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A Quiet Place (2018) 9.7/10❗️➖Overall, A Quiet Place is a jaw dropping, outstanding film loaded with suspense, surprises and large amounts of unpredictability. The performances take all the actors to the next level, in particular John Kraninski who has directed as well as acted in this film. The film will leave you on a high as if you just jumped off a roller coaster. A strong contender for “Film of the year in 2018” from Finesse Movie Reviews. 💢CHECK OUT THE FULL REVIEW ON FACEBOOK💢 . . #moviereview #cinephile #bluray #cinephilecommunity #filmcritique #finessemoviereviews #movielover #moviecritic #filmcritic #moviebuff #filmbuff #filmlover #filmreviews #film #moviereviews #reviews #filmreview #nowshowing #movies #cinema #filmreview #critic #aquietplace #emilyblunt #johnkrasinski
Following in the footsteps of dark and gritty crime dramas like 'Sicario', 'Triple 9' and, of course, the pièce de résistance 'Heat', clichéd cop-and-robbers caper 'Den of Thieves' doesn't really bring anything new to the table, but it's nicely shot, solidly acted and packed with enough blistering action to keep me invested for its two hours. Gerard Butler and Pablo Schreiber are excellent as two very intense guys, on opposing sides of the law, who spend a lot of the film going head-to-head before the inevitable final, loud, pulse-pounding firefight. ✔✔✔✅✅ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #denofthieves #gerardbutler #pabloschreiber #osheajacksonjr #curtisjackson #christiangudegast #heist #action #crimethriller #movie #movies #moviebuff #movielover #moviereviews #moviereview #movieopinions #film #films #filmbuff #filmreviews #filmreview #ilovefilms #ilovemovies #movienight #movienight 🎬 #tonightsmovie #nowwatching #moviegram #filmstagram
The brutal new red-band trailer for ‘Assassination Nation’ has dropped, check it out on janksreviews.com today! . . Homepage link in bio, follow us for regular movie-related pics, posts and reviews! . . #AssassinationNation #Anarchy #Privacy #PrivacyMatters #Violent #Brutal #OdessaYoung #SukiWaterhouse #Salem #Millennials #SocialMedia #JoelMcHale #BellaThorne #HariNef #AnikaNoniRose #starsandstripes #movieblog #blog #movies #films #news #trailer #trailers #reviews #moviereview #moviereviews #review #blogger #bloggers #followus
#入住請敲門2 今次viutv同林婷都醒丫 上集畀人鬧得咁勁viutv都夠膽搵返林婷 林婷又可以承機一登場就壓低哂把雞仔聲幫自己平反 仲懶大膽咁行落D停車場度兜 但講野始終都係好廢 「好舊呀」、「好耐冇人住過咁喎」、「好污糟呀」、「環境好惡劣呀」...無限loop 我始終都係鍾意睇MCM講野同試撞鬼多D喇~ @louismcm #viutv #tvseries #tvshows #movies #movienight #movie #movietheater #moviestarplanet #moviedate #movieclips #movieday #moviefan #movieart #moviereviews #movienerd #moviestar #movieset #movietheatre #moviesnight #movietime #movienights #movielovers #moviefreak #anonymouslovesmovie #anonymouslifehk #hkiger
Nicole Kidman & Lucas Hedges star in trailer for ‘Boy Erased’, check it out on janksreviews.com today! . . Homepage link in bio, follow us for regular movie-related pics, posts and reviews! . . #BoyErased #Biography #Drama #JoelEdgerton #NicoleKidman #LucasHedges #TroySivan #RussellCrowe #LGBTQ #LGBTI #LGBTQIA #truestory #reallife #struggle #conversion #movieblog #blog #movies #films #news #trailer #trailers #reviews #moviereview #moviereviews #review #blogger #bloggers #followus
Trailer for the retro goofy sci-fi monster flick ‘It Came from the Desert’ on janksreviews.com today! . . Homepage link in bio, follow us for regular movie-related pics, posts and reviews! . . #itcamefromthedesert #retro #goofy #cheesy #cheesecake #horrormovie #horrormovies #videogames #retrogaming #adaptation #lowbudget #scifi #sciencefiction #movieblog #blog #movies #films #news #trailer #trailers #reviews #moviereview #moviereviews #review #blogger #bloggers #followus
13) Skyscraper (@skyscrapermovie ) - 3 out of 5 Freddie B's #MovieReviewMonday #FreddieBMovieReview Starring: Dwayne Johnson (@therock ), Neve Campbell (@nevecampbell ), Roland Møller (@roland_moller ), Pablo Schreiber (@officialpabloschreiber ), Chin Han (@TheChinHan ), Byron Mann (@ByronMann1 ) Pretty much a typical, basic summer action movie. The Rock is officially this generation's Arnold Schwarzenegger. Movie starts with nice action and never releases you from its clutches. Very engaging movie with its action sequences. Movie is loads fun. Plot is paper thin though as it's a typical summer movie. Quite a clichéd summer movie as in, it is loaded with fire, explosions and fights. It tries to throw you off with well intentioned yet these elementary twists can been seen coming a mile away while being devoid of any nuance. Rock does his usual thing. He is a human superhero taking blow after blow while defying the laws of physics and human ability. Lol. Yet Dwayne Johnson is still engaging and likable in this movie while giving the ladies JUST enough to salivate over. The special effects were satisfactory overall although toward the end of the movie they start to fall apart and things get too CG heavy and it can be seen. The end of the movie just starts looking plain old fake and artificial. That already cuts into the scant realism of the movie as is. The ending wasn't bad per se, just an uninspiring affair. It's almost like the director and writer got tired and just pulled something out of the hat from earlier in the movie to tie it all up in a bow so we can get outta here.
