren Hardy
Darkness is just a perception. Dark only exists when there is less light. If you apply the same perspective to life, sadness is just less happiness. Having this shift in the mindset helps in focusing the positive parts of the day, as negative is the absence of positive.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #quoted #quotedaily #quoteofday #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment #selfconfidence #selfmotivation #productive #productiveday #productivity #mindful #mindfullness #mindfulliving #startuplife #programmer #designed #webdeveloper #DoRemember #uidesign #uxdesign #goalsetting #mindsetiseverything #mindset #mindsetshift
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Esto es mi top secret pero cuando me siento bajoneada o muy feliz bailó sola como loca en mi casa y obviamente tmb canto jajaja! Nunca me dio roche xq suelo hacerlo en la calle o en el mall. La idea es ser uno mismo. Y tú qué locura haces? . . . . #x #jbalvin #nickyjam #dance #music #beunique #loveyourself #selfconfidence #dontcare #lilcrazy #happiness #cheerup #smile #live #peruviangirl
How much time YOU need to spend in the gym to get epically satisfying results 👇 . It’s normal for us to assume that someone who is really successful at anything must have put in a lot of work. . And that’s absolutely correct! For the body that equates to things like, time in the gym. . “How often do you workout?” . I have to say this is the number one question I get. Almost daily. . “You must spend hours in the gym!” . I hear that a lot as well. . My answer is always surprising to people. . ⭐️ 30-60min, 5 days a week. . Now is this a magical amount, or the result of a special approach? Not exactly. . It’s purely a numerical representation of the happy place I’ve gotten to through putting in the work over the years. . The adaptations of the body to physical stimulus (results) are cumulative. . So you have to put in the work over time and be consistent. Being in a hurry and working as hard as you can only stresses you out, and unless you have some kind of time constraint (like a competitive athlete would), there’s little point to suffering this way. . So what’s your ideal amount of time in the gym? . 👉Whatever you can afford when you prioritize the gym over any less important activities in your life (I’d beware prioritizing the gym over friends, family, and necessary fun, but be honest with yourself). . So realistically, 3-4 times a week for at least 30min is a great place to start. For most goals you probably won’t ever need more than 4-5 sessions a week. Unless you prefer it. . You just have to be methodical and consistent (so do it in a way that actually works for the body) and do it in a way that you enjoy so you can keep doing it forever.
ツ may 18th, 2018 fc; 1205 ♡ ———————- summer is tomorrow!!🌻😍 𝕢𝕠𝕥𝕕: do you ever wear sunglasses? ————————————— follow @bbselflove for more! i post daily threads about self love and and self care 🍒 ————————————————- #selfcare #selfhelp #selflove #selfcaretips #tips #skincare #glowup #skincareroutine #selfcarethreads #selfcarethread #skincarethread #threads #fashion #beauty #girl #love #summer #skincaretips #haircare #beautytips #baddie #makeuptutorial #aesthetic #selfconfidence #makeup #mua #beach #ocean #sunglasses #roses
Today as I shared another part of my testimony with someone I remember just how far God has truly brought me. I was mean, lustful, angry, promiscuous deceitful, alone, shameful, regretful and a whole lot more. You have no idea! God's grace and mercy! People love to judge and point fingers off assumptions but truth be told your story is not far from mine. I share my story so unapologetically because i know who I am and I know longer hide behind who i was and use it as an excuse. My prayer is that more young girls and women will do the same. #shesconfident #imotivate #iencourge #victorianecole
To all those who is finding self love, self allowing, self to just be. Bloom baby I see your seeds planted in your gardens. #lovinglife #selflove #selfconfidence #bloom #blossom #green #suicideprevention #suicidegirls #suicideboys #suicideawareness #loveyourself #beyourself
From Learnings Ep. 11: 6/18/18 . On my Anchor, /samuel-belman 🤖
Chest and back workout complete ✅ • • • • • • • #letsgetit #selfconfidence #change #fitness #fitnesslife #success #training #gymlife #gymrat #chest #back #nike
