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a little nyc morning 🌇 farmers market 👨🏽‍🌾 dry cured duck breast prosciutto 🦆 from hudson valley duck farm 🚜 and a toasted sesame wheat loaf 🥖 from @shewolfbakery. c’est magnifique! . . @grownyc #farmersmarket #manhattan #upperwestside #morningmarket #duck #grownyc #duckproscuitto #drycuredduck #hudsonvalleyduck #streetmarket #shewolfbakery #toastedsesamewheat #yum #fresh #homegrown #nycmarkets #nycfood #vacation ##exploring #spooningandforkingwithash
I always say Sundays are for the lovers! It doesn’t need to be spent with a person but can be full of activities that you love doing. Before I launched @sillychillyhotsauce for a whole year every Sunday I spent going to the farmers market and teaching myself how to make hotsauce. Before I started that venture I used to spend my Sundays going around in all the thrift and antique shops in Brooklyn and find old goodies. I just spent it doing what I loved doing. Share what you love to do on Sundays?🌶 • • • • • • . . . . . . #artofvisuals #keepitwild #ourplanetdaily #capturedmoment #visualcreators #visualsoflife #staywild #wanderlust #projectexplore #awesomeearth #thisworldexists #thisiswhatilivefor #theadventureproject #beautifuldestinations #highculture #justgoshoot #neverstopexploring #onthego #travelastoke #colorsoftheweek #madeinnyc #urbangrammers #killeverygram #wondersaround #natureaddict #nature_sultans #liveauthentic #travelbloggers
We can feel it, spring is coming! And, a great line-up of special events awaits you - everything from NYC Handmade Bazaar, NYC Home Decor & Furniture Bazaar, to Artisanal Ice Cream Blizzard. (Photo of @lovinghandssoapshop ) WHEN: Every Sunday from 10am - 5:30pm WHERE: @GrandBazaarNYC , 77th St. & Columbus Ave. Indoors & Outdoors. . . . #GrandBazaarnyc #SoapBar #handmadesoap #soapmaker #shoplocal #UpperWestSide #madeinnyc #NYCMarkets #NYCTips #thingstodonyc
For the last 3 months I have been making myself a smoothie out of Ginger, Kale,green apple, mint leaf and spinach. I have flashed down 7lbs and 13 more to go. More importantly I feel great and fresh everyday!! Comment below of DM for my recipe! Happy Friday! • • • • • • • • . . . . • • • . #foodflags #hashtagfoodflags #veganshopup #veganshopup #vegannyc #nycmarkets #vegan #veganlifestyle #veganmarket #brooklynmarket #vegansofinstagram #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #vegicano #veganmexican #veganhotsauce #hotsauce #hamptons #fruit #cheflife #chef #chefstalk #oprah
Wasabi Pickles heading to NYC Pescatore Seafood & Sushi by Pescatore 🍣 be on the lookout. . . . . . . .
HOW DO WE LOVE THEE? A heartfelt thank you to everyone for coming out to our 8th Valentines VSU last weekend! A love shack indeed. Still need a few V-Day ideas, NYC? Grab these Chocolate Covered Hazelnut Cherry Cake Hearts by @sweetmaresas at @confectionerynyc (oodles of @lagustasluscious chocolates too!) + Sweet Sweet Love Soap, candles, n more at the @thefancifulfox store in Bushwick + Lovey dove cruelty free cocktails at @pineboxrockshop (it's Trivia Night too!). But really every day is a day to love. NEXT VSU IS 3/17 🍀. HAPPY ❤DAY.
Feed me breakfast for dinner to win a 💫 point from me 😉 . . . . • • • • • • • • • . . . . . #foodflags #hashtagfoodflags #nycmarkets ###brooklynmarket ##whatveganseat ##hotsauce #hamptons #fruit #cheflife #chef #chefstalk #oprah #sufiahossain
STILL OPEN, LOVERS. Here at @pineboxrockshop till 5:00! Find a plethora of goodies like Holistic Herbal Lemonade by @oddlemons_nyc + Raw Dark Chocolate Coconut Spoons by @ockatreats + GF Banana Bread by @dank_brooklyn + Smoky Spicy Mayo by @thegoodspoon_usa + moremoremore!
NACHO MANIA. Visit new vendor @mexvegana_ at VSU today till 5:00 and score Cheezy Seitan Asada Nachos and Spinach Tamales! Tacos too. GET THE GOODS.
