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Im getting some water twerking make me hot不不
#PressPlay : Tokyo dropped her project & im actually feeling some of these songs!休 #LHHATL #LHH
Mood you better be glad I do hurr
I left the remote in the refrigerator.
Joseline & Bonnie look amazing! #LHHATL #LHH
Karlie gurl Spice wouldve got dragged by Tokyo hands down!之 #LHHATL #LHH #CheckYourself
Burgers or chicken Alfredo?
Just watched this acrimony movie trailer and now I'm watching the movie cause the trailer was od good, SO I'll tell y'all how I feel about it in a few
Joseline or Mimi! ... who you choosing? #LHHATL #LHH
This scene will never not be funny! #LHHATL #LHH
I miss the old cast Chrissy vs Kimbella #lhhny
ICONIC儭"Don't Watch Me Hoe Watch TEEBEE"#JoselineHernandez #MimiFaust #Steviej #LHHATL
We Miss Joseline On The Show Right? #LHHATL #Lhh (Via:@vh1 )#LoveAndHipHop #MimiFaust #joselinehernandez #Steviej
** ***** ** HYUCK
Currently eating Hawaiian Teriyaki wings & watching Freddy vs Jason, and I'm here alone as I was wishing, WHEW
Lmao I forgot about #JoselineHernandez tweaking on camera a few years ago.
PROJECTION When people accuse you of doing something you are not doing, it is usually because they are the ones doing it themselves. 腮 @joseline
I was gonna say something really rude but because it's Father's day, I'm just gonna NOT
Bye, she really say right there and let him spit on her and her boyfriend let his own home boy spit on her, honestly she should've socked her bf right in the nose and hopped out the car and start slicing that nigga face up cause that's the most nastiest thing to EVER and I mean EVER do to anybody
This is me spamming y'all LMFSISJDND I'm screaming cause I have one or two more post and I'm not posting again until later... I think, but I stayed up until 4 in the morning not talking to anybody, not doing anything interesting BUT filling out my driving log, since I wait to do shit late
I wish I could see everybody's post but I can't because Everytime inrefresh my feed, they have shit from like 2 days ago & I'm sick of it @instagram fix it bich
LMFAOOOO Me but good morning faves
She said that shit so peacefully, i think she wanted to kill her! #LHHATL #LHH
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