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Oh My God Becky... Our Anaconda don’t, our anaconda don’t... our Anaconda bikini is reversible and our leggings are 🔥 Swipe left to see the reversible bikini color 🧡 And also... @jlo was in a movie called Anaconda... coincidence? Nope. 😉
Pretty much all day errday 🖤
Happy Friday the 13th 🖤 @lauren.noelle.mckay 🧙🏼‍♀️
We're so excited to announce the launch of our clothing range on @yogaclicks. This collaboration reflects our desire to work with partners who share our vision and passion for clothing specially created for yogis in mind. Our range supports people and planet in line with a true yogic philosophy, using fair trade, ethical production and natural organic cotton fabric. Please do check it out! Many of the pieces in the launch collection have been designed to reflect energy and the chakras, denoted by the spinning wheel design. #chaykra #wearwellness
#Repost @niyamasol ・・・ I meannnnnn....we know it’s not #wcw yet, but we seriously couldn’t be more in love with this woman (and also totally honored that she seems to really love our leggings!) We love you @jlo ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️ #Jlo #jlostyle #teamjlo #solstyle #niyamasol #leggingseverydamnday available @activ_angels
Desert Sun + Sea of Time are here!🌞 Sea of Time is an instrumental piece composed by George Martin for The Beatles’ film Yellow Submarine. The song is tailored to the vibrant visuals in the film with experimental novelty sounds and effects. The abstract topographical waves and funky color palette reminded us of the artwork from the movie and album covers in the late 1960’s. The lyric “we sailed up to the sun” is featured on the waistband as a nod to the song, Yellow Submarine.
Dreaming of an ICON restock?!? We designed these leggings in honor of our favorite super fan @jlo and her iconic leafy green Versace dress! They sold out in a record-breaking one day!!!In honor of you - they are RESTOCKED for a limited time! 💚
I meannnnnn....we know it’s not #wcw yet, but we seriously couldn’t be more in love with this woman (and also totally honored that she seems to really love our leggings!) We love you @jlo ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️ #Jlo #jlostyle #teamjlo #solstyle #niyamasol #leggingseverydamnday
HOMEGROWN - restock alert! Some of your favorite leggings are back in stock for a limited time! 💚🖤💚
Right Left Knockout @juliaazulia in a RESTOCK alert at our new interactive retail hub in Las Vegas - SOL Space!!!! Right Left Brain leggings are back in stock... finally!! She Persisted Mural by @lucapaganico (one of three of his amazing murals in our new space)
Gorgeous photo of our Vivienne leggings on @a3areh (we still have a few left in our Beachcomber length) get them before they’re gone.... and for 30% off now through the 4th. Use code SUMMERSALE ❤️
Dragon leggings! They’re up on the online store now! 🆕
Thanks for the shwag @onzie 🤩 loving that high waist #leggingseverydamnday #onzie #usayoga2018nationals
@tregurthabird in our Dragon Leggings
Because we’ve deemed this day @JLo day.... here’s another one of her favorite prints. White Snake ~ as seen on @amberdodzweit ⚪️🐍⚪️
Good morning New York!
And we love your butt in our leggings! Every butt. All the butts. Do you love your butt? We do! But also... no parking by the butt mural in San Fran. 💖 Photo cred @ginatuli
It’s finally here!! Our top secret concept store and fully immersive retail experience is ready for you to play, explore and, yes, even shop! SOLSpace - the warehouse we outgrew, tucked away in an industrial park in Las Vegas, flanked by auto repair shops, and filled with interactive awesomeness just for you. It’s everything that embodies our @niyamasol brand, our passion for the arts, music, movement, personal empowerment, creative expression and unity. Imagine a retail experience that’s not just about selling products. SOL Space is a place to join friends for an inspirational or silly selfie, a moving yoga practice, a personal empowerment workshop, a tea tasting, a jewelry making class, or truly just to experience something that’s never been done before. Become immersed in everything that inspires us, where this is no judgment and the doors are open to all. You are our SOL family and we are so excited to share our space, our artistic influences, our passion and vision with all of you. This is SOL Space. 🙏🏼 (come play with us)
When one of our favorite Niyama Sol Sisters and the artist who created our Fake News Leggings and our Rock + SOL vignette inside our new #SOLspace goes to Mexico City and paints a mural..... we LOVE you @monielove1999 THANK YOU!!
Time to sweat!!