“I am strong. I am beautiful. I am fearless.” • • • #mindset #iamstrong #iambeautiful #iamfearless #selfconfidence #workonyourself
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Taking the picture on the left because I HAD to and taking the picture on the right because I WANTED to? Much different feel. I’m saying had to because I didn’t want to Take it. I felt embarrassed TO take it, but I needed to in order to track my results 🤷🏾‍♀️ Your insecurities about yourself can eat you alive, Girl. So many women think getting to a certain number on the scale drives happiness, but that’s far from the truth. Have you ever thought, “if I can just get down to ____ I will be happy”???? It doesn’t matter what SIZE you are, but if you don’t learn to love your flaws among your strengths, losing weight and getting toned won’t even matter. PERIOD. Maybe your goal is to be healthier for You and your children so you can be here to see them graduate or Have babies. Maybe your goals is to lose weight so your clothes will stop RUBBING (jeans rubbing on your waist is The worst feeling. I know this from going to a size 12 to a 4/6). Or maaaaaybe you’re a mama like me who is trying to learn how to love yourself after your entire BODY has been rearranged. Whatever the reason... you have a goal (or Five) and it’s time to stop waiting on the perfect moment. 6 more spots available to join my online fitness family in June! Workouts, accountability, the start to your self love journey, me as your coach and sister working along side you (Uhm duhhh no brainer right?😂) and a ton more. Give me 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week and some time to help you learn what to eat and you can see change too, love. Stop being stubborn and reach out.😊💕#fitmomsofig #weightlosstransformations #selfloveisthebestlove #selflovejourney #selfconfidence #selfesteem #womenempoweringwomen #zumbainstructor #toddlerfood #toddlerhood #motherhoodalive #motherhoodslens #mombloggers #mamahood #meditationspace #yogamama #writeyouonmyheart #strengthwithin #strongisthenewskinny #workoutroutine #postpartumjourney #postpartumdepression #breastfeedingmama #preemie #motherhoodinspired #unitedinmotherhood #selfconfidenceiskey
A mis-conception about fitness is that the committed are obsessed with looks. And some might start their journey with that surface goal but there’s always a deeper WHY. It could be to build confidence, to have a better quality of life, to keep up w/ young kids or grandkids, to prevent disease & sickness, to model to our little ones how to live for long-term health, etc. All of the above are just some of the reasons + benefits that come from taking ownership of your health. Looking good is just a result by default. . . #trainandtransform #fitfam #healthynotskinny #fitdads #momstrong #treatyourselfwell #selfconfidence #strongaf #fitjourney #fitnessbeginner #wednesdaywellness #ownit #gainz #results
i wanted to highlight a topic that’s been on my mind lately - self confidence. since meeting my husband and falling in love... things like hiking, daily work outs, and being overly mindful of my diet kind of fell to the wayside. I was focused on being happy, relaxing, and going on many dates involving food. All of these factors led me to gaining 5-10 lbs and none of my clothes fitting quite right. Whenever I would go try clothes on at the mall, my sizes weren’t my sizes any more and I was soft and squishy in places I was used to being firm and toned. I recall staring at myself in those mirrors in horror, asking myself “how did I not notice this happening?” “Ugh I look awful in everything.” This was followed by many determined goal setting sessions, that were always destined to fail. Destined to fail because I was no longer the single girl, living at home, with a part time casual job. My entire lifestyle had changed, I didn’t have the same free time to work out as often as before or to figure out the perfect meal plan. This post doesn’t necessarily end with a positive “it’s okay, love your body no matter what, we are all beautiful.” message - as I’m not even sure I can believe that myself yet. I’m not used to not being toned, or not being a size 2. But I do believe with enough time, reflection, and self love.. that maybe some day I will get there. I won’t focus so much on sizes or numbers, or how my thighs get huge when they are flattened onto a seat. Learning to love yourself no matter what is a lifelong lesson, and it’s certainly not an easy one. This photo is the girl who was a perfect size 2, skinny, fit, a time millionaire, living at home, eating all the right things, hiking, but also suffering from depression and not madly in love.. and I’m happy to leave her in the past. 🖤 #bodypositive #selfconfidence #selflove
