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I want to print this picture and hang it on my wall #mmarvelouslyaddicted what a cute dork oof
I have this pain in like my upper chest towards my shoulder and like it kinda hurts when I breathe in deeply and I’m sure it’s nothing but if I die then that’s probably what it was #mmarvelouslyaddicted
Happy Birthday Benedict!!!🎉🎊🎈 #mmarvelouslyaddicted was supposed to post this earlier oops
tony stark deserves all the love and peace in the world instead of thE DREAD AND HEARTBREAK HE CONSTANTLY RECEIVES #mmarvelouslyaddicted
I love two (2) soft dorks💖 #mmarvelouslyaddicted we deserved more of them together in the MCU @therussobrothers give ALL the deleted footage plz and thank you
Part of me is like “marvel wouldn’t DARE do that to my tony after all he’s been through” but then again I didn’t think they’d kill off all my faves and oh boy was I wrong about that one #mmarvelouslyaddicted
imagine being this gorgeous and stunning? wow #mmarvelouslyaddicted the sun woke me up on my day off and I am not happy
it’s kinda bugging me that it’s cut off at the bottom but whatevs #mmarvelouslyaddicted oh hey a semi almost crashed into me because he was being an asshole so,, that’s how my day has been :) hope yours has been a little better haha
can we just,,, take a MOMENT to appreciate this beauty???🤩 #mmarvelouslyaddicted I realize that I post way more pictures of the guys and that’s about to change mm hmm
Tag yourself I’m mantis and Drax #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’m going to the beach today and watch me come home all burned haha
these two own my entire heart and soul💖💓💗💘💞 #mmarvelouslyaddicted
I reeeeeally really want a Bucky/Falcon team up movie #mmarvelouslyaddicted Marvel should at least give us that
Seb’s face is a constant mood #mmarvelouslyaddicted i got out of class and it was raining?? Like it’s the middle of july cmon California get your shit together
Steve Rogers is a diva #mmarvelouslyaddicted but tbh I am also Down To Die™️ like five days out of the week so🤷🏻‍♀️
I feel like hemsy is so underrated like LOOK AT THIS HUNK #mmarvelouslyaddicted it’s hot and overcast where I live and I’m like ??? California make up your mind please and thank you
Ouchie,, #mmarvelouslyaddicted guess who’s back, back again. Good Lordy it’s so hot where I live like whyyyy
*goes onto the internet just to post pictures of Sebastian stan* heeeey guys👋🏼 I’m still on vacation but I have some free time so I figured why not post! #mmarvelouslyaddicted hope all my American peeps had a great 4th!
Comment which one you are #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’m a Gemini so I got cacw heck yeah gina. Also this is my 200th post! Yay me
wow I love my parents so much #mmarvelouslyaddicted I leave for my vacation today so I might not be very active :))))
I’m hungry #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy Sunday y’all
Wow i didn’t think spidey would betray me like that and choose five guys over the holy in n out #mmarvelouslyaddicted guess I’ve found my new fave character *cough* it’s Hawkeye *cough*
whenever someone asks me who my favorite is I end up giving them like 5 answers haha #mmarvelouslyaddicted
I feel like i rarely post about Robert even tho he’s like my favorite person ever #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy Friday y’all🎉
this is kinda blurry but whatevs it’s still funny #mmarvelouslyaddicted
bringing this gem back because whyyy not #mmarvelouslyaddicted oh btw remember how I wanted cake yesterday? I made brownies instead and they’re bomb asf👌🏼
I want a talking cake #mmarvelouslyaddicted honestly I’d take a regular cake at this point. Brownies would also work. Or a cookie.
I adore one (1) soft dork❤️💕💘💗💓💞💜💝#mmarvelouslyaddicted got these from @dailydoseofseb btw
I love bucket so much #mmarvelouslyaddicted why did I ever think taking chem during the summer was gonna be a good idea??
being this attractive shouldn’t be allowed #mmarvelouslyaddicted tom seriously stole the show at comic con and those are the facts
You know what I want? I want a Keeping Up with the Lost Avengers in the Soul Stone #mmarvelouslyaddicted and i also want more Bucky/peter interaction
Definitely one of my fave photo op pics from this weekend🤩 #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’m sick and I’m in my chem lab and ugh I wanna go home so bad. Being an adult sucks sometimes
I would love to play uno with peter and Ned like imagine the theatrics those nerds would put on for something like this #mmarvelouslyaddicted sounds like my kind of people mm hmm
Hands down my favorite picture from the Ace Comic Con photo ops yesterday😍 #mmarvelouslyaddicted and I’m not gonna get into the monstrosity of a panel that was but I will say that stooping down to their level and being just as rude makes us no better than them. Those girls know what they did, and karma will give them what they deserve
I wanna be a part of Avengers and squad™️ #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’ve been watching America’s next top model all day and I have no regrets
I just found out that Benedict is gonna be the new grinch last night and now I’m super excited for that movie #mmarvelouslyaddicted also aren’t these men just so stinking handsome?
