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Regrann from @mycutestfrenchie - Me and my bff, after hardcore predrinking, realizing that the Uber is outside. 🍸🍷😱🙄 #predrinkgamestrong #keepingitreal #bffgoals #drunkgirls #drunk #whathaveidone
Came home from church this morning in a temp of 92 ☀️degrees to find the Tower on the left (oops! I let the water run out!😫). Filled it up with water, added nutrients, let the pump run for awhile and viola! Happy greens again!😁🌱 #gardeningmadesimple #lovemytowergarden #soeasyablondecandoit 🤦🏼‍♀️ #kaleyeah #keepingitreal
Here’s to #keepingitreal and #lettingitflow
Hunter says I need this, because I am blessed to have him ❤️❤️❤️. He’s pretty right haha. #blessed #blessedmom #sweetson #fashion #heknowswhatsup #lovelifewithhim #hemakesmelaugh #biggestheart #mom #momlife #mommyblogger #lifeblogger #keepingitreal
Happy Father’s Day, sun!!!!!! Wishing you happiness and good health and safety, everyone! Shout out to my beautiful beloved dad....who is not on instagram. ❤️😜😊💯💯🦁👑☀️ #loveyoudad #happyfathersday #keepingitreal #sendingyoulove #theoldfashionedway xoxoxo
The stone we’ve chosen to honor you has finally been placed. You didn’t catch many breaks during your life and it feels like that is true even in death. Thankfully Uncle Dave stopped by on Friday and noticed someone else’s gravestone was placed on your grave. It’s all fixed now besides the fact that we all still miss you everyday. My heart is feeling it more today ♥️ #love #grief #gravestone #brother #honor #missyou #griefjourney #keepingitreal #remember #cemetery
Today’s weather forecast #keepingitreal #weatherappdontlie
I'll be honest 🙋 when a client asks you for something you have never done before it can be intimidating 😔😫 But if you step back 😤😧 and take it step by step you can do it. I think i do a good job.. Cheers 🥃 to those always willing to try. #keepingitreal #imjustbeinghonest #tellthetruth #aliciashairstudio #shareyourpassion #share #hairstory #newcut #whatyouthink #atlbarber #atlanta #fairburnga #unioncity #uniquelyu #growth
A great day celebrating B, He went for a bicycle ride #ThingsHeLoves and We met him for a #blackLager 🍺 + his favorite 🌶spicy fried chicken sandwich afterwards, We even took him 2 the #YawnDepot 😴 #KeepingItReal I hope all your dads had the best day❗️#BeerTheDoodle#JaggerDWagger ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ #JaggerAdventures #ASmileForFatherTuck #DogsBeingBasic #Betches #DogsterDogs #SundayFunday #WeeklyFluff #FluffyDog #fathersDay2018 #DoodlesOfCalifornia
Happy Father’s Day to the three best dads I know! Thank you for always keeping an eye out for me, because we all know I kinda need it 😂. Also a special happy bday to my grandpa! #fathersday #family #hotsunday #shallotsbistro #letsdoitagain #hbd95years #keepingitreal #ta #zaidiearnold #jeffbite #alexanderthegreat #princessgabby
Coming along very very slowly. But its getting there. #gingham #ginghamfilter
And to those of you reading possibly knowing who you are. If the shoe fits wear it 😂😂😚 . . . . #nottryinganymore #sorrynotsorry #keepingitreal #keepingit100 #realtalk
The girl suggested this letterboard. It’s what I sing to him all the time. He’s a bit vertically challenged.
When keeping it real goes wrong 👀😨🤷‍♂️ #domain #news #yikes #keepingitreal #thuglife
Hey guys. I have not been on this account since months... and that’s kind of sad. I always get food get the best of me and I want to keep it real with you all cause it’s not easy being on this journey. I’ve came to realize that I probably have a problem with binge eating and I tired of always giving myself excuses to give up. So i want to post here to share my story but also to give me some strenght and motivation. So here we go! #motivation #beginagain #workout #workoutmotivation #gym #keto #healthyeating #bingeeating #journey #weightlossjourney #weightloss #keepingitreal #letsdothis
A day from work... Inspiration morning Beach Bush walk. Spending time with my wife. Getting away from all of the routine of life, even for a few hours. And going to one of my most inspirational places, to get clear and understand my conscious awareness self. Noose national park, is one of favorite inspiring environments. The colours, natural smells, and the visual overload will get anyone inspired. Life time experience.
