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Compare your favorite rappers first week album sales: 🔥 Logic “Bobby Tarantino II” 117K Lil Boat “Lil Boat 2” 64K Tekashi 6ix9ine “Day 69” 55K Tory Lanez “MDD” 51K Rich Brian “Amen” 19K Lil Skies “Life of a Dark Road” 16K
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Can u tell I love my son 💁🏾‍♂️😂#lilboat2 #bigboat x #lilboat
that’s a person who doesn’t care ab 🗣 just care ab 🧘🏽‍♂️ ,, #lilboat2 @lilyatchy just another one of those flashes🖇❤️
Who wants to hear new music from Lil Yachty & Chance The Rapper? 🤔🤔🙋‍♂️
March 9th. #lilboat2
***ALBUM REVIEW*** Lil Boat 2 - Lil Yachty (2018) The highly anticipated sequel to the inventive Atlanta rapper finally arrives after a major flop of an album that was Teenage Emotions. Lil Boat 2 is more of a return to form for Yachty, yet not entirely. While the original Lil Boat tape contained a roughly equal amount of bangers and ballads, LB2 focuses mostly on the Lil Boat persona, the harder trap oriented side of Lil Yachty. That doesn't mean that Lil Yachty's signature "bubblegum trap" style isn't on here. Tracks like she ready and love me forever definetly give me flashbacks of the vibe Lil Yachty came up from, and I do wish it was present more on the tape, but I'm not complaining too much, because the bangers on this album are fucking fantastic. BOOM with Ugly God is one of the openers with a hook that does exactly as the title suggests. COUNT ME IN might be my favorite of all the the banger category, although it contains what is easily the worst line on the album, "She eat nut like a burger." The album has other lyrical low points, but at the end of the day it is a Yachty album so it is not surprising, and they were not so many that I was constantly cringing. The worst parts of the album are the generic Migos flavored songs such as TALK NICE TO ME and FLEX which don't go over well at all consider how over saturated that sound is currently. There are many features on this album and all of them except the Quavo feature are great in my eyes. Overall this album restored my faith in Boat, and while it doesn't sit with me as well as its predecessor it does make me feel good to be a Yachty fan again. Essential Tracks: SELF MADE, BOOM!, OOPS, COUNT ME IN, she ready, love me forever, POP OUT, NBAYOUNGBOAT, BABY DADDY and 66 Worst Songs: TALK TO ME NICE and FLEX Overall Rating:Decent 7 #hiphop #rap #instrumental #classic #production #lilyachty #lilboat #quailtycontrol #lilboat2 #lb2 #migos #quavo #offset #lilpump #uglygod #2chainz #trippieredd #teegrizley
@FatBoy_Sse Joins #BRealTv in The #SmokeBox But The #Weed Was So Real He Had To Take a Break 😭🔥
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Lil Yachty • LIL BOAT 2 ⛵️ @lilyachty #lilyachty #lilboat2 #pixelart #pokemon
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