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The longer the hair the harder they stare 😍 💁🏼‍♀️ . . .@rachaelsands1 @remicachet 😍😍😍😍
• C H R O M E & O A K• #nameabetterduo
A few points to share this morning 1) I bloody love a good jumpsuit they are so quick and easy to wear which is helpful when you only have 30 minutes max to get ready as a Mum! 2) The dilemma I have with this one is that the back is totally open, which I love but that means no bra which I’m just not sure I can pull off!! I’m actually a cup size DD and post babies the “other set of twins” I have share more resemblance to puppy dog ears than anything else so not really a strong look! 3) On a side note isn’t it funny how we also want what we don’t have, I would love to have smaller breast and so many people I know who have small breasts want bigger!! Why can’t we just be happy with what we have? 4) I’m actually not really not a fan of wearing black as I think it a bit dull and boring, I also think wearing bright colours genuinely lift my mood but then again I also think it’s always good to mix it up a bit and i forgot how flattering black is! 5) Also the last time I worn this jumpsuit I was on route to our honeymoon in the Caribbean so wearing it rather nostalgic 6) Final point: no I’m not actually listening out for anything this is me trying to pose!!! Must work on this 🙈
Diversity☺ #Dubai #lifeinDubai #beach
English follows↓Swipe for 👶🍽️ ・ 晩ごはん -辛さ控えめエビチリ -空心菜炒め -きゅうりのポン酢漬け -トマトと卵のスープ ・ 今日は父の日ということで、父親になってちょうど1年と1ヶ月の主人のリクエストに応えてエビチリ。 本当、毎日助かってます。 「俺は何もしてない」と言うけれど、もしあれで何もしてなかったら逆に何をしたら「何かした」ことになるのかと思う。 食欲は回復したけれど、念の為辛さは控えめ♡ ・ ・ 息子の晩ごはん -野菜たっぷりソーミンチャンプルー -ブロッコリー、プチトマト ・ ソーミンチャンプルー、一口食べて虜になった息子。そうめんの塩気のおかげ? 半分食べ進めたところでごちそうさまポーズをしたので片していると… 大惨事発生😂(3枚目) 一旦床に置いたソーミンチャンプルーに飛びつき食べ始める息子。そのまま食べ続け、完食しましたとさ。 マナーも大事だけれど、今は食べる事は楽しいんだと知ってほしい。 床でそうめんまみれになりながら食べている瞬間が一番幸せそうだった。 ・ 🍉 ・ Dinner: -Not-so-spicy chili shrimps -Stir-fried kongxin cai -Pickled cucumbers -Tomato and egg soup ・ Happy Father's Day!! Since it's father's day, I made what daddy requested. ・ You've been a wonderful father and husband for the past 1 year and 31 days. Yet you are too humble and say you've done nothing. If what you've done is nothing, what do you need to do to do "something"? It's true that you only get to spend about an hour or even less with K everyday, but after a long day of work, you still step in and help. You spend as much time as possible with K on your precious weekends. Not to mention you also help me around the house. You don't know how much those things mean to me. Thanks for always being there for us. I am just very truly grateful to have a husband like you❤ ・ ・ K's dinner: -Somin champru (stir-fried somen noodles) -Broccoli, cherry tomatoes ・ K just loved the noodles!! It was actually loaded with veggies but I don't think he noticed😉 He fiercely ate halfway through, suddenly stopped and did "I'm done" sign so I started cleaning up... and this happened (pic. 3) I placed the bowl on the floor to clean the table and a second later, he was sitting right next to it and eating...and he finished the entire thing!!! (minus those left on the floor. Don't worry I clean the floor before meals). Manners are important, I know. But for now, I want him to know that eating is fun and food is good. Indeed, he looked the happiest and most satisfied when sitting on the floor and demolishing the noodles. ・ ・ ・ Happy Father's Day to All of Dads on the Planet!
Romantic environment. Love, life, flowers and aroma. #travel #nature #mydubai #leisuretime #leisure #lifestyle #happinessuae #weekend #lifeindubai
◾A Father hold his daughter hand for a short while,but he holds her heart forever... Thank you Dad. Miss you so much and time will never heal my heart.With time is just harder💔...But I know you looking after me always. Happy father's Day ❤❤❤ #fathersday #mydad #notanymorewithus #missyoudad #daughterandfather #dadisthebest #mydadisthebest #family #losemydad #mydubai #myheartisbroken ##dxb #lifeindubai #missingfamily #
This afternoon we had some friends over for Sunday roast and while we didn’t go out it was still so nice to socialise, I’ve said it before and il say it again... as I don’t go out much during the week anymore it’s really important I do stuff on the weekends! So now the girls are in bed and it’s time for meeeeere 🤘🏻 party on!
Tomorrow, is another day. Another chance, another opportunity. Tomorrow is whatever you make of it.
