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Ive watched this about a million times but it’s honestly the cutest fucking video ever oml I love Wyatt with my whole ass heart
-Chapter 24- The nurse walked in and you jumped up. Wyatt looked up and his eyes were red where he had been crying a little. Emi fluttered her eyes open because she accidentally fell asleep. Nurse: Are you here with Amber? Y/n: Yes we are, is she okay? Nurse: She will be fine but we want to keep her overnight just incase Wyatt: Can we go see her? Nurse: Only 3 of you can come Wyatt: I'm going Y/n: Me and Emi will too Finn: Tell her Chosen and I hope she feels better. Finn cracked a warming smile and you smiled back. Wyatt: Hurry guys! You all ran quietly down the hall and into Ambs hospital room. Ambs: H-hey guys Wyatt: Oh my gosh! My girl threw some hands! He ran over to her and hugged her softly. She looked so fragile sitting there like the life was taken out of her. Ambs: Okay Wyatt calm down I'm fine I promise Wyatt: Are you sure? Ambs pulled him into a soft kiss. Ambs: Yes, I'm sure Emi: I thought I was going to be the one to fight Rachel Ambs: Me too Y/n: They have to keep you overnight and we're going to stay in the waiting room. Wyatt: I'm not gonna leave your side I promise Nurse: Okay you guys need to leave Wyatt: Well I will this one time. You all laughed and went back into the waiting room. Y/n: I'm flipping starving Finn: Me too, want to go grab something to eat? Chosen: Bring us something back Y/n: Okay You and Finn walked out of the hospital and got into his car Finn: Where do you want to eat? Y/n: We are way too early in this relationship to have this fight Finn: Ha-ha, in and out burgers? Y/n: Sounds good to me He started the car and drove off. Y/n: How is Atlanta? Finn: Really fun, I have to get used to it Y/n: Why? Finn: I must have not told you guys but I have to stay in Atlanta soon for filming Y/n: Wait when? Finn: Umm a few weeks Y/n: Oh so we get to stay here for the summer Finn: Yeah I guess so Y/n: Thats good, this town is boring but I have been missing it. You arrived at in and out burgers and just went through the drive through. Worker: What will you have? You ordered everyone food and headed back to the hospital. Wyatt was pacing and he was so worried. Emi wanted to sleep but she couldn't. REST IN COMMENTS
Comment a β€œπŸ’–" if you love Joyce Byers😍, and a β€œπŸ’›" if you love Winona Ryder 😍 - - - - #strangerthings #netflix #mexico #joycebyers #winonaryder #joyce #winona #ryder #byers #williambyers #willbyers #jonathanbyers #cute #mom #actress
{#StrangerThings } β€’ So, I knew I said I'd do a full eyewitness row, but I still have to remake one of the edits, so I'll post a blended Eyewitness edit after this one. If that makes any sense, I ramble too much πŸ˜‚ β€’ #st #strangerthings2 #willbyers #joycebyers #jonathanbyers #mikewheeler #nancywheeler #janehopper #jimhopper #maxmayfield #billymayfield #dustinhenderson #lucassinclaire #steveharrington #stancy #jancy #lumax #jopper #mileven
Good night world πŸŒŽπŸŒ™ @finnwolfhardofficial
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hey y’all. i’m not going to be able to be super active this weekend because i have my school’s musical into the woods. i am already swamped with trying to keep up with homework & the show which i have had practices every night after school for a few weeks now along with this account. i will try to post at least once a day but other than that i will most likely not be on until sunday afternoon!! i love y’all so much & i’ll talk to y’all again soon πŸ’—πŸ’—
i am IN LOVE with these pictures @milliebobbybrown
Ok but can we talk about his hair 😍
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