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How I do my hair in the mornings.
Real life travel: it’s not all glamorous. I got altitude sickness two steps in and had to pay to ride a horse up the mountain(at points I was required to walk and literally moved slower than a snail). Once we got to the top I was hoping to take a glamour shot, you know the ones where travelers look happy, elated, beautiful and glowy? That just didn’t happen for me. This hike was one of the top three most challenging things I’ve done in my entire 30 years. We had plans to continue on to see Red Valley but I was on the verge of passing out so we headed back down. I thought downhill would be easier on my body but I made it half a mile before I needed another horse. Rainbow Mountain(Vinicunca) located 3 hours from Cusco in the Andes Mountains is surrounded by luscious green fields, crisp blue skies and peaks of snow caps. It’s highest altitude is 5,200m or 17,060 and it’s truly glorious. I’d recommend going if you’re able to, below are some tips: -Wear layers(its hot at times and cold) -bring gloves and a hat -bring toilet paper for the bathroom -you can take a horse up for 70 sols plus tip and down depending on where you take it from(I walked quite a bit before taking one down and was charged 20 sols plus tip) -tipping is important, do it -take water and snacks -hydrate well the night before -remember that just because you’re fit doesn’t mean you can push yourself, it’s better to take it easy than pass out trying to get to the top -find someone to match paces with(helps with rhythm and flow) -if you’re going with a tour group, be sure to grab a window seat on the bus. The drive is super narrow and windy and it’s helpful to be able to look out #travelstories
Can't wait to go jet-setting again. 2017 is turning out to be a Biggie 🙆 . . . #planeshot #birdseyeview #jetsettingchicks #travelgram #slay2017
A day in the life of Mrs. Cumberbatch...❤️💓💗 #StashleyEverAfter #CatchUsWhenYouCan 💑 🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻 📸 @kingcumberbatch54
No new friends? Okay maybe just two more! 📍Beerwah, Australia. 📷 @il8on
Bright lights and neon signs: A glimpse of Mongkok nightlife 😸
Screaming #HAPPYBIRTHDAY from here all the way to Spain 🇪🇸 to my lovely cousin V ❤️ Still a little salty you went without me 😩 but #Flashback to earlier this year when we took on Panama 🇵🇦 I️ love that we can be ourselves around each other and that we support each other in everything we do. Every year, I️ say that you’ve played an integral part of molding me to be the woman I️ am and that still stands true so I️ thank you. I️ wish you many more years of being strong, beautiful, successful, inspiring, and all around amazing. Love you 💋 Let’s hurry and finalize our next trip soon ✈️ #Wanderlust #Scorpio ♏️ #Queen 👸🏾 #FamILY 💕 #BlackGirlMagic
I need this in my room 😍 📸 @michellesolobay | #travelinganywhere
If i jump, you jump? 🌃
I lava you, Thailand 🌸 #letsgodelao #thailand #travelasia
Friday mood: Smiling on the inside and out 😊
#BFF #BestFriendFriday just because I love this pic....💜 @simplyjaninexo
💫Good Vibes Only✨ 📷 @chulaphoto #brooklyn #cobblehill #newyork
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