NEW! TIRAMISU! See VSU first timer @howdelishhd here at @pineboxrockshop now, until 5:00, and score this exquisite #vegantiramisu , plus their Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Banana Wafer Pudding, Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes, and more!
YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY I GOT LOVE IN MY TUMMY. OPEN for biz at the 8TH ANNUAL! VEGAN VALENTINES SHOP-UP! Get a special treat for every valentine on your list TODAY at @pineboxrockshop till 5! Start with Chocolatey #glutenfreevegan treats from @gonepie like Mint Chocolate XO's, Cookie Dough Truffles, Chocolate Fudge Tarts, and Caramel Hearts. 💛
I GET SO EMOTIONAL BABY. So what. It's our 8TH VALENTINES VSU TODAY! Thanks for coming to any or every Vegan Shop-Up, bringing friends, braving the crowds (and the puns), supporting small local businesses, promoting cruelty-free lifestyles, and having fun with VSU. Our ❤is full of gratitude and appreciation and mutual l-o-v-e. Please join us again today, 12-5PM at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! We'll have VSU Tote Bags too. Oh and some food. Chili Cheese Nachos + Tamales + Raw Burritos + Tacos + Pink Chocolate Almond Butter Cups + GF Apple Caramel Blondies + Marmalade Seitan Sandwiches + GF Banana Bread + Strawberry Cheesecake + Cinnamon Rolls + Shrimp Skewers + Crabby Cakes + Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse + Burger Mac n Cheese + Coffee Cream Doughnuts + Pizza + Triple Decker Brownies + Herbal Lemonade + Lip Gloss + Soy Candles + much more. CAN'T HEARTLY WAIT. VALENTINES VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @monksmeats @screamerspizzeria @gonepie @thefancifulfox @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @peacefulprovisions @spread.mmms @howdelishhd @mexvegana_ @thatmacandcheese @orchardgrocer @eatchic @dank_brooklyn @ockatreats @rockinraw @oddlemons_nyc @thegoodspoon_usa. S.W.A.K.
HEART A-MAC. Looking for gloriously refined and heavenly vegan pastries for your valentines n galentines? See @sweetmaresas TOMRW at the 8TH ANNUAL! VEGAN VALENTINES SHOP-UP! Score special sweets like Chocolate Covered Strawberry Macarons, Raspberry Rosé Macarons, Star Fruit Upside Down Cake, Triple Chocolate Cake, Lemon Bars, Hazelnut Cherry Rainbow Cookie Hearts & more! Come n get it tomorrow, Saturday 2/11 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! My Bloody Valentine Mary's + Chili Cheese Nachos + Raw Burritos + Tacos + Pink Chocolate Almond Butter Cups + GF Apple Caramel Blondies + Marmalade Seitan Sandwiches + GF Banana Bread + Strawberry Cheesecake + Cinnamon Rolls + Shrimp Skewers + Burger Mac n Cheese + Coffee Cream Doughnuts + Pizza + Triple Decker Brownies + Herbal Lemonade + Lip Gloss + Soy Candles + much more. (📷: @sweetmaresas ) VALENTINES VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @monksmeats @screamerspizzeria @gonepie @thefancifulfox @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @peacefulprovisions @spread.mmms @howdelishhd @mexvegana_ @thatmacandcheese @orchardgrocer @eatchic @dank_brooklyn @ockatreats @rockinraw @oddlemons_nyc @thegoodspoon_usa. MUST BE LOVE.
LOVE A SMOOTH OPERATOR? Find @thefancifulfox at TOMORROW'S V-DAY VSU and score handmade, cruelty free skincare valentine gifts for both dudes and dudettes! Yes, tomorrow, Saturday 2/10 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Bar opens at 11 to start feeling good asap. LOTS to eat/drink/gift, all vegan, always. It's the 8TH ANNUAL! VEGAN VALENTINES SHOP-UP! VALENTINES VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @monksmeats @screamerspizzeria @gonepie @thefancifulfox @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @peacefulprovisions @spread.mmms @howdelishhd @mexvegana_ @thatmacandcheese @orchardgrocer @eatchic @dank_brooklyn @ockatreats @rockinraw @oddlemons_nyc @thegoodspoon_usa. UNTIL TOMRW.
