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If you ever come into my home, you'll find random rocks in places for this reason. Maybe it's time to get a shadow box. 🤔🤔
. 💙THANK YOU for 1,000 followers!💙 ☆ I‘m honestly so humbled by all of the incredible support, kind words, daily messages, general love & great vibes I receive off you daily! ☆ I’ve connected with so many like-minded people & genuine souls on here who have instantly felt like true friends ✨ I often refer to you fondly as my Instagram buddies ☺️ and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet some of you in person! 😃 ☆ I‘ve found this community to be so supporting & uplifting, as well as a safe space to share each of our own unique stories & truly help one another in the process. ☆ Here’s to the next 1,000! But most importantly, to continuing this healing journey together! ☆ I’m excited to be doing a first giveaway to mark the occasion! Details to come this weekend 😬🙌🏼✨ ☆ Lots of love & squishy hugs my beautiful friends! And thank you again! 😘 ☆ Keep being you & doing you’re very best! And remember, you’re never alone. Xxx 💙 xxX
#Repost @selflovesupply ・・・ 🌹Learning to love ourselves is the hardest thing we do🌹 new blog post on selflovesupply.com by @anxiouslyawesome 🌹
it’s okay if all you did today was survive. it’s okay if you messed up. it’s okay if you didn’t do it all. it’s okay if all you could do was breathe. i know how hard things can get, how completely overwhelming life can become. it’s one thing then another and another until everything falls. but we don’t have to do it all, all the time. even if you don’t believe it, please repeat this. i am worthy. i am loved. i deserve to be here. i am here for a reason. because you ARE loved. you ARE worthy. you ARE here for a reason. you are going to make it. if you are concerned about your own or anyone else’s life, don’t hesitate to tell someone. whether it be a friend, a parent, a therapist, or the national suicide hotline (us: 1-800-273-8255) there are resources for you. you deserve to get help. no one is ever invalidated for support. i am here for you. because you deserve a life, a very happy life at that. - sof 💖 (may or may not have cried writing this one...) #selflovesof #recovery #suicidal #suiciderecovery #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealing #selfworth #selflovery #anxiety #anxietyrecovery #depression #depressionrecovery #edrecovery #selfheal #eatingdisorder #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthblog #loveyourself #worthit #suicideprevention #suicideawareness #suicidesurvivor
Mental health makes you want to quit. Some people make you want to quit. Life makes you want quit. Life is always throwing curveballs at you, testing your patience and can be a right pain in the arse most of the time but I know how it feels to just want it all to stop, to feel like you physically or mentally can not go on anymore. You have no strength left and you have lost the will to live (literally) But please, please hang in there cause feelings do not last. Feelings are like the weather - you never know what’s coming next and it changes all the time... The sun will come out eventually I can promise you☀️💜 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthblog #anxiety #advice #depression #bpd #eupd #empowering #addiction #bipolar #blog #blogger #mentalhealthmatters #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #dontquit #dontgiveup #keepgoing #believeinyourself #recovery
Currently sat on the sofa in a mild state of panic after some serious sensory overload today. Here’s a pic from last Friday, taken in that brief and fleeting moment where the weekend hasn’t quite yet begun but you’re still ready AF to dive in. I’m ready now! . . . . . . . . . #mentalhealthblogger #stigmafree #mentalillnessrecovery #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthissues #mentalwellbeing #selfcareisntselfish #emotionalwellness #emotionalwellbeing #selflovechallenge #havehope #itsoknottobeok #selflovefirst #depressionawareness #anxietyawareness
Before and During exam stress within the same month. Cannot stress enough how important mental-health is, and the effects it has on your physical wellbeing too. Whenever I am stressed or down. It comes out in my skin too. Hope it will get better again. Happy mind creates happy body and skin. Beauty comes from within. p.s haven’t had much chance to post (because of the above (EXAMS))- Mylan . #nomakeup #nomakeupchallenge #stress #examsgotmelike #examstress #skin #skincare #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthblog
🌹Learning to love ourselves is the hardest thing we do🌹 new blog post on selflovesupply.com by @anxiouslyawesome 🌹
I have 100% lost my blogging mojo! If found, please mail back to me ASAP. It's like I've got so much to say but my brain won't communicate with my fingers. The frustration! 🙈