"A La Mala". 3/1/15.
"McFarland USA". 2/21/15.
My Rating—5/10 Synopsis— A group of friends get lured into playing a real life sinister game of Truth or Dare. My Advice—Watch. This movie was not great, but not terrible. Few things that were alright, few things that were dumb. Most parts of the "game" were tame and very high school. The big secret reveal..so predictable. The creepy demon/smiley faces..pretty frightening! Liked the idea but overall plot and storyline, blah. . #Movie #MovieReview #MovieReviews #5SecondReview #QuickMovieReview #QuickMovieReviews #MyMovieReview #MyMovieReviews #MovieNight #MovieRating #WatchList #TruthOrDare #TruthOrDare2018
Yo Bitch, Review This! Another movie review episode. We try to determine if Joe Clark was a hero or just a dick. #leanonme #moviereviews #kidray #inspirationalmovie #sapodcast #sacurrent #culturesa #texaspodcast . Link in the Bio
"After being bombarded endlessly by road safety propaganda, almost a relief to have found myself in an actual accident." After killing a man in a traffic accident, a sexually frustrated James Spader begins to explore a secret society that fetishizes car crashes. As he goes, his newfound kink begins to consume his work, his life, his relationships, and his perspective. Creepingly poetic, erotically charged, greasy, and beautiful... Crash is David Cronenberg's un-sung masterpiece. I love perverse films, and this was one of the first movies I ever watched with the dreaded "NC-17" stamp on the back. I'm going to be analyzing what I believe the film to be about, so if you have not seen it yet, I'm going to warn you not to read any further... because here there be SPOILERS. Smartly -yet loosely- adapted from J.G. Ballard's novel of the same name -which I feel is more pornographic- this film complies with Cronenberg's "philosophy of the flesh". This was something he was focused on almost exclusively in his early days -barring Fast Company- and it has become a staple associated with his name. If the Fly is about morality and the flesh, and The Brood is about mental health and the flesh, then Crash is about "extensions to the flesh". Body modification and orgasm through technological collisions, i.e. car crashes. James Spader -playing the author, J. Ballard- is attracted to this cult of deviants because they offer him more than tangible sexual fulfillment... they offer him something new. It's implied that he and his wife are struggling to freshen their relationship, which is why they have affairs and tell each other about them whenever they are together... but the car crash and it's effects are new to him. Like an eager virgin, he explores the boundaries of this newfound territory, going so far as to climax inside the wound in a woman's leg and to drag his wife along with him for the finale. Cronenberg shows that man and technology are both evolving still, and that not only can one work as an extended organ for the other, but it can be manipulated into whatever organ it's user choses. It's a sociological reflection unlike any other, and it is highly underrated.
