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Thank you for this very helpful guide... 😊 #Guide #okay #ok #k #struggle #thestruggleisreal #thankyou #rememberthis #dontforget #helpful
This has got me gleaming today! A Merit award for my son and he is only in reception! He has started his winning streak really early and I am ever so proud of him! #winning 🏆 #Merit #award #meritaward #success #successtips #itscominghome #myboy #whatsuccesslookslike #reception #wehaveonlyjustbegun #rememberthis #greaterthings #proud 😘🤗😍💪🏾🙌🏾💃🏽
🎶 “If I could turn back time...” 🎶 What year would you travel to?
26 weeks ✨ Feeling waves of motivation and then total utter laziness So nesting gets going and then just comes to a complete stop. Breathing extra hard and freaking Miron out like something is wrong...but really just catching my breath 😅 • Super ready for a family vacay to AZ so I can float in the pool and embrace my inner whale. Baby is growing growing growing and doing waves in my tummy, puts on a real show for us at night • Loving the fact that Charlie wants to help with picking things up and handing me dishes out of the dishwasher bc I’m not gonna bend over if I can help it! 😆 • Wondering what this babe is gonna be like! A scorpio due date ! So, who’s had a Scorpio baby and tell me all the things please! #26weeks #rememberthis #inspirepregnancy #pregnancychronicles #pregnantandhappy #teammotherly #aheadofthecurve #bumpdated #expectful #slowparenting #documentmotherhood
Epitomizes our excitement as we look forward to the weekend and #kidsacrossamerica next week!
Over time, I have noticed certain clues that often tell me how likely a person is to succeed with their health and wellness goals. For example, I know someone is likely to slog and struggle the entire way when I hear them say things like: * I’m going to try to lose the weight by next Christmas. * I hope to get better results at my next doctor's visit. * As soon as I get past this holiday, I'm going to get back on the wagon. Do you see a common theme? Your words will give you a very accurate look at what is going on inside your mind. When you say "I'm going to try..." what you are saying is - you could make it or not - no big deal. When you say "I hope...." you're relying on some outside force to make sure you get there. If you don't - well, that's not your fault. "As soon as...." is just another way of saying, "it's really not as important to me as I want you to think that it is." I know it sounds harsh - but it's the truth. If you have very little belief in yourself the chances of you getting there or accomplishing anything are slim to none. Do or do not there is no try. ~Yoda aka You MUST DECIDE Because just as easily as you talk about your struggle to reach your health + wellness goals, you can step into a new aggressive and confident mindset and declare... "Not only will I get this $#!+ done, but I’ll be determined and dedicated - because my health and wellness is the foundation upon which my whole life is built.!" If you think and speak that way often enough… your mind and body will have no choice but to follow suit. Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do. #rememberthis The key thing here to remember is that it is up to you to decide who you want to be. Would you rather be unhealthy? Diabetic? Fatigued and lethargic? Unable and willing to achieve your goals? Or strong, confident and willing to do whatever it takes to make your vision and goals a reality? It's not enough to decide this just once. If you are not in the habit of thinking and behaving like the ultimate achiever you are striving to be... you must build a routine to make this mindset permanent. Let me know if you need help.
Verse of the week!
