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This morning I’m dreaming of summer and vines.🌿It’s not too early to create your outdoor living experience. Most important? Add color and greenery with a few pots filled to the brim with blooms and vines🌱 then some comfy pillows and cushions to your outdoor seating. Even in a small and simple area, pots and pillows will bring the Welcome charm. 🏡 🍋#lemonspluslife
A little greenery🌿 is often the final touch that’s needed on a space or vignette. 🍃🍋#lemonspluslife
Can’t deal with this cuteness! My “Oh The Places You’ll Go” Cupro Skirt, available in the boutique, is soft, chic and exquisite with a touch of fun whimsy. #lemonspluslife
Adding texture always create charm, chic and a welcome home feel to a vignette. Here you have the smooth nature of the chair, a basket for braided texture with a soft blanket peeking out and peacock feathers on the canvas print. It’s inviting, cozy and natural. 👆🏼 the pic for the peacock canvas. It’s one of my favs in the boutique. I took the photograph while I was porch hopping in Florida around St. Augustine. 🍋#lemonspluslife
🍋I love front porches. Maybe it’s a Southern thing. 🤷‍♀️ Sometimes I see 👀🏡the best front porch views on a drive through the country. 🍃#lemonspluslife
Modern and minimal, vintage or country...add pops of red to your home and living for energy, warmth and a showstopper on the home decor color palette! Live inspired. 🍋#lemonspluslife
At Lemons Plus Life one of the things we love🍃 is decorating 🏡with plants 🌿both indoor and in our outdoor living. We love to garden like we💜 our Southern Lemonade🍋. Dreaming of a fairy tale style garden is what keeps us digging it🌱 in the beginning. #lemonspluslife
Our collection of Greeting Cards is growing as we are inspired and create! One of the many things I love about them is they are 5 X 7 and great framed or a special ready to frame gift. This one, with a yellow damask printed background, is one of my favs! 👆🏼pic to buy. 🍋#lemonspluslife
Happy Mother’s Day weekend! Lemons Plus Life recommends some front porch sitting 🍃with a glass of fresh lemonade🍋! #lemonspluslife
Easy to care for with little watering, 💧plenty of sun, ☀️a variety of textures and colors🌵 I am thinking succulents for some of my summer pots! 🍋#lemonspluslife
Just a friendly reminder.👀 You need a new beach tote bag🌴I’ve designed one especially for you. Machine washable & double stitched. Choose your size. Get your beach🌴 on today. Shop 👆🏼photo or www.lemonspluslife.boutique. #lemonspluslife
Some words. When you put them together. Can start a movement. Make the world a better place. Everything that’s better, begins with gratitude. 🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
I use clay pots or terra cotta pots often in my outdoor living decor and gardening. There’s a raw beauty about them whether empty or full. They bring an old world charm to outdoor and indoor spaces. 🍋#lemonspluslife
Early morning. 🌿Walking through the shade of all things possible and into the light of the gift of this new day.🌿🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Looking back on the day at simple vases full of spring on our tables. 🍃The beauty isn’t just in the color and beauty of the blooms, but also in the artistry of the stems 🌱through the clear vase in the water. Clear vases showcase a simple country charm from stem to bloom! 🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
And then she made her porch a long sip of lemonade.🍋 Welcome Home🏡 Front Porch Inspiration. Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
40% OFF! Oh my gosh!👀 Get over the Wednesday hump with a little retail therapy and a great sale! Our Women and Men Tees 40% OFF with our friend code: TSHIRTS40 at 👆🏼link in bio! 🍋#lemonspluslife
Spring is on the heels of summer🍃. Flowers and all things green have arrived! The garden has my heart!💜 From floral chiffon scarves 🌼in the boutique to garden themed home decor🌿 in Throw Pillows and Glass Trays, I have gardening on my mind! 🌱 Here’s a tip: 👀If you are looking at flower seeds to plant, generally the seeds that come up the fastest and the best are larger seeds. 🌱Some for sure seeds are Morning Glories, Marigolds, Zinnias and Cosmos. 🌱Morning Glories need something to climb on, and come up the quickest if you soak the seeds in water a day or two before you plant.🌱 Happy planting!🌱Live inspired. 🍋#lemonspluslife
