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Parasitic relationships! People who don't provide value within your circle are the leaches on your body. The termites chillin in your home. The raccoons sliding in the fridge. They eat but don't go hunting with you. They shine with you but don't grind with you. They're having fun but they don't get any work done. If we want to have a power circle use discernment to weed these people out and understand people's #PeopleValue . . It's also important to understand that some people don't even know their own value so that's when #leadership  comes in play. TRUE Leaders extract value and inspire action. If they're still a cancer to your operation , you have to cut that leg off before it infects your whole empire. . #SymbioticRelationships  #EmpireBuilding  #LeaderShip  (tag a friend, repost and share this message with friends)
Ladies this is why we must wait on God!!! I can write a book about this one. Once we become healthy mentally we make better choices!!!! I’m waiting on God!!! That cycle of my life has been broken and now I’m free!!! This ministered so and helped me understand my past relationships!!! I did my song “I Do!!!! This was written to The Lord!!!! Since God is my first love He’s gonna bring my right love!!! I believe this by faith!!! Now I’m stepping out like I did with my car, I spoke I would have a car in a week and God Did It!!!! Gods gonna honor what you believe and speak!!! So before this year ends I’m believing God I will meet my Boaz!!!! I pray it helps you too!!! Wait on God ladies!!! He will give us the desires of our hearts!! #waitforyourmate #godsgotyou #kingdomrelationships #better you #betteroptions #nolongergiceyourheartaway #nomorehurtandpain #youdeservetobeloved #lifecoach #counselor #preacher #mentor #beencouraged #betransparent
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Hier soir j’ai eu la chance de croiser et de partager quelques minutes avec Étienne Boulay. Un homme tellement inspirant! Une personne qui dégage et partage de si belles valeurs, qui affronte les hauts et les bas de la vie avec courage. Il faut apprendre à reculer, se choisir, pour ensuite avancer sur des bases plus solide. Merci Étienne! @etienneboulay22 #footballgame #footballplayer #mentor #greatman #greatpersonality
When your BFF moves to Dallas and you get to see her when you visit your twin! I miss my nicole!!! 😍#mentor #bff
Me and one of my #MENTEES First Lady Phyllis #MENTOR /MENTEE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE #2018 @revnicksimpson
Today was a good day! • Anderson family approved! Thanks @educationworks #FamilyDay was a huge success!
Repeat after me: I am at peace with myself and with the whole world. I love everyone and everyone loves me. The flood gates of my good now open
Met some fun people today including Mike the Mayor. Is this guy stylin’ or what?! #actorslife #extraordinaryfamilies #mentor #stfelix #bet #betparty #weekendvibes #mikethemayor
ᴛʜᴇsᴇ ᴀʀᴇɴᴛ ᴍʏ ᴇᴍᴘʟᴏʏᴇᴇs ... ᴛʜᴇʏʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀs. ®️
GOOD MORNING 🦋🌻 . Hari ni last day sis buka booth kat #theschoolbyjayaone sampai jam 7mlm. Sis buat offer 20% DISKAUN untuk sebarang pembelian produk kecuali Starter Kit Range. Berminat bole pm 0162988867. . Bagi yang minat jadi member boleh segera join team sis sebab sis akan berikan secara PERCUMA selama 2 hari offer ni: ◇Buku Welcome Kit - pemahaman tentang kegunaan Starter Kit, safety, storage dll. 1pc ◇Freehand Muse design mug 1pc ◇Online class ◇WhatsApp Group support ◇Personal Mentoring ◇Group activities Dan banyak lagi! . PM aje sis 0162988867. WhatsApp atau Telegram pun boleh. . #superessentialmom #groupMalaysia #groupchat #groupminyak #groupsem #team #builder #mentor #teamminyak #igerahoppingonline #personalshopper #personaltrainer #sitinurhaliza #jep #essentialoils #minyakasli #patiminyak #terapi #fitness #sinarfm #hitzfm #malaysiaonlineshopping #younglivingMalaysia #younglivingpuncakalam #younglivigshahalam #younglivingklang #younglivingsubangjaya