UPDATE: Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K & Blu-ray Release Date: September 14, 2018 Official Artwork bluraycollecting #bluray #4k #moviereviews #incredibles2 #spiderman #movies #theater #films
Make sure to head over and check out my latest BluRay Hunt video for your chance to win digital movie codes! Channel link is in the bio #youtube #youtuber #blurayhaul #blurayhunt #haul #bluray #dvd #collection #isleofdogs #animation #wesanderson #cartoon #lgbt #lgbtq #gay #instagay #gaysofinstagram #bi #biboy #biguys #movies #film #moviereviews
🚨The First Purge🚨is somehow now a trilogy of films that center around all crime becoming legal for 12 hours because politics, I guess. This film is the same fucking thing but also takes a stance on minorities in America. Because The Purge is the perfect movie to do that. But this film is where The Purge was just an experiment on just Rhode Island and if enough people get killed, the Purge bill will pass congress?? So I'll start by saying that this movie is fucking weird. This is probably the most fun I've had in a theater this entire year so far. The first act is so laughable and dumb that I loved it. It had like some stupid news footage but they blur out all the faces and there are block parties during the Purge?? The third act is like a fun 80s action movie to the point where I was cheering at the end of the movie for protagonist man to kill more people. That leaves the second act which was nothing but horrific violence against miniorites. It was so bad in the second act that I almost left. But that's why the movie is so weird. It has the tone of something fun and stupid but also has horrific violence. This is like an 80s B movie. Just the concept and execution makes you laugh at it, but also be confused by it. The protaongist is an African American mob boss who I'm just going to call Black Panther because I don't think it's a coincidence that he looks exactly like Chadwick Boseman.. But Black Panther guy had a wonderful character arc in this movie where he turns into the hero and it was so fun to watch him fuck up some white people. Like I just want to go buy his action figure or something. There is some nonsense side plot with a business lady running The Purge experiment, I guess, in Rhode Island and I did not care for her. There is a kid and his sister who run around the town because plot. And at one point they poke their heads out the side of a building and it was shot and executed like a Scooby Doo episode. It's so bizarre!!! In the end, I left on a high note and loved laughing at the movie and cheered for Black Panther man to kill more people. But due to a horrific second act, this film was confused and made me confused.
Hercules is criminally underrated. • Summary: Hercules is an animated Disney film loosely adapted from Greek Mythology. The film follows Hercules, a god robbed of his immortality as a child, as he tries to become a true hero in order to join his parents on Mount Olympus. • Lambchops consensus: Hercules has a pretty weak plot, but it's supported by smart comedy, lively animation, and well written characters that all help to make the film a very enjoyable experience. • What I liked: There is a lot to like about Hercules, but what I really loved was all of the incredible characters. Hades is quite possibly my favorite Disney villain of all time, and Meg is one of my favorite Disney characters in general of all time. All of the other characters don't disappoint, either. All of the animation was very energetic. The humor was spot on. The songs are also very solid.("I Won't Say I'm In Love" is a total bop.) I also really loved how the film never treats the audience as if they're not smart enough to understand anything. Just about all of the humor is mostly subtle and requires a quick eye to notice. Not much of it was spelled out for the kids watching the movie. There were also lots of adult jokes that I really loved. • What I didn't like: Everything that I didn't like pretty much revolves around the plot. There's an inexcusable amount of plot holes/conveniences that kind of take away from the rest of the film. Other than the plot holes, the film's plot in general was very by the books, and it's been done a billion times before. There is also a lot of consistency problems with the animation. The animation is still great, but some things that might have been in the frame in one shot may disappear in the next. • I would recommend Hercules to anyone just wanting to have a good time without looking at it too critically. • • • #filmmaking #movie #movies #moviereview #moviereviews #review #reviews #films #film #filmreview #filmreviews #hercules #disneyhercules #herculesmovie #herculesreview #herculesreviews #disney #animation #lambchopsreviews
Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to reviewing a film, even if I saw it on opening weekend. I just posted a YouTube video with three of my overdue reviews. If this gets at least a few views, I’ll get around to that Solo review ASAP. Sorry for the delay guys. Nope, never made it out to Isle of Dogs. #moonlightreviews #moviereview #moviereviews #video #disney #incredibles2 #theincredibles2 #incredibles #readyplayerone #deadpool2 #deadpool #pixar #disneypixar #spielberg #film #kawaii #kawaiiwolf #happymealtoys #waltdisneywolf #disneybymoonlight #youtube #youtuber #youtubers #instagood #instamood #igers #iphonesia #picoftheday #photooftheday #overduereviews
