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Following my previous post, when you have jars of peanut butter - what better to do with it than make beautiful grain free peanut butter bread from @livelovenourishaus 💕💕 Loved by my 3 year old and yummy with both sweet and savoury toppings as there's no sweetener in this recipe 👍 - Holly #jerf #glutenfree #wholefoods #healthyfood #fuelyourbody #guthealth #instayum #nourish #nutrition #foodprep #healthblogger #brisbaneblogger #brisbanemums #foodie #healthy #peanutbutterlover #pbislife #grainfree #dairyfree #naturopath #naturopathy #brisbane #brisbanenaturopath #nutritionist #nutrition #nutritionistbrisbane #sacredesoterichealing #healing #chakrapuncture #bestnaturopathbrisbane
What keeps me going? . Passion👊 Purpose💫 Progress ✌️ Belief ❤️ . 57 days ago I could not pull these shorts down over my thighs comfortably and they hiked up the entire workout, so I ended up taking them off halfway thru my workout and switched outfits. 😳Today, I put them on and walked around in the house for an hour. No rolling 😌I’d say that’s PROGRESS ❤️🙌🏻 #youvsyou
Today’s #MadewithLoveMonday comes with a personal story about the (wo)man, myth and legend behind @thepbnut : I ran my first marathon yesterday. Been training for months, so when I finally crossed the finish line after more than 3 hours and 40 minutes, I texted my family three words: ➖I want pb➖ Shortly thereafter, I was gifted a heavenly jar of @earthbalance coconut + peanut spread. It was the best post-workout treatment I could have ever hoped for. - Note it has palm fruit oil. Note it is also highly addictive and the jar might be nearing empty less than 24 hours later. 🥜 🥜 🥜 🥜 🥜 #earthbalance #pblover #peanutbutter #peanutbutteraddict #peanutbutter #pb #pbporn #pblover #pblife #ilovepeanutbutter #ilovepb #pbislife #nutaddict #nutbutterporn #nutbutter
I got issues.... Today I ate an entire pot of @pipandnut crunchy maple peanut butter. I got home to my @myproteinuk delivery and errrm this has most my meals covered... So I guess you can say gains life got pretty serious and I’m probably gonna need PB AA when I come into the cut life... I’m crying at the thought 😂😂😂 But for now I feast!!! #peanutbutter #peanutbutteraddict #probablygonetoofar #gainslife #foodisfuel #poweredbypeanutbutter #iamnuts #pbislife #bodybuilding #bodybuildingdreams #girlgains #igotissues
I learned a long time ago to stop apologizing for who I am. Hi, I’m Kiana. I’m a mama of 3 and no matter what I do I can’t keep up with my 3 year old 🌪🤷🏼‍♀️ Most pics you will see part of her destruction. You will also see laundry in the background and piles of clothes from the night before. Cuz my intentions were to put them away, and by the end of the day I haven’t got around to it yet. I love dancing and I love making others smile. I have a sense of humor so if you don’t ....this might not be the page for you 👋 . . 🏼 My hair is usually crazy and messy..and most of my photos are unfiltered. I tried to figure out which app was best and what lighting was good, but that was just TOO DAMN much work. So often I click and snap and post. 😂 I’m fiercely passionate about health and fitness, get excited in my LIVE videos and may have told a few random stories that I wasn’t planning on sharing. #squireel I used to be a high school teacher and now stay at home and run my own fitness business. Don’t mistake my messiness or organized clutter for someone who can’t run a business 👊 I’d like to say I know where everything is and I have notes for everything emerging in my brain...and my messiness is made up for with my creative imagination ❤️😍 . We are a 3 time Elite team because I can run a successful at home biz and help others doing the same #justsaying . You can expect real life truth bombs, progress over perfection, mama fun, fitness dance videos (they are a real thing lol), and sharing a glimpse of my daily life as a successful not so in the box biz owner. . I wear my emotions on my sleeve and realized a long time ago the worst filter is one you put on your personality. I used to care what others thought so much I would put myself into a ball of anxiety. Let me tell you no one is thinking about YOU as much as you give them credit for it. Stop wasting so much damn time on the ones who don’t get you and spend your time with those that do! ❤️❤️ . . I have fun, but I get to work. I hustle but I also know how to relax and be intentional. And I have learned how to use fitness and share my life to inspire other mamas out there. Have a great Monday! 😆