I was ashamed of what happened to me but I was also annoyed at myself for letting it happen and for putting up with it for as long as I did. I was scared if I told people I would then be labelled as a victim and people would feel like they have to watch what they say around me in case it reminded me of what happened. I didn't want that to define me, I just wanted to be me. The person I was before any of this happened. I've wrote a post on some of the things that happened to me in order to raise awareness. I didn't know what was normal, all I knew was what he was telling me and when I questioned him on it and he said it was all in my head, I believed him. But I can't stress enough, it's not your fault and if something doesn't feel right then you need to trust your own instinct. Hopefully my post can help anyone who is going through or has been through the same thing to recognise that it's not ok and it's not something we should have to put up with. If you would like to read my post it’s over on - www.myquestforinnerhappiness.com
Looking at this picture you would probably be under the impression that there is nothing wrong with me, that I’m ‘normal’. That’s what Instagram sees anyway. What people don’t realise is it took at least 3 hours and about 6 different people persuading me that it was a nice picture for me to actually go ahead and post it. That’s the thing with anxiety and depression, to the outside world you can appear completely happy and content. People always say to me ‘I never would have known you have anxiety and depression, you don’t look like you have it’ but that’s exactly it, it’s an invisible illness and it’s not one that discriminates. I might look fine on the outside but that doesn’t mean that I’m not battling this every single day. It’s not something that just goes away, there is no miracle cure and you can’t just flick the off switch. It is a daily battle but it’s a battle that I’m determined to win
Just an appreciation to myself as I’ve grown so much this year! If you ask me become a better person! I may not be drinking too much alcohol but my fears and anxieties I am brave enough to tell them to fuck off. I know know that it is important to put myself first, make me happy. I never wanna hurt anyone and I that’s part of my personality. Since I’ve turned 18 I have become a new and improved em who is a lot more fun. #mentalhealth
Featuring @kimberly.ann.goodwin Details from a piece I created last summer titled ‘Clarity Amidst the Fog’ . The piece was created in a place I love dearly, during a struggle with depression and the mental fog attributed to it. . To view the full piece, check it out on my website *on a computer though, because mobile terribly reduces image quality* ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ . #mentalhealthart #mentalhealthawareness #photography #art #artistsoninstagram #depression
Love this! Immersed in Manic Kingdom! One thing my book will do is show you, albeit in an eccentric, somewhat dangerous way, how lifestyle modifications can bring you out of #mania or #depression when convention really really fails you. I say this as a doctor! 💕Hope you guys check it out on Amazon. - Manic Kingdom by Dr. Erin Stair ⚡️⚡️💕⚡️⚡️
💌 Does a busy mind interfere with your sleep? In my latest #MentalWellnessMondays guide, I outline 6 techniques to help quieten a busy, racing mind. Featuring tips from @wikas_view , @jennikiddle and @divadregnippoc 👌 The link to my blog is in my bio if you want to check it out! Illustration by @emandtheearthart via @theblurtfoundation 💕
Happy Thursday, guys! I won't be making a blog post this week, but I just wanted to talk a bit about mental illness and communication. • Communicating my emotions and feelings verbally has never been my strong suit. I struggled with it as a teen and continue to now. The more I go through this journey the more it's becoming obvious just how pertinent it is to my improvement. • Those who choose to support you whether it's your mother, best friend, or significant other are not mind readers. You must communicate your needs. I know the fears behind the stigmas tend to hold so many back. However, in order for growth, that fear has to become a thing of the past. If your close companions are willing to understand, help them help you. There is a true reward in being vulnerable. Some see it as weakness, while I see it as bravery. • Over the past few years, and even in the last few weeks, I've struggled with communication issues. I tend to revert to my "keeping my feelings to myself" mode, mostly because I don't want to burden any else with my issues. The reality is, you weigh down and burden your own soul when you hold it in. Don't lie your head at night while your troubles eat you away. Let it out and in the oh, so immortal words of Elsa, "Let it go!" ❄❄