Some of our favs from our spring front porch hopping! 🏡🍃From vintage mill work, decor, colors and a great welcome vibe, we hope they inspire you in your own signature welcome home! 🏡Live inspired.🍋#lemonspluslife
Love the positive vibes 💜of our new Unisex Bella Canvas Faith Tees in the boutique! 👆🏼Summer Tees in bio. Share the love. Share the light. 💫 🍋#lemonspluslife
Early morning walk in the forest. 🍃 Nature’s wild and botanical on my mind. Scroll👆🏼to see nature inspired in the boutique today!🍋🍃#lemonspluslife #naturelovers #natureinspired #botanical
You know. 🤷‍♀️That girl. Might be you. 👀This is her t-shirt. New in the boutique with lots of other fun summer tees! 🍋#lemonspluslife
Sip on some spring inspiration and gather up diy ideas from my blog “Living Beautiful Inside Out.” Learn how to decorate tables and built-Ins. create a summer escape and simplify your decor and lifestyle before the summer adventures! Link👆🏼in bio👀🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
This day ya’ll! A walk through the forest🍃 and Florida Wildflowers. Gathering up some simple country charm with Phlox and Poppies for mason jar arrangements.🍋#lemonspluslife
Sometimes all that’s necessary are a few stems 🍃in an antique vase or mason jars for simple, chic elegance or country charm. 🍃🍋Live inspired.#lemonspluslife
My daughter runs like the wind! 🏃‍♀️Every time I see this verse, 👀I am reminded of her 🏃‍♀️and how we all need encouragement on those days we feel more turtle than runner! New in the boutique, our t-shirt that’s designed to encourage you on your turtle days and a great tee for runners! 🏃‍♀️🍋#lemonspluslife
Love it when clients send reviews with photos! 💜A huge thank you to Cheri for this pic of her new Lemons Plus Life Throw Pillow “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” on her bedding! Love the look she created! I designed two for her to choose from, and you can see the second design here. I love helping people create a happy home. 🏡It makes me so happy. Tap pillows👆🏼 to shop. I threw in the pic of my honey kissing me for special effects!😉😂 Live inspired. 🍋#lemonspluslife #happinesslifestyle
On the Blog “Living Beautiful Inside Out” 🏡 tips on starting now to create your escape bedroom “resort” feel for summer, how to decorate tables and shelves and add patterns not stuff! 👆🏼 in the bio. Let’s create. Happiness lifestyle Live inspired.🍋#lemonspluslife
Lovin’ this DIY idea.👀 The white small limbs cut, painted and lined up as a privacy screen or fence. You could even use it to create distinct outdoor spaces or separate two. 🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
It’s almost👀Time to plan tomorrow’s shenanigans! 🍋#lemonspluslife
Magnolias are blooming!🍃 Gathering blooming branches for mantle decor.🍃 Some gifts in life, like Magnolias, are so pure and beautiful, all that’s necessary is to be grateful! Live inspired.🍋#lemonspluslife
Soon in the boutique! Celebrating teachers! Great end of school gifts! Under $25. Shop link 👆🏼 in bio. Be on the 👀! #lemonspluslife #weloveteachers
Just a few blooms of gorgeous from my morning of gathering wildflowers. 🍃 Watch for these to show up somewhere in my home decor line sometime soon! 🍋#lemonspluslife
Out gathering wildflowers 🍃for floral arrangements today. 🍃Another moment I can’t even handle spring’s gorgeous! 🍋#lemonspluslife #floridawildflowers #florida
Life. It may be easier to bloom in a field of wildflowers. 🍃But there’s something uniquely painful & beautiful when one learns to bloom 🍃in a field of weeds. Live inspired.🍋 #lemonspluslife
Have you ever gotten stuck in decorating a table, shelf or small space🤷‍♀️? Like, it’s a small space...👀it seems like it should be easy. 🤷‍♀️Just check out my newest blog “The Season of Simplify” for “how to” on shelves and tables. Thank you so much should you take time to read it! Start creating! Link👆🏼 in profile. Live inspired.🍋#lemonspluslife