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966): The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is a fun comedy with a typically manic performance from #donknotts and some fun horror atmosphere. The film is slight but it’s breezy and entertaining enough that you probably won’t mind. Knotts is an acquired taste, to be sure, but he’s charming here and there are some fun gags—the best of which is a repeated throwaway with a faceless voice in various crowds yelling out “Attaboy” and then certain character’s names—you’ll get it when you see it. While the horror/mystery elements are downplayed in favor of broader comedic aspects; I would still think that horror fans would enjoy the atmosphere the film crafts as well as the fairly gruesome backstory behind the film’s haunted house. Knotts is backed up ably by fun performances from #dicksargent #joanstaley #liamredmond #skiphomeier and #retashaw who all seem game for this tomfoolery. Director #alanrafkin knows that Knotts is the star but I enjoyed him most when he was playing off the straighter characters. It’s great fun to watch him over-act alongside someone like Sargent or Redmond who play the material straight-faced. All that being said, I would have like the film to spend a bit more time with the haunted house/murder mystery elements. I know that this isn’t that kind of film but those are the elements I am most interested in. Rafkin is making a comedy, however, so the horror elements we bound to be sidelined a bit. Even with that very subjective criticism, the film still entertains in the vein of classic comedies and the studio production is handsome enough that the proceedings don’t seem cheap, by any means. I had only seen this film once before this re-viewing and I remember it being far more centered on the haunted house antics. While the actual film focuses more on Knotts and his attempts to prove himself to his town, his boss, and the woman he loves there are still enough fun horror-comedy sequences to make this a fun family viewing on Halloween night. #movie_mattinee @oscarwatchpod @samenightmovie
I watched 'How It Ends' on Netflix over the weekend. Here's my YouTube review (link's in bio). #CouchWithMe . . . . #netflix #theojames #forestwhitaker #youtube #youtubereview #moviereview #moviereviews #movies #netflixfilm #spoilerfree #howitends #nowstreaming #netflixreview #netflixandchill
This IG Page, Grave Reviews, contacted me recently and asked if I’d be interested in writing a series of reviews to which I agreed. I shared my idea, to which they showed enthusiasm, and I sent them two articles for review. It quickly became clear that he was more interested in taking my idea and turning it into his own, basically stealing my idea, adding his own rating, etc. I asked him not to publish it, to not put my name to the article, and to come up with his own ideas. He did so anyway, for most of it. On his website is an article/review for the movie Event Horizon, based on my ideas, and in the article are phrases that I wrote almost word for word. Normally, I don’t post stuff like this, but I’m pretty pissed off. #moviereviews #writing #plagiarism
It Comes At Night (2017) | Movie Reviews It Comes At Night (2017) merupakan film bertemakan horor psikologis. Misteri dibuka dengan adegan awal seorang kakek yang sedang pasrah menanti ajalnya. Entah apa yang sedang ia derita tetapi, nampaknya virus sudah habis menjalar ke seluruh tubuh. Kemudian adegan berikutnya, kakek tersebut dibawa oleh dua orang pria lengkap dengan masker dan sarung tangan. Kakek itu didorong dengan sebuah alat hingga sampai ditengah-tengah hutan. Disana sudah menunggu lubang galian yang cukup untuk satu orang berbaring. Lalu, mulut pistol pun berusaha mengeluarkan suranya diantara rendaman bantal. Kakek itu sudah tamat dan dia masuk kedalam lubang itu bersama api menemani akhir hayatnya. Alur cerita diatas, sekilas menggambarkan bagaimana film ini membangun suasana misteri dan penuh ketegangan. Jika kalian mengharapkan It Comes At Night (2017) akan menyuguhkan penampakan atau mahluk astral nan menyeramkan. Kalian salah, jangan tertipu dengan kata horor dan misteri pada tema film ini. Shults, selaku sutradara ingin memberikan kengerian-kengerian yang datanganya bukan dari setan, zombie atau mahluk menyeramkan lainnya melaikan datang dari perasaan takut manusia. Shults yakin bahwa rasa ketakutan dan kecemasan sejati ialah pikiran dan asumsi dari manusia itu sendiri. Film ini hanya fokus pada satu keluarga yang sedang bertahan hidup disebuah rumah yang berada ditengah hutan. Mereka berjuang agar tetap hidup menghindari dari wabah atau entah apa yang mengancam diluar sana. Kemudian, ketegangan dimulai saat ada seorang pria yang berusaha memaksa masuk ke dalam rumah mereka. Kita manusia, pasti memiliki mekanisme alami dalam bertahan hidup. Namun, saat waktu genting tiba ditengah keadaan yang tak lagi sama. Apakah kita masih cukup bermoral untuk membuat keputusan atau kita sejatinya hanya mengikuti insting saja. Selamat menonton. #moviereviews #horrormovies #horror #psychologicalhorror #mystery #filmhoror #itcomesatnight
