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“Harry, let's face it. And I'm not being funny. I mean no disrespect, but you're a cunt. You're a cunt now, and you've always been a cunt. And the only thing that's going to change is that you're going to be an even bigger cunt. Maybe have some more cunt kids.” Ah, the sophistication and wit of the Irish. Brendan Gleeson would gladly wear this lucky cunt pin from Eye Candy Designs, available at Gimme Flair. Link in profile . . . . . . #gimmeflair #flair #shadowclub #pins #gimmeflairshadowclub #pingame #pingamestrong #enamelpin #enamel #enamelpins #gfsc #lucky #cunts #luckycunt #saucy #luckycharms #inbruges #martinmcdonagh #irish #brendangleeson #curse #ralphfiennes #irishcharm #irishwit @eyecandydesigns
THE 24TH SAG. WINNERS : It's just Frances McDormand being her weird self😅 (Best Actress -Three Billboards Outside Ebbing) ____________ “Golly gee whiz. I have a couple things to say,” this is how McDormand humbly began her speech at the 24th annual ceremony (Sunday January 21) a speech that wasn’t censored in the least (unlike at the Golden Globes two weeks ago). __________________ She went on to thank her “representation” and those “serving the word,” especially Three Billboards. screenwriter #MartinMcDonagh , whom she said “did not sketch a blueprint, he didn’t string together a few words; he wrote meticulously crafted tsunami, and then he allowed his troop of actors to surf it into the shore.” “I also want to say, this is really great and I thank you… but there’s a lot of young ones comin’ up and they need doorstops too. Let’s think about that,” she concluded. |📷 Getty Images ™ | #SAG #SAGAWARDS #screenactorsguildawards #screenactorsguild #Cinema #movies #films #filmcommunity #filmfeed #hollywood #awardsseason #awardseason #timesup #Acting #actors #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #oscars #academyawards #FrancesMcdormand #BestActress
More PREDICTIONS: In the directing race, it is most likely the 5 DGA nominees that make it in. But if one misses, could it be Greta? Jordan Peele? Or maybe McDonagh himself? I actually don't think it is likely that any miss, but I'm picking Spielberg just for the heck of it. The race has been too boring otherwise. Predictions: Best Director Greta Gerwig – Lady Bird Martin McDonagh – Three Billboards Over Ebbing, Missouri Christopher Nolan – Dunkirk Steven Spielberg – The Post Guillermo del Toro – The Shape of Water Alt: Jordan Peele -- Get Out #movie #film #oscars #oscar #nominations #academyawards #ampas #bestpicture #cinephile #movies #films #bestdirector #guillermodeltoro #theshapeofwater #stevenspielberg #thepost #gretagerwig #ladybird #jordanpeele #getout #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #martinmcdonagh
Top 10 Best Movies of 2017: #3 . Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Martin McDonagh has always entertained me with his filmography, but I didn't know he could blow me off my feet with a tour de force like this one. This is a darkly hilarious and emotional film that will make you laugh, cry, smile, and applaud. It's not your typical Hollywood movie with perfect protagonists and hated antagonists. Everyone is damaged and angry for the right reasons but you feel for them and root for them, despite how much of an asshole they all seem. Frances McDormand is at a career best and simply riveting as Mildred Hayes, a grieving mother, determined to get justice. Sam Rockwell as Dixon is just awesome and deserves an Oscar as well. Woody Harrelson is also not to be ignored as Chief Willougby. The characters McDonagh writes are as memorable as those created by writing masters such as the Coens, and there was hardly a dull moment. In terms of writing and story, this movie was the best of the year, and I'd love for this to win Best Picture, but my top 2 floored me even more and were more of my favorites. So stay tuned for my #2 and #1 pick that will be revealed soon! What are your thoughts on Three Billboards? Do you think it's deserving of this spot, or should it be higher or lower? #filmtoppings #threebillboards #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #francesmcdormand #woodyharrelson #samrockwell #martinmcdonagh #movies #films #top10 #topten #moviebuff
