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I'd hoped that being lost in foreign places would help me find myself but once you've experienced a fair bit of that you realize that every part of the journey is transient; the euphoria of getting acquainted with new places, the journeys within your own heart and mind, the appreciation for the ways of the world, the disappointment when you don't belong, the bittersweet solitude, and the fleeting friendships. This losing and finding of one's way in the world and in life is never final, in fact, very often, you never know what lies around the next corner and so even less whether you are lost or found.
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16 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: Solo Vacation in ZANZIBAR!!! One of the most culturally unique islands I’ve ever seen, not to mention a tropical paradise that’s teeming with life! And let’s not forget...resorts with jungle waterslides. 🙌 Swipe to see me racing down the slide with a duck floatie, and swimming with dolphins in the ocean! 🐥🐬🌴☀️🙋‍♀️ . For the biggest discounts on these exotic boutique resorts in Zanzibar, use @tripvalet , which beats other deal finder sites 80-90% of the time! 🙌 . #30before30 #zanzibar #tanzania #africa #bucketlist #weekendwanderlust #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #solotravel #tripvalet #brandambassador #selfie #selfietography
Wellp, that's a wrap for me (@mylifesatravelmovie ) this week! I hope you've enjoyed my pics and tips from the Maldives, and even more so hope you get to go there soon! Don't forget to sign up for TripValet to help get you those amazing travel discounts! I'll be galavanting the globe until the next time I'm back here to fuel your wanderlust! 💖🌎- @mylifesatravelmovie #maldives #traveltips #tripvalet #mylifesatravelmovie #vacation #travelinspo
15 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: Bolivia Salt Flats & Biking Down Death Road! 🚴‍♀️ 😱🙋‍♀️ . This was one of my first solo travel adventures that I did AFTER hiking the Inca Trail for four days...I took my first overnight bus to Bolivia where I luckily made friends who helped me get everything I needed to cross the border. I then proceeded to mountain bike for the first time...down the deadliest road in the World (OUCH), then I was off to the Uyuni Salt Flats for some serious perspective! See more photos and tips for getting here on my Stories! . OH. And I found out a few weeks later when I got back to LA that there’s a mini Salt Flats a few hours away near Death Valley! . #30before30 #Bolivia #uyunisaltflats #boliviasaltflats #selfie #solotravel #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #bucketlist #southamerica
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I had the amazing opportunity to meet amazing inspiring profesional women that travel full time around the world. Thank you @wherescatarina for sharing this even it was very nice to meet you. You are an amazing soul and I love all your travel pictures and your gorgeous red hair. Thank you for being so welcoming and for all the information you provided. As an added bonus to an already amazing even I had the opportunity to meet my instagram celebrity @mylifesatravelmovie you are as amazing in person as you are in all your pictures. You are an inspiration to many women and I hope to be a part of your adventures soon. @wearetravelgirls . . . #wearetravelgirls #ellaswanderlust #mylifesatravelmovie #mylifesatraveltribe #alyssaramostravels #santamonica #losangelestravel #womenempowerment #instagood #instatravel #travelgram #instaphoto #adventuretravel
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#Repost @mylifesatravelmovie ・・・ 12 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: Figuring out how to do the MALDIVES on a budget and island hopping! (Yes, it's possible!)🏝🙋🏼😻 . Speaking of which, I am SO EXCITED to announce that I've been selected to be the new brand ambassador of @tripvalet !!! It's an awesome members-only travel club that gets you bigger discounts than 80-90% of regular deal finder sites, including deals on hotels and resorts in the Maldives! You don't even have to take my word for it because I'm going to prove it on my Stories in real time! . I'll also be getting you MONTHLY trip giveaways, and taking over TripValet's account to show you my favorite travel getaways with the best discounts, so if all of that sounds awesome to you, please please support me and your future travel plans by giving them a follow and showing some love!! 💖💖💖 . You can also sign up for TripValet using the link in my bio! . Side note: No pieces of dead coral were harmed in the taking of this photo. They were collected from the sand bar and left on the sand bar in the Maldives. 😜 . #30before30 #Maldives #rasdhoo #island #tripvalet #mylifesatravelmovie #brandambassador #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #travel #paradise #beach
