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every time coll posts a new pic i’m like THATS MY FAV PIC OF COLL EVER LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY WOW but every pic of coll is my fav pic of coll
the boy i like likes me back and i’m having a good day asdfghjkl
i want it to be cold outside so i can wear sweatshirts again without melting
Sorry for irrelevant tag, I post, it's so you can get an idea of what I am in to (sorry loves) however, I plan on changing my tags soon #tomholland #fandom #fandoms #glassanimals #twentyonepilots #hippocampus #declanmckenna #froy #devankey #noahoxendale #samholland #harryholland
oops sorry i haven’t posted in three days!!! i’m back now!!!!
i get so much anxiety when i go shopping bc i hate spending money asdfghjkl idk how people do it
Sorry all these photos are old, because I save these posted for ever, and then the new ones get old #tomholland #fandom #fandoms #glassanimals #twentyonepilots #hippocampus #declanmckenna #froy #devankey #noahoxendale #samholland #harryholland
helloooo i just saw ant-man and the wasp and it was very good 10/10 would recommend also coll is very cute in this pic
even when she’s sick she’s still cute wtf anxhajzhajsjsk
@colliscool post the footage
my goal in life is to be as cute as coll is
payton is a PHAT MOOD omg
feeling kinda lonely today but shane’s new vid made it a lil better. we love tea!
have you ever seen such an angel BC I HAVENT
if anyone wants to take me to warped that would be greatly appreciated thanks :)))))
sorry i didn’t post yesterday!! i was at a theme park and then i was so tired when i got home but like this pic is me
I’m really proud of this - - - - - - - - - — - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Please tag him this took me such a long time to make @noahmoxendale @noahmoxendale #noahoxendale
okay so my mom knows this woman and she just adopted a new dog and she’s having a party to go meet the dog and that is literally the most extra thing but i’m going. also sorry these are blurry i grabbed them from masons story lmao
colleen is the cutest thing i hope she comes to nashville on her tour ah
My phone decided to add every photo & video I’ve ever deleted back into my camera roll so I found some old videos from last year so here :-) - - - - - Tags (ignore) #noahoxendale #jamesanthony #masonlevi #lukeoxendale #asummerhigh #mason #james #noah #luke #levi #anththony #oxendale #colliscool #collkelly #coll #kelly #gabirago #gabi #rago #paytonpape #payton #pape @iammasonlevi @lukeoxendale @collxkelly @colliscool @gabi.rago @paytonsux @jamesmeetsfame @asummerhigh @noahmoxendale
all my friends are out doing stuff and i’m just left at home being lonely :) idk what to do
i wish i could drive my life is so boring i just sit at home all day asdfghjkl
my girl out here living her best life and i couldn’t be happier for her!!! also michael just followed her and fetus coll is literally so shook rn
okay i’ve always said i wanted to have a cat but i’m taking care of my sisters cats while she’s on a trip and cleaning out litter boxes is the worst ever
i just really want to go to warped and seeing parx bc i love them so much ugh SOMEONE PLS TAKE ME TO WARPED AH
i just woke up and i feel sickiii asdfghjkl
Day 22 — @noahmoxendale - { #noahoxendale }
okay but i literally stan an angel??
i’m almost done cleaning my room and i feel like a new woman, my room was so nasty seeing it clean is great wow
i know i did a get to know me post recently but i got a ton of new followers since then so i think i’m going to do another one ??
my aunt told me about this really cute place in my town that has all this cool vintage retro-y type things and i hope my sister will take me today ahh
colleen do your laundry young lady
i love to read but for some reason required reading for school completely ruins it for me and i would literally rather do anything than read that book
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