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Ze začátku jsem si říkala, jak je to na nic, že už od rána leje, ale když pak odpoledne začalo na chvíli svítit, došlo mi, že bych na tom treku asi zdechla. 😂☀️🌧⛈ Na Zélandu to máte vždycky všechno předplacený v jednom balíčku - slunce, mraky, déšť, hromy a blesky. #tosevyplati
Feeling like I’m in an Austin powers movie ✌🏼💜🌸🌻 link in bio! • • • #floraldress #70s #weekendstyle
Marrakesh hits your senses, and it hits them hard!
Why choose between seeing the temples and relaxing by the pool when you can do both? 😌 . . . @aureumpalacehotels #infinitypool pool #bagan #myanmar #travelling #asiatrip #burma #temples #poolwithaview #discoverasia
I had zero expectations for Riga, as it was my first stop EVER in Europe other than Ireland and Italy. My mind was blown, not only by its architectural beauty and green-ness everywhere, but by its sad and horrific history. I know almost nothing about non-Western European history. I can’t blame my American public education for that, I can only blame myself because, well, this is 2017 and GOOGLE. Have you guys heard of the Soviet occupation (that went on for decades) of Latvia... and the other Baltic nations, and a bunch of other countries? Even if you’re as pathetically ignorant as I was, you probably have at least heard, in passing. What you probably don’t know, though, is about the tens of thousands of people imprisoned, executed, tortured, deported (to Siberia) by the KGB in Latvia alone for made-up crimes they didn’t commit. Or, for committing “crimes” that no reasonable person would consider a crime - like writing poetry or going to university. Just a few minutes’ walk from this gorgeous church is an unassuming - maybe even handsome - building known as The Corner House, which was the former HQ of the KGB, turned into a museum of the occupation. In the Corner House, countless Latvians passed during the decades of Soviet occupation : some to their death, some to imprisonment, some to torture (and eventually death), and some to exile. The suppression of “subversive” activities by the KGB is still going on today (ps - did you know Putin was KGB?), though no longer in free and independent Latvia.
Depois de mais de 100 anos após Gaudí ter assumido o projeto da Igreja da Sagrada Família, em Barcelona, a construção ainda não foi finalizada. Sua arquitetura combina os estilos Gótico e Art Noveau com a assinatura de Gaudí: linhas fluídas e cantos arredondados, inspirados na natureza. É uma obra de arte em forma de prédio, única. 🏗🏰⛪️ ......... ENG - After more than 100 years from the time Gaudí took the project, The Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona isn't finished. It's architecture style combines #Gothic and #ArtNoveau with #Gaudí 's signature fluid lines and round edges, inspired by the nature. It's a masterpiece of art in form of a building, unique. 🏗🏰⛪️ . . . #you #need2go #travel #travelgram #photogram #traveladdict #instatravel #worldtravel #barcelona #Spain #Spanish #España #digitalnomad #travelgirl #letstravelmore #explore #ladiesgoneglobal #girlsborntotravel #lifeadventure #urbanexplorer #worldtraveller #travelgoals #globetrotter #wanderlust #cityphotography #travelphotography #lights
Cheers to my third Safari this year and seeing the rhino 🦏 the last of the big five for me!!! @maratabasouthafrica was a world class safari with beautiful tents and amazing service. We had a great guide, Ryan, who made sure that I got to see all of my favorite animals, including giraffes and elephants. A 45-minute private charter from Joburg or 3.5 hours by road gets you into the thick of things. 📷 @fitztheworldcitizen #catchmeinsouthafrica #wowsouthafrica @visitsouthafrica #sp
Walking right into the first week of the holidays and I couldn't be more excited.
🌺 A few miles inland from Cannes, Mougins is an enchanted village in Cote d'Azur. It's been called home by several personalities over the centuries, from Churchill to Picasso 💚⠀ ✧ ✧ ✧⠀ It's easy to see why Mougins became a favorite for many artists, politicians, and celebrities, with hardy peasant buildings, a fabulous climate, and beautiful scenery. On top of that, Mougins is also one of the food capitals of the French Riviera. There's even an annual festival of gastronomy.⠀ ✧ ✧ ✧⠀ We hope you enjoy this little gallery of images. If you would like to know more about Mougins, read our article. Link in bio ♡
The Bridge of Peace in downtown Tbilisi, capital of Georgia is magnificent to look at during the day and night time. The views are beautiful. It is a bow-shaped pedestrian bridge, a steel and glass construction illuminated with numerous LEDs, over the Kura River. Perfect spot to take photos! Do you like bridges? Which one is your favorite one? ❤️💃🏻😍😘 #tbilisilovesyou My fabulous coat by: @tessakoops
The most dreamy city pool 💙🏙 #victoriaharbour
Dreaming of blue skies and sandy beaches 🌤🌊 #bikinilife #beachlifestyle
🏙 doesn’t look like Middle East...but still, it is !
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