Yeah, that’s a glass of wine. I have earned that wine in the last couple of weeks...that wine and this moment by the river. We made this change to live life to the fullest, and we knew that going in it wouldn’t be easy. But easy isn’t always fun, adventures are fun. Overcoming challenges are fun. Pushing through long days and surviving is fun. #watchingyourdreams unfold? Fun. 🍷 Yep, I can make that work on my plan. Set your goals, chase them down, make them work for you. That can be your health, your fitness...and yes, your LIFE. #epiclifeproject
Can’t breathe . So full. Oh look,dark chocolate pb cups 😍🍫 #darkchoco #pbislife #pregnancycraving #everydaycraving
Every week! 👈🙆 #momlife 😂
They made me do it 🍀~> @knowfoods heated chocolate chip cookie topped with natural pb. 🤗 #endlesshunger #liftingmakesmehungry #knowfoods #pbislife #stpattys #whoops
But actually ... 🤔 #pbislife
We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own TO DO list. . This week I realized my mindset was slacking so I had to pick it up in the personal development department. . I was starting to slip back into old habits and thought patterns and that is just not okay with me. . Why? Because I have come so far!! I used to be negative, unhappy, pissed off, short tempered and kind of not fun. 😳 . So....Instead of fight it and woa is me it, I buckled up and used what I have learned in the last 6 years as a coach. . Part of my job is working on my mind as much as my body. And when you slack on one or the other your health suffers. I find it easier to do the “working out” part but the mindset shift? Growing up and actually choosing to unlearn old thoughts and behaviors? That’s HARD WORK. . But it’s always worth it❤️ . Cuz I have been able to reverse my negative thoughts this week, control my overwhelm, get back on track, and practice being grateful so so many awesome things in my life..... just from doing EXTRA PD. . So next week I start a new book with my team and challengers, today I got up for Miracle Morning, and now I’m sitting here relaxing. . Don’t put yourself so far on the bottom of your to do list that you forget to show up in your own life ❤️
🥜 I’ll just be over here in my magical corner like “oh hey” ✨👋🏻✨ with my Costco size jar of pb 🤷🏼‍♀️ #me &mypb #mealplanapproved #pbislife #crunchykillah
FINALLY!! Thank you @wholefoods #halotop #pbislife
Trust and believe. When you put your intentions out into the universe, good things happen! 🙌🏻 Is it sometimes scary AF?! You bet!! But! When you just say F the nay-sayers and commit to yourself and your goals 100% life will get a whole lot better and the scary sh*t no longer seems scary! So girl, are you ready to drop those excuses and live that impossible life?! Or are you just content watching everybody else achieve their happiness?! I say, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Let’s do this together and create life by our own design 😘 #bossbabe #mompreneur #lifebymyowndesign #boymom #girlmom #stepmom #fitlife #dedication #determination #drive #teaislife #pbislife #strawberryblonde #redhairdontcare #gettingfit #fightforit #neverlosefocus #lovingmylife #watchmeorjoinme
I like to eat like a toddler, but it fits my macros so I eats. #carbsoncarbsoncarbs
What if..... . You stopped letting the opinions of others consume you? . You woke up passionately and were excited about your day? . You stopped playing it SAFE and did that one thing that scared the ish out of you? . You showed up in your life and actually inspired someone to change? . You never let the odds of failing keep you from doing what you know you were meant to do and actually succeeding? . Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a new chance to rebuild and become who you want. You are never to old to be happy and successful. You deserve to work hard and FEEL pride in what you have built ❤️ . Become the WOMAN you look up to and our world will be a much better place. If you want more? Know you deserve more? I’m the kind of woman who will always root for you while you get there and go into who you were always meant to be 🔥💥🔥 #workathomemamaTIPS
Up and at ‘em on this fabulous Friday 😋✌🏼 Gotta fuel up and psych myself up for cardio day. It’s day #55 !! I must admit, these took a minute to grow on me. That PB on top though 🤤😍 #PBisLIFE
Wellness Day treats incoming...vegan nut butter cups, featuring @pipandnut 🐿
#truth 👈
My favourite snack turned into breakfast today😍 Usually I fast every morning but when my body tells me I need to eat, I listen. I didn't make the gym as needed a lie in but regret that a little now as I reckon it would've kick started my day. There's always tomorrow! #food #breakfast #pbislife #foodie #snack #mealideas #healthy #nutrition #foodporn #foodphotography #fitness #fitfam #if #intermittentfasting #fasting
