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#Repost @clarkuniversity Congrats, Rebecca! What an accomplishment!! #learnlux #sxsw #entrepreneur #business #perfectpitch #alumni ・・・ This is Rebecca Liebman ’15 back in her Clark days, before she was famous. The @learnlux co-founder and CEO just won $400,000 in investments at the Perfect Pitch competition at @sxsw in Austin, Texas; judges were actors @aplusk of @soundventures & Matthew McConaughey, along with @salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. Rebecca also has been named to @forbes ’ 30 Under 30 list. Congratulations, Rebecca! #clarkuniversity
The #LearnLux team is at #SXSW ! Today we’re excited to pitch at #SoundVentures #PerfectPitch competition 👋🏼
Did you know: The IRS tax code is more than 2,600 pages long, and is not a fun read in any way 📖🙅🏻
It's all about #balance 💸
Figuring out your #finances can have some ups & downs🎢 Stick with it, know you're not alone, and #celebrate your progress.
If you have 5️⃣ minutes, you have time to learn something new that could help your financial future. What are you waiting for? 💸
"Can I get an extension?"⠀ "What if I'm abroad?" “When will I get my refund?” ⠀ Get answers to these top questions & more with #LearnLux 's free 5️⃣-minute Tax Time lesson.
Frustrated by #TaxSeason because no one taught you this shit in school? Us too. That's why we built #LearnLux 📗💸
This ones for the #huslters . Head to www.learnlux.com to start your free 5️⃣ minute lesson on how to do your #taxes as a freelancer💰
Questioning your credit? Confused by your company 401(k)? Wondering how to do your taxes for your side hustle? 📚We built #LearnLux for you.
When it comes to #deductions , you don't need dependents or a mortgage to catch a tax break 👶🏼🏡 Head to www.learnlux.com and start the Tax Time: Deductions lesson to see what common credits young people can take advantage of 👏🏽
Why are taxes due on #April17th this year, when usually #taxday is the 15th? 🤔 We tackle this question & more on LearnLux's new Time for Taxes lesson. Head to www.learnlux.com to get started 📲
Here's to having a #spring in your step & savings in your account 💰
What do you plan to do with your #taxrefund this year? Let us know in the comments below 💸👇🏽
Tax time is coming in hot 📅🔥💸 We’re on a mission to help you file with total confidence & get your biggest refund yet. How? With 3️⃣ brand new LearnLux lessons that cover all the basics: •Time for Taxes •Tax Time: Deductions •Tax Time: Side Hustle Edition Swipe through to preview & head to www.learnlux.com to get started 📲
The original “out of office” 💸
Don’t wait for your ship to come in ⚓️ Swim out to it. www.learnlux.com
From student loans to investing, 401(k)s to crypto, #LearnLux takes complicated personal finance topics and makes them fun 📚
The spirit of #SelfCareSunday is all about making time for yourself — body, mind & spirit ✨ Don’t forget to care for future you, too. Swipe through to preview some free lessons you can unlock as a #LearnLux member 🙌🏽
& the #weekend show is about to start 💸
Motivation gets you started. Habits keep you going strong 🗺 #LearnLux
When chocolates & flowers just won’t do 🌹
Ever bought something cheap that ended up costing you more in the long run? That's where #value makes all the difference 💸
Watch more sunsets than Netflix 🌅 Fill your mind with more knowledge, less negative thoughts 📗 #LearnLux
A budget is telling your #money where it should go, instead of wondering where it went 💸
If thinking about your finances makes you want to run & hide 🙅🏻‍♀️just start small. The first question to ask yourself “What kind of life would I like to have?” 🤔 It all starts there 👏🏼
Our heart's saying sun & sand, but our savings account is saying #staycation 😤
Financial literacy is not a priority in our education system, and as a result, people miss out on their prime investment period, fail to develop the credit they’ll need later in life, and make big financial decisions out of fear—rather than education. We're on a mission to change that. #LearnLux
Financial future looking so bright ☀️ you'll need a new pair of shades 😎 #LearnLux
As the #LearnLux community grows, so does our platform of free, 5️⃣ minute lessons. Have a topic you'd like us to cover? Comment below👇🏼
Ever hit “no receipt” at the ATM because you don’t want that kind of negativity in your life? 💸 #LearnLux is for you 🙌🏼
Have 5️⃣ minutes free? That’s all it takes to learn something new 📚 and future you will be thankful you did 🙌🏼
Not a morning person?☀️No worries. #LearnLux ’s on demand, go at your own pace lessons mean we’re ready when you are, any time of day ☕️
