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Årets første utepils ☀️❄️ #ski #lonesometraveler #vafler #lunsjpause #saturday
Mumbai(Bombay) MAR2018 #lonesometraveler
Is that how the west was won? Is that just what I've become? I sure would like to think it ain't my fault How could I blame anybody else? I'm a fuck-up, girl, that's how I live my life I wish I knew just how to treat you right. --- The White Buffalo --- 🌵🌵🌵 I've got a thing for sitting on the sides of hills and gazing off into the distance...just like sitting on rocks and gazing off into the waves. 🌴🌴🌴 #howthewestwaswon #thewhitebuffalo #aguacalienteindiancanyons #thedesert #palmsprings #fuckup #california #TheWest #gowestyoungman #lonesometraveler #seeker #deserthotsprings #aguacaliente
Mumbai(Bombay) MAR2018 #lonesometraveler
維多利亞式建築加上雙層熱狗巴士,呢度仲唔係香港! Mumbai(Bombay) MAR2018 #lonesometraveler
Somewhere in South Dakota, August 2015: The road was predominantly a straight shot, with hills, dales and dips every so often that got more intense the further West I got. It made the car feel as if it were a boat floating on the Great Lakes as I cruised along at a cool 80mph. And even though the vehicle had a GPS system that showed me where I was and where I was going in whole of the USA or down to a quarter mile, I shunned it, feeling that if I got lost, fuck it, wherever I am at any given point in time, I was meant to be there. Besides, I had a Rand McNally and no road signs to follow. But I knew I was in the right area because I drove past a lone concrete slab that served what purpose? I don’t know… It was just out in the middle of nowhere with the letters A.I.M. spray painted on it. Heading north and driving fast, literally alone and not caring if a cop was hiding just past the crest of a hill, I drove into Wounded Knee, not knowing what to expect. Suddenly there was a car riding up my ass as I approached a T-intersection and just to get out of his way, I turned on a dirt 2-track and up a hill that led up to a cemetery. There was a van parked up at the top, just outside the cemetery where a couple of native kids were hanging out. I drove down another rocky two-track that seemed more fit for a HumVee as opposed to the Mini I was driving. This particular two track — one of three I could have chosen — seemed like it also served as a rain trough for the hill I was descending and I thought I was going to need suspension work before I even got to the Badlands. Good luck with that out here. I got back across the main road to where there was a parking lot and a wooden billboard giving a brief description of the massacre. I parked there and consulted my atlas.
My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them. #kerouac #roadnovels #ontheroad #dharmabums #thesubterraneans #lonesometraveler #journal #words #travel #goodreads
WARNING...🚧... #longasspost ahead. . . . Have you ever felt like you were living somebody else's life???🌴 The closer I get to reaching my goal of leaving the Midwest, the more alienated I feel while still here. It's almost like the natives can sense my dissatisfaction. It only reinforces my desire to vacate. 🌵 . I've never felt like I belonged here, (or anywhere for that matter) but I've wanted to move away since childhood. The older I get, the more I feel like I'm living someone else's life, in their state, with the people THEY relate to and the features or qualities that THEY enjoy about this place. There's nothing for me here.🌴 . It's not just the long, harsh winters, or the fact that we're surrounded by flat, mountain-less, manuer-smelling farm land for hundreds of miles in almost every direction, it's a FEELING of not belonging, a foreign sense of being homesick for a place I can't name.🌵 . For years and years, I've tried to adapt. To explore the neighboring states as well as the natural benefits of living somewhere with so many changes in weather and scenery. I've been to the forests, the lakes, the hills and fields, have smelled the fresh autumn air and marvelled at the colored leaves, basked in the summer heat, and even had fun (some) with the snow from time to time. I've enjoyed them all . . . but it's not where I want to be.🌴 I've always thought it'd be cool to die somewhere different than where I was born. I've longed for the ocean, the desert, the mountains and beaches...the cacti, palm trees, rainforests, and all the strange people that migrate west. I can't fall in love in Minnesota anymore. I'd never be happy. Either I'm alone until death opens its door for me, or I find a home in a land where I don't feel lost and lonely, outcast and foreign.🌵 Also with age and experience, I've learned the fine art of detachment. Nothing holds me and ties me down like before. Everything flows and likewise, all things must pass. That's not to say that I don't feel life and love and experience passion, but simply that I learned to no longer grasp those things to keep for my own fulfillment and selfish purpose. Climb the mountain and move on.
Happy Birthday Jack Kerouac!! Simultaneously to me, both an enormous inspiration and cautionary tale... #shannonhedges #queerartist #jackkerouac #beatwriter #beatpoet #artinspiration #storytellers #streetstyle #traveller #thedharmabums #ontheroad #bigsur #lonesometraveler
The magnificent Sofaer building from the colonial era, stands tall in this ever changing city. Yangon(Rangoon) MAR2018 #lonesometraveler
Beautiful Pansodan Yangon(Rangoon) MAR2018 #lonesometraveler
I had a bit of a break from Stephen King this week and decided to read some of the shorter books that I own instead. The Time Machine. I love this super old copy of The Time Machine, I bought it a while ago and it's the only orange penguin book that I own for now. The main story is great but the book as a whole was a bit disappointing because most of the short stories are pretty boring. 2/5 overall for the book but I would give The Time Machine story a 4/5 if it was on it's own. Heart of Darkness. I bought the Heart of Darkness after watching Apocalypse Now because I heard that it was based on the book. This is a really short book but the story is seriously boring and it took me the longest time to struggle through it. 1/5 Lonesome Traveler. I really love Jack Kerouac's books, his writing style is great and his adventure stories are a joy to read. I've only read 3 of his books so there's still loads left to look forward to. 4/5 Animal Farm. I really enjoyed following the story of a farmyard rebellion and the transition from a group of equals into a ruling class that wouldn't seem out of place in the world of 1984. I breezed through the story in a couple of hours and it's my favourite book of the week.
One of my new favorite places, Indian Canyons has the best of what I love most about hiking and rock climbing. Palm trees, a variety of cacti, snow capped mountains, lizards, sage, and NO mosquitoes! 🌴🌵🏔🏜 #paradise #aguacaliente #palmsprings #californiafebruary #mattsplayground #icantwaittogoback #aguacalienteindiancanyons #thedesert #lonesometraveler #🌵
I don't know where I got the poison oak from, but it's not going to stop me from leaving designated trails and catching new views and adventures like this. Rattlesnakes might stop me....but not some cowardly rash! #vistas #aguacalienteindiancanyons #palmsprings #californiafebruary #thedesert #lonesometraveler #indiancanyons #iblazemyowntrail #sneakattack #showyourface #plantcoward #ititcheslikeamofo #fuckinamanigotarash #totallyworthit 🌿🔫
This canyon just kept on keeping on. . . The Misty Mountains of Middle Earth a few days ago either strengthened my legs or weakened my concept of time. It felt like I was descending for way too long. If I hadn't escaped, I might have kept going down forrrrreverrrrrr. 🌵🌴 #neverendingcanyon #aguacalienteindiancanyons #californiafebruary #palmsprings #thedesert #aguacaliente #lonesometraveler
The cholla (pronounced choy-a) is perhaps the most feared and hated cacti in the southwest desert. If you brush up against one, you will know why. #buttheylooksofuzzy #aguacalienteindiancanyons #palmsprings #california #cholla #cactilover #indiancanyons #wayofftrail #whattrail #iblazemyowntrail #lonesometraveler 🌵
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