Definitely grounds for divorce, especially considering my recent PB bread discovery. Pretty sure my husband would know better than to ever try this stunt though, he can’t afford to divorce me 😉😂 repost @talinegabriel fellow nut butter lover from another mother 🥜❤️ #cleaneatsfromafilthymouth #stopeatingshit #peanutbutter #nutbutterslut #pbislife #dontmakemechoosepbwillwin #wherethefuckisthepbemoji
Who would even bother surrounding themselves with negative vibes when there is such a thing as PB 😝 #pbislove #pbislife 👉🏼 tag your PB lovers below 👇🏼💕 mine are @activewithella & @thefeelgoodeffect_ ✨✨
Most people can finish off a bottle of kombucha, but I manage to be able to do the same with a jar of @mayversfood PB 🙄 ➡️A combo of my favourite two, now I just need a banana 🍌 - - - - - - - #peanutbutteraddict #pbislife #itsallaboutbalance #healthylifestyle #tastyaf #foodie #pbandbanana #feedmysoul #food52 #sydney #whatacombo #probiotics #healthyfats #fastfood
Apple toast > banana toast every day 😋🍎🥜
Leilani comes running downstairs in tears. . “Mom, my tooth is gone. I put it on the counter in a ziplock baggie.” . Me: “Um, you maybe should have told me that is where you kept it.”’ . Leilani: “Mom, it’s not here!!! Where could it be??” 🤷🏼‍♀️ (at this point she is hysterical!) . Me: Immediate flashbook to cleaning up the kitchen, I actually do remember a random ziplock baggie on the counter. 😳 I kind of start laughing. . Leilani: “This is serious Mom... why are you laughing? 😬Have you seen it???!” . Me: “I’m sorry Leilani, I’m trying to remember what I might have done with it.” . THEN I REMEMBER. . I walk over to the garlic cloves and ginger and there is the beloved lost tooth! “Found it Leilani!!!!” 🤷🏼‍♀️👊🤗🤷🏼‍♀️😬😳 . Leilani: “Did you just pull my tooth out of the garlic bag? You have got to be kidding me mom!” . Me: “Ummmmmmmm😂😂😂😳🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️” #momoftheyear #icantbetheonlyone
Sometimes… We need to flip the script on our life. . In August… I went on a trip of a lifetime to Europe… I ate all the bread, drink all the wine, had all the pasta… And loved every minute of it. Six weeks in Europe?? Dream trip!!! Got back to the states… Only to find myself out of whack and out of routine. Thanksgiving, Christmas, & holiday parties… To end up in Hawaii for my 15 year anniversary...what an amazing 6 months but I had drank far too much wine and partied a little too much to end 2017😍 . It wasn’t that I was miserable… but I could tell that I was not fitting into ANYTHING. Every single pair of shorts I put on in Hawaii—- I legit had to unbutton by the end of the day…I felt awful! 😳I also for (The first time in a long time) felt very uncomfortable on the beach and I did not like the feeling. I moved and turned turned numerous time in pics until the camera angle was “ok” but deep inside I felt like I had let myself down. 😩 . Truth is, I think we all fall back into old habits sometimes. The key is surrounding yourself with others who help you push yourself to show up. . So that’s what I did. Recommitted. Started showing up. And stopped making excuses with my nutrition. . Phase 3 started today in my abs, booty, and arms workout … And I know for a fact I flipped the script of my life... YES, I’m down in inches and weight but I’m also up in confidence. 💃🏽And my shorts are fitting better and better. . Come 3 weeks when I’m in Palm Springs you better believe I will be rocking my new earned BOD in my bikini 👙 and crushing and enjoying life..showing all the angles!!! . Sometimes you just have to focus on showing up. When you fall down, ask for help. Surround yourself with those who support your goals, who will keep you accountable, who make you better. . If you don’t have people in your life like that? That is the problem and you need to join mine! I love to have fun, I love to dance, and I got your back. You just have to FLIP the SCRIPT on your life and decide to show up 👊 . Mmmmmmmm, k??!! 😍😘🤸🏼‍♀️ Day 51/80
Today is a longer day for me and I was fortunate to sleep in therefore resulting in a big “brunch” before I make moves on my day ——> spinach omelette w sprinkle of parm and mmmultigrain waffles drizzled in honey, pb, snd dashed w cinnamon (saved half the omelette for later cause this was hearty af) #wafflegains #spinachomlette #blackcoffee #pbislife #fitgirllougirl #fitfox #fitfam ps. Hello to my few new followers 😽I appreciate the support!
