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d. joΓ£o VI | #rodolfobernardelli | gesso, sΓ©c. XIX
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Good day for a paddle β˜€οΈ
Stop chasing shadows. πŸƒ
My kind of Saturday. Market day. πŸ‘΅πŸ» #carriageworkssaturdaymarket
Just so happy to see this face again and hear all her never ending complaints about life. I really missed you and I will miss you again. 🐍😈
I could taste your vulnerable parts. Slow so you will start to shut out what’s destructed around you.
My tiny visitor looking for her doggy. She enjoyed her Banana Pancakes and her Mixed Berries Smoothie. I miss you already. πŸ€’
Why now..
115 to go. ☺️ DST making this a little bearable.
Fresh interior design. #copperubud #bismaeight
Site visit.
Missing the warmth of this tropical home. ❀️
Best sunsets. πŸ™ˆ
One can never have too many notebooks.
Peaceful simplicity. πŸ™πŸ»
Victoria's Secret & Valerie Alvez closing Waterfront Hotel's Wedding Expo event. One of my favorite pieces from today's show. 😍 #ValerieAlvez #VictoriasSecret #waterfronthotelandcasino #lingeriecollection
Enjoy responsibly. πŸ˜‚
I live for the good parts. ✈️☁️ #tuesday
Scent of bitter almonds.
Try me πŸ’‹
Hello, hello. Where did you go?
Sometimes I dream... something better without you in it.
Moment by moment.
@jowenuh .... holy week buhh
You have my permission to die.
Dots for the new year.
There's always room for happy thoughts.
~But what if this? What if you are meant to feel the world inhospitable, unfriendly, off-track in just the particular ways that you do?
Find Julie
At the concert. AAAHH πŸ’‹ #fortcanning #sigurros
Hello again Singapura!
She was a conscious dreamer. β˜•πŸš¬
Ride the waves
For the long weekend, I wanna be under the β˜€
Floral for the mourning. #workmeeting #office
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