My OG mentor the GOAT himself slaying leg day🙌🏽🍑 man I owe a lot of my success to this man right here. He continues to teach me lessons everyday and inspires me to do my best. As painful as some days would be he thought me my weaknesses will be my biggest strengths. He would wake me up at 5am EVERY morning bc he saw something in me I couldn’t. He pushed me to my limits and kept pushing. I thank God I have you in my life mate🙏🏽🙌🏽 #brother #mentor #goat #bodybuilding #squats #god #5amworkout #inspiration #grind #gym #swolemates #rolemodel #keepgoing
The Flourish Emotional Wellbeing guidance cards and guidebook designed by @rowenahateley allows you to get to know who you are at a deeper understanding while providing you with a how to plan to heal yourself 💚💚💚 When working with the Flourish Emotional Wellbeing Cards, I love using the question, "what do I need to know about this situation?" Ask about your relationship with yourself, your partner, friends, family and business partners to receive practical advice with guidance and wisdom on a daily basis! Beautifully designed for your enjoyment... display your choosen card each day for daily inspiration! Plus check out the partnership card which was created by @greenvaseflowersperth , Jane has a magic touch with flowers!! For your pack purchase online at www.rowenahateley.com.au or shop at @flourishcentreperth. If you are having problems and feel you need expert advice please pm for an appt! #love #mentor #perthpsychology #perthwisdom #perthspirituality #perthcounselling #perthcoaching #perthselfcare #selfhelp #selflove #youdeservebetter #justdoit #perthwellness
When you decide to stop settling for things that are just ok.. things that are Mediocre you open the door for Amazing things.. Never settle #Motivation #inspire #coach #mentor #realtorlife #instructor
Hoy estuve agregando valor a personas extraordinarias. _ Ustedes son mucho con demasiado 😍si, sus resultados me ponen sentimental ! _ A pesar del agua llegaron sin excusas y sobre todo llenos de sed por aprender salieron con más ganas de seguir cuidando su salud y crecimiento personal . _ GRACIAS MILL por su confianza y disposición a escucharme ! _ Para enterarte las próximas charlas y demás , escríbeme por dm para agregarte y recibas las informaciones . _ #DrFitnessLifeStyle #Mentor
Mantén la cabeza clara entre el ruido de la gente
Limiting belief systems like judgment keep us in a low vibrational state where there is NO chance of spiritual growth. Healing Energy travels at thought speed, it is instantaneous, to any one anywhere on the globe and it Is Total mind-body -spirit healing #energyhealing #spiritualhealing #spirituality #spiritual #healer #spiritualawakening #awareness #consciousness #alignment #abundance #lawofattraction #lightworker #limitingbeliefs #insiration #lifepurpose #higherconciousness #lifecoach #mentor #energy #vibration #frequency #PTSD #innerpeace #mentalhealth #mentalillness #depression #emotionalhealing #healingbyspirits #intuition #anxiety
The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves. Steven Spielberg . . . . #mentor #mentorship #bewhoyouare #loveyourself #purplehair #selflove #vulnerability #thrasher #supportyourcommunity #communityimpact #girlswithtattoos
When u have the best mentor boss in the world!!! Sista/brotha from another mutha.. like it was meant to be. Couldn’t imagine another like him.
#Wet week in #Houston but #summercamp must #go on! Little Birdies putting and #pitching . #LOVE what we do www.littlebirdiesgolf.com Sign up #today #mentor #business #entreprenuers #entrepreneurship #golf #change #uskidsgolf #instagramers @lilbirdiesgolf
Have you ever wondered how I put my workspace together to make it look minimal and mostly tidy? . Well today I’m giving you a peek into my thought process when it comes to creating a space for me to work from. . Simply swipe left to see 4 photos of some of the elements that make up my desk. . My main goal is to surround myself with stuff that inspires me and minimize clutter, because the rest of my house is sometimes chaos 🙈 . Click the link in bio to read more and see more pictures, and I hope you enjoy the insight into my business. . If you have questions, let me know in the comments, and tag me so I see your space!