#蟻俠2 冇睇上集應該唔太明 今集一嚟就承上集劇情 加上大玩變大縮細特技打鬥戲法 動作畫面上豐富精彩 貨車當滑板踩 變大游水扮鯨魚 警察低能 暗諷又帶點過癮 中間有啲笑話輕輕鬆鬆 個人評分: 6.5/10 #antmanandthewasp #movies #movienight #movie #movietheater #moviestarplanet #moviedate #movieclips #movieday #moviefan #movieart #moviereviews #movienerd #moviestar #movieset #movietheatre #moviesnight #movietime #movienights #movielovers #moviefreak #電影 #電影海報 #電影控 #電影就是電影 #anonymouslovesmovie #anonymouslifehk #hkiger #電影文字
'Deathgasam' Micro-Review: I'm going to be honest, this movie definitely takes it way too far a certain points. However, it is also very much aware of what it's doing and plays it off much better than it should. If you want to see teens fight demons with giant dildos, then you should probably add this to your Netflix queue. Read more on Starsandpopcorn.com! #Deathgasam #nowwatching #🎬 #moviebuff #movie #film #cinema #🎥 #filmlover #movieaddict #cinephilecommunity #instacinema #filmbuff #filmreview #moviefan #moviegeek #moviereviews #currentlywatching #lovemovies #movienerd #filmgeek #moviejunkie #movie 🎥 #filmreviews #movies 🎬 #movieblogger #microreview #moviereview #whattowatch #starsandpopcorn
Dia de rever #TheWasp , digo #AntManAndTheWasp 🐜
New #moviereview for the 1989 movie The ‘Burbs starring #tomhanks , #carriefisher and #brucedern . (Link to my channel in bio☝️☝️). #theburbs was a request from my movie buddy @chadwhynot. He told me a while that The ‘Burbs is his favorite movie and said this was his request for me to review. This movie is crazy silly and fun to watch. #moviereviews #filmreview #filmreviews #80smovies
Our latest #podcast #episode is now up for listening on our website (www.boredandannoyed.com) and your favorite podcast #platform (outside of google play music, which isnt updating). This week we discuss #Skyscraper , #threeidenticalstrangers , and #LeaveNoTrace ! #movies #moviereviews #moviereview #movierecommendation #moviepodcast #bna #halloween #film
July’s issue features Alanna Smithee’s reviews of Ocean’s 8, Incredibles 2, & more #dailyweird #v3i7 #moviereviews #incredibles2
Skyscraper | Review This movies is ridiculous, in a good way. Some of the things that happen are so unbelievable that you have to like it. The film is a direct copy of lots of others but it’s still a solid purchase on eBay. Rating: 7.8/10 B #bluray #rock #skyscraper #skyscrapermovie #movietheater #amc #regal #century bluraycollecting #bluray #4k #moviereviews #incredibles2 #spiderman #movies #theater #films
Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation | Review This movie was ok. The previous two films where much better, but it was good for what it was. Some of the jokes were funny, but a lot of the movie is kind of silent which was strange. I don’t think there should be a fourth one. But the way they set it up, there will be. Rating: 6.5/10 B- #hoteltransylvania3 #bluray #movie #movies #theater #amc #bestbuy #target #review #moviereview #rottentomatoes bluraycollecting #bluray #4k #moviereviews #incredibles2 #spiderman #movies #theater #films
"I love livin' in the city."
This one has a little bit of everything... comedy, drama, action, romance and a few songs too! Loved #Elvis 's character, #TobyKwimper ! It's definitely #worthawatch or two, it's quite good!!! #FollowThatDream #1962 #moviegeek #cinephile #filmcollector #oldhollywood #watchmoreclassics #60s #classicmovies #filmnerd #theking #florida #elvismovies #elvischallenge #moviereviews
Bronson. What’s your favorite based on a true story movie? This is an incredible film. It’s such an incredible work of art in the telling of a historical figure.
In a world flooded with superhero movies, it’s safe to say the world needed this preceding the hard-hitting Thanos snap... Ant-Man and the Wasp is our latest review. This not-so-pint-sized review was written by our guest reviewer @jnboothby ! To read his full review, visit our Facebook page. Link in bio. • Rating A #thereelreview #marvel #disney #stanlee #antmanandthewasp #antmanandwasp #antman #paulrudd #thewasp #evangelinelilly #realheroes #notactualsize #movie #movies #moviereview #moviereviews
Today’s Vu on MyVu comes from @G_reelz ! Here’s their review of #ThePerksofBeingaWallflower : I watched this again last night for what is probably the one millioneth time & once again it dug deep down into my core. Based on the novel written by Stephen Chbosky, the film is about 15-year-old Charlie (Logan Lerman), an endearing and naive outsider, coping with first love, the suicide of his best friend, and his own mental illness while struggling to find a group of people with whom he belongs. The introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors, Sam (Emma Watson)!and Patrick (Ezra Miller), who welcome him to the real world. . . So why does this film speak to me? Even at 33 I can remember that uncertain feeling about being a freshman in high school & making friends. I did drama as an extracurricular & through that the seniors in that class kind of tool is newbies under their wing. By the end of that first school year, I remember being scared because they were moving away and moving on while I was still going to be in this crazy world of high school. From that aspect, I can totally identify with Charlie and instantly connect with him. I didn't suffer from the other issues he suffered with but their is a honesty in the film through the writing & performances that connects you to it on a very real level. Not ashamed to admit that I tear up a few times whenever I watch the movie & I think it's one of the best coming oh age stories ever made and gets better and better with each viewing.
