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El hueco.
Hobby includes uploading outdated pictures to seem like I’m always on the go
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Need an iced drink. Super hot afternoon.
Julio de contrastes. ¿Qué Julio estás viviendo, el del fresquete⬅ o el de achicharrarse➡? . ➡Forma parte de la comunidad etiquetando tus fotos con #sogreatisthepowerofbeauty *Pinchad en cada foto para conocer a los autores de las fotos seleccionadas. * Los collages no respetarán siempre el formato original de las fotos. Pido disculpas por ello. . Check out the inspiring feeds of the featured photographers . And... ➡Join our comunity tagging your pics to #sogreatisthepowerofbeauty ⬅ and get the chance to be featured! . #communityfirst #postitfortheaesthetic #livefolk #prettypursue #theartofslowliving #mytinyatlas #theslowdowncollective #primerolacomunidad #hallazgosemanal #livefolk #liveauthentic #mindtheminimal #minimalmood #exploremore #livethelittlethings #folklife #exploremore #adventureisoutthere #letthekids
Summer is calling 💦
Lonely path
😍💜🌈☀️ 12.28.2017 Andrew + Teresa #marriageATK #honeymoonATK #dreamscapesASK #gradientsASK
Porto no Pride
-Black Boost- Ultra boost is such a dope shoe, really impressed by the comfort! Who’s still rockin’ this beast? - 📷 : @owenwp
Friday spiral.
If you have been following our stories you have seen a glimpse of this building already.👌🏻Dedicated to Portuguese painter Paula Rego’s work, it’s another must see. With a red pigmented concrete exterior by Pritzker winner Architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.
Galeriehaus am Kupfergraben // @david.chipperfield architects
**There are a dozen ||VIEWS|| about everything until you know the answer. Then there's never more than one** [C.S. Lewis] #norwegenquadratur #meermusikaufreisen #meermusikquadratur #norway
a r t s y s o u l 🌊 • 🎨 • 🌿
Inside the new Port House 🏠 ⚓️ of Antwerp by @zahahadidarchitects
We decided to climb the mountain in the evening. When we went to the mountain, we were in the great hurry until sunset. This was the first time that I climbed so high on a huge rocky mountain, because I took along a good fellow traveler who was always rushed ahead of his head. Until then, all my fellow travelers were afraid, and I did not want to climb alone to the top, so I was very grateful to my fellow traveler. The sun has almost set, I'm with a camera on my neck and my friend with an great traveling lantern in his hands climbs higher and higher to the top of the cliff and... Here we are at the top! On top of this goddamn beautiful world. I met a sunset sit on one of the rocks and looking at the horizon, on which the sun went behind the top of that mountain that is far away, at the distance of an outstretched hand, which I try to touch all this wonderful moment. My friend climbed even higher, and I lost sight of him. I was frightened. It was funny that I was not afraid even of the great height on which I deal. After 20 times as I called him, he responded to me and went down below. As it turned out, he climbed directly to the peak of this mountain and I asked to climb this really steep peak once again together. So, as the sun was already setting, the twilight came very quickly and we hardly saw the stones we climb, it was even more dangerous, and also I still did not feel a sense of fear. When we climbed up I experienced a lot of feelings, but most importantly - the feeling of grateful and blessing to be alive. I cried. To be right here and now, on top of the high mountain with which I saw both the way that we did on this day, and also the way that I do every day, step by step, getting up every time after the fall and continuing to go forward. There on top I again felt myself real more than ever! In harmony, not only with yourself, but with nature, with this big world. It so charged me with the energy that I did not have, that's why I always go forward, even if I do not always feel right, doing what is necessary and important, those things that in the depths of my soul I know that they make me myself and make me feel alive. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 1/07/18
koji kamoji - love love love . #kojikamoji #zacheta #art #exhibition #minimalism
Our Lunar style gets a colourway update - Tortoise Shell and Dairy. Here’s @avarevalo all glam and fab in Lunar in Sunset. Now back in stock.
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