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Saying: Our sensual expression is the root focus of our_______(insert each level) and therefore we _______(insert actualized realization)... #thereforewearestillwildlybreathing Muse: The reason our full-being paces it's connection.. The rhythm and way we comfortably connect.. Dissolving the false #nocean of fearing what other's will perceive and their violent responsiveness.. Thriving in resolve of our version of the response which keeps us in most resonance.. #deliberatelydelicious #deliberatelydigestible #deltadancers #theheartofthejungle #thegreatestbeloved #theeunconditionals #xymanifestsentientsanctuary #forthefirsttime #againandagain #igetthejoyofrediscoveringyou #beginagain #continue #goon #itcomestopass #onlyorgasmicconnectivity #litandlightandhighinside #oneassignment #beyondfeelingfrightenedwereeverreadytorealizethepoweroflove #deeperstill #litandlightandhighinside #singingigetonmykneestoalingam #fockalot #Kaliinlove #werathereddiesowegrantedourselvesrebirth #jupiterinscorpio
Mars Retrograde conjunct the South Node in Aquarius; Sever away false electricity; sunder the rivers, aquaducts and networks made previous that mislead your light. Decondition your affiliations and attachments with gentle shock. But honour diminishment. Do not damn separation but praise the medicine found in the disconnection from lying, waning bonds. Piercing to fasten new feathers. Retether to personal purpose, bond with inner legacy found in self expression and solar depth. To help heal tribes, to aid holistic relationships, to ease the grander picture of life's shimmer in each and everything. Decrease dependency, slit the superficial. #marsretrograde #marsconjunctsouthnode #southnodeinaquarius #marsinaquarius #eclipseseason #mooninscorpio #sunincancer #jupiterinscorpio #plutoincapricorn #chironinaries #astrology #evolutionaryastrology #personalgrowth #ketu #alchemy #holistic #decondition #paradigmshift #shadowwork #purple #light #kundalini #ritual #snake #magick #shamanic #writing #occult #prose #raiseyourvibration
Oh lala
As she followed the stars and chased her passion no one could stop her. -YourScorpioPrincess
Are connected ? #latenight
Late night mood.
For real thoughhhhh #godess
What’s your favorite deck? *the Wooden Tarot* • For my daily draws, I’ve been switching between the #starchildtarot and the #woodentarot pretty regularly. I keep both out on my altar ready to go. I was super creeped out by the Wooden Tarot the first several times I saw it, with its abundance of creatures with too many eyes or fins. But at some point I realized there was something I needed from it anyway, and after reading from it for a while, I’m not as bothered by the extra eyes. This is the deck that speaks most clearly to me lately, and I feel like it has the depth I need to move through some of the darkness that has come to the surface as Jupiter has been transiting Scorpio. And, with no humans in the deck, it’s more available for queer readings. • #tftwstarotchallenge by @wildsoulhealing#tarot #queer #trans #queertarot #temperance #otter #jupiter #scorpio #jupiterinscorpio
Powerful statement.