This is an artisanal organic soap bar from LifeStone that has been mixed with earl grey, pure glacial mud, pink Himalayan sea salt, Patchouli, lemon and pink moonstone. WHEN: Every Sunday from 10am - 5:30pm WHERE: @GrandBazaarNYC , 77th St. & Columbus Ave. Indoors & Outdoors. . . . #GrandBazaarnyc #SoapBar #handmadesoap  #soapmaker  #valentinesgift  #valentinesgiftideas  #shoplocal   #NYCMarkets
SHRIMPY NOT WIMPY. Catch the new Vegan Shrimp Po Boy from @orchardgrocer (made w/ new #veganshrimp by @newwavefoods !) at VSU this Saturday! Wash it down with a My-Bloody-Valentine-Mary and shop for sweet Valentine treats for your pals. We'll be celebrating our VSU birthday (& the power of love) at the 8TH ANNUAL! VEGAN VALENTINES SHOP-UP! This Saturday 2/10 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! VALENTINES VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @monksmeats @screamerspizzeria @gonepie @thefancifulfox @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @peacefulprovisions @spread.mmms @howdelishhd @mexvegana_ @thatmacandcheese @orchardgrocer @eatchic @dank_brooklyn @ockatreats @rockinraw @oddlemons_nyc @thegoodspoon_usa. O BOY.
NUTS ABOUT CHOCOLATE? Meet @eatchic and their specialty Almond, Cashew, Peanut, and Sesame Butter Cups in velvety Dark Chocolate (some White Chocolate too!), accented with spices, fruits and jams, so deff a flavor for everyone! Gift Boxes small and huge, perfect for every valentine, this Saturday at the 8TH ANNUAL! VEGAN VALENTINES SHOP-UP! See you on Saturday 2/10 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+) // Bar opens at 11! We're celebrating our 8th VSU birthday AND Valentine's Day, so lots of love to go around. VALENTINES VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @monksmeats @screamerspizzeria @gonepie @thefancifulfox @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @peacefulprovisions @spread.mmms @howdelishhd @mexvegana_ @thatmacandcheese @orchardgrocer @eatchic @dank_brooklyn @ockatreats @rockinraw @oddlemons_nyc @thegoodspoon_usa. SWEET.
TAKE A PIZZA MY HEART. Pizza perfection by @screamerspizzeria this Saturday at the 8TH ANNUAL! VEGAN VALENTINES SHOP-UP! Score heart-y vegan eats, sweetheart treats, valentine gifts, and strong cocktails to help you profess your affections.. or forget you ever had any. Find it all at our Anniversary VSU this Saturday 2/10 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! VALENTINES VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @monksmeats @screamerspizzeria @gonepie @thefancifulfox @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @peacefulprovisions @spread.mmms @howdelishhd @mexvegana_ @thatmacandcheese @orchardgrocer @eatchic @dank_brooklyn @ockatreats @rockinraw @oddlemons_nyc @thegoodspoon_usa. SUNNY PIES AHEAD.
ALL SHOOK UP. A complete breakfast Donut, Elvis inspired, filled with Banana Pudding and topped with Peanut Butter Glaze, Chocolate, and Vegan Bacon. By local #vegandonut stars @peacefulprovisions. #yolo . Fill your heart (and tum) with glee in ONE WEEK at the 8TH ANNUAL! VEGAN VALENTINES SHOP-UP! Animal lovers unite Sat. 2/10 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+). Help us celebrate our 8th year of VSU and toast to many more! A little bit o' vegan everything for everyone. VALENTINES VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @monksmeats @screamerspizzeria @gonepie @thefancifulfox @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @peacefulprovisions @spread.mmms @howdelishhd @mexvegana_ @thatmacandcheese @orchardgrocer @eatchic @dank_brooklyn @ockatreats @rockinraw @oddlemons_nyc @thegoodspoon_usa. DONUT BE CRUEL.