This review is extremely short and I’m sorry. I paid attention, I absorbed everything but seriously there isn’t much to talk about. It’s a family friendly film literally anyone of any age can enjoy. Its never gets boring because of its worldbuilding, action sequences, dialogue and cool characters. But it’s so terribly overrated. Not score wise but with how much praise it gets. I feel no one ever speaks about this so I kinda can’t be bothered to talk about this movie. I will however talk about the sequel when I go see that. Anyway, I recommend this movie if you want an easy watch whether you’re alone, with a friend or partner or with family/kids THIS movie will always be enjoyed no matter the audience. • #theincredibles #incredibles2 #animation #superhero #bradbird #craigtnelson #hollyhunter #sarahvowell #spencerfox #pixar #disney #samuelljackson #elizabethpena #waltdisney #pixaranimation // #reviews #filmreviews #moviereviews #dvd #review #netflix #cinema #posters #poster #films #film #movies #movie #filmreview #moviereview
Have you been wondering what’s been going on over at Lucasfilm with Disney?! Tune in for our next episode as we search for the truth in all this fandom mess!
STV 10pm Regrann from @thedelphinator - THE FIRST EPISODE OF THEDELPHINATOR SHOW will be airing on @silverbirdtv at 10PM today. Watch and lemme know wochu think! . . #Repost of @weddingchannelafrica via @EasyRepost - 🎶 Lord save me from Karishika 🎶 So @falzthebahdguy ‘s all time favorite Nigerian movie is Karishika!! 😭 no wonder! Catch @thedelphinator x Falz on the Delphinator show tonight at 10PM WAT & 9PM CAT on @silverbirdtv Do you remember the Karishika movie? What part scared you the most? #thedelphinatortv #MovieReviews - #regrann
"In a summer full of moon hurling titans, and exploding Skyscrapers, Ocean's Eight is a breath of fresh air, a throw back to the time when the biggest draw to the cinema was the star wattage, and the chemistry between those stars, and these stars definitely have chemistry." Check out my site for my full review of Ocean's Eight. LINK IN BIO
Morning all got my #coffee watching #wildchild then I’m going to edit my last 4 movies #moviereviews #sophsmoran #sophsmoranyoutuber #youtuber
Check out my review on my blog of "Monsters Inc." link in my bio: doubleaaentertainment.blogspot.com. "Monsters Inc." is an excellent masterpiece and it show Pixar in its early days when they know how to make good movies, in fact they still do. The designs on the monsters are so cool and have a lot of detail and this whole monster world was amazing that has an excellent imagination. John Goodman and Billy Crystal are just excellent as the voices of Mike and Sully and I can't imagine anyone else voicing these characters. About all these characters stand out and it's a movie your entire family will enjoy if you have not seen this movie yet. #moviecritic #moviereviews #monstersinc #imdb #rottentomatoes #blog #blogger #hitmeup #pixar #disney
Sorry guys, but I have to be honest. This doesn’t mean it’s a total flop- The Incredibles 2 is in fact a fun as hell experience, with great action and great animation, from colour to character design. The characters are still as lovable as ever (I think Dash and Violet were my favourites). But it just isn’t great as a sequel or on its own. My favourite sequels are those that continue the story and take the characters in new directions, aware of the fact that they have gone through arcs in the predecessor- Empire Strikes Back and Toy Story 2 are perfect examples. But this kind of does the same thing again- Elastigirl goes on a secret government mission to do superhero work, like Mr Incredible before. Mr Incredible has to learn that family is more important than being a superhero again. There are other plot points that are so similar to the original- with a premise involving a superhero family, which is so creative, I would have expected more originality. But not only is the story with Elastigirl familiar, it isn’t that interesting. Putting Mr Incredible in this role made sense as he was a hot head and needed to learn to put his family first- Elastigirl already is the character who puts her family first so there’s no arc for her to have. The villain Screenslaver is weak. Nuff said. He doesn’t even hold a candle to Syndrome in the last movie. I don’t want to trash the movie because I did have fun and nothing was awful, but I just wish it could have gone in more innovative directions and really been the next Toy Story 2 for Pixar, especially since the first Incredibles was so brilliant. But as it stands it’s not bad, it’s just underwhelming. #pixar #whysoserious #movies #moviereviewer #moviereviews #tuesdaymotivation #2018 #frozone #pugs #pugsofinstagram #frozenchocolate #fuckyeah #tastethefeeling #freedom #uk @samuelljackson @craigtnelsonofficial
