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The most beautiful of hearts is one that loves all people, all wildlife and all lands, without judgement and with a pure desire to learn from difference. For alone, or with our own kind, we can only ever stay the same. Which is a recipe for a life with minimal or the same kind of love. - Every time I visit a new country and a new place I fall in love. It may not be the type of love you can relate to, but it is one where I feel ever so connected to difference. - The people I meet are not like me. They offer different ways of thinking, laughing and being. And that is what I long for. I love their exotic eyes and voices. I love that we have had totally different lives and we can exchange what they are. It’s beautiful to feel gritty contrast, and I need that. - I do not just visit a land. I go there wanting to be thrown into its midst. I don’t want to hide in my room or a taxi. I don’t want to lower my eyes to what’s in front of me. I want to grasp it, learn from it and delve deep into it. This means understanding the ways of another culture, this means exploring the streets with confidence, this means keeping my eyes open for opportunity and closed to comfort. - A funny note, I love camels and camels love me. The local animals of other countries understand when you’re one with them. They feel you. And they also know you’re gentle and kind, unlike some of their owners. Love those dogs, camels, donkeys. Give them gratitude and warmth. Above all give them respect. They’re feelings are the same as ours. - I would never be the woman I am now staying perched on my front door step. I have flowing appreciation for every aspect of my life since I’ve started seeing this earth. I have learnt ions worth of love and I can’t wait to share and receive more 💛 - Onwards to Kenya! Revisiting my heart after being absent for 7 years! 🐘🦁 #writtenbycelia
I want to go back to the souks and buy all the rugs, scarves, lanterns, and textiles my heart desires. Who's in?! Thanks @jetsetmadi for 📸 me in my normal, goofy state! • ° • #saharasquad17 #nirvanatravels #dametravelermorocco #worktotravel #travellingpharmacist #rxtraveler
Four-poster desert bed for the win 🐫☀️ if you’re looking for the most incredible and authentic resort to reside in pre or post Sahara desert in Morocco, look no further! #xalucaarfoud is the perfect mix between ‘desert feel’ and luxury! Check them out ☀️
In Chefchaouen, the Sky and Earth swap color pallettes to show off at sunset. • ° • #saharasquad17 #nirvanatravels #notovermorocco #canigoback #lovemorocco #worktotravel #rxtraveler
that was her magic, she could still see the sunset, even on those darkest days. . • 📷 @gopro • . #saharasquad17
And the sun will set for you... . • 📷 @gopro • . #saharasquad17
Spend the day riding camels and 4 wheelers through the sand dunes and spend the night around the campfire listening to the locals sing their tunes before spending the night taking photos of stars! Sahara desert ✅ . . . . . #travelmorocco #moroccotravel #loves_morocco #moroccotrip #visitmorocco #unlimitedmorocco #mytinyatlas #globewanderer #forahappymoment #roamtheplanet #girlsborntotravel #thosewhowander #shetravels #darlingescapes #tlpicks #radgirlslife #areyouawake #travelstroke #thegoodvibetribe #timeoutsociety #OurPlanetDaily #greatesttravels #discoverglobe #WeLivetoexplore #saharasquad17
#truth I lost someone very dear to me the night before I began my blogging/photography trip in Morocco. This trip was something I looked forward to since March so as you can imagine, it wasn’t the best timing, as I suddenly wasn’t myself and felt as if I couldn’t have fun like I wanted. I wanted to grieve and cry and be alone or with people who knew me well, but none of those things could happen. Instead I had to try to be as myself as I possibly could, still laugh when something was funny, and still learn as much as I could. The hardest part was trying to trick my mind and acting through the pain. Every time my mind entered back into the place where I knew Geet was no longer with me, I felt lost, confused, devastated and alienated. - The biggest lesson I learnt is that regardless of yours struggles, secrets, failings, guilts, losses, you can still push through life. And pushing through is what strengthens you, it’s what makes you grow as a human. Something might not feel right, but life has its way of continuing anyway. And when you continue, you learn valuable lessons about yourself, life and others. - I am now able to find some alone time in Egypt for a day or so to think, meditate and appreciate Geet, for who she is and was. I feel so disconnected to her and India, I wish I could’ve been there to honour her and remember her. I am just grateful to have shared time and friendship with such an amazing woman and beautiful friend. - It’s amazing that through such pain, you can still connect, even though no one knows your pain. And I thank you so much to the people in Morocco I connected with and could confide in, as well as laugh with and have adventures with, and learn off. So much talent can never go unseen. Love to all ❤️✨
Traveling isn’t always as glamorous as it looks. Still recovering from 30+ bites from bed bugs, including 12 on my face 🙈, a cold, and food related sickness😩. Sometimes you need a vacation from your travels! #saharasquad17 #moroccotravel #neverstopexploring #evenifitmakesyousick #worthit
Still in Sahara Desert..🐪😬 . • 📷 @gopro • . #saharasquad17
Vestida de mamãe 👗 #saharasquad17
@Regranned from @isthisreal - Losing ourselves in the ancient stables. #saharasquad17 #morocco
I wanna send a big thank you to @polkadotpassport and @isthisreal for arranging such an amazing photography tour through Morocco! 🙌🏻 Morocco was not on my bucket list until last year, and I'm soo glad I got the opportunity to go! I am so thankful I got to travel around this beautiful country with this awesome group! Such wonderful and talented people! I hope to see you all again one day, I will never forget the memories we made together! Lots of love! Until next time!❣️#saharasquad17 🐪 . . #morocco #memoriesforlife #untilthenexttime #travelgirl #followmeto #travelphotography #wanderlust #explore #globetrotter #travelgram #beautifuldestinations #instatravel #instagood #bucketlist #photooftheday #vscocam
Please excuse the late post, I've been busy traveling around Italy and Switzerland, but I'm wishing I was back in Morocco! Thank you soooo much @polkadotpassport and @isthisreal for the most amazing trip! I am so sad it's over. It was wonderful getting to meet such talented and creative people from all over the world. I hope to see you all again one day, perhaps on the next photography trip! 😊 I will never forget the memories we all made together (or all the cous cous and tagine we shared... how could I ever forget?) #saharasquad17 💜
He was the one who took me for a ride to see the sunset in the desert 🐪❤️ . #saharasquad17
And thus my Morocco photography expedition comes to an end 😭... It’s been an amazing 12 days getting to know and learning from some of the most talented and creative people from across the world! 🎨✨ . Shoutout to @polkadotpassport and @isthisreal for organizing such an amazing trip and sharing your passion of travel and photography with us, I look forward to our #saharasquad17 reunion in the near future! 🙌🎉
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