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💕Time to bring back my favorite weirdo to the feed 🌹Model: @samanthhacee Lit with Aputure 120D and the light dome
We simply need to learn how to live together.
Sitting at the table, waiting for life to happen.
Hey IG fam!! We've been slacking on our Instagram posts lately...but for good reason! It's the same old phrase your friends always tell you: "just been so busy." But we promise, that's the case! 🙈 We've been sinking our time and energy into amazing courses, books, and podcasts that teach us more about entrepreneurship, about building relationships, and about overall mindset. 🏆 When we started this journey in Boston, we were so fascinated with time lapses of the wonderful skyline, especially at night. How the city lights up after dark, even when most people have gone home from work and are asleep, was so interesting and inspiring. In a way, this time lapse is a throwback to one of our oldest passions, while also reflecting our new understanding and position in life. 🤗 Now, as we're only a couple days away from officially being Georgia residents for a whole year, it feels like Spring is basically upon us. This tree in the backyard is in the spring mindset for sure. To us, and maybe this tree, spring symbolizes: regrowth, light, and hope. 🌞 We are eager to continue implementing all our newfound knowledge, and seeing how practical application jumpstarts our growth as a couple running a small business together. We are hopeful for the relationships God blessed us with last year, and how much more we can nurture those ones as we branch out and form new ones too. The opportunities seem to becoming greater and greater--but we aren't rushing, as all good things take time. We know God has it all planned out and laid before us, and we must enjoy the journey. All that is necessary is to remain focused on our new goals for year two, while being open to the possibilities along the way. 🙌🏻 With that said, we invite you to share below how you're feeling as winter seems to be fading away, and we are blessed with an early, bountiful spring!! ⬇️⬇️
Finally made it to Fort Severn! We are currently following the longest ice road in the world by dog team on this 3000km expedition from Churchill, Manitoba to Saint John New Brunswick. Follow the trip with @boss_dog_expeditions and @nanukoperations and check out @hemmings_house who are producing the documentary. All photos and footage being shot on a Panasonic Lumix GH5 @lumixcan - - - - - #dogs #dogsledding #mush #mushing #dogmushing #exploreon #expedition #journey #adventuretravel #adventure #sunrise #bossdogexpeditions #nanukoperations #documentary #documentaryphotography #journalism #filming #filmphotography #filmmaking #cbc #lovecbcmb #cabin #camping #lumixgh5 #lumixcan #wherelumixgoes #lumixstories #lumixmasters
A beautiful little courtyard hidden in the back streets of Priego de Córdoba, Spain.
Throwing it back to the time I was able to bring the west coast into the Street Dance Project. #lindyhop #swing #swingdance #seattle #gh4 #gh4photography #lumixmasters #dancephotography #dancephotographer #dance #portraitphotographer #dcportraitphotographer #streetdancerproject Dance Of, By and For the People A J.S.Almonte Production http://jsalmonteproductions.com/ https://instagram.com/j_s_almonte/ http://streetdancerproject.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/JSAlmonteWandering
I think I'm moving but i go no where.
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