So I thought I’d come on here briefly earlier, and was met with this comment on my latest post. This is a new profile, from the guy who said that women deserve to be raped, provoke rapists and that it is women’s fault when they are raped. This same person has left comments on my Sarahah, calling me a cunt, calling me fat. He has also gone through and disliked all of my YouTube videos, reported my Instagram and my Instagram posts and checks my website daily. This is harassment. This is stalking. @disordered_personality , please do me a favour and get the fuck off my social media. You’re not really “unwell”, you’re just trying to hide behind the fact you’re a fucking idiot and want people to think you’re the victim, when in fact it is YOU who attacked millions of men and women worldwide saying they deserve to be raped. Carry on, and I WILL go to the police. I will always show the different sides of my mental illness, and I don’t expect to be called an attention seeker for trying to make people aware of the harsh reality of living with significant mental health issues. This guy is a fucking LOSER. I’ve seriously had enough talking about him now, because I know he’s loving it. Absolute saddo. • • • • #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #suicide #sadquotes #positivequotes #quote #positivity #suicidalthoughts #bipolar #mentalhospital #psychiatrichospital #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bpd #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthblog #rape #bpdproblems #eupdproblems #bpdrecovery #eupdrecovery #bpdblogger #depressionblogger #rapeawareness #recovery #sexualabuse #trans #thatgirlwithbpd #bpdrecovery
This is v accurately me. Lololol Also don't forget I have a new blog post up! #linkinbio . . #portlandia #antidepressants #mentalhealthhumor #mentalhealthblog
👋 I've gotten a lot of new followers recently (so cool!) so I thought I would reintroduce myself! . First off, 2 truths and a lie: 😈 1. I grew up on a cotton farm in NC. 👩🏼‍🌾 2. I've taken a helicopter to work. 🚁 3. I've kept a journal since 4th grade. 📒 Put your guess in the comments! . My name is Ellen and I just moved from NYC to Chicago with my bf! I have recently made a career switch from my office job to working for a naturopathic doctor here in Chicago while I will also be taking my prerequisites so that I can go back to school next year for a Master's in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. . My interests in digestive, mental, and hormonal health stem from my own personal turbulent relationships with all three. It wasn't until I started seeing a naturopathic doctor in nyc that I finally found some clarity and support in my struggle. I'm hoping that one day I can do the same for my future patients! . In the meantime, I'm on here, rambling on Stories, posting some pics of the food I eat (lol), and trying to be as honest I can about things that I'm going through in case it will help someone else. My favorite part of having this account has been getting to know many of you on a personal level. I never thought I would make actual friends on here, but I feel like I have! ♥️ . Other fun facts: - people say I look/sound like @lauraprepon - I have a Boston terrier Chihuahua mix named Ivy who will be joining us in Chicago this summer! - I'm a weirdo morning person 😊 and have an old lady bed time
I am always willing to have discussions around subjects I don’t know much about or even subjects I ‘THINK’ I know a lot about such as #mentalhealth , it’s good to be #curious as it encourages you to #learn and be #inspired . Plus it raises awareness which is exactly why I created this blog - to give a real insight into mental health/illness 💜 But it’s important to not be judgemental! No one is perfect and no one knows everything about anything! - - - #mentalhealth #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthawareness #blog #blogger #curiousity #nonjudgemental #anxiety #depression #bpd #eupd #ptsd #positivevibes
I actually can’t function properly if I don’t have coffee in me. I live on the stuff...I’m also hoping this will kill the extreme hunger im having at the moment. I have recently been switched from quetiapine to olanzapine and the hunger is real!!! I didn’t struggle at all with the hunger that comes along with quetiapine but this is another level!! Yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about food... I am trying to make good choices in my eating.. if I’m Hungry I will have a piece of fruit or a low calorie snack. The thought of putting on weight that’s associated with AP’s scares the crap out of me. My psychiatrist has been amazing at working with me on my medication as I have always had a bad relationship with food and have struggled in the past with disordered eating behaviours. But the aripiprazole and quetiapine did not work for me and he originally wanted to put me on olanzapine from the get go but the fear of weight gain was a no go for me. Let’s hope I have finally found a medication that works. I know finding the right medication Is more important than the weight gain but I can’t help but fear the shit out of it. 😔 . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthquotes #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillnessawareness #recovery #bpd #bpdfeels #bpdfam #bpdproblems #bpdrecovery #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #borderlinepersonality #eupd #eupdrecovery #anxiety #anxietyquotes #anxietyproblems #depression #depressionquotes #endthestigma #breakthestigma #personalitydisorders #borderline #paranoia #intrusivethoughts #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthblog #recoveryispossible