hey #Scorpios , thank you for all the love & support you’ve showered me with, especially as I shared my journey moving from the states back to my home in West Africa 🌍💫 one of the passion projects I’ve been working on during #JupiterInScorpio is @magicandmelanin , a travel immersion experience for humans of the African diaspora to access the motherland with ease. our first trip will be this December 2018, and i’m excited to announce that registration is officially open!! 🎉 come join me in Togo, Ghana & Benin this winter and discover your roots 🙌🏾 follow @magicandmelanin and click the link in its bio to learn about travel dates, read the itinerary, find out package prices & sign up 🤗 this will be the trip of a lifetime and I hope some of you will be among us 🔮 thanks for all your support ❤️ PS: I’ll also be selling this outfit (which I designed myself) on @magicandmelanin soon, so be sure to follow to know when it drops 😘
In the wee hours of the morning, when the veils are thinnest (03:29 GMT+1 on 21 July), the Moon brushed alongside Jupiter, transmitting its messages to us as we slept, for the first time since the Giant Planet stationed direct, churning the deep Scorpionic waters, on July 10. . In Scorpio, a water sign, everything is felt intensely, and Jupiter expands all it touches, so, for the Moon, which rules our emotions, to infuse our subconscious with this energetic just as we were in theta-wave sleep, some of us may have woken up into a day that was rather like Davey Jones' ship emerging from the deep, with the same amount of drama and watery floods 💦💧🌊💎 . I've had frequent flashes of the Flying Dutchman emerging ever since Jupiter dived into Scorpio in October 2017. (go here for the full effect! https://youtu.be/PEaZ5XUe0Mk). . Because, whilst Scorpio's waters are thick and swampy, when we enter there, and especially as our Jupiter avatar, there is also a jewel, or jewels, to be found 💎. . Jupiter is on the degree of "Telephone linesmen installing new connections ☎️☎️☎️" where it will have been for a whole 6 weeks by the time it leaves on 31 July. And so the theme of communicating expressing our most authentic self to others continues, as the Moon transmits "A Prima Donna sings", the Sabian Symbol of the last new moon, to Jupiter in return. . In square to Venus at "A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria" at the time of the conjunction, this may give us a clue as to an underlying purpose of some of these communications - our society being at crisis point - whilst Neptune, continuing to square Jupiter at "An Easter Promenade", encourages us to keep walking forward, in community, and in ritualistic reverence, appreciating the process of renewal and rebirth that follows what may have been painful losses and deaths, be these on a physical or metaphysical plane 🥚 . Jupiter represents integrity and gratitude. When we live in right relationship with the divine, He will embrace us with his gifts. . #jupiterinscorpio #jupiterdirect #moonphases #fasesdelaluna #scorpiomoon #emergingfromthedepths #sabiansymbols
I think for too long I chased the sun in your heart to stop it from setting. afraid that it’d be an ending to a love I was just beginning to understand. only to come to find that I stopped myself from enjoying the light of day, the light of night. so here I am, barely grasping the constant behind beginnings and endings, staring at the sunrise without your heart in my hands. and it’s okay. ———— (I haven’t written a poem in a while. Freestyled this just now. I think there’s more to it but I’m getting carsick lol. Enjoy.)
Late night.
Tough choices we make, in rough places we wake... we refuse to give up on our selves, we dig deeper for faith ✨ Lights out, in the dark so often feared... yet stillness within the anxiety, the tears, we become peace… ✨ ‘at one with’ our pace ✨ With our divine we commune, within we find and fine tune, the less from the more… ✨ blessing… ✨ the pile of ‘the ends’, on the cutting room floor 💫💛💫 ‘The Cutting Room Floor’ © Toni Armstrong ✨ www.toniarmstrong.com/sacred-7-astrology/ ✨ image ~ #brigittejamesartist#sacred7home #sacred7astrology #lilith #marsretrograde #aquarius #southnode #fear #toughchoices #anxiety #peace #divine #blessings #selflove #liberationoflove #love #womenofwanderlust #wanderlust #lustforlife #womeninfilm #editing #jillbilcock #dancingtheinvisible
Hermosa y amenazante como nos gusta. Luna en ♏ #Escorpio en conjunción a Júpiter. DecimoDoctor.com
#footsoldiers of the #patriarchy ~ Make no mistake: over 50% of white women voted FOR Trump. THE MAJORITY OF WHITE WOMEN VOTED FOR THIS RACIST, MISOGYNISTIC POS!!! I’ve had former white women “friends/allies” make the choice to tone police my anger at this rather than call their own white women family/friends out on this (and the tone policing always starts with “I love you but...”)- and by doing so they are also foot soldiers of white supremacy patriarchy. Don’t mistake gender for real allyship/ solidarity especially in “spirituality” circles. You can’t be spiritually “woke” if you’re not doing your own work around racial/POC oppression. PERIOD. Don’t @ me if you get triggered by my post. Do your own work. ~ #allyship #WOC #divinefeminine #transformation #love #light #shadow #tantra #breath #innerknowing #astrology #humandesign #oshun #jupiterinscorpio #saturn #pluto #woke #shaman #kali #lilith #energy #life #awe
