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Taken either two minutes before or after rain.
An important message. Keep going.
The feels were strong last weekend when I visited my home state 😊 Still a Cali girl at heart ♥️ . Pics from Baker beach, Palace of fine arts, and Cityscape . . . #sanfrancisco #palaceoffinearts #bakerbeach #cityscape #goldengatebridge #bayarea #california #citylife #worldtraveler #wanderlust #adventure #fitness #fitlife #girlswholift #lifeofadventure #bikiniathlete
Colombia Day 8 *Alto de Los Idolos
Taking time out to appreciate quiet confidence is important.
Travel More😅 Video: @connorbobonnor Chosen By: @marksashchenko #inversefilms
Look at how blue that water is. It never ceases to amaze me.
Shooting the midnight sun at the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, while almost everyone around is asleep. A dream coming true. June 2016
This trip, I’ve concluded that he is for sure a snow dog. 🏔🐕 Adventure buddies: @keitherr @nate.cazares
Gorgeous sight of migrating birds flying into the sunset.
It was a Tuesday and our only plan was to create together. When you step out and do what you’re passionate about, the freedom it gives you is everything.✨☀️🚌 #RadLivin @thesalty.dreamers
The gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out What you on about? I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my bones I'm stronger now, I'm ready for the house Such a modest mouse, I can't do it alone, I can't do it alone
Mt Evans fighting back the clouds on this sunny but windy day!
Golden hour
До чего же красиво! Если интересно, могу написать потом о ценах на 2018 год👌🏻 одно могу сказать, Париж город дорогой и опасный😏 нас здорово испугали бомжи в метро, всякие странные личности и ночной город) ну и для парижского метро приготовлен отдельный котёл в аду🔥 #париж #paris #мосталександратретьего
Alright, who made Lake Michigan so angry today??
You can find beautiful treasures just around your house. 🖤 #snowday
Just a walk in the park 🌊☀️❤️
En minst lika outdoorgalen människa som jag. Hon står ut med alla mina fotostopp på våra turer, å jag med hennes. Lyssnar på mina problem o delar med sig av sina egna. Delar samma intressen och har även samma, lite smått nästan sjuka, eufori över naturen 🤣 Vad skulle jag göra utan dig som vän @hanna_o_viking ? ❤ #soulmate #liveauthentic #outsideisfree #forest #life #nature #healing
El camino a casa después de un largo día de trabajo.
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