Love this DIY idea. 👀All you need is a candle, burlap string and a sprig of your favorite herb!🍃 Make one or several for a fragrant centerpiece. Rosemary, basil or spearmint would be aromatic choices depending on the meal or drinks you are serving. 🍃🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Start creating your summer escape & “resort” feel in your home now🏡 and more on my latest blog post! Link in bio. 👆🏼🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Gathering blooms for table and mantle arrangements today!🍃 Can hardly deal. Spring just brings on the gorgeous. So, I am I also imagining a focal wall in this pink!🤫🏡#lemonspluslife
Add patterns not stuff. A pop of green in the wreath. 🍃A Mandala pattern on a pillow and Chevron print on storage baskets. Natural colors. With patterns. Coming home to tranquility after a busy day. Priceless! More on my latest home and lifestyle blog in bio👆🏼🏡#lemonspluslife
I wonder if new possibilities in life always arrive at the shore of life 💦without all the answers. And embracing the mystery is part of the living. Live inspired. 💜#lemonspluslife
Absolutely love our outdoor living space with our vertical garden! 🍃We’ve put several together, planted succulents, and the effect is fabulous! 🍃Succulents are easy to grow, require little watering 💧and with their different textures, shapes and colors they are garden must haves!🍃Go vertical today! 👆🏼the pic. 🍋#lemonspluslife
Scroll 👆🏼.Our love for botanicals🍃 shows up in our exclusive designs and curated collections. 🤷‍♀️ I’m a nature lover!🍃And there’s some great Mother’s Day gifts here as low as $3.99! 👀 Just tap👆🏼 the pics! 🍋#lemonspluslife
Porch hopping🍃 for spring welcome inspiration🦋on Treasure Island🌴Turquoise door live, vertical live and window boxes a must have! 🍋Live inspired! #lemonspluslife
One thing leads to another! 👀Boutique blogger lifestyle. On an old southern plantation home in St. Augustine, FL. 🌴When this peacock wandered across my path out of the forest.🍃 Camera action! Watch for my new Peacock Canvas in the boutique! 🍋#lemonspluslife #naturephotography #naturelovers #nature #peacock #peacocks #peacockdecor
Canvas art coming to my boutique soon! 👀🍋 I ran into this peacock on an old southern plantation in St. Augustine, FL. And gave my camera a workout! These jewel tone feathers! #lemonspluslife
In love with this new piece of artwork soon to arrive in the boutique!🍋 It’s from a photograph I took of a vintage front porch on a home in St. Augustine, FL. Can you imagine it on a red wall or jewel toned focal wall? It may be my fav ever! I love how simple lines and curves become artistic! Watch👀 for it. It will be available in several sizes!
🍋Lemons Plus Life...Designing and creating curated collections that inspire you to live Beautiful from the Inside out.🍋Tap👆🏼 a pic if you love it! My fav? The hand stamped necklace with the lyrics from the song 🎶Oceans”. #lemonspluslife
Come up on my fav porch today!🏡 The storybook appeal turns up the welcome, fish scale siding gives a vintage hello and the landscaping a perfect accent! The right landscaping will take any house to the next level.🏡🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Mother’s Day gifts to light up her glow!🍋Shop link👆🏼 in bio. 🍋#lemonspluslife
It’s the simple things.🍃 That take my breath away.🍃🍋#lemonspluslife
Our exclusive nature inspired scarf! 🍃Exquisite. Feels like silk. Light and airy-gently sheer. Handmade🍃. We create and design many of our boutique products-all designed to turn up your glow and live Beautiful from the Inside Out. 💫Your purchase of this scarf also provides literacy and math classes for the maker. Get this breezy look! 👆🏼Tap scarf. 🍋#lemonspluslife
Scroll left👆🏼Spring scarves. 🦋 Turn up your glow! 🍃#lemonspluslife
Porch hopping.🏡 This front porch welcome rocks with barn red rockers!👀Red is always the go to stand out bold color statement! 🍋#lemonspluslife
SCROLL👆🏼 left. Nature is my inspiration. 🍃Take a scroll through some of my nature and botanical🍃 inspired boutique products. This is one of my fav Florida bike trails! 🚴🏻‍♂️Blue Run by the Rainbow River!💦 🍋#lemonspluslife
Porch hopping🏡And I’ve fallen for spring’s purple allure! A lavender welcome home with dark purple shades. It’s spring. Add a touch of purple to your home or lifestyle. Wear purple love with my exclusive “Purple Princess Sheer Wrap”. 👆🏼 pic to check it out🍋#lemonspluslife