PSA: OCD is NOT an adjective. So please stop telling me it's your OCD, unless it's your OCD. Your need to be neat is not OCD. Those of us with OCD who experience things like, looping, intrusive thoughts (including visual images). I got eczema as a child due to my compulsive handwashing. If you have been diagnosed with OCD, I feel you I live that life everyday. I would appreciate if you're not, don't use it as an adjective. Because it's degrading. #ocd #obessivecompulsivedisorder #obessivecompulsive #ocdrecovery #ocdisnotanadjective #psa #pleasebekind #peaceofmind #catharsis #cathartic #findpeace #kindness #bekind #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthblog #fuckstigma #triggerwarning #mentalhealthmatters #mentalillness #mentallillnessawareness
Another new #mentalhealth #article is up on on my #blog (link in bio-you can find this article at the bottom of my site, under recent posts) all about #mindfulness ! Thank you to @stonesborderline and @mythoughtsracing for your input yesterday! 💜😊 - - #dicussion #selfdiscovery #curiosity #nonjudgemental #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthblog #mentalillness #meditation #thoughts #anxiety #depression #eupd #bpd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #ptsd #blogger
#Repost @kintsugi_za with @get_repost ・・・ “Telling someone you’re not ready for a relationship but expecting them to give you relationship benefits is abuse. It’s confusing. It’s hurtful.” ||| ~ Alley - - - #quote #tumblrquote #tumblrimage #mentalhealthblog #relationshipquote #rubikscube #relationshipadvice #quoteoftheday #qotd #wellnessblog
2016. I was still focusing on the feeling of what it would feel like to have a car and money. The more focus I had put into it, the more I was starting to believe that I could get it. The doubt was reducing the more I focused and my subconcious was now believing I had something when in reality, I  didn't, so the idea of starting back up my massage service was popping back up in my head regularly when it never had done before. I didn't have a treatment room anymore so the idea to do it as a mobile service was coming into my mind ALOT! Prior to focusing on what I DID WANT, I thought I was done with massage. Again, the mind is incredible, fascinating and limitless! I didn't have a car so how could I get to client's homes? Well I asked my Mam if she could bring me there and I would pay her for her troubles and she agreed! I was broke for 2 years with no improvement because I never focused on a VISION or GRATITUDE so I had to try something. So im getting dropped here and there by my mam and my clients are delighted to now have a massage in their own home. After a while she was understandably getting fed up with this so I told her if I was a named driver on her car that she wouldn't need to deal with this anymore, so she agreed! If I had of asked her to be named driver on her car before all of this she would have told me no, which is why I never asked her. So after 2 and a half years of not driving and getting the bus, I was now able to drive my Mams car and making a bit of extra cash. Point being: The thought of opening the massage service again NEVER came into my mind before I focused on the goal. To ask my Mam to be named driver NEVER came into my mind before I focused on.the goal! But when you focus on what you DO want, ideas and possibilities begin to appear in your mind. Ones that never seemed interesting to you in the past will now seem interesting and possible. Dont focus on what you dont want. Focus on what you DO want 🙌 Write a list, make it visually there. If you know the steps to take write them down too, but if you dont know, then keep focusing and look out for anything that may stand out to you in the future and act accordingly!
“Telling someone you’re not ready for a relationship but expecting them to give you relationship benefits is abuse. It’s confusing. It’s hurtful.” ||| ~ Alley - - - #quote #tumblrquote #tumblrimage #mentalhealthblog #relationshipquote #rubikscube #relationshipadvice #quoteoftheday #qotd #wellnessblog
This quote is one I turn to often when I'm feeling hopeless and that no matter what I do it's never enough. When I'm having one of those challenging, beat myself up days, just reading and soaking in these words can bring me to deep sobs. Each of us DOES make a difference in this world and I believe in the depths of my soul that if we go down loving we have not failed our purpose. In my manias and hypomanias, savior syndrome plays a huge part in my grandiose thoughts and my compulsions to not sleep because there's so much that needs to be done to "save the world." My thoughts race with business and non profit ideas and ways to help everyone to live life to the fullest, to find purpose and happiness, to love and BE loved. In one hypomania I started a business, Bucket List Assistant, to help people define their goals and dreams and take the steps necessary to achieve them. But I wanted it to someday be more of a non profit where people paid what they could for the life coaching services and then if they could spare a few dollars they could contribute to someone else's bucket list goals. In the throes of a hypomania I got the business officially formed and planned a huge event attended by hundreds of people, with vendors that provide Bucket List-esque services like personal training @fitgeneraljerry , dancing, rock climbing, travel, massage, cooking lessons, volunteer work, etc. The event had live music, a scavenger hunt, a free 21 day challenge booklet, t-shirts... I spent months planning and barely sleeping putting together a website and all the details for the event. The stress levels were through the roof, as a single mom at the time also working full time, but the event was incredible and such a fun day! Continued in comments • • #bipolar #bp1 #bp2 #bipolarstrong #bipolarlife #breakthestigma #overcome #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocate #bipolaradvocate #mentalhealthwarrior #hypomania #livingwell #energy #positiveenergy #mentalhealthblog #blogger #love #qotd #loa #thesecret