* Do you want your daughter to feel more confident? * Feel empowered to follow her dreams and believe in herself? * Know that beauty is found within? * Make the right choices with friendships & relationships? We are running Empower Me, School Holiday Workshops at Sunshine Beach State School's library for Females aged 9-18 years old. Teaching young females the tools to Create the Life of Their Dreams with Scott O'Meara - Women's Transformational Coach & Britta Jennings - Women's Wellness & Mindset Coach. COST - $65 p/person each workshop Our empowering workshops will provide an impactful, motivational & inspiring experience. The skills that we teach are imperative to the girls personal development will help our future ladies build great relationships with themselves and others. What the day includes - * Clarity Session - Identify your dreams & goals (Be, Do, Have & Dream work sheets) * Visualizing - Your dreams & goals * Emotions – understanding your emotions & how they affect your life * Fear, Beliefs and Programs and how they affect your daily lives * Self confidence, Self Esteem & Body Image, protecting your Inner Sparkle from negatively. * Stay in your power * Empowering young girls to build healthy friendships and set personal boundaries * Guided Meditations – Relaxation & Connecting to Inner Self, Self love & letting go of Fears * Creating & Activating a Powerful Vision Board to take home You can purchase tickets here https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/empower-me-teaching-young-females-the-tools-to-create-the-life-of-their-dreams-tickets-47044594649
Tomorrow is naked selfie day!! Who’s participating with me??? Snap a naked selfie (by that I mean from the neck up 😉 and makeup-free) Post your selfie publicly with #RFGoNaked , and TAG ME! By doing so: 🌎Rodan+Fields® will donate $1* to the Prescription for Change® (PFC) Foundation (up to $1 million dollars!!!). This Foundation partners with different organizations in the U.S., Canada and Australia to support youth with empowerment programs. Right here in Chicago, they have partnered with BuildOn, an organization that strives to help young students break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in challenging urban settings by providing safe and supportive after-school programs, community service initiatives and service-learning programs. 🌎I will donate $1 for every selfie I’m tagged in to To Write Love on Her Arms. TWLOHA is a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and invest directly into treatment and recovery. Links to both organizations are in the comments. ———————— To THANK YOU for taking a moment to participate in something so big and something so important right now, I will: 🎁send you samples of my favorite R+F products 🎁enter your name in a raffle to one of my favorite R+F products ———————— I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces tomorrow! #skinspire #nakedselfie #RFGoNaked #selfconfidence #twloha #prescriptionforchange
📣 Get ready y’all!! 🤳🏼 I’m already ready 🤳🏼 💃🏻TOMORROW: GO NAKED AND GIVE BACK💃🏻 🗓June 21st is #RFGoNaked Day! Get ready to bare your beautiful faces to raise some serious money for young people around the world. Just post a makeup-free selfie on at least one of your social media accounts by 11:59 p.m. PT!! 👉 Be sure to set the post to "public" and use #RFGoNaked , so we can find it. 🤝For each selfie, Rodan + Fields will give $1 to the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation It's that easy! So spread the word, and show the world that Life-changing Skincare is more than skin-deep. #missmidtownrose #nakedselfie #charity #payitforward #rflife #beyourownboss #ownyour24 #smileisthebestmakeup #happyvibesonly #innerbeauty #selfconfidence #beyourself #rfgonaked #getitgirls #gonaked #nomakeupselfie
