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Goodnight.... C: @amv.crisis
Shooter. C: @knightis.ark
Dont touch... C: @roshiihouse
Need you in my life right now’. C: @yvng.kanji
Despair.... C: @deathsuki
I feel better :)) . C: @anbu.visuals
Ahhhhh. C: ?????
Uchiha❤️. C: @josesanguish
Thoughts on Logics new album? @logic @clayton.kimball
BOOTY SAFARI WAS MADE FOR THA STRIPPAS!!! @jeezysjukejoint is the greatest show on earth and im so grateful these amazing people let me perform with them. I am wearing a hoodie that is also a thong and i did my make up like Shuri. #WAKANDAFOREVER AND thank you @jeezloueez @redbonempls and @ms.briqhouse for bussin it open with me. luv yall 😍😍😍 #twerk #twerkvids #bootysafari
Spontanious picture while @oli.szoke.dp and me shooted for our next clip w/ @_kim_l_ .
Basic manicure with polish NO gel polish (known as shellac) used
:))). C: @vstylnn
pinks for every mood ✨ what is your favorite Tj color? Which one have you been dying to try? (📷 by @sandyyperez )
Les Beiges 🥜