Congratulations to a certain Martin McDonagh of SW9 for winning the Scala Cinema's caption competition in May 1992... #threebillboards #martinmcdonagh
Внезапно, но первый ролик в этом году прибыл таки на канал!:) Волчатам приятного просмотра:) Ссылка в био профиля и в #VK . | | | #Wolkodlak #WolNews #WolKino #кино #move #TheShapeOfWater #GuillermoDelToro #DougJones #SallyHawkins #MichaelShannon #MichaelStuhlbarg #OctaviaSpencer #RichardJenkins #Oscar2018 #MollysGame #AaronSorkin #JessicaChastain #KevinCostner #IdrisElba #MartinMcDonagh #ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri #LucasHedges #WoodyHarrelson #PeterDinklage #AbbieCornish #SamRockwell #FrancesMcDormand
8/10 [2017]. Muy buena; muy completa en todos los aspectos sin perder ese toque indie. Dirección, guión, banda sonora... pero sobre todo es una película de personajes. Muy bien desarrollados (ni buenos ni malos ni todo lo contrario) Desde una soberbia Frances McDormand (la película no es solo ella aunque lo parezca: su sola presencia en pantalla se come todo lo que crece) a un genial Sam Rockwell, o Woddy Harrelson... hasta Peter Dinklage. Hay varias escenas brillantes y una en concreto, de una sola toma, que es para quitarse el sombrero. La mejor pelicula premiable del año sin duda. 😃😃😃👏👏👏👍👍👍 #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #martinmcdonagh #francesmcdormand #woodyharrelson #samrockwell #peterdinklage #carabofilms
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a 2017 drama film written and directed by Martin McDonagh. The film centres around a mother who rents three billboards to call attention to her daughter’s unsolved murder, polarizing the community. If you had told me back when this was released that it would be an Oscar contender I wouldn’t have believed you. Now this isn’t because the film is undeserving, I assure you that it is, but with my track record over the last few years films nominated for Oscars were films I didn’t enjoy. It seemed to be an ongoing theme. This film however was positively brilliant, so it’s nice for a change to have really enjoyed one of the films in the running. Just recently I saw someone say they couldn’t believe how many awards this was winning because it was the most overrated film of the year. Now I am all for individual opinions but, having now seen this I gotta say I could not disagree with this statement more. . . Continued in comments⬇️⬇️ . . #ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri #MartinMcDonagh #FrancesMcDormand #WoddyHarrelson #SamRockwell #Movie #Film #Review #MovieReview #FilmReview #MovieCritic #FilmCritic #MovieTrivia #FilmTrivia #InstaMovie #InstaFilm #InstaReview #Cinephile #CinephileCommunity #MovieEnthusiast #MovieLover #MovieGeek #MovieAddict #MovieBuff #TheMovieOracle
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Dramática comedia negra que no se calla nada de la mano de Frances McDorman. Historia que ha Sido contada muchas veces pero nunca desde este punto de vista tan claro, real, cruel pero sin engaños. Si quieren saber más denle click al enlace en la bio del blog, gracias denle like y comenten, también hay enlace del Twitter! #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #threebillboards #movie #film #francesmcdorman #samrockwrll #comedy #peterdinkage #woodyharrelson #martinmcdonagh #drama #abuse #violence #police #mother #racism #discrimination #awards #knowledge #truth #story
I went to see "Hangmen" a play by #MartinMcDonagh @atlantictheater 🎭 Go to my blog for more drawings!! ✨✨✨ and some words • • #figuredrawing #drawing #charcoal #illustration #artistsoninstagram #sketchbook #sketch
Three Billboards alternative movie poster framed. Time to start selling prints?