‘No matter where you are in life, always give back to the community!’ Life motto From my grandfather to my father and to me. It was my first time giving hotsauce making workshop to the kids and had a blast. I was nervous to be honest as I never worked with kids but watching them so into it made me feel so relieved lol. 25 kids of boys and girls club+ awesome volunteers of @true_mentors and My kitchen assistant/ friend Trevor- A very successful evening! Thanks for giving me a chance to do something for these kids!! www.sillychillyhotsauce.com . . . . . . . #foodflags #hashtagfoodflags #veganshopup #veganshopup #vegannyc #nycmarkets #vegan #celebrity #ellenshow #sillychillyhotsauce #vegansofinstagram #mom #veganfoodshare #vegicano #momlife #veganhotsauce #hotsauce #hamptons #oprah
CAN'T HEARTLY WAIT. It's the Valentines VSU #8 ! Save the date. Find your mate. It's gonna be gr8. Yep, cruelty-free, inhibition-free, lovey dove cocktails, sweets for your sweety, and eats eats eats. We'll see you Saturday 2/10, 12-5pm at @pineboxrockshop (21+) for the 8TH ANNUAL! VEGAN VALENTINES SHOP-UP! Bar opens at 11, market bliss at noon. VALENTINES VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @monksmeats @screamerspizzeria @gonepie @thefancifulfox @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @peacefulprovisions @spread.mmms @howdelishhd @mexvegana_ @thatmacandcheese @orchardgrocer @eatchic @dank_brooklyn @ockatreats @rockinraw @oddlemons_nyc @thegoodspoon_usa. NOTHIN BUT LUV.
Not even this big winter sweater can overpower the sparkle of these Chain Dangle Earrings. ✨
We're he only flea market in NYC that donates 100% of our its profits to four local public schools, benefiting over 4,000 children. WHEN: Open every Sunday from 10am - 5:30pm  WHERE: 100 W. 77th St. (At Columbus Ave.) - Indoors & Outdoors . . . #GrandBazaarNYC  #indoorfleamarket  #nycshopping #fleamarketgirl  #nycartists  #shoppingnyc  #fleamarket  #fleamarketstyle  #fleamarkets  #fleamarketfinds  #fleamarketdecor  #NYCMarkets  #vintagemarket  #vintagenyc  #nycshoppingtour  #upperwestsidenyc #NYC
Start your week off with a healthful choice—pick up everything you need from 13 local vendors at Grand Central Market 🍎🥐🧀🥩
BEAR IN MIND... Next VSU is Saturday 2/10 at @pineboxrockshop. And yes, it's the 8th ANNUAL! VEGAN VALENTINES SHOP-UP! This glazed n glorious Vegan Bear Claw Doughnut was brought as a gift by old pal/vendor @cakethievesbakery visiting VSU last weekend. Keep an eye out for her upcoming occasional NYC events and be sure to check out her new vegan market in San Antonio @veganstopshopsatx if you're over yonder. VALENTINES VENDORS: @sweetmaresas @freakinvegans @monksmeats @screamerspizzeria @gonepie @thefancifulfox @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @peacefulprovisions @spread.mmms @howdelishhd @mexvegana_ @thatmacandcheese @orchardgrocer @eatchic @dank_brooklyn @ockatreats @rockinraw @oddlemons_nyc @thegoodspoon_usa. THE RIGHT TO BEAR SWEETS.
We invite you to explore our unique collection of wrap rings, knuckleduster rings, skinny stacking rings, and copper rings. Every ring you purchase is 100% handmade and truly one-of-a-kind, as each ring has slight variations. #rings #handcrafted Explore Our Collection: http://www.elkevandyke.com/rings/
This is @judykayenyc , she's well know for her fine leather jewelry. Judy can be found Sundays in the artisan section. WHEN: Every Sunday from 10am - 5:30pm  WHERE: 100 W. 77th St. (At Columbus Ave.) - Indoors & Outdoors . . . #GrandBazaarNYC  #judykayejewelry  #nycjewelrydesigner  #nycshopping  #nycjewelry  #nycartists  #fleamarket  #marketsofnewyork  #handmadejewelry  #madeinnyc  #madeinnewyork  #nycjewelry  #NYCMarkets
FUGGEDABOUTIT. Special appearance by @rockawaygypsea today at VSU, with tons of hand stamped Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Key Chains, Bottle Openers, Dog Tags, AND stamping custom orders while you wait! Vegan, Brooklyn, and sass themed. At @pineboxrockshop till 5.
NEW MAYO on the block. Meet @thegoodspoon_usa today at VSU, sample their Classic and Garlic Herb, and take em home! Key ingredient: microalgae. And it's gooood. Available in stores all over the city too. Open at @pineboxrockshop till 5:00!
MANGIA. Saucy Seitan Meatball Sub by @monksmeats TODAY at VSU! We're here at @pineboxrockshop till 5, come get your grub on.