When the moon in Scorpio is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 🦂🧡 Spiritual healing, divine revelations, and hidden abundance. How are YOU feeling today? 🌕🕯🏹 Art by: Boris Vallejo #astrology #fridaymood #vibe #astro #scorpiomoon #jupiterinscorpio
Heyy heyyy heyyy it's #flexfriday ❤ Brand new #precor equipment at #tdfcc has me pumped and ready to grow! #gains Get in there and check it ouuuut! 💪🙃 #jupiterinscorpio
‘Breathing Under Water — Surrendering the Fight’ 🦋✨Find Soul Crush on iTunes and link in my bio! “When we stop struggling, we float.”- Mark Nepo✨🦋 Trusting the deep in the struggle between doubt and faith. Resting below the surface and then choosing the deep again in order to live fully. What I offer here on on social media, as authentic as I try to be, is only a tiny snippet of my experience and life and what I have learned so far. I do way more truth telling in private spaces, in trainings and in one on one work in person because I find good medicine in being who we really are, owning what we have done and what has happened us, even as that is constantly changing. Or our experience of that is. Just like any art can transmit healing power, so does your story and truth, how you feel. It’s important as you navigate deep waters to get support from all types of people, I receive as much as I can get. Having Jupiter in Scorpio means that as a teacher I must say yes to swimming in the depths, healing and continuing to emerge. There is a big YES involved here, and a willingness to explore the shadows and all that we can not know until usually we are forced to. And, in any moment we can stop and soften into the heart. The fight becomes the surrender! This has been a challenging year for many, and as always I don’t have any answers for you, and I hope I never do. All I have is my experience and process, my devotion to healing, a deep love emerging through looking at the shadows, a voice that has been slowly coming out of hiding over the years and mostly a heart to listen with. On next Episode of #SoulCrushPodcast I share wisdom from my friend and teacher @heidiroserobbins on Jupiter in Scorpio and some writing by @susannaharwoodrubin and explore grief, being with what is, betrayal, and the frustration, compassion and curiosity it takes to keep being true in this life. May this offer you some support, there is a meditation at the end and as a friend if you want to share or ask me anything, I ‘m here. Xo #artoflovingYou
Jupiter In SCORPIO♏ A 12 part series investigating the death of Natalie Wood starts today. Her mysterious death on November 29, 1981 still hasn't be solved....but more information has been found. Instead of her falling off the boat as an accident there is evidence that there was a struggle. Her husband at the time and who was on the boat with her, Rober Wagner, continues to refuse to cooperate with investigators. On that fateful night in 1981, transiting Jupiter was at the exact conjunction to her natal North Node and this September transiting North Node will return to that same exact spot. With Jupiter being the "truth seeker" and SCORPIO♏ rules the "hidden", it will be interesting to see what further evidence will turn up. Jupiter in SCORPIO♏ blew the roof off of sexual abuse in Hollywood literally the day it entered SCORPIO♏ in October 2017. #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #zodiac #nataliewood #jupiterinscorpio
It’s been a good, productive week. Finally made some tough decisions, made things official, cried a little bit, had meetings, sent emails, exercised (could’ve eaten better), prayed, slept, cleaned, worked hours and hours at a time to get ahead before my travels... all I can say is that I am trying and I’ll never stop trying and I am ready to leave the city for a bit first thing tomorrow morning. I know I will get even more clarity being in my element. ✨ #HappyFriday
Rather than persuading people to jump on your bandwagon of big ideas, kindly release them to their own journeys. The more you transform your inner world, the more your external world shifts, including friends and family. Forgive, let go, and be free. Finally I get it, from an objective point; I love you but I release you to your highest and healthiest good. Please forgive me as I forgive you. It was a pleasure dancing among the stars and planets with you. I must go forward. Au Revoir. #marsretrograde #jupiterinscorpio #approachinglunareclipse #mooninscorpioday #etherealdancer photo: Dana Merson. Lower East Side. 2015. Post #fkatwigs show in #brooklyn
The Accuracy! Moon in Scorpio 🦂🌕 #horoscope #scorpiowoman #mooninscorpio #jupiterinscorpio
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