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I love this makeup look🤩🤤 @leaelui @lea.eluig #leaelui #teamlea #monkeyface
Hehe Lea is the cutest😊❤️ @leaelui @lea.eluig #leaelui #teamlea #monkeyface
I love Lea's outfit here🤩 @leaelui @lea.eluig #leaelui #teamlea #monkeyface
i just wanted to say that I love lea sm❤ I've been seeing her videos and everything she did since 2017 and I opened this fanpage for her 3 months ago. I'm so glad to call her my idol. I'm proud of everything she has done so far... She is an inspiration for me and I love her always✨ I'm grateful for her. My forever dream is to meet her. She is everything to me. She is my whole universe. She deserves the world😭 she won't see this but anyway she is my favourite person ever and thank her sm bc she is the one who makes me smile😘 @leaelui @lea.eluig
hi (She liked 4× and commented 1× OMFG)
okay im not sleepy😂
good night <3
stunning gorl
My new outline collab with the sweetest @obsessingelui 💞 __ We worked hard on it so if u tagged lea it would mean a lot🍒 __ @leaelui @lea.eluig
Im obsessed w this vid i cant stop watching it help😭😍 @leaelui @lea.eluig
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