📸Behind the Scenes in India: this pretty much sums up how I am in real life. Always trying to make friends with animals (I was SO happy the camel let me lean on him), always trying to blend in and wear the local clothing (even though a young woman wouldn't be wearing a sarees he'd be wearing regular clothes!), and always trying to get creative with camera angles! How do you think I did? 😂🙋🏼🐪😻 . #behindthescenes #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #pushkar #india #goprogirl #animalplanet #natgeotravel #travelchannel #girlslovetravel #wearetravelgirls
14 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: the Taj Mahal in India...at opening time! 🙋🏼💃🏼🕌 . Thats how I got this awesome photo (shot on an iPhone) with no people in it at one of the most popular landmarks in the World! It was quite the adventure taking the local train to Agra, then figuring out how to find the closest hotel to the Taj Mahal plus negotiating with a tuktuk the night before to get picked up at sunrise, but it definitely worked! It was also fun finding a local market where they sell sarees, and learning how to wrap them, which I failed at in this photo but will show the proper way (and more beautiful sarees) later in my Stories! . I traveled in India for a whole month, and while it definitely has a lot of budget accommodations, it also has some epic PALACE hotels you can stay at! If you haven't already, be sure to join @TripValet to get discounts on them! . #30before30 #bucketlist #7worldwonders #tajmahal #agra #delhi #delhigram #travelgoals #brandambassador #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #besttravelpics #instagood #tlpicks #goproindia #goprogirl #indiatoday #beautifuldestinations #natgeotravel #wearetravelgirls #girlslovetravel
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|| Feche os olhos e pense em algo bom. .. #ceara #oceano
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13 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: Exploring NEW ZEALAND! I'd compare it to a mixture of a mini Patagonia and a warmer Iceland...but easier to get around since it's smaller. I also loved that you can just drive up to random waterfalls on the side of the road like this one! PS I roadtripped solo around the entire South Island and half the North Island! See more of my adventures on Stories later! 😻⛰💖 . As you've probably heard, New Zealand can be EXPENSIVE, so if you want to do it without breaking the bank, be sure to look for those hotel and car rental discounts using @tripvalet ! 🤑 . #30before30 #bucketlist #newzealand #southislandnz #roadtrip #waterfall #chasingwaterfalls #tripvalet #brandambassador #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #goprogirl #natgeotravel
Trust me when I say, the Maldives is every bit as beautiful as you imagined. And that you'll be doing a happy dance the whole time you're there. Especially if you get a massive discount! - @mylifesatravelmovie #maldives #traveltips #tripvalet #mylifesatravelmovie #vacation #travelinspo
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Hey everyone! I'm Alyssa Ramos from @mylifesatravelmovie , a full time solo traveler who's been to over 70 Countries, all 7 Continents, 7 Worlds Wonders, and 7 Wonders of Nature! I'm excited to announce that I'll be taking over TripValet's Instagram account to show you highlights of my most favorite trips which you can find huge discounts on as a TripValet member! To kick off the fun, I'm starting with the Maldives, where YES! You can get great discounts on top hotels and resorts! #maldives #traveltips #tripvalet #mylifesatravelmovie #vacation #travelinspo
12 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: Figuring out how to do the MALDIVES on a budget and island hopping! (Yes, it's possible!)🏝🙋🏼😻 . Speaking of which, I am SO EXCITED to announce that I've been selected to be the new brand ambassador of @tripvalet !!! It's an awesome members-only travel club that gets you bigger discounts than 80-90% of regular deal finder sites, including deals on hotels and resorts in the Maldives! You don't even have to take my word for it because I'm going to prove it on my Stories in real time! . I'll also be getting you MONTHLY trip giveaways, and taking over TripValet's account to show you my favorite travel getaways with the best discounts, so if all of that sounds awesome to you, please please support me and your future travel plans by giving them a follow and showing some love!! 💖💖💖 . You can also sign up for TripValet using the link in my bio! . Side note: No pieces of dead coral were harmed in the taking of this photo. They were collected from the sand bar and left on the sand bar in the Maldives. 😜 . #30before30 #Maldives #rasdhoo #island #tripvalet #mylifesatravelmovie #brandambassador #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #travel #paradise #beach
