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i hope alex comes back i miss him so much. #openrp
someone slow dance to rock music with me, we can kiss while we do it too. xo #openrp #singlerp #birp #dirtyrp #girlrp #daddyrp 🌸 #kinkyrp #5hrp #5sosrp #bandrp #arianagranderp #domrp #dominantrp #gothrp
i didn’t get married disappointing
hi hey hello it’s friday night and i’m just watching netflix. wowie 🤪 #openrp #newopenrp
hi i forgot to watermark my intro so i deleted it and i just got the worst news of my life and i wannacry But i won’t i will just hold my tears back because i am strong but anyways i’m off for the night you can text me #openrp
i love gd with my entire heart but vote
anyone want to kiss? #openrp
i want to post my intro but my tags still don’t work, FUCK DUDE
lol #openrp
y’all i just realized i haven’t had sex since august what the hell
I love my mommy!
nathan. view and spam the comments for a tbh and dm.
You need a daddy like me fr #openrp #newopenrp #daddyrp #singlerp #takenrp #anyrp
Rushing this shit.
idk why i dont feel like talking to anyone
Nadine Andrews. 18. Fake red head. Complains a lot. In love with dogs. Archie’s favorite. Awkward bean. Barely sleeps. Works @ Pops. Will probably punch you Comment down to be a main and where to be tagged for a dm! Tags that probably won’t work; #openrp #riverdalerp #literaterp #shamelessrp
i love you {#openrp }
i relate to her on a high level #openrp
No es lo mismo un tuberculoso a ver tu orto hermoso.
i’m gonna have a secret life being a stripper 😋 throw dem bills at me
Gina Linetti the only member of the 99th precinct that matters and Civilian Administrator. I'd like to think that I'm the best, but I can only be second best when Beyonce is my competition. I love dogs a lot more than people, if I see you being viciously mauled by a dog I'd help the dog. As for my rap career I decided to release an R&B album instead titled "I don't think Linetti for this jelly." Shoutout to my girl Gina for always keeping it real though. {#ストリート  #夜撮  #服好きな人と繋がりたい  #コーディネート部  #ファッション  #コーデ  #コーディネート  #今日のコーデ  #wear更新  #メンズファッション  #お洒落な人と繋がりたい  #お洒落  #おしゃれ  #zozotown #モデル  #メンズモデル  #サロモ  #サロンモデル  #写真好きと繋がりたい  #写真撮ってる人と繋がりたい  #古着  #古着コーデ  #古着好きな人と繋がりたい  #いいね返し  #フォローミー  #フォロー大歓迎  #いいねした人で気になった人フォロー  #いいね  #フォロー #openrp }
will the soundtrack kindly produce a sound? go on, don’t be nervous. go ahead. any sound. well- that isn’t quite what i had in mind. #openrp #lfl
Name: Leena Lee Birthday: March 30, 1996 Age: 21 Status: single More about Leena Lee: She's Puerto Rican and Korean mixed🇵🇷+🇰🇷 (but lives in the States 🇺🇸). Leena is her changed name she was born as Selena Lee but since everyone knew her as Leena she changed it to Leena. She's bi but perfers girls and is picky with guys🤧. She's not really that type of person who likes to go out that much. Like yeah once in a while she likes to have a girls night out and get white girl wasted🤗 but perfers to stay at home with a nice glass of wine🍷, with her cat Ginger🐱, her camera and some music🎵. But she's mad chill and kinda lit Likes: Chilling and watching movies Sleeping Netflix Wine R&b 🎧 Her bed Girls in her bed👩‍❤️‍👩 Boys in her bed💑 Two people in her bed at once with her without any clothes🌚 Photography📷 Cats Dislikes: Rude people Demanding people Mornings😬 Work People in general Dogs Interaction with strangers😴
MICHI BAE TAKAHASHI🕯🎴 Taken by seb :,)•bisexual •switch•20•5'8. Michi is pretty gentle at first. But is very surprising once people get to know him. He's very slow with love lately and doesn't like to rush things. He's had his fair share of heart breaks and pains. He likes to make things romantic but often fails. He is pretty convinced he's a psychopath. He will love you unconditionally and do everything in his power to make you happy. {COMMENT FOR A RATE OR DM} #anyrp #allrp #kpoprp #sadrp #singlerp #takenrp #newopenrp # #asianrp #koreanrp #openrp # #rpg #btsrp #daddyrp 🌸