Another review for you all. Get to the channel and watch it. Links in the BIO - #blockers #johncena #comedy #badmovies #movies #moviereviews #film #filmbuff #moviebuff #youtubecreator
#ClintEastwood has starred in and directed so many spectacular #films that it’s easy to drift past even his great ones. I feel that way about the Ticket Stub Tuesday pick this week, Mystic River. I saw it when it came out and we watched just a few years ago, but the ins and outs of the plot seem to escape my memory. The thing that doesn’t elude me are the characters and the outstanding performances from the three leads. #SeanPenn , #TimRobbins , and #KevinBacon play three friends that were separated emotionally by a traumatic event. One day while playing and writing their names in wet cement, some men came up and called them over to the car. Only one got taken away and he was abused. This forever changed him and there’s symbolism that his name was never finished in that cement. A partial name left to harden... incomplete, much like his soul after that event. In the current day, Penn’s daughter has been murdered and Bacon is investigating. One of the prime suspects is Robbins and Penn wants to take vengeance into his own hands. I remember vivid scenes and details, like the aforementioned cement, and some of the discussions between characters. This isn’t a simple whodunnit, it’s got more emotional depth and focuses on the characters. Penn and Robbins took home Oscars for their performances and I can’t argue about how powerful they were. This is a heavy #film and one well worth watching. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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“Every day” A father (38y/o) & daughter’s (13 y/o) shared love for movies turned into a Blog 🧔🏻👧🏼 . Why should We only live once? Unyolo.com shows the many lives out there that We can live through movies. Check out www.unyolo.com for cool movie reviews. #unyolo #moviereviews #quickreviews #everyday
‘American Beauty’ is such a uniquely simple film that also manages to hold engagement and suspense. For obvious reasons, I am not a fan of Kevin Spacey as an individual, however I feel that to properly review the film, I will have to include my thoughts on his acting; of which I think were excellent. Using a character as a guiding narrative of any film is always interesting, but can soften fall victim if it’s pursued in the format that many 90’s films were. For the majority, films of this era that used this trope were gaudy and unimaginative, leaving the film falsely animated. This narrative however, was done excellently. The foreshadowing of events was done well and even though the audience could expect the plot line from the outset, there was still a glorious amount of filler content to bulk up the story. Using the family parallel was an effective way of running three simultaneous storylines whilst not over compensating the one of the main character. The distribution of screen time was done well and each character’s story was wrapped up efficiently and integrated by the end of the film. For me, the most impressive element was Spacey’s ability flood his character with emotion in seconds. The flamboyant and excessive outbursts gave a sense of instability and audiences were presumably on edge the majority of the time. The inconsistency of emotion from Spacey’s character made the film that much more realistic for me, although we knew the inevitable demise of his character, the surprise of how he got their and his behaviour towards it was a mystery. A well scripted film that needed little more than its witty and honest dialogue to lean on. 4/5 stars.