|| 18h46. Saudades do alojamento mais confortável da vida com as melhores comidas e o por do sol mais lindo. #tamandare #biologiamarinha #sunset #pernambuco #praia
11 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: Komodo Island, Indonesia! That's right, there's more than just Bali, Lombok, and the Gilis in Indo, and this place is actually one of the 7 Wonders of Nature because it has the only island in the world that's native to Komodo Dragons! 🐉🏝⛰ . To get there you first stop at this epic hike called Padar Island where you can see 3 beaches each with different colored sand from the top! My hair is wet in the pic bc on the way there I saw Manta Rays, and the man driving the boat told me to jump in and go see them, so I did! It was one of the most incredible, slightly terrifying experiences of my life! Same thing goes for taking a selfie with a Komodo Dragon...all of that on my stories later! 😜💖🌏 . Oh! And I've been featured on Forbes again with my recommendations for the top affordable adventures for 2018, and this is one of them! Link to the article will also be on my Stories! . #30before30 #bucketlist #komodoisland #padarisland #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #solotravel #hike #indonesia #komododragon #forbes #forbeswomen #hike #tlpicks #instagood #natgeotravel #travelchannel
|| Dias gostosos. #beachpark #ceara
10 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: EGYPT!!!! Everyone said it was too dangerous to go, so I went anyway and enjoyed seeing all of the sites mostly to myself! It was like my childhood (and adult) dream come true and I felt like I had seriously time traveled to another era! 😻🏜🚀 . I took a tour to see everything since I was solo, and it was great way to safely see all of the most popular sites like the Sphinx, Great Pyramids, Luxor, Abu Symbel and Hurghada! I even slept on a Felucca on the Nile River and went scuba diving with Whale Sharks in the Red Sea!! For more info check my Stories! . #30before30 #egypt #thesphinx #greatpyramids #worldwonders #cairo #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #bucketlist #solotravel #tlpicks #natgeotravel #travelchannel
Happy Saturday! 😊
9 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: Hot Air Balloon Ride over Cappadocia, Turkey! 🙋🏼🎈🦃 . In all honesty, I wish I knew how to use photoshop so I could make the balloons look as big as they did in real life. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 It was such an amazing sight to see not just the balloons, but these crazy cave structures topped with snow! When I make my own World Wonders list, Cappadocia will 100% be on it because of the cave-homes here and also the underground cities that make you feel like you're in Fraggle Rock (any late 80's kids out there??) . This morning I did my belated birthday Hot Air Balloon ride in Temecula, and felt like an asshole gushing about the time I did it in Turkey (and Egypt), so decided to shut up in real life and gush about it here 😂 But you can see the comparison on my Stories! 🙈 . #30before30 #hotairballoon #cappadocia #turkey #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #bucketlist #mylifesabucketlist #adventurer #visitturkey #natgeotravel #travelchannel
|| sdds não tá fazendo nada em casa e descer pra piscina Cada as amizades verdadeiras com piscina em casa? . . #fortaleza #ceara #bodypositive
🎥Behind the Scenes: Me trying to take a picture of myself feeding a baby elephant in Zambia! I posted a photo of the massive "Tusker" elephant at this ellie sanctuary on my main account, but in reality, most of my time there was spent trying to be-friend the baby 😻🐘🙋🏼 . I also got really into wearing what locals were wearing that I noticed throughout my 3 week roadtrip. In Zambia they wore sarongs like ones I've seen in Thailand, so I got one, but most other places pretty much used any fabric they could find. If you see my stories or recent videos, you'll also notice one of my wrists is full of copper bracelets, which I collected from street peddlers along the way! . #behindthescenes #alyssaramostravels #mylifesatravelmovie #travelblogger #africa #zambia #livingstone #theelephantcafe #putfootrally #elephants #babyelephant #elephantsanctuary #goprogirl