Два биллборда на границе Hollywood, California ❤️❤️кто бы ни победил - это будет Женский марш 💃🏻💃🏻Кто бы ни победил _ Гийермо Дель Торо или Мартин Макдана, в выигрыше индустрия, индустрия, в которой возможно такое кино 🎬🔝завтра объявят номинации на самую престижную в мире кинопремию🥇Три биллборда на границе Эббинг, Миссури с бюджетом в $15 млн. уже собрали $45 млн., (в России прокат с 1 февраля), Форма воды с бюджетом в $20 млн. собрала $35 млн. (в России прокат начался 18 января,тихоскромнобезрекламы) но впереди ещё много стран и Оскар! Two billboards outside Hollywood, California ❤❤no matter who wins - it gonna be a Women's March 💃🏻💃🏻 Whoever wins _ Guillermo Del Toro or Martin McDonagh🕴🏻🕴🏻the winner is the industry, who still has a power to produce such a movies 🎬🔝🔜nominations for Oscars🥇Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri 🎬🔝❤️Shape of water _ 🎬🔝❤️ #oscar #oscars #оскар #shapeofwater #threebillboards #martinmcdonagh #guillermodeltoro
New blog post! Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 🎬 The Plot- Mildred Hayes (played by the excellent Frances McDormand) is grieving her daughter's brutal murder from the year before. Mildred decides to remind the police that her daughter's killer is still out there by putting up three billboards directed towards the police asking why no one has been arrested- Check out my latest blog for more 🎬 Link in bio! #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #francesmcdormand #martinmcdonagh #woodyharrelson #samrockwell
THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI, Martin McDonagh 5/5 Grieving the murder of her daughter, a woman directly challenges the local police department to do more. As a playwright, McDonagh's history with his characters has been fairly pitiless. They're vibrant, but it's clear he has no real affection for anything but their sadism. The forgiving, even loving, treatment here is miraculous. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell's performance better win Oscars or I'm putting up a billboard in the Hollywood Hills. #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #francesmcdormand #martinmcdonagh #british #playwright #director #samrockwell
Movie Battle 🎬🎥 The Shape of Water (2017, Guillermo Del Toro) VS. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017, Martin McDonagh) Vote for the film you think is better. The voting ends after 24 hours. The winner will be announced in the comments and my Story. My pick: Three Billboards, by a hair Please only vote if you've seen both these films. Fire away👇 . . .🎬🎥 . . #movie #movies #film #cinephile #filmcommunity #director #filmmaker #screenwriter #writer #theater #actor #actress #acting #writing #filmmaking #cinematography #producer #hollywood #fun #love #design #camera #filmproduction #filming #cinephilecommunity #cinematographer #art #artist #artistic #awesome
Molly's game: "Molly's game" grabs from the beginning, with his fast paced editing and Jessica Chastain good acting and from here it's what you expected from an Aaron Sorkin's movie, the script here is nothing more than music to my ears, the acting especially from Idris Elba (he had probably the best scene in this movie) is nothing more than fantastic, the back and forth dialogue that Jessica had with Idris, oh man I can watch it in loops forever, but you know what I kinda wish that Sorkin would had let another director direct this source material, I mean don't get me wrong I believe that everyone deserves a chance behind the camera when they have confidence in themselves, but from what I witnessed Sorkin's filmmaking is kinda dull, almost making it just another biopic and in the process almost losing me in some scenes, I know Sorkin isn't Fincher and not even Boyle but maybe with enough practice he can be a great director. The third is a love-hate thing like other movies I watched it get a little bit cheesy, especially when it comes to a scene between Jessica and Kevin's characters but I love the message that this movie is going for, not letting your past failures to stop you from activating your goals in life. Not a masterpiece like I hoped it will be but still a damn good movie, "Molly's game" is definitely a winner.
Ara comença l'època dels premis i reconeixements cinematogràfics (Gaudís, Goyas, Oscars, Grushenkos...). A grushenko.cat estem "on fire", posant-nos al dia amb les pel.lis. Ara és l'època en què la cartellera ens ofereix varietat i qualitat; de moment, us recomanem que no us passi per alt "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri". Llegiu-ne la crítica a la nostra revista. #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #francesmcdormand #martinmcdonagh #samrockwell #woodyharrelson #grushenko #cinema #desdelcine
