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ocean 💖
boat !💓
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quick trip home w my homies celebratin’ our earth by cleanin’ up some trails! #EarthDayKeeper #WildKeepers #EarthDay
peace ✌
blue view 😊
summer summer summer 🌞
in the middle of the sea 🌊
that view 😍
A little bit of green on #EarthDay 🌿 ➕Photo by @dhakshboo
riding a boat ⛵
Experiencing one of my favorite man made tourist attractions in Singapore. Thank you @jetstarasia for having me. 📷: @dhil.est
Puente de Dios - Galeana. . Happy Earth Day . Un excelente lugar para escalar y echarse un chapuzón en el río que pasa a través de este sorprendente puente formado por la naturaleza. . #puentededios #galeana #climbing #dji #spark #montañasmx #visitmexico #capturamexico #mexicodesconocido #getoutside #exploreeverything
I rock heelies to escape my feelies
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
(Location : Unknown) ✨ | cc : @bridget
earth day boner
one day it just clicks. you realize what is important and what isn’t. you learn to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself. you realize how far you’ve come and remember when you thought things were such a mess that you would never recover. and you smile. you smile because you are truly proud of yourself and the person you fought to become. ❤️ love you guys. thank you for being a part of my little insta fam and thank u to all my very best friends including @zorannah. i’m the luckiest girl. really! | cc : @bridget
The dog days are never over #WHP 🌲 for @instagram Weekend Hashtag Project and @apple #TheEarthSeries #ShotOniPhone
Got to stay warm... . . . Credit @jessolm
⠀ Wanderlust ❤️ all the way ✨ | cc : @amazingerr
When something finally "clicks", it's one of the greatest feelings in the world. . And as we get older, it's so rare. Maybe that's why it carries an ecstasy with it. Utter [b l i s s]. . Cause the thing is, it's so easy to just get fed up when you suck at something. To give in, and believe it'll never click. Recoil, and stick to what you know. . And yeah, if that's the path you take, it never will. . But, if you're willing to get slapped around a bit, and look like a fool, you just might strike "fool's" gold one day. . I never learned to ski as kid. Up until this month, I might as well have been a ragdoll going down the mountain with planks strapped to my feet. . When I decided to move to Colorado without a job, there was one big goal I set for myself in April: figure out that skiing thing in order to have an epic time next winter. . It wasn't easy. I've scared myself shitless out here more days than I haven't. Gotten bit by numerous snow snakes. And been launched off a few mogul sponsored rocket booster pads. But, it's been a hell of a time. The reward has been worth it. . I've still got a longgg ways to go before I can put together buttery smooth mogul runs like all the old geezers out here, but we'll work on that next season. Same goes with the chutes 😬😵 . 📸 my photography apprentice @david.sr.rose
Treat her right 🌏
Good morning 🙆. . . . 👤@sendalswalllow . 📌Jatiluhur, Purwakarta.
⠀⠀ Road to the home of Northern Lights 💫 Lapland, Finland 🇫🇮 | cc : @joeypalmroos
Thankful for this beautiful earth we live on 🌎 #earthday
Happy Earth Day #YEG 🌍 ➕Photo by @singhcaptures
"Apa yang akan kamu lakukan ketika kamu tidak ingin melakukan apa-apa" . .
Everyday is earth day, not just April 22. Protect the environment no matter where you are. If you see trash in sight, please try to pick it up if you can. Avoid stepping on plants as well as leaving plastic or anything that can harm our ocean. Don’t wait until you see a ranger or a sign at a park, let’s all be a part of something bigger to help our earth 🌎🌲🍃🌊 #upperleftusa #sociality #oregonexplored
Protect our earth. Protect our home. 🌏❤️ #earthday
Need to get away to my mountains soon ⛰
If you ever go to lake Tahoe, don’t miss the beautiful Crystal bay. Go see what makes it so special! Si un jour vous allez au lac Tahoe ne manquez surtout pas la baie de cristal. Allez voir pourquoi elle est si spécial vous ne serez pas déçu.#Northisdown is into the wild 🔅 ☀️ 🌙 ⭐️️ ✨ 💛 ⚜ 🍦 #laketahoe #wildernessnation #explorer_mentality #peoplestaringatstuff #feedbacknation #trailchat #optoutside #testedtough #thevisualcollective #thevisualscollective#justgoshoot #exploretocreate #visualsoflife #modernoutdoorsman #wildernessquest #theoutbound #keepitwild #adventurethatislife #stayandwaner #wearethewild #sheadventures #evergreenstate #crystalbay #amazing_captures #stateparks #adventureculture #northcollectiveagency #quebec_travelers #california
22.04.18 Earth, you’re my favorite planet by far. All the others are jealous, I know. But I won’t be swayed. You’re our hero, the real MVP. Thanks for everything. Thanks Jesus for such a sweet place to live. I wouldn’t choose another even if I could. Hallelujah, amen 🙌🏼
happy earth day y’all 🌏
Can i have a @teabar at my house 24/7???
I’m a pretty big fan of this planet #earthday
Earth day? Okay! Here is some sunshine breaking through the peaks in Zion. This is the beginning of the hike of Angels Landing. A truly remarkable hike!
Got that Summer feelin on my mind 💐
Happy Earth Day!! This sunrise blessed us after our summit. Such a beautiful way to celebrate the weekend... AND this state that we have the luxury of living in! So thankful for it all!
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