OPEN! Get over to VSU, happening NOW till 5:00 at @pineboxrockshop ! Here's your Gluten Free goodie for the day, a divine German Chocolate Brownie by @gonepie ! We're packed with eats, sweets, cocktails and sunshine. SO SEE U SOON.
IT'S TO FRY FOR. French Fry Pizza Pie by @screamerspizzeria will be available at VSU TODAY! Come thru, grab a veg laden Bloody Mary (to counteract all the pizza), try some new vegan eats, shop cruelty free, and celebrate the new year. Buffalo Mac n Cheese + Seitan Chili + Raw Nachos + S'mores Donuts + Sunflower Cheese + Cashew Brittle + GF German Chocolate Brownies + Grapefruit Macarons + GF Cookies + Mayo + Hot Sauce + Salsa + Tapenade + Seitan Steaks + Jewelry + Skincare + Lip Gloss + more. TODAY // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Womens marchers, we'll see you after! VENDORS: @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @rockinraw @monksmeats @sgcookiesco @filfilfoods @mama_margarita_salsa @gonepie @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @spread.mmms @thefancifulfox @freakinvegans @peacefulprovisions @thegoodspoon_usa @rockawaygypsea @che_artisan @thatmacandcheese @moregoodlife @brittle_and_beyond. IT'S TIME.
NO RAWGRETS. Yeah it's a Raw Cheezy Burrito by @rockinraw , and yeah it can be yours TOMORROW at VSU! Whether you're keeping up those healthy eating resolutions or hoping to counteract all the pizza n mac you'll eat tomrw, you'll be hip hip hurrawing over totally Raw Nachos, Buffalo Mushrooms, Jalapeno Poppers, & Cheesecake, not to mention their equally delish cooked Jambalaya and Cinnamon Rolls. That's right, tomorrow, Sat. 1/20 // 12-5pm // at vegan bar @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Bar opens at 11 for a.m. cocktails and seat grabbing. Marching in the morning? Stop by after for snacks and show your love for all our women owned small businesses! VENDORS: @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @rockinraw @monksmeats @sgcookiesco @filfilfoods @mama_margarita_salsa @gonepie @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @spread.mmms @thefancifulfox @freakinvegans @peacefulprovisions @thegoodspoon_usa @rockawaygypsea @che_artisan @thatmacandcheese @moregoodlife @brittle_and_beyond. COUNTDOWN.
Our 14kt Gold Moon Threader Earrings are offered in two different finishes - "satin" for a more matte and subdued look and "high polish" for a more reflective and eye-catching look. Also available in 14kt rose gold. #threaderearrings #silverearrings
Occasionally I'll have these moments where I kind of wish someone was following me around with a camera and capturing the ridiculousness of my life for the conversations alone. Today was one of those times. Hiked almost a mile down the street to check out the city and pick up some ingredients for meal prep with my new Colombian partner in crime @nataliarm9. Shopping for food is already a weird experience alone (I'm one of those people who has to smell all the things), but it's a totally "laughing so hard that you're crying" adventure when you're smelling and tasting and talking in multiple languages about all of it with someone else who is just as enthusiastic as you are (if not even more so!) Somehow we managed to not get kicked out of @eatalyflatiron for our antics before groceries were procured... we'll see how we fare at the Chelsea Market tomorrow. 👯🙏😂#italianproduce #greenveggies #adventuresinfood #nycmarkets #privatecheflife
SO NUTS FOR DONUTS? Don't miss your chance to score the best fancy #vegandonuts around from @peacefulprovisions ! They'll be with us at the READY SET SNOW! VEGAN SHOP-UP! this Saturday 1/20 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Count on super flavors like Almond Blood Orange, S'mores, Chocolate Beet, not to mention Triple Decker PB Brownies, Pecan Peace Tarts and more. Savory eats and strong drinks too. VENDORS: @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @rockinraw @monksmeats @sgcookiesco @filfilfoods @mama_margarita_salsa @gonepie @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @spread.mmms @thefancifulfox @freakinvegans @peacefulprovisions @thegoodspoon_usa @rockawaygypsea @che_artisan @thatmacandcheese @moregoodlife @brittle_and_beyond. DO IT.