Soooooo 🤷🏼‍♀️ Last night I wrote out my own battles with mental health and it was such an eye opener to how far I’ve come. My experiences are only small, but they’re still valid. I’m nervous to share this post with the world, but I hope it shows that mental health can affect everyone and anyone. In other news ash has been gone for what feels like ages and I don’t like it, may start moaning soon 🙃
Featuring @kirsty.farrow.art Today I made this. Completely raw and honest, it somewhat signifies my own battles with my mental health. It's taken a fair amount of courage to actually complete a cast which used both arms and shows the scars. While removing it from the alginate there was a certain irony - an intense caring of the way it was removed, care not to damage it, somewhat contradictory to my feelings towards my own body. I'm not sure where I'll take this now - as an artist and a person I'm somewhat confused. . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthart #handcast #armcast #bodycasting #mentalhealthawareness #selfharm
I wouldn’t normally post a “personal” post on here.....but mental health, scars, bumps in the road and battles with demons are not to be ashamed of....so..... 😌Happy 2nd Rebirthday to me ☺️ Another year gone by.....battles lost, tears shed, loved ones....left....& a million hoops jumped through..... But this last year has also bought me UNCONDITIONAL love, laughter and happiness.....and those demons have been battled & overcome..... 🖤People I loved left my circle....and I thank them. They made room for people who will stay no matter how dark my days get....so thank you for the space 🖤 💜Thank you to my BADASS LOYAL LOVING CRAZY AS HELL circle....☺️😘.... Without THEM I don’t know how much I would have fought. There’s been no nightmares left unshared, no tears cried alone, no scars hidden & no battle fought alone and I will be eternally gratefully to them - they will never truly understand what it means to have them by my side, to not be alone....to have them fight with me ♥️ So.... Here’s to another 12 months kicking life’s ass!!! Let’s see what we can defeat 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😁😁😁😁 #grateful #hopeful #warrior #unconditionallove #friends #family #nevergiveup #nevergivein #mentalhealth #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthstigma #mentalhealthissues #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealth #goals #healthymind #onedayatatime #minigoals #beproud #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #positivity #pma #depression #anxiety
yeah what gives? @depressed_bro_memes
Hey lovely humans!! 👋🏻👋🏽👋🏿 @rach.dacosta and @varhinik_ are trying something new! We started an SLS Spotify account to share playlists with you all! Music is a big part of both of our self care routines, and we hope you’ll love these songs as much as we do! 💕 To kick it off, checkout this nostalgia-inducing, feel good playlist curated by Rachel! These songs are guaranteed to make you smile and wish you were driving your convertible in California with the top down ☀️☀️☀️ You can find the link to the playlist in our bio and through the blog on selflovesupply.com ☀️ don’t forget to subscribe 😉
So exciting to be attending #HealtheVoices2018 in Chi-Town! Follow me on my journey this week with other advocates from around the world utilizing social platforms to spread awareness! Cant wait @healthevoices !!
Today has not been the best day 💔 however, I am going to bed full of gratitude because I have so many wonderful things to be grateful for, I do not need to be wasting my energy on people who do not deserve it ... 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Thank you to all of you who have had an input on my insta today and for those who continue to share awareness around mental health. You’re all AMAZING 💋 G.o.o.d - N.i.g.h.t - W.o.r.l.d ✌️ - - - #gratitude #grateful #gratefulheart #love #happiness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #anxiety #depression #bpd #eupd #ptsd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bipolar #addiction #happy #positive #positivevibes #positivity #positivethinking #blog #blogger
When we feel angry, it’s usual a signal that we need to pay attention to. It’s like pain: without it, we may not notice we have an injury! 💭But what causes anger, and how do you resolve it? Those questions are answered in a blog post by Natalie Hansen, linked in our bio!