Love my upline Adrianna!!! She’s been such a great inspiration in my life. #mentor #upline #inspiration #bestie #younique #uplift
Young, wild and free!👑
Thankful for an impromptu opportunity to speak truth, honesty and perspective with the youth today. The 4 points I left them with were: ☀️Be intentional ☀️Be confident ☀️Be vocal ☀️Be engaged 🌈 I felt honored that we quickly developed a safe space to discuss some matters that they felt passionate about and to see that the younger generation is following our footsteps in advocacy. I was proud to listen to them dialogue among one another. 🌈 Youth ministry shaped me as a teen and truly provided a safe environment for me to grow spiritually so to give back in a way made me feel renewed. 🌈 I see so much of my grandma in me especially in this picture. My guardian angel ☁️✨ I know she’s proud. . . . . . . . . . #mentor #educator #youth #youthministry #spirituality #faith #lifeadvisor #family #newyorkcity
This wall art had me speechless. This is my favourite piece thus far. Stay tuned for t-shirts, stickers, & canvas paintings ♡ my brother you are gifted in many ways @milt1coronado May you continue to shine your art ministry across the globe. Respect the artist. #art #artist #CHURCHPLANT #bedifferent #man #father #dope #mentor #advocate #ChristAmbassadors #evangalist #SDA #REVOLUTIONMOVEMENT #theRevolutionMB
Un placer compartir momentos contigo @tonatiuhgomez Gracias por impactar nuestras vidas con tu luz. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia con nosotros @luciaiba 🙌🔥💎🐯. En la vida te quedas sin amigos y de la nada te topas gente en el camino que te impulsa a seguir adelante con su ejemplo 🐯😎 #Friends #BarrioAntiguo #Mentor #VivirEsCompartir 🌳
Been waiting ALL DAY to wish this phenomenal kid I get to call my son @braylon.johnson16 a Happy 15th Birthday!! Love you son & enjoy your day!! #DadLife #MySon #Fatherhood #Mentor #Coach #Family #Thankful @Happy #Teenager #Champ #Ripped #GlobalWealthSuccess #Dope #Fun #Beach #BeachLife #Florida #Vacation
☆▪LONG POST ALERT▪☆ As human beings we are social creatures. We find comfort in sharing experiences together. For this reason, we naturally jump into trends and follow them quickly. By doing this we create sense of community. There are good trends, and bad trends. One really bad trend is the health and well being of many people in the United States. Last I heard, 1 of 10 citizens are popping antidepressants or drugs for an emotional disorder. That’s a 400% increase since the 80’s. Many are down and miserable because the food they eat lack nutritional value and they also lack activity. We know that eating healthier and getting exercise is the best solution but we're too busy for that trend... We're so busy that we don't take time to take care of ourselves. How does that make sense? Brigham Young University did a study (cited below) and concluded that there is a 66% loss of productivity due to poor diet and and 50% loss of productivity due to lack of exercise. The worst and scariest thing is that this trend is being passed down from parents to kids. These habits are hard to break. Obesity and depression spread like a virus. As Beachbody Coaches, our Team focuses on the good trend. Even though I'm missing out on the Team Beachbody Coach Summit this year, I'm tuning in for updates and SO proud to be a part of this amazing company! Team Beachbody is the antivirus and our coaches are leaders in the good trend - inspiring others to take accountability for their lives, making better choices, and keeping in the back of their minds, “How do my actions affect the ones I love?” Coaches, keep it up. Your actions are helping millions of people!!! If you eat right and exercise you will get more out of life. You will see the world with more clarity. If you do all this and become a Coach, you are joining the good trend that will change your life and the lives of others around you - physically, mentally, and financially. I am sure I have talked to you about it before... So, the only question is... are you ready yet? Brigham Young study: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/12/health-workplace-productivity-eating-nutrition-exercise_n_1752749.html #areyouready
BE RELENTLESS!!!! #56daychirobootcamp
What a special evening! So delighted to experience our buddy Dennis’ wonderful new space again. @mastersommus #mastersomm #sommfamily @paloaltofoodie #sommlife #attentiontodetail #travellingsomm #luxurytravel #Repost @protegepaloalto with @get_repost ・・・ Honored to have Cameron Douglas, MS in the house tonight! #mentor #inspiration #protegepaloalto #kiwi #generousfriends
I change lives. .. I show others what it takes, to surpass their inner quitter, to rise above their storms, their fears, and their insecurities. .. I show people, how overcoming physical obstacles, can change their life. .. I provide a sister, a mentor, a friend. .. I show those who feel stuck, how to become whole again. .. I help husbands get their wives back. .. I help children get their moms back. .. I find out what people’s goals and dreams are, and I push them, until they reach them... .. I am a fitness coach, I am apart of a community that works together to change lives, to help empower and motivate. To love and support, and in return, I am changing my own life, and I am rewarded for it all. .. Are you looking for support? ... Are you looking for a change? ... I’m here for you.
Who out there loves PINK? 🙋🏻. Well guess what - today is National Pink Day!!! 🎉🙌🏼🌸 I wish you were here enjoying this pretty - aka pretty hot - Pink Day with me!😎. Happy #NationalPinkDay !! Love, Pinky 💗
Repeat after me: I am nourished by the Spirit within. Every cell in my body is filled with light. I give thanks for radiant health and endless happiness.
Repeat after me: I give thanks for my divinely designed trip, divinely financed, under grace, in a perfect way.
A beautiful winters day in #Sydney today❄️☀️😎
Repeat after me: I have a wonderful joy in a wonderful way, and my wonderful joy has come to stay.
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