what’s that?? you think i’m hot?? well hit up my intro and we’ll get taking BABE #openrp shit i’m so fucking SMOOTH
signa mae | 18 years old |positively the best mother trucking thing out dere| I like turtles | likes ice cream ,, cake,, food ,,quotes ,, animals ,, boys ,, sleeping| dislikes negative people ,, being depressed,, bugs ,, sponge bobs voice ,, and cheaters | single ready to pringle mingle | #openrp #dirtyrp #singlerp
Sanity My favorite quote from Albert Einstein is "the definition of insanity, is to repeat the same thing over and over exspecting a different result”. Well now In that case your definitely insane. You go for the same person different limbs,face,soul,but they all end the same. You alone, more shut down, sheltered, same borken heart on the floor. So you lie to yourself, saying "it’s THEM not ME”. Inner thoughts pacing. Maybe if we did’nt touch skins under our clothes so fast he would have taken me a bit more seriously. Repetitvely you lie to yourself saying "no regrets, everything happens for a reason”. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! You could’ve omitted nights spent feeling lonely. While you slept as if you were riding shot gun in his car, uncomfortable as hell waiting for dawn. Just as fast as the 100% cotton t-shrit came off is goes on. Once again he does’nt call, only of course when he needs he’s fix. Stuck in your ways so long SANITY seems fairy tail fiction. INSANITY seems to be apart of your anatomy. They say only a complete asshole will make the same mistakes and not learn from them. You blame your inability to learn on your ignorance. You tell yourself "i'm young these are mistakes I'm bound to make “. Seeing through peoples toughest times. Them telling you "don’t be the same as I” The irony of it all you have become what you once said you’ll never be. No your not the girl of his dreams. Yet your "friends with benifits”. :-/ Truth is he doesn’t see you as a friend. Your just another number on a list of names he’ll forget. With that being said,remember your belifes,your morals and know that it’s time for CHANGE. Grab your SANITY and run with it. BY:Nelikatana #poetry #poet #poem #floetry #mywords #mythoughts #dobetter #sanity #write #openrp #speaktruth #throatchakra #explore #keepingitreal # #loveyourselffirst ❤️ #grabyoursanity
hit me up if you look like this #openrp
bro what was wrong with me
lol so I was flirting with one of the servers at my work VERY SUBTLETY and one of my favorite coworkers/waitress was like “oo girl I see you” when I walked away and I was so blunt about it.. I realized he may be a little too old for me but yanno you only live once who cares. now she’s going to tease me about it forever and I get to see her at work tomorrow :’)
// Comment your favorite animal for a rate\\ Can you tell I’m bored, someone save me please. I’ll pay in cuddles and food.
jaylen. (cmt for a tbh) #openrp
hello everyone! it’s @crygelic and i’m so happy to say that i got this user back. i honestly loved this user so much and i still do. but i’m apart of several other accounts, so feel free to follow all of the accounts tagged if you’ve loved my edits and just my account in general. it would mean the world to me. @pureintro // the intro acc. @crygelic // my rp acc. @ultramistic // my editing acc. @v.oidaudio // my audio acc.
in my theme account someone kept reporting a sexual picture and i'm mad.
ㅡI'm so pissed. Better keep your mouth shut before I cut off that pretty little tongue of yours. . .
ㅡtangina bye😋
ㅡbetween the sheets
ㅡi feel like dying today. Hbu?
ㅡdm? 💌 I don't bite. . .
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