I was trying to think of some witty caption but my brain isn’t at full function yet so🤷🏻‍♀️ #mmarvelouslyaddicted
aaaaaah before I forget happy birthday crisp rat :) #mmarvelouslyaddicted I was supposed to post this pic on Father’s Day but hey better late than never
Wow I’ve been off social media all day and honestly it’s been a nice break #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’ve been in the pool all day and I got a lil sunburned but it’s all good bc it’s summer
‘emily this is the 1285938183 picture you’ve posted about Sebastian don’t you have anything else to post’ well you know what if you can’t deal with my love for this glorious hunk then there’s the door #mmarvelouslyaddicted i’m just kidding please stay I love you
‘Cry me a table’ is my new favorite #mmarvelouslyaddicted ‘‘tis Wednesday my dudes and I’m melting in this heat
Happy Birthday to the most fiercest mom & woman in the galaxy! @zoesaldana who else can say that they’ve been in two movies that have passed the $2 billion dollar mark? What a queen👑
we love a lovingly brother bond like this💕 #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’m at my cousins house and she has like 3 dogs and a cat and i feel like I’m at a farm
this is mediocre at best but I haven’t done an incorrect scene in a while and this dialogue actually made me laugh out loud so #mmarvelouslyaddicted
I found a shit load of thorquill tumblr posts the other day and I swear if my heart jumps ship one more time,, we gon have a problem #mmarvelouslyaddicted
if you didn’t figure out already, Sebastian is the loml🤤 #mmarvelouslyaddicted I have the entire week of so I literally have no excuse not to be active :)))
figured since it’s Father’s Day I’d share this little gem I found of my stony family #mmarvelouslyaddicted and happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!
I said it once and I’ll say it again POM👏🏼IS👏🏼UNDERRATED #mmarvelouslyaddicted also I didn’t know what else to post oops sorry guys
Somewhere on a beach (it’s actually a 2ft inflatable pool) sippin something strong (I mean if you considered rosè to be strong) #mmarvelouslyaddicted if you can name that song I’ll give you a cookie
When in doubt, always post a picture of Sebastian🤷🏻‍♀️ #mmarvelouslyaddicted goooood morning y’all. It feels like Saturday but it’s only Friday wow my brain is all whacked out
I’m currently memorizing the first 86 elements of the periodic table and I found this funny🤷🏻‍♀️ #mmarvelouslyaddicted good lord it’s so hot where I live just stick me in the freezer for the next couple of months
HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY TO THIS TALENTED HUNK!🎉🎊🎈💕💘💖💓💓 literally no one else is nearly as qualified to play Cap other than Chris! And not only as cap but any character he’s ever played!#mmarvelouslyaddicted
i feel so bleh ugh #mmarvelouslyaddicted but hey it’s tAcO tUeSdAy🌮🌮🌮
i know everyone is posting this but idgaf bc DO YOU SEE WHO IS IN THE LEFT HAND CORNER AMONGST THE HEROES??? YES YOU GUESSED RIGHT ITS MA LOVE LOKI #mmarvelouslyaddicted
And now I want a donut #mmarvelouslyaddicted honestly any type of food would suffice bc there is currently no food in my fridge and I just got back from class and a granola bar only does so much for my body
@the.salty.winter.adult posted this on their story and CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING ASKDKSDS #mmarvelouslyaddicted god I love this man with all of my heart 💕💕💘💗💓
I can imagine one of the conversations being, “Eminem? Like the candy?” “Sure Steve, like the candy.” #mmarvelouslyaddicted sorry for the inactivity I would’ve posted earlier but we ran out of data because someone *glares intensely at my younger brother* hogged it all up
i know the first pic has been out for a while but I think the second one is new 🤔 idk I found it on Twitter so 🤷🏻‍♀️#mmarvelouslyaddicted happy Sunday y’all!
OKAY LAST IRONSTRANGE POST AND THEN IM DONE #mmarvelouslyaddicted I can’t betray my stony otp like that nuh-uh
i love one (1) soft bean💞#mmarvelouslyaddicted i’m being so lazy today and I love it
do you see,, what is happening,, ironstrange is taking over and I have no control #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy Saturday y’all!
Happy #nationalbestfriendday to all the best buds in the MCU! #mmarvelouslyaddicted honestly I’m risking this flopping bc I’m posting it so late so I’d greatly appreciate it if y’all didn’t let it :))) thank u in advance Tags...#marvel #marvelstudios #mcu #avengers #theavengers #avengersassemble #avengersinfinitywar #infinitywar #infinitygauntlet #infinitystones #explore #explorepage #ironman #tonystark #robertdowneyjr #rdj #tomholland #quackson #hollanders #spiderman #peterparker
ironstrange is slowly becoming one of my top otp ships and my stony heart feels betrayed #mmarvelouslyaddicted
Pom is so underrated she deserves just as much love and appreciation as the rest of the cast 💞💫 #mmarvelouslyaddicted
lmao but instead it was Drax fighting against the magic rug of death😂 #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy Friday y’all congrats on making it to the weekend give yourself a cookie you deserve it #TGIF
you love peter like a son, don’t you tony? #mmarvelouslyaddicted in a whopping 20:1 vote, the peter/tony edit won by a landslide lol it ain’t the best but you know what it’s what we got so show it some love :) ALSO TYSM FOR 300 YALL THE BEST💗🎉
don’t be selfish tony nobody needs 8 puppies now give one to your son. sharing is caring #mmarvelouslyaddicted
My skin is clear, grades are up, life is great-all because of this angel 🤩 #mmarvelouslyaddicted I am so close to making this my new pp because wowee I’m in love 💗💗
We all know you can count high Buck, we believe you #mmarvelouslyaddicted side note I just finished season 4 of Jane the Virgin and I have one thing to say,, whAT THE FECK
My Stony heart is LIVING for these new/old-ish picks of RDJ and Evans together 💖💖💓💓💝💘💞 #mmarvelouslyaddicted also sorry for the late upload!😩
soft lil pete and his lil cuppie of warm milk 💖 #mmarvelouslyaddicted
QOTD: Are you gonna see the new Jurassic World movie? A: yes! I’m so excited!🙌🏼 #mmarvelouslyaddicted
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