8 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30💪🏼: (Swinging into) Victoria Falls and Livingstone (Zambia) in general! I don't think you guys understand how many crazy adventures I did here...like if I were a place, it would be Livingstone. For starters, it has one of the biggest waterfalls in the world (automatic win), and then the option to zipline, bungee jump and swing in front of it, all of which I did without dropping my GoPro. Then I decided to fly over it in a Microlight (funny little flying gokart) with no shoes on, and of course for the grand finale, I swam at the top of it in Devil's Pool. 💁🏼⛰💦 . Once I was done chasing this waterfall in every way possible, I then proceeded to have lunch with elephants. Not joking. They are massive rescued Tuskers and the cafe that's built on their reserve raises the funds to keep them! 🐘😻 . This was such a big adventure that I included multiple pics, so please swipe to see them! And I want to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to the people who knew my obsession with adventure and made this all possible: @putfootrally #safparexcellence @thedavidlivingstone @theelephantcafe 💖💖💖 . Also, SO EXCITED TO BE GOING BACK TO AFRICA IN A MONTH!!!!! . #30before30 #zambia #livingstone #africa #victoriafalls #selfietography #solotravel #mylifesatravelmovie #bucketlist #alyssaramostravels #mylifesabucketlist #putfootrally #natgeotravel #tlpicks #instagood #goprogirl
7 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: The 4 day Inca Trail Hike/Camp to Machu Picchu! I found out about it last minute and had never done a multi-day hike/camp before, nor did I know it involved climbing a fairly high summit, but I did it anyway, and it was one of the most incredible adventures of my life! You see ruins that you can only get to if you do the trail, and you feel this eerie yet enchanting feeling from the past of the lost civilization of the Incas. There's shorter and longer hikes as well, or you can take the easy route and go straight to Machu Picchu..💁🏼⛺️⛰😻 . I picked this adventure today because I have some pretty exciting/epic news! I just confirmed that I'll be going on an even bigger hike/camp soon! I'M CLIMBING MT KILIMANJARO!!!! I've been invited to represent badass women all over the world with @whoatravel as we summit the highest mountain in Africa for International Women's Day March 2!!!! Talk about an epic way to enter your 30's!!! There's still a few spots on it too so if you're interested, let me know! 💪🏼 . #30before30 #adventures #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #machupicchu #incatrail #peru #cusco #7worldwonders #hike #goprogirl #natgeotravel #travelchannel
6 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: Chasing the Northern Lights ✨🚀 Aside from being one of the most mind-blowing things I've ever seen before in my life, my Northern Lights chase was also my second time ever seeing snow (I'm from FL then moved to CA), which of course I chose to do in the Arctic (hence my cute outfit). 😳🤷🏼‍♀️☃️ . I thought I was *just* going to northern Norway for this adventure, but it ended up being a chase across the top of Norway, Finland, and Sweden, and a few days later I even ended up on the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard?! That gets its own post though... . Anyway! To describe the Northern Lights, I'd compare it to the movie Fantasia where you see the symphony of music being played. Yes, at one point I thought I was getting abducted by aliens, yes I thought I was going to get frostbite, and yes it was 100% worth it! Also am trying to make this a #mylifesatraveltribe group trip in Feb! Who else has seen the Northern Lights???💫🙋🏼 . #30before30 #northernlights #norway #tromsø #tromso #arcticfox #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #solotravel #travelblogger #natgeotravel #travelchannel
🎥Behind the Scenes: the epitome of my real life behind the scenes. I'm ALWAYS petting some random animal (I was supposed to be a veterinarian and now I claim to be an animal whisperer), solo traveling in ninja clothes with my GoPro and selfie stick and a bag that usually contains a much prettier change of clothes like the ones you see on the photo I just posted on my main account @mylifesatravelmovie ! What a difference a photo makes ey? . This photo is a screen grab from a video I was recording bc I was so amused by the kittens at Petra at 6am (I went early to get that banger photo with no people in it!) if you want to see the video check out my YouTube! YouTube.com/alyssaramos88 -- I swear there's some good ones on there!!! . #behindthescenes #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #solotravel #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #petra #jordan #goprogirl #goprotravel