Cool place to hang out while waiting for daughter at gymnastics. Good food and atmosphere 🙌🏼 🥗😎 @nathaliescafe @fitrepublikae @dubaisportscity
Gleb, what did you do today in the middle of the Dubai's desert? - well, skiing :D #ski #skidubai #lifeindubai #fun #snow
Настроение-просто лежать на пляже часами....только,если бы, температуру еще градусов на 20 поменьше 😣 😢 _____________________ #dubai #lifeindubai #sea #unitedarabemirates #summer2018 #june #beach 🌊 #girlsindubai #lamerbeach
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Reminiscing on a time I was all angelic!😅👼🏻
Ever thought about customizing your own furniture? Come take a look behind the scenes Video by -@tashkeelstudio
Happy Father’s Titos! Thank you for being such a great uncles to us! We love you forever 😘😘 #lucyandbetty #thankfulforthem #milestones #lifeindubai #lifewithtwins #makingmemories #fathersday #vs20plata
K's Breakfast -Beetroot and apple overnight oats with berries ・ Loved it and devoured almost the entire thing! This bowl can hold more than it looks and he usually eats about half. I think his appetite is back!!!!! ・ I had a rough night. We went to bed early as we were not feeling 100%. K woke up at around 11:30 crying and rolling here and there. It took us 30 min to put him back to sleep. As soon as he is back to sleep, I started to hear/feel children running around and jumping, laughing and screaming from the floor above us which continued for another half an hour or so (and yes, it was midnight!). Then when I thought I could finally go back to sleep peacefully, the guy sleeping next to me started to snore violently😠 So right now it's 9am and I'm already super sleepy😪 I forgive him because he made me a good coffee first thing in the morning (and it's fathers' day!)😉 ・ ☀️ ・ 息子の朝ごはん -ビーツとりんごのオーバーナイトオーツ、ベリートッピング ・ とても気に入ったようで、ほぼ完食!ちなみにこのボウル、見た目より入るので、いつも半分くらいしか食べない。食欲戻ったかな? ・ 私、今朝は激しく寝不足… というのも、昨日は早めに布団に入ったのに、11時半頃息子が珍しく起き、うねうねしながら泣き叫ぶこと30分、やっと寝たと思った途端、上の階から子どもの走り回る足音とはしゃぎまくる笑い声(深夜です、はい)…これがまた30分程続き、やっと収まったと思ったら…隣で寝てるアラサーのおっさんが壮大なイビキ!!! もう怒りしかなかった笑 と言うわけで、朝9時過ぎからだいぶ眠い。 朝一でコーヒーを淹れてくれたので、許す。父の日だし!
Red is my colour! What’s yours
Surround yourself with those who reassure you instead of those who make you doubt yourself. Spend more time with people who make you laugh when you’re down. Surround yourself with those who are able to laugh at themselves — those who don’t pretend to be perfect and don’t expect you to be either. Surround yourself with people who respect you for who you are not for your money or what you could do for them. Find those who love you for your soul — the ones who are not expecting you to do anything for them. Find those who prefer quality over quantity. Spend more time with people who inspire you to selfcare, dream beautiful things and love . But more than anything, spend more time with people who make you feel loved, people who remind you of your worth and people who truly appreciate your presence in their lives. Stay away from those who think you’re replaceable, those who think you’re temporary and those who make you feel like you don’t matter. Stay away from people who only want you to forget someone else or people who only run to you when they need something from you. Stay away from people who make you feel like you have to change because you’re not good enough or smart enough. Stay away from people who drain you to lift themselves higher and stay away from those who smile in your face then stab you in your back. Because the people we spend time with influence the way we see the world and the way we see ourselves and it’s important to hang out with people who make you feel that the world is beautiful and that you are beautiful too. Spend more time with people who don’t make you feel alone and appreciate people who only want to see you smile. #friendshipquotes #friends #truefriends #bereal #realfriends #stopcomplaining #gratitude #grateful #thankful #appreciate #valuetime #value #lawofattraction #positivevibes #meditiondubai #light #lightworker #selfconfidence #women #empowering #trust #hope #future #dxb #dubai #lifeindubai #expatdubai #
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Because she is afraid of not being supported, she unknowingly pushes away the support she needs. #JohnGrey #Dubai #MyDubai #LifeInDubai #RussianGirl #Relationship #Live #Support