Front porch hopping for creative spring welcomes!🍃 This vintage home is my fav for today!🏡 The soft green background showcases spring’s signature color and the cozy front porch sends a warm welcome of family, gathering and a season to simplify life.🍃🌱And that’s my “can’t do without” on a front porch Welcome: Tell your story and have a place to gather. Wicker is my go to for gathering charm. What’s your “can’t do without” on your front porch?💧 🍋#lemonspluslife
Beach inspiration!💦 From my exclusive collection, this exquisite, handmade Starfish Sheer Wrap and necklace! 💦Perfect Mother’s Day gift! Today I have ONE wrap, ready to ship-on sale 50% off! Regular $120. Today $60. Let me know you want the wrap with an email to: nan@lemonspluslife.boutique and just tap👆🏼the necklace to buy! 🍋#lemonspluslife
The ocean is a dreaming kind of place. 💦 Vast. Endless. Mystery. Where our souls can once again ride the waves of infinite possibilities. 💦 🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Today may be a mixture of flowers and weeds. 🌱We decide which one we will water. 🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
First glance at Mother’s Day gifts that turn up her glow! ☀️ Shop link👆🏼 in bio. 🍋#lemonspluslife
There are two reasons why we take the same path. Either we are meant to be there 🌱or it just gets comfortable. 🍃I wonder if wisdom is knowing when to continue on the same path🍃 or when to change and create a new path. 🌱🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Porch hopping🍃 for spring welcome inspiration! 🍃What do I love about this porch? The white palette that makes the colors take center stage. The navy/cobalt color around the doorway and window for dramatic effect. The soft green and turquoise porch chairs🍃💧 creating a serene welcome to come and sit a spell as well as bringing spring’s signature colors into the porch decor. 🌱🏠Try putting these colors together inside or outside your home in your furniture or decor accents creating your own signature spring look🏡🍃👀🍋#lemonspluslife
SCROLL to left👆🏼. Sick and tired of it all. That’s what I felt about so much going on in the world.🤷‍♀️ I couldn’t fix it all, but I decided I had to do something. I can design and create These scarves are from my exclusive collection. Handmade. Exquisite. Light and airy. And even better?The maker receives monetary compensation, literacy classes and math classes. So together, with your shopping cart, we can make a difference for a family in third world poverty. The first scarf is “She Glows”. The second is “Love Heals.” Look beautiful. Make a difference today! 🍋#lemonspluslife
Porch Hoppin’ for spring 🍃welcomes. Spring gives us such great colors to bring her vivid yellows, reds, purples, periwinkle blues🦋 and turquoise skies onto our porches and into our homes🍃. Ready for a spring redo? Not sure what color? Take spring’s natural color choices! 🍋#lemonspluslife
This dress. In love. Must have. New arrival in the boutique. 👆🏼 Tap for the look. 🍋#lemonspluslife
Porch hopping🍃 welcomes. Red is a color you can always be assured will steal the show! Notice the red rockers and their bold welcome statement to this vintage front porch.🍃🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
In love with this new pathway to the garden I came across Easter weekend!🍃 Nothing gives an outdoor living space character and personality like the perfect little pathway. Express yourself🍃 Live inspired🍋. 🍃#lemonspluslife
SCROLL to left👆🏼. Just a glimpse. 👀Entire exclusive collection SALE 40% OFF TODAY only! Wraps, scarves, skirts, yoga capris and more! New spring wardrobe! Mother’s Day gifts! Summer ready! Enter: SPRING40 at checkout! 👆🏼Tap pic👆🏼Your shopping cart changes a life by providing literacy/math classes to the maker! All handmade! Be the change today!🍋#lemonspluslife
Standing at the edge of a forest today. 🍃Spring in her splendor. 🍃Such are the gifts of life. 🍋Live inspired. #lemonspluslife
Scroll👆🏼. Inspired by a walk in the forest 🍃today to create some botanical home decor. 🍃Because, after a long hike, you need some comfy 16X16 totally washable throw pillows to sink into and relax!🍃🍋#lemonspluslife
SCROLL to left. Fav boutique beach 💦fashions today! Spring and summer perfect! 💧Exquisite! From my exclusive collection. For your next cruise! 💦Beach vacation! 🌴Beach vibes in the everyday! Put on starfish love today! 🍋#lemonspluslife
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