|| Igreja na Praia dos Carneiros. Tirei uns minutos antes de começar a passar mal e não ver mais nada do passeio kkk #praiadoscarneiros
5 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30🙌: PETRA, because who doesn't want to feel like Indiana Jones?! 🙋🏼🕵🏼‍♀️☄️(or more importantly, learn about a rouge tribe who built their towns by carving into massive rocks!) A lot of people take this same pic, but I'll bet not many are at sunrise and with 0 people down below! I had the whole place to myself *besides a friend I had made the day before while I was waiting in line for a ticket and heard, "Are you Alyssa?" from someone behind me (who had seen on my IG stories that I was there! #humblebrag ) We became fast friends and plotted to meet at sunrise the next morning to do this slightly difficult hike before the heat and the crowds arrived! Yay for making friends on solo adventures! . Going to Jordan was an epic adventure in itself because it was the first Middle Eastern country I traveled solo in. I was a bit scared at first but quickly realized that everyone was very nice and respectful, and the guys wearing eyeliner to look like bedouins are really cute 😂 Plus there's tons of travelers there, so you're bound to make a friend like I did! More of my awesome people-less pics will be on my Stories later!! . #30before30 #Petra #Jordan #solotravel #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #rogueblogger #indianajones #goprogirl #goprotravel #natgeotravel #travelchannel #instagood #tlpicks
4 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30 🙌: PATAGONIA (and not just bc I survived a car flip)! Patagonia is like a Queen; majestic, worshipped, but super hard to get to👸🏼🏔! It's an adventure that really forces you out of your comfort zone, and once you're out of it, you can pretty much conquer anything! . . This week I'm really proud to be doing a takeover on @allianztravelus using my Patagonia trip to inspire more people to go on an adventure and get outside of their comfort zone! Please 🙏show me some love on their page and check out the never-before-seen photos I'll be posting over there this week! 😀 . #adventure #patagonia #chile #argentina #elcalafate #peritomorenoglacier #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #solotravel #optoutside #outdoors #hike #goprogirl #natgeotravel
🎥Behind the Scenes: How I accidentally knocked someone's iPhone off a moving train in Sri Lanka...📱🚞🤦🏼‍♀️ . What had happened was, as you can see in my last post on @mylifesatravelmovie , sitting in the doorway of the train is a highly sought after spot...so when I got up to take a photo and someone else sat down I wasn't surprised. I was however surprised when I finally got my selfie stick to unstick itself and it happened to launch the guys iPhone right off the moving train. My immediate facial reaction was 😳 and for a second I thought he might punch me but he remained relatively calm, only really concerned with his photos. I offered to go back with him to look for it and after hours, a local finally came to the station and said he had found an iPhone near the tracks! The case-less iPhone somehow didn't even have a scratch on it and I was no longer mad-at! . Writing that out made me feel like I should probably just write a book about all of my escapades...what do you think? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 . #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #behindthescenes #bts #srilanka #digitalnomad #goprogirl #vlog #vlogger #solotravel #video
3 of 30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30 🙌: Taking the train all around Sri Lanka! On this random journey I somehow ended up waking up to elephants outside of my hotel, chasing 3 waterfalls, climbing a mountain, and knocking someone's iPhone off this moving train (on accident)...then going back and FINDING it!!!! 😜📱🚞🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ . Sri Lanka is an enchanted adventurer's paradise that you really have to go see(I've also had people tell me they went just to replicate this photo lol)! Or for now see more of it on my Stories! . #30before30 #bucketlist #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #srilanka #srilankatrain #kandy #ella #goprogirl #goprotravel #instagood #tlpicks #beautifuldestinations
