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Revisited some old shots today, cropped this into something salvageable I think.
dilly dilly
Chill spot for a weekend getaway 🤘
It was a wonderful night at the red barn. We slept much better in the tent, as it kept as very toasty, as well as kept the mice from bothering our sleep. The beautiful sunrise greeted us as we ate breakfast and it signaled a lovely day. The wind has finally died down and the sun came out, which made for a better experience summiting both Little Hump and Hump Mountain. We enjoyed our little snack break atop Hump Mountain, as we enjoyed the 360 view of the surrounding mountain. It was a pretty easy hike down to Hwy19e to end our trip, with the occasional snow and ice. #appalachiantrail #trektheat #thetrek
little lighthouse
An epic 18 mile trip spanning 11 hours & 40 minutes, Allen Mountain #43 /46W, with @oconorray #hike #getoutside #rei1440project #adirondacks #adk46er #joeshikingwisdom
You know it’s a pretty dang cold night for camping when you have to use a pair each of those hand and toe warmers to warm up your butt. Literally 😬😳😂 #bigbuttproblems #yougottadowhatyougottado #survivalskills #notkidding #frozenbutt #desertcamping #desertdweller #mojavedesert #mojavenationalpreserve #california #cloudporn
Baby sheppppp
Thinking back to warmer days. @augycohn putting in work on Cage Free in Boulder Canyon @bouldercolorado.
Check Sound Action TV #fikom #ubsi #talkshow
Dear Mammoth Mountain, thank you for the powder & good times. Can’t wait until next time! ❄️ | #mammothmountain #california #sierranevada #mountains #snowboarding #gopro #powpow #explore #optoutside #rei1440project #mammothstories #mammothlakes #395 #sierras
Ask and you shall receive #35mm #fujifilmxtra400 19:23 Taken: December 2017
Mars is there, waiting to be reached (says good old Buzz)... But so is Zion. It's literally millions of miles closer & basically the same thing. 🤔
Anyone have any good hike recommendations? I have tomorrow off and I need some ideas ⛰
Thank you japan for, as always, being amazing. I’ll more than likely be back again in no time. • • • • みんな、いっぱい遊んでくれてありがとう!また、オーストラリアも来てください。日本にも行きます!
For every adventure I take, my soul gets refueled. #womenwhohike #optoutside #rei1440project #wmnfhikers #natureshot
Weekending done right. 🛸🕺🏻🏕
The recent article about the condition of the gorge trails renewed my feelings of loss and sadness over the fire. I'm hopeful that in time and lots of hard work we'll be able to get back out there on the trails and while it will never look like once it did during my lifetime, I will come to appreciate watching the forest change and regrow and all the beauty that goes along with forest regeneration. 🤞♥️ 📸: @tom_green_not Backpacking to Wahtum Lake
A cenote is a sinkhole or natural pit that's the result of a collapse in limestone bedrock. Because of the collapse, groundwater that lies beneath is exposed. This is one of the many located around Tulum, Mexico. • Would you take the leap? Video Credit: @everchanginghorizon #Adrenalist • 👉www.Adrenalist.co👈
There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this! Captured by @laducb ---------------------------------------------------- To be featured follow us @her.pnw.life & tag photos #HerPNWlife ---------------------------------------------------- Attention to our MEN followers: I will post your "feature-worthy" photos ONLY if they have girls/women captured in them, since our community page is dedicated to them. - @katerina4t ----------------------------------------------------
The hike was not always sunshine and rainbows. We got pelted with graupel, our hydration tubes froze, and it was -9 degrees at the summit. However, the sun peaked out for a minute and allowed us to enjoy the awesome views ⛰ #coldAF • • • #MtSanJacinto #10234ft #howMuchDoYouLikeTea #stoneHut #coldAF #negative14 #chineseMountainTrail #soCalSixPackOfPeaks #soCalSixPack #soCalHikers #sonya6000 #sonyalpha6000 #sonya6000club #pullForAdventure #optOutside #rei1440project #pistolSquatOrItDidntHappen #soCalSixpackOfPeaks #soCalHikers #teamCrazyNotLazy #heresYourInvite
Trying to suck-less at all the stuff I’m not very good at. Night stuff is hard, especially in the cold rain, but London has gracefully held my hand through it. I think a big motivator for getting out of my comfort zone is the inevitable death of trends, particularly the Instagram one. Right now, there are a lot of super popular things that some seriously talented people are pushing, but the ones who are truly great have a big bag of tricks that they have in their back pocket. I’m trying to be future proof, because at some point, what’s popular will shift, and maybe shift hard. Even if not, shooting different stuff is never a let down when you’re with good people in a good city. Also, I love silhouettes.
views from the kinsmans today ☁️🌫 @ca_cauchon
My husband is good at taking dorky photos of me 🙄🌵 #mtnchicks #HAZ #Arizonasunset #throwback
Skied our faces off this weekend! // @spyoptic @686 #skiergirlsdoitbetter
The sun sets over Cannon Beach, Oregon as Haystack Rock reflects off of the wet sand.
“We don’t want to go outside”. It was a fight to get outside and we almost gave in but I’m so glad we didn’t. Both girls have a blast and my 4 year old said “this is the best day ever.” #borntobeadventurous
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost. • • • • • #getoustayout #wanderlust #liveauthentic #liveoutdoors #outdoorlife #letsgetlost #adventurethatislife #adventureisoutthere #seeyououtthere #vscodaily #vscogrid #vscocam #lonelyplanet #rei1440project #goexplore #roamtheplanet #bliss
We’re Canadian we’ll make a skating rink anywhere! #explorealberta
"In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -George Orwell #marchtothepolls
Spent the past two days trying to keep up with my speedy four younger siblings who are far better at freeing the heel and hucking flips than I am. Love them for always waiting up for me. ❄️ @stiomountain #lettheoutsidein #skidavida
Rosie socks, riveting sign
The ferry rides to Futaleufú are entrancing, having just entered Northern Patagonia you're embraced by high peaks and tall waterfalls. The jungle is thick and endless with what I can only imagine has several first descents both in climbing and whitewater sports.
So one of my goals for this year is to travel more. I’m always out on epic adventures but I’m not even close to seeing everything I want to see. CAN I JUST TRAVEL THE WORLD PLEASE? 😉 Well I’m officially going to New York City with some of the most amazing people in March and I’m seriously dying with excitement! (I heard you can actually have breakfast above Tiffany’s! And if you know me you know that Holly Golightly is my spirit animal..so you guys know where I’ll be!) I hope this is just the start of some of the epic traveling adventures I’ll have this upcoming year 🌎
Skiing by braille #partyshred
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