Learning about #money is much more fun with friends. Invite your crew to join @LearnLux by sharing your unique referral link, found on your profile page in the app. #StrengthInNumbers 💪🏽
Still recovering from holiday spending like... 💸
How's your #financial health? Use #LearnLux 's Net Worth Calculator to track what you own & what you owe, to get a clear picture of how you're doing 💸
Set your sights on #financial freedom in 2018. We'll help you get there ➡️www.learnlux.com
Pizza to celebrate, of course. 🍕👏🏼🎉
How will you make #waves this year? 🌊 #dollars #cents #change
The #LearnLux community took the power of #PersonalFinance into their own hands in #2017 🏆 We can’t wait to see what this next year will bring! Swipe through 👉🏽 for more stats & recaps 📚
It doesn’t matter where you start, just that you do ✨ Cheers to the #NewYear & going after your goals in 2018 🙌🏼
Feeling like there’s just no time left to work towards those 2017 goals?⏰ #LearnLux ’s lessons are available 24/7, on-demand and perfect for going at your own speed 👏🏼 Here’s to sending your year out on a high note 💸
Ready for financial education that’s far from one-size-fits-all? 💵 Swipe though to check out #LearnLux ’s fun community questions that help us build lessons just for you 📲
“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”📚 – Anthony J. D'Angelo
Stay committed to following your financial dreams. You'll turn dollars into diamonds 💵💎💵 (Photo: @shemakescents )
Understanding your #StudentDebt can be a struggle. Wondering where to start? Click through for a preview from #LearnLux ’s Student Loan lesson, available free for our community📚
Weekend #mood 🙃
Cryptocurrencies like #Bitcoin have officially taken the world by storm. But what’s the buzz about?💰Click through to preview our Decrypting Cryptocurrency lesson, and continue on in your #LearnLux account 📚
Feeling like you're at a financial crossroads?🤔If you have some big decisions to make (from saving and investing, to 401ks and more) head to LearnLux.com 💸 We'll help you make the right moves 🚕
Hey, #Renters !🏡 For the cost of a couple cups of coffee☕️ you could be getting full insurance coverage of your most important belongings. Click through #LearnLux ’s Renters Insurance lesson to learn more 📲
From Credit Scores to Cryptocurrency, #LearnLux ’s lessons help you feel like a pro on topics that matter most to you 📚Get started today ➡️ www.learnlux.com
Stay. Motivated. 💪
⚡️ Friday night lights⚡️
Make your 📝, check it ✌️#LearnLux
Workspace goals 🍃 Where are you most #motivated ?
“The quickest way to double your money? 💸 Fold it in half & put it in your back pocket.” —Will Rogers
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." -Albert Einstein💡 ⠀ ⠀ With this mission in mind, each of #LearnLux lessons are hand-created to be easy to read and jargon-free 📗 Start today at www.learnlux.com
Why is our #LearnLux community passionate about personal finance? Because they aspire to travel! 🌎 What YOUR next dream destination? Let us know in the comments below👇
Did you know: #LearnLux has 1️⃣6️⃣ lessons to pick from, on topics like What is a Credit Score?, 401(k) Basics, & Student Loans. Where you start is all up to you!
Sprinting towards the weekend like... #LetsGo
Feeling upside down about your finances? 🙃 With the #holidays coming in hot, now is the best time to get your money right 👏 Head to www.learnlux.com to get started.
LearnLux & our CEO @BestofBecca are proud to be named one of #StartupGrind 's Top 50 Millennial Founders (+ their Startups) to Watch in 2018! Thanks for this awesome honor 👏
The phone in your hand does a ton of cool stuff 📲 Like joining #LearnLux , or scoring sweet #CyberMonday deals☀️ Where are you finding the best bargains today?
We 💚 hearing from our #LearnLux community! "While navigating the website, it felt like having a relaxed conversation with a good friend who just happens to be an expert on personal finance." Thanks, Ariunzaya O. 👏
“It’s not how much #money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” — Robert Kiyosaki
Instead of #BlackFriday , give your bank account a break and #OptOutside 🌲Go for a nature walk, take a jog with a friend, or visit your local park. There are many ways to spend your day without spending money 💸 How are you enjoying this extra day off?
Wine. Turkey. Stuffing. Chill. Happy #Thanksgiving 👏
We hope the interrogation waits until after appetizers this year 😱🍗🍷🥗😳 #Thanksgiving #LearnLux
Here’s to a ✨magical✨weekend! #learnlux
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