|| "Nunca deixe que alguém te diga que não pode fazer algo. Nem mesmo eu. Se você tem um sonho, tem que protegê-lo. As pessoas que não podem fazer por si mesmas, dirão que você não consegue. Se quer alguma coisa, vá e lute por ela. Ponto final." #recife
|| “Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself; I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”
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How lucky we are to enjoy perfect beach weather in Dubai even in winter! Such a happy weekend enjoying the sun in my face and sand in my toes and playing around with my awesome @insta360official 😊 #mydubai #visitdubai #kitebeachdubai #kitebeachdxb
🎥Behind the Scenes: Birthday photo shoot! ...bc obv all I want to do on my 30th bday is take an epic photo....🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Video cut out and since these are all raw in the moment clips I can't edit it, but what I'm saying is that I have the long mermaid tail sequin gown in my bag (which got totally soaked trying to take the pic), and then we purposely went and got colorful balloons for the shot. About 5 people asked to take photos with my balloons on the beach too, so I might be on to a new business idea 😂🎈🙋🏼 . Anyway, the photo turned out really awesome, and just goes to show you what a little spontaneous creativity can do right in your own backyard! Check it out on my main account if you haven't already! . #happybirthday #dirty30 #behindthescenes #alyssaramostravels #mylifesatravelmovie #travelblogger #venicebeach #california
Countdown starts now! My 30 most epic adventures in the World before 30! Since Antarctica was number one on my bucketlist when I first started traveling, it obv gets the first spot, and hopefully by the time I finish the rest of the posts I'll have the professional pics of me doing the Polar Plunge and looking at Orcas to share with you (the photographer is on another trip at the moment). 1️⃣🇦🇶🌎🙋🏼 . Antarctica was one of the most epic adventures because of how difficult it was to go both financially and bc it takes 2 days each way crossing a beast of a sea to get there! But once you arrive, it's pure magic! Who has Antarctica on their bucketlist?! . #Antarctica #30before30 #adventures #travel #travelgoals #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #solotravel #frozen #quarkexpeditions #dametraveler #girlslovetravel #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #goprogirl #natgeotravel #tlpicks
Still in awe of how beautiful everything is here☀️🌴🇲🇽 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #girlaroundtheworld #damestravel #wetravelgirls #goprophotography #travelinladies #mylifesatravelmovie #dametravelers #dametraveler #dametravels #femmetravel #girlswhoexplore #travelincolor #womenwhoexplore #thediscoverer #girldiscoverers #thewanderingtourist #wearetravelgirls #travelgirlsgo #pinktrotters #girlsabroad #wetravelgirls #shetravels #shetravelz #sheisnotlost #girlsthatwander #passportcollective #girlsvoyages #sidewalkerdaily #travelinladies #girlslovetravel #girlscatchflightsnotfeelings #speechlessplaces
Happy Birthday to ME!!! I can't believe I'm finally 30! I feel like I've already lived 100 years! Here's to living every day like it's your last, always thinking of tomorrow like it's a new adventure, and gushing over how awesome yesterday was! Here's to living your best life and loving every moment of it! CHEERS to the best years of my life, the many more to come, and to all of YOU for being a part of it! 💖🙋🏼🌎3️⃣0️⃣🍾🥂🎂 . Now for some humble bragging since this is a milestone and all...I'm so proud to say that by the time I turned 30, I visited 75 countries, all 7 continents, 7 world Wonders, and 7 Wonders of Nature. I successfully started my own company which basically pays me to live an epic life and inspire others. I've helped hundreds of people go on their first solo trips, not to mention, help blaze a trail in the trend of solo female travel. I went viral on Huffington Post and YouTube, I've been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Lonely Planet, and have been sponsored by some of the biggest names in the game like GoPro and Skype. . I'm completely unsure of what my 30's will hold, but I'm damn sure that I'm going to go full throttle with topping what I've already done...and that's a lot! Here we goooo!!! . #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #solotravel #birthdaygirl #dirty30 #happybirthday #venicebeach #california
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