#SagAwards , trionfa #TreManifestiaEbbingMissouri Alla vigilia delle nomination agli #Oscars2018 #OscarNoms , domani 23 gennaio, il sindacato degli attori, una delle più potenti organizzazioni di categoria a Hollywood, ha decretato i suoi vincitori, facendo chiarezza sui nomi che si faranno strada nella corsa agli Academy Awards, il prossimo marzo. #TreManifestiaEbbingMissouri di #MartinMcDonagh è il vincitore della serata del 21 gennaio. Tre le statuette conquistate: miglior cast, migliore attrice drammatica (#FrancesMcDormand ) e migliore attore non protagonista (#SamRockwell ). Tra i vincitori anche #GaryOldman per l’interpretazione nel film #LOraPiùBuia . L'attore ha vinto la statuetta andata al migliore attore drammatico battendo fra gli altri anche #TimothéeChalamet , candidato per #ChiamamiColTuoNome #CallMeByYourName di #LucaGuadagnino . http://www.rbcasting.com/?p=119120
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) Director: Martin McDonagh Reparto: Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, John Hawkes, Peter Dinklage Nunca pensé que llegaría el día en que este director haría una película tan buena como su ópera prima "In Bruges". Ese día llegó. Entre el drama, la comedia negra, el suspenso, tragicomedia, drama shakespereano, tragedia griega, llega el mejor guión original de la temporada, con unas actuaciones de alto calibre y una historia que no dejará indiferente a nadie. Una vez que comienza, la película sube el nivel constantemente, y cuando crees que no puede mejorar, te sorprende nuevamente con un giro inesperado y de alto nivel. Hay situaciones donde uno se cuestiona el si esta bien reírse de lo ocurrido. Es muy provocativa y trata unos temas muy actuales. No hay héroes ni villanos, solo humanos con fallas y virtudes, tan rotos como el resto del mundo. El Oscar a la mejor actriz está asegurado para #francesmcdormand quien lleva el peso del personaje principal, con una dureza increíble. Desde #Fargo no la veíamos en un papel a la altura de sus cualidades. Es muy raro sentir simpatía en un segundo y luego rechazo hacia las acciones de su personaje, eso habla de sus dotes de actriz y de cómo logró semejante hazaña. Igual ocurre con el personaje de #samrockwell dónde siendo un policía racista, homofobico, ignorante y asqueroso, logra que en algunos momentos nos provoque lastima y empatia. El resto del elenco está genial, excelente ensamble de actores, todos a la altura del material dado. Este guión lo es todo. Pocas películas logran causar tan diversas reacciones y plantear tantas preguntas y a su vez mostrar un crudo retrato de venganza, violencia y risas...muchas risas. 5/5 #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #martinmcdonagh #woodyharrelson #johnhawkes #peterdinklage #movie #cine #película #Cinemark #portalñuñoa #reseña #crítica #review
"This didn't put an end to shit, you fucking retard; this is just the fucking start. Why don't you put that on your Good Morning Missouri fucking wake up broadcast, bitch ?" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3 BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI Director : Martin McDonagh Photography : Ben Davis Original Score : Carter Burwell Cast : Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson #3billboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #francesmcdormand #goldenglobes #samrockwell #woodyharrelson #martinmcdonagh
THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI (2017) ⭐⭐ out of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jedan od precenjenijih filmova 2017. Three Billboards je cudan, neupadljiv film cija je tema gubitka, tuge i potrage za pravdom morala biti mnogo bolje istrazena. Mnoge scene su apsolutno nepotrebne i nerealne, kao sto je scena sa Molotovljevim koktelima. Film takodje pati i od problema suvisnih likova koji svojom pojavom ne doprinose ama bas nicemu (primer je Peter Dinklage). Frances McDormand je solidna u filmu, ali apsolutno ne ostavlja neki narocit utisak, najvise zbog toga sto je ovo samo jos jedna od gomile tipskih uloga koje je imala od svog uspeha 1996. godine u filmu "Fargo". Dve svetle tacke ovog filma su to sto u neku ruku jeste osvezavajuce videti Holivudski film u kome su vecina likova politicki nekorektni, i harizmaticni Sam Rockwell. U ovom filmu, Rockwell je srceparajuce dobar, i cini da saosecamo sa nasilnim, rasistickim likom policajca Diksona, koji bi u rukama slabijeg glumca lako postao stereotipna karikatura. 