Anyone else?! 🙋‍♀️😂
Complacency might be comfortable, but it sure won’t make your goals happen. 👍 Choose something that scares you a little, jump in, and do your best. 💪🏻 I have 3 spots left in our free 14 day trial of fitness, nutrition and accountability- starts March 19th, drop your favourite emoji below for more info! #thetimeisnow #whathaveyougottolose
❤️ Pre-training fuel on the go this afternoon, a mini packet of Abe’s bagel chips with a tbspn of Pb.../😍nothing short of amazing ❤️ #pretrainingfuel #picspb #energy #yum #peanutbutter #portioncontrol #abesbagels #omg #nzmade #goodness #carbs #goodfats #nourish #fitness #mondaymotivation #easymeals #live #love #eat #foodie #simple #pbislife #instagood #happy #traininsane #fitmum
I’ve been DEEP in planning mode all week as I have some exciting things going on for my team and customers!! ❤️❤️ . I feel like in the last 6 years I have learned that your MINDSET will make or break you. I truly believe my mindset is why I’m still happy and fulfilled even when I have failed miserably. In fact, 2017 was a tough year for me, and I still GREW THROUGH IT.....I learned and was even stronger in 2018 👏🏼 . I love that personal development is part of my day, all because It’s my job to work on ME 😄 . In fact I woke up today and was not feeling it, busted out some PD and boom, I’m back 💃🏽 . I’m opening up a 7 day FREE group all about mindset...including tips & free personal development ——that has really helped me as a mama and coach (and added in bonus additional workouts cuz duh your mindset needs that adrenaline tho) 🙌🏻🙌🏻 . Starting MONDAY with my team ——>>> CONTENT IS GOLD 🙌🏻🙌🏻 . Finishing some final touches...and let me just say, I wish I had something like this 6 years ago to help me get started with my own personal growth plan💃🏽💃🏽 . I’m proud of what I came up with and the teacher in me is jumping up and down!! 🤓🤓So many people I work with struggle with CONFIDENCE, MINDSET, and BELIEF. . I get it because that used to be me!! There is a reason that I’m confident, happy, and fullfilled. And it didn’t fall into my lap. I worked on it EVERY day and it’s not luck that I’m here and thriving. I want that for YOU ❤️ . Then come Monday, we SLAY 😍😍🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️😍😍🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️😍😍🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️😍😍 TAG a friend you know who could use this too and let’s surround ourself with positive and uplifting peeps ❤️ . Drop your FAV emoji below and I will get you added this week (will shoot you the direct link). . *Open to my current customers, downline coaches, followers, and anyone not currently working worth a Coach 😘
I know I said I wasn’t going to be on social media until tonight...but I just had to share my new morning view with you! 🦆 I took this pic from bed! With coffee ☕️ in hand. How can I not feel thankful? . Sure, the interior decorating needs some work, but who cares with this kind of view! . Also, trying to motivate my ass to do yesterday’s cardio workout today. And find a spot to do it among the boxes! . Hope your #sunday is relaxing and rejuvenating!
