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Being on your own doesn’t make you sad it makes you resilient. Even tho my girls are together they are both very different and spend time apart. Kira climbed out on to this branch and looked to the sunrise and smelt the wind it’s was a jaw dropping moment for Hubby and I. Then Koy tried to join her but then decided swimming is her thing. Kira sat there for a good while just smelling the breeze and blissfully happy. P.s my daily from where I stand arnt uploading Insta keeps crashing on me. I’ll keep trying peace. Love. Smile. Kye. #wellbeing #blessed #kyequinwellbeing #peace #love #smile
Visions, intentions, plans. ✨Let's be bold this year. Let's be sexy, tell our stories without inhibitions, be comfortable with our bodies, accepting, loving, and willing to discover the best sides of ourselves. ✨Planning the year out with the lunar calendar in mind, because I serve women, and we are all under the same moon, we may as well ebb and flow with her. ✨Strategizing being more intentional with my audience, which is you, my darling, with the help of @kes_studio brand story guide. ✨Let's tell the most lovely stories, feeling overwhelming empowered by our own inner beauty, sharing our soulful light with others.
Oh my goodness gorgeous souls I found my little slice of heaven this morning down the river. A sandy bank and it’s a river beach. It’s perfect. I’ve lived here 8 years and never been here! I’m in love and this will get me thru till I can be on a beach beach. Peace. Love. Smile. Kye. Ps how’s everyone liking the daily videos? Xo
Elegant framed portraits are the best. I love this 5x7, matted to and 8x10, and framed in a beautiful wooden gold frame.
The views from the air is amazing. The rolling mountains and the beautiful sun glared off all the lakes making this view amazingly stunning. The true beauty that awaits the wandering eyes of the beholder. #beautifulalaska #sunsets #beautiful #lovealaskalife #thelastfrontier #villagegirl #flyalaska #seewhatiseephotography #travels
Qui è quando @settimio_benedusi mi ha detto "Tu non hai ancora capito cos'è la fotografia". È già storia. [Passa da "Ricordi?" in Via Capelli a Milano. Così ti fanno una foto e la stampano. Dai, su! - Thanks @hpeurope #ricordistampati #reinventmemories ] . . . . . #nothingisordinary #theworldpursuit #liveauthentic #wanderlust #seewhatiseephotos #seewhatiseephotography #exploretocreate #moodygrams #tv_living #tv_lifestyle #artofvisuals #aroundtheworld #jj_indetail #justgoshoot #beautifulmatters #photographylover #photographyislife #workworkwork
Flying into my small town in the middle of Alaska is always amazing. The beautiful scenes you fly into are breathtaking. The beauty of rolling mountains and the amazing and stunning sunsets are beyond belief. This picture looks to me like a storm raging on an ocean. This picture can take your mind to many different places. #beautifulday #alaskasunsets #Myhomeisontheyukon #villagegirl #beautifulalaska #seewhatiseephotography #invisionbeauty #rubyalaska #wildyukon #thecrazythingsyousee #gorgeousviews #holdmyhand
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