日本語↓Swipe for👶🍽️ ・ Dinner: -Chicken and daikon congee (with kale for K) -Shira-ae (veggies in tofu sesame sauce - Carrot for adults, carrot and zucchini for K) -Grilled shrimps ・ Seems like something weird is going on around our house. All of us lost our appetite several days back and haven't regained it since (therefore the lack of posts). We did much better today, though, although K still isn't eating as much and hubs can only stomach 1/3 of what he usually does (while I CAN eat although I don't feel like eating😅). So tonight, I made something that was easy on stomach (+shrimps. They were so cheap but looked so yummy we decided to give them a try -they didn't live up to our expectations😕). Hubs liked it but K hated it!!! I knew he wasn't a big fan of rice but I thought he'd eat it if I got rid of the steamed rice (grainy but squishy?) texture. Nope! I was wrong. He took a few bites of the congee, made an ewww face and threw everything on the floor. The rest remained untouched. Instead, he ate a zucchini ricotta muffin (freezer stash)… I try not to offer something else when he refuses to eat what is prepared, but since he hasn't been eating much I would give him anything if he ate😅. Hopefully everyone's appetite will come back tomorrow! ・ 🍙 ・ 晩ごはん -鶏と大根の中華風粥(息子はケール入り) -白和え(息子はズッキーニと人参、大人は人参) -炒ったエビ ・ 数日前から一家揃って食欲不振。 体調が悪いわけではなく、ただ食欲がないだけ…なんだろう。 でも今日になり、息子はまだいつもどおりではないし主人はいつもの1/3くらいしか食べないけれど、皆だいぶ戻りはじめた感じ。 なので今夜はお腹に優しいものを(あとエビ。安くて美味しそうだったから買ってみたけど期待外れ)。 主人はしっかり食べていたけれど、息子は数口お粥を食べたあとは完全拒否、その他のおかずはスルー。 お米が苦手なのは知っていたけれど、お米の食感を消せば行けるかもと思ったがダメだった。 でもお腹は空いていたらしく、冷凍してあったズッキーニとリコッタチーズのマフィンを完食… 普段は、好き嫌いした際になるべく変わりのものを与えないようにしているけれど、今は食べてくれればそれでいいから特別! 明日は回復しますように!
Mercato Beach 🏖#lifeindubai
“The most essential in your life is your own being. Without knowing the true essence of your being, your heart will always remain empty and dissatisfied. Without recognition of who you are, without inwardly awakening to that, you stumble like a drunkard through a maze of meaningless limitations. Remember your Self… If you want to awaken to reality, no spiritual entertainment technique can help you. You may have to go through the pain of disillusionment, but that’s in fact your liberation. It is time to face yourself. “ – Gayan Sylvie Winter and Jo Dose (The Native American Wisdom Our soul journey of healing and transformation, is unique to each one of us. As we continue on this journey, we can increasingly recognise the value of our inner work. This work does not require the approval or recognition of others. The core purpose of our journey, is to continue to heal and grow. #beautifulsoul #soul #innerbeauty #innerpeace #purposeoflife #purpose #lawofattraction #divine #higherthoughts #bodymindsoul #oneness #wholeself #spritual #newage #light #star #shift #innervoice #soulpurpose #lifepurpose #destiny #journey #lifeindubai #life #lovedubai #dubai #empowering #dubaihappiness #dubai #dxb #uae
#TastingsbyFoonactics #restaurantreviewsaturdays Foonactics decided to visit a place on the outskirts of dubai and finally landed to last exit Al Qudra.It has an nice country side ambience decorated with lights and consists with food trucks of different cuisines.We decided to relish food from 3 various food trucks: 1)Poco Loco:A well known Mexican place.We decided to start with melted cheese fries coupled with Super Nachos,Tacos,Berry and Passion fruit mojito mocktails 2)Burger Pit:Famous for the burgers and sides,decided to go for the Spicy Chicken Drifter along with Truffle Parmesan fries. 3)The Brass:Known for their shakes,The Chocolate Hazelnut and Caramel latte is one of their best shakes in terms of flavor. Overall,if your looking to get away from the city life and enjoy a nice meal,Last exit Al Qudra is a place with an exquisite country style ambience and cozy outdoors where you can enjoy a wonderful meal from the different food trucks present.
Я прям с некой опаской выкладываю сюда этот текст. Прямо с порога заявляю - хочу лайк, за хорошее фото )) ⠀ Мы, блогеры, тут заметили, что люди из Инстаграмм пропали 👀. Причём все и разом. Что это? ⠀ Футбол, дача, шашлык? Или может отпуск? ⠀ Дубай - город полный экспатов со всего света, кого здесь только нет! И все они смотрят футбол, я раньше не знала, что футбол можно смотреть так громко 😂 я, при желании, могу даже не включать матч, потому что слышу с верху, низу и всех боков, кто что делает не правильно, а кто забил и молодец. ⠀ Причём мой словарный запас ещё пополнился кучей матерных на всех языках, не, вру, китайцев не слышу, они, наверно, тоже в шоке ))) Завтра у них спрошу )) ⠀ Вы футбол смотрите? ⠀
Out again in @mediaonehotel to celebrate yet another bestie’s birthday! ✨ The birthdays haven’t stopped rolling this month and I’m kinda enjoying every last minute of it!🙈😍
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