#reallife Lol. This was an accident picture. There's So much that goes on in a business that most don't share. When you do it solo, it's a lot of work. .I'm ridiculously picky and anal about everything that goes into my creations...which means taking tons of selfies to get what I want to portray after I perfect my designs (in my eyes ). I was trying to fix the bottom of these #bellbottoms that I pinned in the back and the tshirt has a rubber band in back (which you can see).lol. (and a belly roll). Nothing in life is perfect, you have to work for it. I do with what I have and I'm proud of myself. It took me FOREVER to learn how to use this bluetooth selfie/tripod with a remote (a gift from one of the most inspiring women I know).. I'm going to keep being me and sharing my journey and keeping it real. Keep being inspired by other strong women and do my best to inspire others. #keepingitreal #womensupportingwomen #womenempowering #justdoit #workhard #imperfect #beyou #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #mindset #purpose #boho #acceptance #photooftheday #instagood #fashion #styleinspiration #outfitoftheday #girlboss #inspire #positivevibes #entreprenuer #womeninbusiness #success #vibratehigher #dreambig #makeadifference #imadeyourclothes
Happy fathers day ... i was gonna say shit afterwards but decided not to. lmfao. keep up the good work homies. and to those fucked up babys mommas, ...... i will leave that blank so if any homies wanna drop a comment to get some shit off they chest, handle it . lmfao #happyfathersday #keepingitreal #realthings
In business they say your WHY is what will keep your business alive. I would like to introduce the person who gave me my why. My beautiful daughter Aaliyah. My why is simple. Dream, Goal, Reality. Follow your dream, Turn that dream into goals and goals into reality. Mine is: Dream: To be a worldwide establish fashion brand. Goal: Set goals in place to get there. Reality: Still getting there by following rule one and two. What is your why? #macvicioussociety #macvicious #MVS
I’ve quoted John Mayer before but he got it right with his song ... “Fathers be good to your daughters, they learn to love like you do...” . So much emphasis is put on the roll of mother that often times we forget just how beneficial a father is. . You seldom hear of a wayward child having mother issues, but a soul branded by daddy issues is a much more common topic. . I am truly blessed by this man and so grateful that our children have him as a father. He is a tangible example of love, his patience and grace are expanding daily, his work ethic is unmatched and his laughter contagious. . Happy Father’s Day to one of the best fathers I know.
Monday we have my favorite Physicist in the building Dr. Tonya Biglow and we will be discussing the energy we all possess. #letstalk #mondaymotivation #mondays #keepingitreal #winning #energy
Always tryna get that perfect shot, sometimes even with the help of my @moment lenses! 📷: @ninanearandfar —— and yes that is cellulite in the second picture #keepingitreal
And just like that, they are off to their first sleep away summer camp! ❤️ . My mama heart ached a little today knowing what a big thing it is to stay away from home for a week in a new place. But I also can’t wait to hear all about their adventures and the new memories made when they come home on Friday! . Here’s to fun memories with some of their Girl Scout friends! . . . . . #camptexlake #sahm #momlife #stayathomemomlife #austintx #momoftwins #twinmommy #girlscouts #keepingitreal #mommylife #twinmama #nineyearsold #fourthgrade #nofilter #twingirls
This is one of my favorite dad shots of John..... a year later we had Zac. #thatface #keepingitreal @sochk01
One of the best things I love about being a #sugarpro is family! We started out as strangers but @sugarhaulco brought us together. Some I had seen at the dance circuit, others I had never known! This past spring I had the incredible opportunity to become a #sugarmodel and meet my #sugarsisters in person. Our friendship has been an amazing journey, from @brookepliler and I competing together in KC and cheering one another on, to @dancerkristenconrad becoming a big sister to me and always yelling the loudest for me, to @lexie.tututoes where sugar has introduced us and now we have become such incredibly close friends, @brooke.santefort and I have our fun snap chat talks, and getting to know my beautiful @brooklynb_dance_5678 @mya_j_dancer and @mileyaquino I would love to meet all of my sugar sisters someday because you are all so incredibly supportive and kind. Most importantly you support my main love ❤️ @sugarhaulco you all mean the world to me and I’m grateful for you all and sugar every single day! Be sure to apply for team sugar because we literally are a family of sweetness #sugarsistershoutout #truefriends #sugarsister #sugarmodels #sugarpeanut #sugartribe #teamsugar #friendsforlife #memories #loveyouall #agroupofbigsisters #lookupto #sugarfriends #noartificialflavors #keepingitreal #models #chitown #danceproducts #sweetfamily
I’m freezing and have a giant forehead pimple. #keepingitreal