This independent rug dealer specializes in Persian and Pakistani rugs; antique, vintage and new. Everything is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Come Sunday and make a deal with him. WHEN:Every Sunday  from 10am - 5:30pm  WHERE: @GrandBazaarNYC , 100 W. 77th St. (At Columbus Ave.) - Indoors & Outdoors . . . #GrandBazaarNYC  #handmaderug  #handmaderugs  #rug  #carpet  #persianrug  #orientalcarpet  #antiquerug  #handmadecarpet  #handmadecarpets  #vintagerug  #upperwestside  #nycmarkets  #fleamarket  #interiordesign
Infuse some "life" into your winter look with a beautifully accented #copper cuff bracelet. ❄️
We love being able to communicate directly with customers through the indoor, outdoor and holiday markets that we participate in. It's vital to be able to hear, first-hand, what our customers love and don't love. It helps us perfect current collections and mold future (successful) collections. It's all about real feedback! Explore our full collection: http://www.elkevandyke.com
Unsung hero? THINK AGAIN. This monster Roast Seitan Broccoli Rabe Hero from @monksmeats was last month's feast-wich at VSU. Find them again this Saturday with more hearty, stick-to-your-ribs Seitan dishes at the READY SET SNOW! VEGAN SHOP-UP! It's all happening this Saturday 1/20 // 12-5pm // at vegan bar @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Eats/sweets/goods and more from some of the best local makers, plus cruelty free cocktails (bar opens at 11!) to keep you cozy. VENDORS: @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @rockinraw @monksmeats @sgcookiesco @filfilfoods @mama_margarita_salsa @gonepie @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @spread.mmms @thefancifulfox @freakinvegans @peacefulprovisions @thegoodspoon_usa @rockawaygypsea @che_artisan @thatmacandcheese @moregoodlife @brittle_and_beyond. SAVORY DREAMS.
Creativity itself doesn’t care at all about results – the only thing it craves is the process. Learn to love the process and let whatever happens next happen.
Elegant and a little sassy. 😏Handcrafted in 14kt gold fill and sterling silver.
TARTLY AVERAGE. These precious n pretty vegan pastries by @sweetmaresas will be available in vast flavor arrays this Saturday at VSU! Up front you'll see Mini Plum Tarts (one of our favorite sweets of 2017!), then Chocolate Turtle Cake, Pear Frangipane Tarts, Rainbow Cookies and Macarons. Don't miss your chance to sweet it up at the READY SET SNOW! VEGAN SHOP-UP! on Sat. 1/20 // 12-5pm // at @pineboxrockshop (21+)! Whether you're taking part in the Women's March in the morning and refueling with us after, or spending the whole VSU day supporting some kickass women-owned small businesses, we'll be ready! VENDORS: @screamerspizzeria @sweetmaresas @rockinraw @monksmeats @sgcookiesco @filfilfoods @mama_margarita_salsa @gonepie @e.x.p.o.s.e_nyc @spread.mmms @thefancifulfox @freakinvegans @peacefulprovisions @thegoodspoon_usa @rockawaygypsea @che_artisan @thatmacandcheese @moregoodlife @brittle_and_beyond. SEE U SOON.
We're opening this Sunday, January 14th, our 2018 season - indoor & outdoors. Inside we'll have over 70 talented local artists, designer, and independent vintage/antique dealers. Be sure to also come hungry, our food vendors will be outside greeting you, and ready to feed you! WHEN: Open every Sunday from 10am - 5:30pm  WHERE: 100 W. 77th St. (At Columbus Ave.) - Indoors & Outdoors . . . #GrandBazaarNYC  #indoorfleamarket  #NYC  #nycshopping  #nycartists  #shoppingnyc  #fleamarket  #marketsofnewyork  #fleamarketfinds  #NYCMarkets  #vintagemarket  #vintagenyc  #SundayNYC  #upperwestside
This Sunday, January 14th, we're opening our 2018 season - indoor & outdoors. Come join us, and be sure to also come hungry to feast at one of our favorite food trucks, @theempanadasonata. WHEN: Open every Sunday from 10am - 5:30pm  WHERE: 100 W. 77th St. (At Columbus Ave.) - Indoors & Outdoors . . . #GrandBazaarNYC  #jewelryblogger  #nycfashionista  #nycstyleblogger  #nycshopping  #nycartists  #shoppingnyc  #fleamarket  #marketsofnewyork  #handmadejewelry  #nycartists  #etsyny  #nycjewelry  #NYCMarkets  #nycfoodtruck  #upperwestside
A part of our Seascape Collection, this beauty is going to be hitting our online store soon. Until then, message us to inquire. Exclusive pricing for Instagram users $98 (regularly $128). ❤️
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