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🎉🎉🎉Guess What We're Expecting🎉🎉🎉 💕Looks like I'll be Passing Down my Crown After All 👑 Our Princess💕 is on Her Way👶👸💕 From day 1, since the first year my husband and I started dating (7 Years ago), he's always said that he would LOVE LOVE LOVE for me to give him a little girl. Off course, he knew that he had to make a "Honest Woman" out of me before requesting and receiving such🙈. I recall him saying "I want a Mini You. A little Joana who does the Same Facial Expressions as You. My Own little Princess". Am not gonna lie, I do do alot of silly expressions. I think I may be a clown - part time only - I promise🤔🙃. And now look at what God did!! AGAIN🙏 He gave us a Healthy Baby Girl👶💟 Once AGAIN.. We were so inpatient to find out the gender of our child that we ended up paying privately to satisfy our curiosity a while ago🙊. We prayed that God gave us a daughter and because he knows our hearts, He blessed us with her. We never doubted Him. I've always said, if you want the Lord to hear you then do not stop yourself from receiving the blessings that await for you abundantly. God is good, and God listens to those who truly seek. Ahhhh I can already see how we're going to be best friends😄. Just like how my mom and I are. There's no better friend out there than your mother's one. I've always wanted to have a sister besides my 3 brothers but God wanted me to be the only girl. The big sister, the one who had to take the blame and the one to lead the positive and right way. So now I am OVER THE MOON at how I already have a beautiful and amazing son who I know will be his sisters keeper. Laaaarrddd I could jump 24/7 of joy🤗 *Runs Around*. People who know us, know how much we wanted this💕 Somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming.. My perfect boy will now have a little sister to protect and guide. I cannot wait to see the relationship that they will develop and bond💖 And how bigger our family will expand. If y'all think that I am excited?! You should all see the Papi of my Bambina😅 Bless him❤ Baby Girl.. We prayed for you💕 Thank You Yahweh.. HE is the Alpha to my Omega❤ 💘Baby S💘
Home sweet home, Had an incredible time in the lakes, I learnt something new about my boy every day and I hope he knows how grateful I am of him looking after me all weekend. I really don’t deserve this pony he’s way to good for me, and I just love the bones off him, this little pony has taken me miles. I can’t thank the ladies enough I went with, they looked after us well, gave solid advice, complete encouragement and confidence through the highs and lows, something I have been seriously lacking in. I’m hoping to pluck up the courage this week to write my first blog on our trip to the lakes, there are so many experiences, emotions and pictures to share with you all that I hope could impact you in some way with your horses or just everyday life. Happy Monday insta 🐴💓☀️ • • • #horseaddiction #horses #learning #growing #education #love #myhorse #thatsmyhorse #proudmother #confidence #trailriding #horsesofinstagram #horse #equestrianlife #lakedistrict #penrith #lowther #askham #pooleybridge #scalesfarm #valley #lovehorses #trekking #trailriding #england #englishcountryside #countryside #countryliving
THERE'S THESE GIRL'S WHO STOLE MY HEART, THEY CALL ME MOM 🌸👭👭🌸 #lovemydaughters #strongwomen #queens #proudmother #mytribe #beach #khorfakkan
What a weekend! And another one spent with my princes and surrounded by my best friends. I am extremely fortunate to have such amazing humans in my life. Celebrating Ella-Nellies christening followed by my bestie Scally’s 5th birthday. Friends are the family we choose to hold close ♥️✨ keep them close... #blessedlife #thenextgeneration #thesegirlsaregold #proudmother #honoured #scrubup #daring #christeningday #tattooedwoman #shorthairgirls #bluebird #peacock #cindarellashoes @clogaugold #peacockcharm #pendant
No filters #kuma #dory #proudmother
Sometimes being a single mother can feel like a lot. Especially when both hands are tied. I recently walked from the Disney entrance all the way down to the parking structure with both toddlers in my arms... but cant make it to lift anything at the gym. I run all my errands, keep my household under control all while they live it up, eat up, take naps and we experience life. Going out is always something new. Children don’t know how to handle their emotions, they can go from 0-100 real quick. Most days will be sooo smooth, but there’s days that all three of us lose it. And it’s okay. Because we are not perfect. Motherhood doesn’t have a handbook, a plan or an easy way out.. so when you ask me HOW DO YOU DO IT. I’ll always tell you, you just do. Because you want to, you love to and you need to. I’d never give up on this. This is all that I ever want to be. #proudmother
@handlamb.btb did the naan bread, I did the rest ✨ #ProudMother
Just remember I’m the momma with the shotgun 🤨🤨🤨😊😂😂😂🤨 #tryme #futuredallascowboy #dline #oline #proudmother #mylastone #mybaby #cantakecareofhimselfinthekitchen #houston #sixteenyearsold #mybigbaby #dabarbergirl ❤️
I do own All rights to this music - Happy father's day to me #proudMother my kids keep me going da real reason why I go hard I love my babies Best Gift Anyone could ask for #NextGeneration #MyLuvs #MyLife For full song click da link below "DEDICATED" http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/29447956 Master version posted soon
Happy Father's Day my love @tekluciano you're all sexy up cooking an amazing dinner for us. A true champ! You have more patience than I do! I love you for all that you do for us and how you hold us down the best way you know how. I couldn't have asked for a better baby daddy. Love you to the Moon and back Papi. 💗 . . #HappyFathersDay #TrueLove #BigDaddy #HeCanCook #TeddyBear #ProudFather #ProudMother #MyKing #HisQueen
My Joy, my strength #proudmother
She did the damn THANG plus we saw James Kennedy #skeeeeeeeet #proudmother 💘
She will be 8 in less then 12 hours 😱 They really grow so fast! I’m always in love with that strong little lady, and very proud to be her mother 😍 You rock Gabi 😉 Now she has a Instagram account @angel_gabi.cook follow her to see how will be this beautiful 8 years old never ending birthday celebration 😂 Gabi completará 8 anos em menos de 12 horas, crianças realmente crescem muito rápido. E eu cada dia mais apaixonada e orgulhosa dessa menina forte que ela vem se tornado. Nao brinco em serviço, se é pra fazer um ser humano, então que seja uma mulher forte e de fibra para trazer diferença nesse mundo Ela agora tem a própria conta no Instagram @angel_gabi.cook , sigam e divirtam-se com as celebrações infinitas desses 8 anos de vida 😉😍 #gabi8 #angelgabicook #marron5 #redpillbluestour #proudmother
That moment when you think you have closed your eyes for just a second and then you see your kids are grown up.... time flies. But I am so proud to be part of their lives. They are amazing, strong and so damn handsome 😍 #son #daughter #love #proudmother #timeflies love them with all my heart ❤❤
My boys...my wonderful son (on the right) and his lovely partner 💕🌈 #proudmother #pride #loveislove #son #family #gaylovestory #photography #lgbt #love
Graduation!!👩🏻‍🎓❤️ . . #proudmother #daughters #frenchgirllivinginspain #lycéefrançais #
In 2009 wist hij het al wat hij wilde worden. Morgen begint zijn carrière in het leger. Heel blij, super blij voor mijne boy. Veel succes jongen LY mama Xx 😘🤗 #proudmother
En mode j’me la pète en tenue de fête dans ma PorschKangoo! Merci ma fille pour la séance photo. #jmelapete #ootd #combinaison #newlook #kangoo #motherdaughter
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