. شاي عدني #nonazr #onlyinsaudi #rememberthis 😋
The 90s version of Netflix and chill 🍿
This is hard for me to post. I hate getting into my feelings but sometimes I can’t help it. Knowing my immediate family can’t be in the same room on a regular basis hurts. : : : : I miss the times I didn’t hear something negative about another family member. I dread going to certain events in the case someone might know our background or start saying negative things about one or the other. Some of these pictures will never happen again and I’ll have to be okay with that but sometimes I look back and think about how much I miss the old times when we could all just be happy in one room together. Very few times but they existed. 😔 now everything is separate holidays and shade thrown at each other in secret. If this upsets you because you are part of my immediate family then I’m sorry. I’m not trying to stir the pot just seriously missing what my family was at one point. Just wish we could all forgive each other. I’ll never see another picture of my parents, or all of my siblings together. It hurts.. sorry I’m on a depressed rant today guys.: : : : If you are a parent that is divorced with children and you can be in the same room with your ex or plan events with them. I think it’s called co-parenting lol I’m not entirely sure but my hat is off to you. Because of your ability to put aside all of your feelings, for your child and their happiness. It is a serious thing that will impact their life is such a positive way you don’t even understand the impact until they are 20 years old thinking to themselves I can still have normal holidays and love everyone. : : Mine didn’t turn out that way and that is fine. But to those who can, you deserve so much respect I don’t even know how to give you. #divorcedparents #coparenting #missmyfamily #neverthesame #separateholidays #separate #families #kids #will #always #rememberthis #goodorbad #movingon #itshard #judgeme
Words I wish I wrote. Couldn't agree more! Taken from Remember This - NF . . . #nf #rememberthis #words #foodforthought #thinkaboutit
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Do something you l o v e, even if other people don't get it 💁🏻‍♀️
Happy birthday to one of the luckiest girl in the world @leciagaye ...#YESImPetty very Petty #rememberthis ? swipe . Still sending love 😉😘💖
so it turns out that yesterday’s forced bed rest made for a rubbish nights sleep so I went downstairs and tidied, always a bonus as I now feel ahead of my self for today 🙌🏻 So it’s day one of the holidays & I’m off out with my little lady on a little adventure this morning 💛
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-Don't ever be ashamed of the scars life has left you with.A scar means the wound is closed , the pain is over.It means you triumphed.It is a tattoo of a victory.🎭🎭 •••••••••• Follow @positiveworld___ °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° #quotes #positivevibes #positivequotes #positivity #positivethinking #friday #fridayvibes #staystrong #strongwomen #strongman #rememberthis #lifelessons #quotedtoliveby #quotestoinspireyou #writer #wordstoliveby #love #peace #scar #motivation #likeforfollow #likeforlikes #followforfollowback #instagood #instadaily #instalike #instalover #newblogger #umemairfan
3 days ago a fur baby entered our world. Last night was the first night that I’ve slept longer than thirty minutes straight. Tomorrow I am hoping to post the remainder of my pics from our month in Michigan. Babies are a lot of work🐶 #Nelson
The ULTIMATE test of self control is not taking a handful of the potty training treats each time the kiddo gets to choose an M&M. . Am I right? 😉 . Often times we give into something just because it's right in front of us. Not because we need the candy. 🍫 . Because it's convenient. Not because fast food is the best choice. 🍟 . Because we don't have a plan in place for using our time wisely. Not because scrolling through social media is the productive thing to do.📱 . Life's about making good choices. . What good choices have you made lately? . #fireworkphilosophy #motherhood #momstrong #momming #momlifebelike #momlife #momwin #momminainteasy #workingmomma  #workingmom #workingmomlife #wildandfreechildren #toddlerlife #pottytraining #pottytrainingtime #pottytraining101 #pottytrainingsuccess #rememberthis #wordsofwisdom #candylover #chocolatelover #chocoholic #sweettreats
Do you like rare, vintage, one of a kind, unique, hard to find items? Check out coraldrivegoodies on Etsy for more! #coraldrivegoodies #hotsale #vintage #vintagestyle #rare #quality #rarities #news #decoration #forsale #oneofakind #rememberthis #shopping