It took me a long time to realize this, but a person can actually still eat well and follow a meal plan during the weekend… haha crazy right!? I mean, I’m not 100% every weekend haha (#balance ) butttt I’ve learned that I can, and feel sooo much better, if I eat on weekends like I do on weekdays. It’s not a ‘diet’....it’s a lifestyle (and I actually enjoy it). ✌🏼 Yes, I CAN have draaanks and bar food… but I don’t need to have that every meal of the weekend. I can still have my superfoods and normal portions, making sure i get my water in, all day and enjoy a burger or pizza for one meal. (I eat 6 meals a day….that’s 42 meals a week….one or two meals a week off script are not going to kill me). And in the event that I do have just one hella crazy weekend, It’s ok because that doesn’t happen often #noguiltclub 💁🏼‍♀️ I’ll say it again...this is a LIFESTYLE. One that has helped me and countless others learn that being healthy doesn’t mean restrictions and starvation. But if you want the results, you have to put in the work… and honestly, the minute you stop looking at it as this awful thing, it becomes manageable and acceptable. Anyway, that’s my weekend tip 👉🏼 eat like you do on the weekdays. It can be done. . . . . #mealplan #postworkoutmeal #eggs #squash #toast #peanutbutter #pblover #peanutbutteraddict #pbislife #timednutrition #gimmecarbs #allthecarbs #fuelyourbody #goodnutrition #saturdaydinner #getinmybelly #nodak #midwest
Seriously don’t want to work out. It’s called real life. . Woke up crabby and with a stuffed nose. Not feeling the BEST but not sick enough for a REST day. I know I will feel better after I do this, it’s the STaRTING part that’s hard. . But then my mind is like WHO CARES? Like legit who flipping cares Kiana. Then...I flip the script and tell THAT girl to F off. Cuz I gained 15 lbs with that mentality. . So who actually cares? . #1 ——>>> I do #2 ——>>> She does #herfacetho #3 ——>>> my VIP VIBE tribe girls do (they are crushing it and I have to show up because they do!) . So I put my cute workout pants on & new shirt. Turned on my gangsta music. Snapped a pic and using her face as my motivation to get 💩 done. And now about to press play. It’s in moments like these that you will find…the GIRL you alway wanted to be. It’s exactly WHY you need to show up when you feel like it. Be that girl with me 🙌🏻🤓👊💪🏼 . From my 4 year old daughter —- “Work out mom. I love you. You can do this!❤️”
Peanut butter and labrada mass gainer for post workout. #gains #labradanutrition #pbislife #imightdie
Chocolate peanut butter mousse. Credit goes to @veganproteins ! . . . 🍫1 package silkened tofu pressed for 2 nights - something firmer will do if you don’t want to wait as long. 🍫6T powdered peanut butter 🍫4T cocoa powder🍫2.5T stevia 🍫vanilla extract and maple extract to taste. Blend together and eat. . . . Entire thing: 39g protein, 25g carbs, 18g fat 💕💕
It may just be the new chop chop, it is a pretty great cut! 🙌🏻 BUT! I’m all about that non-scale victory!! Today’s NSV is brought to you by 2017 vs 2018 face 😂 It’s crazy what a little #dedication #drive and #selfcare can completely transform a person from the inside out. #littlechanges #dairyfree #superfoods #plantbased #fuelingmybody and #mind #blondehair #strawberryblonde #blueyes #becomingme #thatsmiletho #newcut #lovemyhair #csection #boymama #girlmama #blendedfamily #chocolatelover #pbislife
Baking it up on #friyay and dreaming about the PB Banana Chip Swirl Bread! Ready to take a slice (or three🙊) of this delish Banana Bread and kick off the weekend! Happy Friday CR friends💙 . . 📸: @flora_and_vino . . #crazycleanpb #bananabread #peanutbutterandbanana
What happens when I adventure out to other grocery stores than my norm .. I find new things!! ((Winn Dixie )) protein waffles ! We love their pancake mix and these are just as yummy . && of course I add my pb 😋😋 #breakfast #protien #fitfam #pbislife #waffles #yummy #kodiakcakes #pbfit #fitlife
This.✊ And in honor of international women's day yesterday... happy Friday mamas! 😘
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