Is it time to go to Cornwall yet? 🌊☉
Day 25 of #blurtselfcareathon WATER Three and a half weeks ago we moved to the south coast and now I get to look at the sea every day which is just lovely. Cannot wait til Master Duke has had his last jabbers and then we can have glorious beach days here! • • • #selfcare #selfkindness #recovery #selfcareclub #wellness #wellbeing #holistichealth #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selflove #poweredbyplants #happinesshabits #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthblogger   #Namaste #earthling #blurtfoundation #gratitude #escapetothecountry #water #ohidoliketobebysidetheseaside #bythesea #southcoast #roseofengland
#Repost @fionalikestoblog ・・・ Here’s your midweek reminder that no matter what the negative voices would have you believe, you are loved, wanted and worthy of being on this planet. Being flawed doesn’t make you any less of a human, it makes you who you are. . . . . . . . . . #mentalhealthblogger #stigmafree #mentalillnessrecovery #youaremorethanenough #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthissues #mentalwellbeing #selfcareisntselfish #emotionalwellness #emotionalwellbeing #selflovechallenge #havehope #itsoknottobeok #selflovefirst #depressionawareness #anxietyawareness . . Repost with @get_repost
Reduce stress in your life and increase motivation while feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day with #meditation ! #Stress #MentalHealth #MentalHealthBlog #LINKINBIO
When I hike or run and I’m going uphill, I feel the burn in my legs. My muscles are aching. But then I reach the top and I feel it release - even if it’s just for a moment. That feeling of being able to catch my breath and to see what I just accomplished. It feels good. I feel proud. Anxiety and depression will weigh on you. It will make you feel like you are constantly climbing uphill. Daily happenings feel like a struggle. One day you are going to catch your breath. You will finally see all you survived. You will get that moment. Then moment of release.
Hey you guys, in case you hadn't heard, @charlietakesphx is running a Mental Health Mugs giveaway! Head over to her Instagram to enter & while you're there, give her a follow. Nikki has a fantastic blog called Moms Behind Mental Health that shares stories of courage in maternal mental health. With each story shared, Nikki cultivates a healthy dialogue to eliminate the stigma attached to parenting alongside mental health difficulties. . Contest ends 4/26 at 7 PM MST, so don't wait too much longer on your chance to win! . Link in bio to shop @mentalhealthmugs . ☕️ 11 oz mug: $15.95, 15 oz mug: $16.95, 30 oz tumbler: $28.95 🎉10% goes to mental health non-profits 📦free shipping on all orders over $30 ☕️☕️bulk discounts available . . . . . #mentalhealthmatters #giveaway #muggiveaway #mentalhealthgiveaway #maternalmentalhealth #maternalmentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthcommunity #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthblogger #mentalthealthbloggers #momsbehindmentalhealth #charlietakesphx #2020mom #2020momambassador #bluedotproject #thebluedotproject #postpartumdepression #postpartumanxiety #postpartumhealth #postpartumwellness #postpartumdepressionawareness #perinataldepression #perinatalanxiety #perinatalmentalhealth #perinatal #postpartum #perinatalwellness #mentalhealthwarrior
Taking Time Out Head over to my blog and read the latest post, comment and follow to be notified of new posts, links in my bio #blogger #bloggerlife #blog #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthblogger #takingtimeout #bloggerstyle #bloggers
Featuring @secretunicornart Panel 4: This is my favourite panel, I find it so powerful and compassionate. When I was painting this I thought I was painting from the perspective of the sufferer, and tried to highlight the importance of having support through the darkness. But I think now that the piece actually reflects the rescuer, the support system, the love much more than the depression. Strange how it all comes together. . #mentalhealthart #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mind #artist #painting #depressionart
Here’s your midweek reminder that no matter what the negative voices would have you believe, you are loved, wanted and worthy of being on this planet. Being flawed doesn’t make you any less of a human, it makes you who you are. . . . . . . . . . #mentalhealthblogger #stigmafree #mentalillnessrecovery #youaremorethanenough #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthissues #mentalwellbeing #selfcareisntselfish #emotionalwellness #emotionalwellbeing #selflovechallenge #havehope #itsoknottobeok #selflovefirst #depressionawareness #anxietyawareness
When you first meet someone it's very common to make often, innacurate, assumptions about that person. Even I myself have been guilty of this. When a person looks at me it is very difficult for them to see that something is wrong, I constantly get told, "But you don't look sick?" So..? What are you getting at here? Are you insinuating that for some bizare reason im lying? Who knew a compliment could be insulting? I actually spend a lot of my time ensuring, I don't look sick, walking around looking like a corpse on puppet strings isn't the look I'm going for. Before you make your mind up about a person, try to hear their story first. Here's mine, Link in the bio #spoonie #chronicpain #invisibleillness #butyoudontlooksick #autoimmunedisease #spoonies #spoonielife #health #chronicallyfabulous #disability #health #cfs #pain #picoftheday #eyes #girl #self #happy #recovery #instadaily #bestoftheday #instacool #blogger #blog #mentalhealthblog #disabilityblogger #spooniesunite #spoonfighter #gingerhair #redhead
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