this quote came to me as I was thinking about how us women try to control the things that we shouldn’t & often times get frustrated with our journey or ourselves because of it.... learning how to chill during the times that we are supposed to, will actually get us further and faster on our journey than when we try to do it all at once ourselves. 🏃🏽‍♀️ yes, trust God, please don’t try to take away his credit, he’s doing some crazy things for us that we don’t need to be a part of! so just chill. ☝🏽#trusttheprocess Start Where You Are Podcast
🎙 is it just me or do you ever feel like God is playing around when you just want him to answer your prayers? 😧 so many questions, so much resentment, so many sleepless nights. 😴 and for what? 🤔 these actions never closed the gap between where I was and God’s plans. has it ever helped you? 🙄 prob not, so stop! 🤭 episode 6: “How to chill during your waiting period” 🤯 i see you reaching for that link in my bio, go ahead, i won’t tell anyone 🤫 #faithittillyoumakeit #sleeplessnights #hope #faith #courage #strength #thealmighty #livingintentionally #livingmybestlife
Isn’t crazy how you get so worked up inside your head like you got this,  and then when it’s game time, you feel stuck? 😫 Like, dude, can I just have Confidence for days so I never feel like this again? 😫 Sweet Child, I feel you! ☝🏽 Infact, I’ve built my Entire Brand around Confidence, because I seriously feel it’s the common denominator for women who feel stuck and they use the lack of #Confidence as an excuse not to have what they want in life! Which drives me insane because every single woman I talk to have tons of beautiful ideas inside of her just bursting at the seams to come out! We gone’ show you girl, how to let it out! 💃🏽 Confidence, I ain’t gonna lie, is Golden! It’s the secret sauce no one wants to share because Idk they are weird I guess! Not me, I looooove talking about Confidence! 🦋 I love teaching Confidence and I love helping women pull out this secret weapon to messing things up in their life. Messing it up in the best way possible! 🔥 In today’s Episode,of Start Where You Are Podcast, find out How to Have Confidence for Days!!!! 🎙 See you in the cloud & Don’t forget to subscribe! ☁️ Link In My BIO 💜 Love, Vannessa #Confidencemademedoit #transformation #confidence #trustyourself
Healthy Confident Life is HIRING! 💃🏽 Social Media Manager Summer Intern 🧠 If you are interested in becoming an Online Marketing expert & want Real Hands on training & experience... ☝🏽I'd love to talk to you! . Are you looking to gain Online Business marketing experience while still learning the game? 🔥 Do you have free time & would you love to help Empower Women through your gifts and talents in Branding, Marketing, Graphic designing? 👩🏻‍💻 Do you like to tackle projects and give ideas of how they can be better? Are you willing to learn the world of Entrepreneurship? 💃🏽 If so, EMAIL me for an Interview! 👩🏻‍💻 I have over 4 years of Marketing and Business education & experience, I have learned from some of the top Entrepreneurs in the world!! I'm dying to share my knowledge with someone who REALLY wants to learn and grow and start Her Own business one day. 🧠 I ONLY want to work with Women who DREAM of doing this full time in their own life! Whatever your Dream is! 🦋 I am a great teacher and even better coach who loves giving knowledge out for free, but I need help! 😫 👩🏽‍🏫 Are you someone Ready to Help and Ready to do yo thang alongside me? 👯‍♀️ I will give you $1,000s of Dollars of Business Marketing course access ☝🏽Plus tools that you can use for your own Dream! All you gotta do is show up like you want it! 🧠 I want to hear from you! So please, Holla! 🗣 (Email Only) v@healthyconfidentlife.org #socialmediamarketing
Unshakable-Unstoppable-Undeniable 🔥 That’s how I’d like to describe how my soul feels right now 🔥 This is what happens when you follow something so important to you & you clearly see God’s hand in it 🔥 Today in the podcast, I’m talking about ways to fuel the fire inside of you 🔥 Believe it our not- God Does have a Plan for you! Maybe it’s small at first, maybe it’s confusing to you like mine was confusing to me, but there is no denying his truth 🔥 Stop running from your calling 🔥 Start spinning in it, like I’m spinning in this random pic. LOL 🔥 How to fuel in the fire inside of you Now on my START WHERE YOU ARE podcast on SoundCloud #Godsplan #dallas
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