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Valley Walks.
* Alicia, 23, Brazil * Ready for some fun? Call Alicia, she's always here. Behind her super easy going, kind and caring attitude, is a lawyer. Someone driven, smart and dedicated. Don't judge a book by its cover because she will surprise you, always. ••• I asked: Why did you choose law school? Why do you now decide to travel? What did you learn the most leaving Brazil? ••• "I chose law school because I graduated high school super young and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Everybody said I’d be a great lawyer, because I enjoyed reading and because once I was convinced or got something in my mind I would not rest until I achieved it. I was a very argumentative kid. Also, being a lawyer in Brazil is considered to be the safe path to take, at least money wise. It’s one of the “good” careers. I decided to travel instead of being a lawyer because I saw that the world is way bigger than the place we grew up in. There’s so much to see and learn and so many new people to meet. I like being challenged on a daily basis, experiencing new things and getting out of my comfort zone and I feel like travelling does exactly that. Travelling is the best education one could ask for. You always learn from people and you also teach them something. If you just throw yourself in the world with an open heart and an open mind there’s no limits to what you might find. Leaving Brazil taught me that there’s a million different ways to live and to see the world. It taught me not only to accept, but to embrace the differences. It showed me that nobody is better than anybody, no matter you gender, colour, education level or social status. And usually the people that are the most willing to share and to help are the ones who have less and the ones you would least expect." ••• With joy ❤️
Včera jsme se bavili s kamarády, kteří jsou na Zélandu taky už skoro rok. 🌏 Padla zajímavá otázka. “Hele, dokážete si představit, že budete zpátky v Praze? Že vystoupíte z letiště a použijete eskalátor?” 🤔 . Život v balíkově je krásnej, horší je, že vás poznamená a balíkem budete i vy. 😀 . . . . #dnescestujem #dnesletim #wildculturecz #igerscz #cestolidi #minveciviczazitkuu #cestovani #cestovanie #cestovatelka #czechtraveler #czechtravel #newzealandfinds #newzealandguide #newzealandnatural #newzealandtrip #newzealandlife #newzealandnatural #newzealandvacations #newzealandpics #newzealand 🇳🇿 #newzealandbeauty #newzealandtravel #northisland #northislandnz #explorenewzealand #northland #capereinga #travelbloger #purenewzealand
okay so... i’m not a political person whatsoever, but when it comes to killing animals for sport/pleasure i have to say something! please join myself & #ellendegeneres by using #BeKindToElephants and for everyone who does @theellenshow will make a donation to the david sheldrick wildlife trust @dswt // head over to @theellenshow and click on the link in the bio. 🐘❤️
🏄📸⚓ It's such a long time ago that I have been to #newzealand the last time. It's so high on my list for upcoming trips. But first I am heading to the Olympic national park next month. Super excited to get some wildlife and nature shots like this one. Stay tuned! Shot with my @sonyalpha #a7 ! 🍁🍂🍃
Dotcom's mansion in New Zealand 🌳🇳🇿 The luxury living of the internet tycoon #bigtoys
New Zealand advice please! I’ve been invited to teach in NZ in February presenting about ‘Grief Rituals with Horses’! It’s a great honor! Check out this fabulous event at: https://spirithorsefestival.org/ . If you had a week or two WHERE would you go in New Zealand and why? . Thank you! 🌟🙏🌟 . #newzealand #newzealandguide #newzealandfinds #newzealandbound #cancerwarrioress #windhorsesanctuary #travel #adventure #lonelyplanet #lonelyplanetnewzealand
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