So no points for originality or predictability on the surface because we all know how this one is going to end. But I will give abundant credit because even though we would have watched it anyways, the writer decides to introduce a Caucasian lead-male and by so doing reveal a societal issue. In the western world today, we hear all these headlines about how ‘black lives matter’ and how all races are equal. So it’s interesting and astute to see and feel what it’s like to be accosted with reverse racism in our home country. Even though it’s not the overlying message of the movie, that is to say it is not preached and forced down your throat, the writer still includes it in such a way that the viewer is forced to come face to face with their own prejudices. There are many appealing things about this movie especially on a surface level. One word that would not be out of place to use to describe this movie is, beautiful. Full review of #Isoken now at nollywoodreinvented.com #nollywood #Nigerianmovies #moviereviews #nollywoodreviews #AfricanMovies #IsokenIsComing #Isokenhascome #IsokenTheMovie
Title: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Year: 2018 Review: Now, Now. I Know What You Might Be Thinking. "Why Did He Give This Piece Of S*** Such A High Grade?" Well I Really Enjoyed Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It Had Its Flaws But No Movie Has No Flaws (Unless You're Psycho). Not Better Than Ready Player One. It's Just Slightly Under It In Terms Of My Favorite Movies Of The Year. Claire Dearing. Let Me Just Say, @brycedhoward You Are Perfect In This Role. I Loved You Way More Than Chris Pratt In This Film. And That Is An Accomplishment. You Really Swapped Roles In This One. Pratt Is Okay, But He Was Still Enjoyable To Watch On Screen. The Guy Who Plays Franklin, While His Character Was Irritating At Times It Wasn't As Bad As What I Expected. Can I Just Say How Much I Love Bryce As Claire. She Is Like Life Goals. Bryce If You Ever Read This, I Love You! The Writing Can Tend To Be All Over The Place. Nothing A Little Rewriting Couldn't Fix. I Personally Wish We Got More Of The Claire And Owen Relationship Then Just A Kiss (Extremely Started To Fangirl). Yes I'm A Guy. I Fangirled. I Said It. So What!? So Ted Levine. You're Just A Douche In This Movie, But Still Loveable. Overall I Had A Fun Time With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom And I'm Going To Give It An A- And A 9.8/10. Also If You Want My Extended Thoughts On This Movie, I Will Be Putting Up A Podcast Review Of It On My Soundcloud. #JurassicWorldFallenKingdom #ClaireDearing #OwenGrady #FranklinWebb #Indorapter #Blue #Movies #MovieSequels #MovieReviews
Late Movie Review Monday! 😅 Sorry about this guys but I specifically wanted to review this movie and didn't get the chance to yesterday. This movie has an incredible story with an equally incredible all-star cast. The setting was perfect but the direction could've been better. The plot was good but a bit like a Sherlock Holmes movie. I found it dry to begin with but in the end it was entertaining. 88, B+. #movies #moviereviews #moviereview #murdermystery #murderontheorientexpress #johnnydepp #daisyridley #michellepfeiffer #joshgad
Crítica: The 15:17 to Paris (2018) Director: Clint Eastwood. Calificación: ★☆☆☆. . 🎬. Pocas películaas disgustan tanto como The 15:17 to Paris. Clint Eastwood realiza una película mediocre cuyo esquema resulta ser una trampa fatal para el director. Nadie puede sentirse orgulloso de semejante basura. Acá te brindamos parte de nuestra reseña: . . “Cuando leí lo que querían hacer con la adaptación cinematográfica de los eventos del tren de París, pensé en lo valiente de un cineasta para hacer algo así. No solo se trataba de entrenar a personajes de la vida real para que se interpretaran a sí mismos y recrearan los eventos. Si no también el cómo hacer una película sobre eso. Cuando leí que Clint Eastwood había sido asignado a este trabajo, deposité mi confianza en su capacidad como director para hacer una película tan difícil como esta. De hecho, fui de forma casi cegada a ver The 15:17 to Paris en el cine. Cuando salí de la sala, sentí un vacío que me cuesta interpretar. The 15:17 to Paris no fue una buena película. No tenía ninguna posibilidad de serlo. Pero ¿dónde está el error? ¿En la adaptación o en la idea? La película cuenta la historia de tres héroes que en un viaje a Europa detuvieron un ataque terrorista que se iba a llevar a cabo a bordo de un tren. Por alguna razón, la película está orientada desde la perspectiva de uno de ellos. The 15:17 to Paris transcurre desde la infancia de estos jóvenes hasta el momento en el que las vidas de ellos cambiaron. Contada a través de un flashback forzado y casi manipulador, la película sirve para justificar cómo hicieron para evitar el ataque. Un ataque resuelto en pocos minutos de metraje mientras que en el resto de la película tenemos que atender a un espíritu que glorifica a lo militar, deshumaniza a los “otros” héroes y nos obliga a analizar la vida de un joven que simplemente actuó cuando debía...". El resto lo puedes leer en 👉🏻www.cinelipsis.com👈🏻 . . . #movies #criticadecine #moviereview #moviebuff #filmreview #filmcritic #movieclips #movienerd #movienews #bluraycollector #filmreviews #fanaticosdelcine #movieworld #critica #review #moviereviews #criticacine #cinelipsis #pelicula #cine #the1517toparis
This week, we tackle the award winning dark comedy about ice-skating and accountability, I, Tonya. How true is this True Story? Did it deserve so many awards? Who was the victim of THE INCIDENT? See how I, Tonya, and its trailer, stack up in Before/After Movie Reviews, as Darby and Theresa answer these questions and more.
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