📽 Crime, Drama 🎬 Director: Martin McDonagh 🌟 Stars: Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Abbie Cornish ⬆️ IMDb rating: 8.3 🕛 1h 55min One of the more overrated movies of 2017. Three Billboards is a strange, uninvolving movie whose themes of loss, sorrow and justice-seeking had to be explored a little deeper. Many scenes are unrealistic and completely unnecessary, like the one with Molotov cocktails. The film also suffers from unnecessary characters whose appearance does not amount to anything at all (Peter Dinklage is an obvious example). Frances McDormand is solid here, but leaves no real lasting impression, mainly because this is just one of the many typecast roles she's been given since her 1996 success with "Fargo". Two silver linings here: one - it is refreshing in a way to see a Hollywood movie whose characters aren't politically correct, and two - the charismatic Sam Rockwell. He is heartbreakingly good here, and makes us sympathize with his violent, racist character, police officer Dixon. In the hands of a weaker actor, the character would have easily turned into a stereotypical caricature. Author: VanillaSky92
Excelente! Según mi pronóstico, la futura ganadora a mejor película en los próximos premios #Oscar #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #francesmcdormand #martinmcdonagh #woodyharrelson #samrockwell #peterdinklage
From our production coordinator @taralwilliams1974 : “What did your kid do for arts and crafts this weekend? Madelyn’s creation for The Pillowman at Falcon Theatre” #falcontheatrenky #thepillowman #martinmcdonagh #theatre #storefronttheatre #props #nochildrenwereharmedinthemakingofthispicture
🅰️🅱️🆎🎞 Come possono Tre manifesti esposti in una strada che non passa nessuno almeno che non ti perdi smuovere l'opinione di un piccolo paesino nel Midwest degli USA ? Possono quando una madre coraggio della situazione è disposta a tutto pur di scoprire chi ha violentato e ucciso sua figlia e la polizia locale ad un anno dal triste avvenimento non ha ancora trovato un colpevole. Ho visto questo film ieri sera e ne sono stata totalmente travolta dalla storia, è una Black comedy, che lascia soprattutto nel finale un amaro in bocca ma che però ti fa riflettere su com'è veramente l'America, ancora razzista come quasi tutti i poliziotti presenti nella storia ma che è pronta per il cambiamento forse ... esempio "la crescita " dell'agente Dixon che assieme a Mildred, la Madre in lotta contro tutti, sono decisamente i personaggi che ho apprezzato di più e i due interpreti #SamRockwell e #FrancesMcDormand meritano tutti i premi che stanno vincendo ( a Venezia 74 sono stati " snobbati " ) ma ora sono in lista per vincere il premio più importante l'Oscar🤞🏻🍀🏆 #tremanifestiaebbingmissouri #ifilmchepiaccionoame #iostoconSamRockwell #iostoconFrancesMcDormand Written and Directed by #MartinMcDonagh 📝🎬🎥
Huge congratulations to team #ThreeBillboards . Last night, the film was awarded Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Ensemble at the Screen Actors Guild Awards! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #inbruges #FrancesMcDormand #SamRockwell #woodyharrelson #MartinMcDonagh #film4 #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri
In Bruges (2008) Director : Martin McDonagh . In Bruges, directed by the consistently terrific Martin McDonagh (three billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri) tells the story of two hitmen, Ray (Collin Farrel) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson). After a job goes horribly wrong the pair must lay low in Bruges, a medieval city in Belgium. Ray is a miserable bastard who makes it abundantly clear he's not happy to be in bruges, but Ken convinces him that they must have been sent there on a job and to take this opportunity to see the sights. Things begin to look up for Ray when he meets a beautiful french woman played by Clémence Poésy. But things start to go out south as Ray and Ken start getting into all sorts of messes and meet a whole cast of colorful characters. These encounters lead to some of the funniest moment I've seen in the past decade. . Farell gives one of the beat performances of his career here and through his actions you begin to see the pain within him. He is also without any doubt in my mind the funniest aspect of this film. His casual racism combined with his dark humor left me clutching my side as I laughed uncontrollably. Gleeson also gives a fantastic performance, the chemistry between the two irishmen is great to watch on screen. . I think this is Martin McDonagh's best film. Its combination of dark witty humor interwoven with a both compelling and tragic plot makes for a that will remain with you for a long time after watching it. If u enjoyed 'Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri' you will love it. I know it is one of my favorite movies of all time and easily my favorite comedy. I cannot praise it enough. If you have yet to see it I suggest you do yourself the favor and go out and by a copy. 9.5/10 . . #film #cinema #cinematography #movies #moviejunkie #filmbuff #cinephilecommunity #movie #martinmcdonagh #collinfarrell #brendangleeson #inbruges #bruges #review #moviereviews #comedy #funny #action #cinema #theatres #theatre #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri
This majestic animal is called a maned wolf. People continue to displace them from their habitat in South America. Further proof that there's no god and the whole world is empty and it doesn't matter what we do to each other. . . . . . #manedwolf #sandiegozoo #deforestation #deforestacion #thelandofwolves #dinosaur #photography #naturephotography #wolfphotography #manedwolfphotography #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #martinmcdonagh @sandiegozoo
#threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri (15) Cast: #francesmcdormand #samrockwell #woodyharrelson Director: #martinmcdonagh Entering into a local advertising firm and negotiating the rental of a few billboards which have controversial messages on them directed at William Willoughby (Woody Harrelson), who's the town's chief of police. They accuse him of failing to properly investigate the rape and murder of her daughter. Directed by Martin McDonagh (#sevenpsychopaths , #inbruges ), Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri has received critical acclaim across the board and won the People’s Choice Award at #torontointernationalfilmfestival . Oscar-winning actress Frances McDormand (Fargo) gives a stunning performance as the grieving mother with a fiery agenda, and Woody Harrelson (War for the Planet of the Apes) plays the conflicted police chief. MY FINAL THOUGHTS It's that time of year again when all of the most likely #Oscar contenders get released at the same time at your local cinemas. It's hilarious it reminds me of delayed public transport buses when one is behind schedule they end up arriving in a dozen. Talk about buses they have some fantastic advertising #Billboards at some bus shelters, with some eye-popping digital screens nowadays. Only thing missing now is for them to become touchscreen and us to be able to book your tickets on them. Overall I gave this emotionally roller-coaster movie a big thumbs up 5/5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This unromantic comedy deserves the hype surrounding it's success with the recent award ceremonies at the #GoldenGlobes and the recent #sagawards , I had to see it to believe it. I found this movie intriguing from start to finish this mouthwatering film has everything you could wish for. It has laughter, sadness and action and violence. #cinema #entertainmentnews #filmcritic #greatmusic #musicnews #music #soundtrack #composer #carterburwell #song 🎶Billboards On Fire 🔥#kamaras_reviews
#francesmcdormand nel film #tremanifestiaebbingmissouri (#threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri ) di #martinmcdonagh . Ne abbiamo parlato. www.klub99.it www.facebook.com/klub99cinema
My top five directors of 2017 5: Sofia Coppola. The Beguiled 4: The Safdie Brothers. Good time 3: Yorgos Lanthimos. The Killing of a Sacred Deer 2: Kathryn Bigelow. Detroit 1: James Gray. The Lost City of Z Honorable mentions. Christopher Nolan. Dunkirk James Mangold. Logan Martin McDonagh. Three Billboards Ridley Scott. Alien Covenant Trey Edward Shults. It Comes at Night #sofiacoppola #safdiebrothers #yorgoslanthimos #kathrynebigelow #jamesgary #christophernolan #jamesmangold #martinmcdonagh #ridleyscott #treyedwardshults
Leggi la nostra recensione di "Tre manifesti a Ebbing, Missouri" su www.cinewriting.com #cinema #cinewriting #storytelling #ebbing #missouri #martinmcdonagh #samrockwell #francismcdormand #woodyharrelson
:廣告牌殺人事件 (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) | 闃然的靜夜無光 衰弱的風吹起鞦韆擺盪 默坐的孤影聚焦遠方 挺立的三塊廣告牌 倒影著不屈的眼波 | 喪女的單親女性受害者 大義凜然公開挑戰 戴上歧視帽子的強權 制度的持久失效 體現人性的弱點 撫不平的傷疤 激發醞釀成惡的戾氣 招致日益加劇的暴烈 | 種下的藥引不可收拾 蔓延的憤怒無補於事 唯有絕望的槍聲響起 熊熊的大火不寐 黑夜殆盡後尚有晨光 遺言中的暖意總堪憑弔 硝煙裏的新生總覺熟稔 | 這世界依舊好人難尋 你我還是偶爾在路中心 但風暴過後光景早非如初 至少心房的鞦韆不那麼寂寞 | #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #martinmcdonagh #francesmcdormand #woodyharrelson #samrockwell #abbiecornish #lucashedges #二元對立的狹隘世界 #暴力的意義 #angerbegetsgreateranger