Work hard. Play hard. Nap hard. Dad hard. No matter what is going on in our lives this guy always Dads 110%. His wife and employees might know he's stressed or frustrated or overwhelmed but his kids never will. When he's trying to finish a job and his favorite helpers show up. When he's past tired and just wants to go to bed. When it's time to have fun he's always ready to lead by example. I pray to be present and patient with our kids and this guy shows me how time and time again. I run out of steam and he walks in and saves the day. I sweat the small stuff and he teaches all of us how to just have fun. You are all in all the time and we are all in love with you! Happy Father's Day! And may our kids still think you're the coolest person on the planet for decades to come! #keepingitreal #bestillandknow #mrfixit #preschoolposse
Disclaimer: I have been spending WAY too much time comparing myself on IG lately. Like WAY.too much.time. Comparing what I am not doing, what I "should" be doing, what I "think" I should be doing, what I want to start doing. Basically a whole lotta comparing and growing a list of ways that I am not measuring up (sigh). • But here's the thing. Sometimes taking notice of others is a good thing. Who's out there doing whatever it is you want to be doing, or dream of doing, or want to be doing. They are a reminder of all of those things that are within you waiting for a spark to be lit. The gentle reminder of things that you maybe aren't taking action on (double sigh). Are there things on your feed that make you feel less than from time to time? um, yep. And you know what I do about those things? I unfollow - like immediately. Cuz I gotta tell you girl, #youregolden and you don't need that in your life. But those other things? The things that make you stop and take notice - ask yourself what they are. What is it lighting up within you that you aren't taking action on? Me? oh man, I've got a list a mile long that's been sitting idle for awhile now. No more, it's time. • This is your official Sunday reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you. Step into it, own it and turn that inspo into action. #getitgirl
Happy Father’s Day Dad!! Thank you for all that you do, especially for putting up with my (and my girls’) shenanigans for all these years!! #neveradullmoment #keepingitreal #family
Happy Father's day to the most patient, selfless, unplugged, 100%present, silly, fun & humble man I know. I planned a day at one of our favorite places on the water to just BE together as a family. But....time to keep it 100% real how I like it🤣 Well, unfortunately, my kids just couldn't behave and we had to forgo our dinner plans and head home early. My kids lost electronics for a week and received PB& J and had to go to bed at 6:30pm. It was the right thing to do but I felt so bad having this happen today. But, while tears rolled down my face as we drove home my hubby was silent like I was as he was so disappointed in our kids too. But, he reached over, held my hand and just whispered "we are doing the right thing, I know this is so hard for you and always want to make things right. It just another day Aimee, it's no big deal" And, he is sooooo right. The bigger deal is I have such a supportive hubby who is by my side every single step of this HARD HARD job of being parents. God gave me just who I needed and my kiddos too! #happyfathersday #myloves #momlife #keepingitreal #thisisus #wecandohardthings #blessed
Before I found this opportunity I was miserable. I was stuck. Being a stay at home mom is hard. Mentally, then physically. We had moved to a new town and I only knew a few people. No mom friends & a new area meant staying home 99% of the time for this momma who suffers with anxiety. Staying home with 3 kids all day, sometimes a week or so at a time while my husband worked out of state, put me in this depressive mentality. I yearned for friends. Someone to vent to about mom stuff. An adult to just TALK TO. Moms... you know what I mean... When I found Prüvit, I was looking for something to help with the Keto Diet I was having trouble to sticking to. I thought that if I could lose weight, I’d be happier. Sound familiar? Little did I know it would give me SO much more than that. I was introduced to Personal Development by my biz partners. I had no clue that listening and reading positivity throughout my days would have such an impact on my mental state. Today I’m filled with JOY. I take time in the morning and before bed to fill my cup. By taking care of me first, I’m able to be a better mom, wife, and friend. I’m loving being a mom again. I’m spending more quality time with my children because I WANT to. We get out of the house all the time because my anxiety is almost non-existent! I may talk about my love for Ketones on the regular, but this community is so much more than the product. This opportunity had changed my life. If you’re interested in stepping up and changing your life, please reach out. I’m mentoring 3 people through the end of the month and I’d love for you to be one of them. ❤️ . . . . #joy #happiness #opportunity #sahmlife #momof3 #sahm #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #unplugged #keepingitreal
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