This weekend playing music at SOROLLA'S 😍
🗓️ Este sábado os espero de """"23.00 a 3.30h""""" 📍SOROLLA 58 DRINKS AND MUSIC 🎧 Sonará lo mejor de los 80, 90 y 2000 🆓 Entrada libre 🎛️ Dj TONY BEAT 😍😍 🔴 Os espero este SÁBADO 21 !!!📣📣📢🔔🔔 Para realizar EL MEJOR REMEMBER Te pincharé y mezclaré las mejores cantaditas y temazos 80, 90 y 2000. 🔵 Os espero a tod@s de 23:00h. a 3:30h. No podéis faltar porque pasaré lista 👏😋🤚 será en SOROLLA58 donde disfrutaremos y bailaremos a tope ...sin duda alguna, con el mejor ambiente 💃🏽🕺🏼🎛🎚🎧🔊🔊
This weekend playing music at SOROLLA'S 😍
I’ve never been a good speller, but always determined. “Say it…Say it…Angel.” The mono toned robotic voice of my Speak & Spell learning toy repeated. “Angel,” I said in the backseat of my Aunt Kay’s and Uncle Len’s mini van as we rolled down the highway heading south. It was August, 1992. I was ten. (This picture is from a few years earlier) Our two families were driving all the way to Alabama from Wisconsin for my cousin’s wedding in Gulf Shores. A soft polka music with the familiar accordion sound played in the background, a signature favorite of my uncle’s. We’re part Polish on that side of the family. “Spell Angel…A-N-G-E-L…Angel,” it asked me as I held on to it in my lap across my seatbelt. “Angel…A-N-G-L-E. Angel,” I said as I typed it in. “That’s incorrect…Say it…Say it…” “Annie!” my auntie Kay yelled back at me over the polka music as I tried again. Realizing I got the “E” and “L” backwards I re-entered my answer. “That’s correct! Say it… Say it…” and I was on to the next word. My Aunt still reminds me to this day how she will never forget me using this toy during that road trip and the annoying “Say it…Say it…” repeating from the seat behind her. #ilovespellcheck (This is a snippet from a post on my blog.) Click my profile for a link to read more.
I still use my tube TV! I actually won this 📺 my senior year of high school in 1999/2000 for wearing my seatbelt while leaving the school parking lot! A little weird right? But I was thrilled at the time. Some sort of safety reward program they were doing I guess. It has a built in VHS tape player!! Super fancy for the time, but it still works too. I’ve connected a DVD player over the years. It’s moved with me through dorm and apartment years and now lives in my home studio/office. I considered parting with it, but decided it stays. 📞📻📠📽📼📷📟🖨💾Do you have any old technology you love and just can’t part with? photo by @julesredwine
I love getting mailed random 🍭treats! We used to get these at Ella’s Deli Ice Cream Parlor in Madison, Wisconsin. So sad they recently closed. They had a carousel you could ride outside and I always got blue moon ice cream!! What’s your favorite🍦flavor? Ps. My mom sent these and told me to save the box 📦 so she can send another package. “You betcha!” as we say here in Minnesota!
I heard they’re good for life! My next blog inspiration. Swipe to see back. #disney #1980s #disneydollars
What hooked you? I never liked reading as a kid until I discovered R.L. STINE! 📚I found my old collection of page turners that literally got me to read when nothing else would. Although I don’t prefer the horror genre anymore I’m thankful for its boost when I was a young adult reader. 📚 Do you have a favorite book series or author that helped or inspired you? * * #RLStinebooks #youngadultbooks #1990sbooks
Is it possible my two careers I’ve had were completely inspired by my two favorite Berenstain Bear books growing up? I still love this collection I’ve kept all these years. I found myself re-reading them to my son as we started potty training. The little lessons in the front of each book have different meaning to me now as an adult, but I still love daydreaming about living down a sunny dirt road in a tree house! How cool would that be? Did you read these? Have a favorite? Leave a comment, let’s reminisce together!! #berenstainbears #reminiscing
Remember stretching the cord? Anyone’s phone number you still know by heart? I’d like to actually talk on the phone more. How about you? Maybe if we pretend talking on the phone is more like it used to be...it won’t be so scary. Photo by @julesredwine
I’ve had this pick since I was twelve and I still use it every day! I just love the color yellow and it works great for my curly hair. I recently uncovered: “why I love the color, yellow” on my my new nostalgic blog Annie Lynn Club. It all starts in 1982 in Madison, Wisconsin. #hairstories
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