Je suis donc allée découvrir en salles "Three billboards", le film qui a tant de fois été nommé, qui a raflé 4 golden globes cette année.. Celui du meilleur film dramatique, du meilleur scénario, de la meilleure actrice dans un film dramatique, du meilleur second rôle (pour Sam Rockwell). Et qui a gagné aussi l'AFI award 2018. Frances Mcdormand donne le ton direct et campe à merveille le rôle de cette mère, d'une part meurtrie à cause du viol et du meurtre de sa fille, d'autre part en colère à cause du laxisme de la police en ce qui concerne la résolvation de l'affaire. Derrière des scènes magnifiquement écrites traduisant le mal être de chaque personnage, un humour subtil et grinçant s'est infiltré et donne une touche de vivacité à ce film qu'on peut nul doute qualifier de chef d'oeuvre. Certaines idées de scénario sont vraiment ingénieuses. Les seconds rôles aussi sont très bien travaillés, mettant en avant divers sujets et émotions. La bande originale nous transporte un peu plus à travers cette histoire captivante qui donne à réfléchir. Des récompenses et une place dans le top 250 sur imdb, bien méritées. J'ai adoré! Courez le voir! Et la réplique qui m'a le plus marqué.. "She got killed. Still no arrest, how come I wonder, because there ain't no god and the whole world's empty, and it doesn't matter what we do to each other? I hope not." #threebillboards Réalisé et écrit par #martinmcdonagh Avec #francesmcdormand #woodyharrelson #samrockwell #peterdincklage #johnhawkes #lucashedges #caleblandryjones #samaraweaving #amandawarren #kerrycondon #abbiecornish #zeljkoivanek #kathrynnewton #nicksearcy Compositeur : #carterburwell #foxsearchlightpictures #goldenglobes #meilleurfilm #goldenglobes2018 #meilleureactrice #cinéma #films #top250 #imdb #quote #quotes #citations
#TheOneD___ #廣告牌殺人事件 #MartinMcDonagh #FrancesMcDormand #WoodyHarrelson #SamRockwell #ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri #女人心 #羅大佑 #林夕 #梅艷芳 — Indescribable How Wonderful it is: Nice Script, Nice Ensemble, Nice Frances McDormand. It is difficult to say ‘Let it go’, but anger can’t help anything. It’s hard to forget how sad when you lost something or how painful you are at the moment, but anger can’t help anything. Even sometimes you feel very desperate when you know you couldn’t do anything else, but anger can’t neither. The atmosphere in the movie is full of anger, lost and desperate. But at the same time, there is still a sliver lining waiting for you. —— 如果大家有看過日本經典電影《#告白 》的話,其實這一齣跟它很相似。片中的Frances McDormand 就像 #松隆子 一樣空虛、絕望、倔強、偏執, 兩人為了替逝去女兒找尋應有的公義, 不惜一切代價, 甚至可以把自己都可以毀去。而一切跟案件相關的人, 透過他們對事件的看法與行為, 恰巧反映了不同的價值觀, 同時間找不出任何破綻。 電影灰暗、絕望、憤怒的部分太多, 但其實透過了一些細微的動作與物件, 留下了愛與寬恕的種子, 只待大家慢慢發掘。 它很沈重、黑暗, 但裡面每一個努力掙扎求生/ 求存的人, 都在奮力去找尋那道曙光。 最後不得不提的, 是各個演員均有戲可演, 尤其Frances McDormand 在有如「鋼鐵人」的身影中流露出來的傷痛、無力但又竭力不讓人看穿的演技,絕對是影后示範作,亦是角色的不二之選。 By the way, 散場後, 看著電影院門外的電影海報, 從她的眼神, 讓我聯想到一首歌—— 「看著眼前人漸散 而在那喧嘩過後 只有忽然倦透的 是我的一對手 努力向前誰沒有 誰料歇息的藉口 是要把抑鬱眼淚再流 誰自願獨立於天地 痛了也讓人看 你我卻需要在人前被仰望 連造夢亦未敢想像 我會這樣硬朗 但是又怎可使你或我失望 但我始終不過是個人」😔
Tres Anuncios en las Afueras (2017), Martin McDonagh 8,2/10 ___________________________________________________ Humor, inteligencia y una historia muy bien cimentada. La receta perfecta para un peliculón. La película es un continuo pulso entre drama y comedia bien estructurada. Ésta ayudada por unas increibles actuaciones, que permiten al director exprimir el guión al máximo, logra situarse entre las mejores películas del 2017. En cuanto al guión... es una maravilla; pura astucia. Logra un desarrollo de los personajes y una ambientación fantástica. Además de tener las ideas claras, esta película consigue una ejecución insuperable. ___________________________________________________ #cine #ebbing #missouri #martinmcdonagh #francesmcdormand #woodyharrelson #samrockwell #guion #peterdinklage #top #lucashedges #globosdeoro #peliculon #pelicula #magnifica #critica #innasio
We’re rolling into #Monday like #FrancesMcdormand collecting her #BestActress #Award at the @sagawards ❤️ Congratulations @threebillboardsmovie on 3 more big wins! #nowplaying #mondaymotivation
Many films emulate the fine work of the #coenbrothers , few reach those giddy heights of the brothers when at their best, that quirky sensibility of middle America where characters are not so much defined by their quirks but born of them managing a feat most find impossible, keeping on the right side of quirky whilst crafting actual human beings who have a character arc & emotional depth, for all the unique traits they are given the space to grow throughout the filmic world in which they inhabit. To this point I have described the work of the Coe’s but in truth this is a description which no-more perfectly matches those qualities found in #martinmcdonagh best work. Bursting onto the scene with the wonderful #inbruges , a film which gifted #colinfarrell his best role to do date, he made a mis-step as he entered Hollywood waters proper with the slight & not-as-celever-as-it-thought-it-was #sevenpsychopaths , clearly McDonagh has taken stock and come back strong with his third feature, the not entirely catchy titled #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri , a tragicomedy (much like In Bruges) that takes the worst of cicumstances and manages to find the good, the bad & the worst in everyone involved, often mined for treacle black laughs but more importantly & first & foremost mined for emotional heft. #francesmcdormand , in her best role since #fargo (another Coen connection)has a peach of a character to play in Mildred Hayes , a grieving mother who rents the titular billboards on which she calls attention, & points blame, towards the local police force for failing to solve the brutal rape & murder of her daughter. The premise itself, a grieving parent seeks retribution, is not overly left-field, the approach clearly is, it’s an approach applied to almost every aspect of the film, from character to plotting to tone, seamlessly seguing between the tragic & comic with an effortlessness the belies the difficult balancing act of making these two tones work, a balancing act that has seen many fail. Of course it helps that McDonagh has a gift in his cast, there isn’t a weak-link in sight, irrespective of screen-time each plays their part as brilliantly as you could hope, ac
Actor Spotlight : Nathan Tubbs Show: The Pillowman Role: Ariel Nathan is a central Kentucky native who obtained a B.F.A. in acting from Northern Kentucky University. He most recently played a young Robin Williams in The Price of Fame on REELZ. He was last seen on stage as Icarus in Heavier Than... at the Know Theatre of Cincinnati, Jake Dowitt in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance with Falcon, and can regularly be seen performing with OTRimprov and ComedySportz Cincinnati. He would like to thank everyone at Falcon for another great performance opportunity. #falcontheatrenky #thepillowman #martinmcdonagh #theatre #storefronttheatre #actorspotlight #acting Photo Credit: Kristy Rucker @kruck
• если вам нравится, когда герои в начале похожи на лягушонка Кермита с плакатом I HOPE YOU DIE, но к финалу распускаются как цветы, и каждый из них по-своему доходит до необходимости сигануть с колокольни в Брюгге и убиться в мясо во имя добра; • если вы понимаете, что ехать ночью в лес в багажнике в одном! пакете — это хэппи энд; тогда «Три билборда на границе Эббинга, Миссури» — это, определенно, ваш фильм. после каждого фильма братьев МакДона хочется произнести слово «fuck» 137 раз в разных вариациях, потому что тогда, когда все должно закончиться тотальным пиздецом, добро побеждает. даже если пару минут назад кому-то снесло башку. не могу рассказать, насколько хороши здесь Сэм и Вуди, но примерно как когда всем в понедельник на работу, а тебе нет. #movie #threebillboards #martinmcdonagh
Head to https://www.movienosh.com/ to listen to Episode 21, released today. #movienosh #ThreeBillboards #SAGAwards #FrancesMcDormand #martinmcdonagh
Crítica de hoje é sobre um filme que traz um tema muito forte sobre o estupro de mulheres!! Confira abaixo 👇 . TRÊS ANÚNCIOS PARA UM CRIME _ 2017- DRAMA/FILME POLICIAL - 1H 55M Inconformada com a ineficácia da polícia em encontrar o culpado pelo brutal assassinato de sua filha, Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) decide chamar atenção para o caso não solucionado alugando três outdoors em uma estrada raramente usada. A inesperada atitude repercute em toda a cidade e suas consequências afetam várias pessoas, especialmente a própria Mildred e o Delegado Willoughby (Woody Harrelson), responsável pela investigação. _ Aqui temos um filme sensacional, com um elenco incrível a atriz Frances Mcdormand ela simplesmente se superou no que se diz respeito atuação, ela é FORTE, DESTEMIDA, é está decidida a ter justiça de qualquer jeito, no elenco temos também a brilhante atuação de Woody Harrison como delgado da cidade, ele dispensa comentários está incrível no filme também, o ator Sam Rockwell simplesmente se tornou o destaque desse drama, com uma atuação incrível, com certeza esse é o filme que mostrou o melhor dele dentre todos os trabalhos do ator. _ TRÊS ANÚNCIOS PARA UM CRIME, é um. Filme brilhante, apesar ser pesado o filme tem uma bela dosagem de humor, o que deixa toda a trama mais suave e até divertido em certos pontos, nota para esse filme e 8.9/10 - #tresanunciosparaumcrime #thereebillboardsmovie #critica #cinema #cinefilos #amantesdocinema #hollywood #francesmcdormand #woodharrelson #samrockwell #martinmcdonagh #peterdinklage #livrosefilmes #bookshollywoodbound #amocinema #apegoliterario #leiam #lerecultura #cinemark #lereverfilmes
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