#WCW is an understatement 💖💖💖 #Repost from @jlo ~ “Looking out and thinking how lucky I am...oh and yes these @niyamasol leggings are becoming a staple to my #athleisurestyle #whentheleggingsmakethebootylookgood #vacciones #vacayvibes ~ THANK YOU JLO, WE LOVE YOU!! 🙏🏼
@pitangabk has the best #acaibowls ! Perfect for a pre or a post workout... or both!!!!
When your Saturday chores are over and you’re ready to party...we got you.
Our Mandala Moonlight high waist leggings are perfect for your next yoga flow! 🧘‍♀️
Be a super hero in our comic book leggings! #comicbookart #comicbookartist #comiccon #cartoonart
Our Dream Weaver Bra in Poison just dropped and it matches our Sid leggings. ✖️💚✖️ Yes, we like music a lot and are inspired by it daily 🎶
Spotted! @jlo in Java! 😍🔥😍 if only we could get @michelle_lewin in some Niyama Sol too!! And @arod & @jimmy_lewin in Niyama Sol board shorts 😘😘😘 #jussayin
You can’t be in a bad moody With a rainbow-colored booty 🌈🍑😄
And nevertheless... She Persisted ❤️❤️ We only produced a limited amount of our She Persisted leggings with proceeds going to @girlsontheruninternational 🏃🏽‍♀️ #centralparkrun
That’s all!
Wake up. Kick ass. Be kind. Repeat.
Purple is our jam. Like grape. Or boysenberry. Or plum. Or fig. Or razzleberry pie from Marie Calendars. I’m hungry ~ an autobiography. 💜
Because Vegas, baby!! ✨
Don’t forget to wear your leggings and make some trouble... ❌❌ #anarchy
Our comic pink range is available in shorts, capris, leggings and high waist options! For all the ways you sweat!
Our acid green, black, white and red SID design drew inspiration from English punk rock band, Sex Pistols, and their bassist Sid Vicious (and singer Johnny Rotten). Rag mag, newsprint and rebellious pop culture collage art are joined by the title of the infamous single “God Save the Queen” and “let them eat cake” as a nod to French Queen Marie Antoinette (although there’s not record of her actually saying it). We see London, we see France, we like cake and also like to slam dance... in leggings, to punk music, because we’re all Queens! 👑
Sunday Jumps!
JUST IN!!! ❤️🧡💛🖤 We were inspired by Thom Yorke’s The Eraser album cover for our Eraser print. As giant fans of Radiohead and pretty much every song on The Eraser, we couldn’t leave him out of our Rock & Sol Collection. Swirling black and white lines are joined by grey and various colorful waves. Life may be black and white for some, shades of grey for others, but, for us, we like to live our life in full rainbow colors. Cheer up Thom - leggings (and rainbows) make the world a better place! 🌈
Is it the end of the week...or just the beginning? #jump #streetart #bushwickstreetart #popart #comic
INSPO!!!! 🖤💛🧡💖💙 Repost from @ratedmodernart Memphis Inspired Staircase designed by @sashabikoff Photo: @sargentpix , @garruppo
Munchies.... sweet or salty?
Good friends are the ones who make you sweat!!
Did someone say SALE?!? Use code SUMMERVIBES for 30% sitewide now until Monday ❤️
Anybody else binge-watching @youngertv until season 5 premiers June 5? #askingforafriend
Find balance!
Hiking in Vancouver!
Good morning Monday! Where shall we sweat this week?
A dog named Ziggy and leggings named Stardust ~ 🐶👩🏼‍🎤 #wecanbeheroes #leggingsandpuppies
Can you dig it?
Walkin on the wild side with @lauren.noelle.mckay in our Zandra leggings. #meow #youvecattobekittenmerightmeow
It’s Friday! Time to get in one more sweat before the weekend!
There’s no blending in with this camo! Available in all our styles high waist to booty shorts online now www.sweaty.life shoutout to @colleenconlonfit of @sweatshedstudio drop in on them for a killer sweat session!!
We are women, hear us roar! Never before have we felt more empowered and proud of our fellow Sol Sisters across the world. We dedicate our limited edition She Persisted print to women who inspire and encourage us to be better, to be stronger, to be whoever and whatever we want to be in this life. Keep persisting, keep speaking up and speaking out, and every once in a while blow your own damn mind! #empoweredwomenempowerwomen 10% of sales will be donated to GIRLS ON THE RUN INTERNATIONAL @girlsontheruninternational
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