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JERIKAAAA😍😍 • • • • • • • • • • :)) • Ilysm u guys💗 y’all make me sooo happy • • • • • • • I’m sooooo sorry I have been REALLY INACTIVE!! • Now that school is out in 2 DAYS!! I will post a ton, and I will have so much time to edit!! • • • • • • • Tags: #Jerika #jerikalover #erikacostell #erika #jake #jakepaul #bored #edit #jerikaedit #jerikaedits #jerika4life #jerikaisreal #jerikaisgoals #jerikaislife #💗 #💗🌟😍 #jerikaismomanddad #ilysmjerika #b
I HATE THIS EDIT BUT I HAD NOTHING TO POST yes I know I spelt ‘understand’ wrong it was too late to change when I realised — ac plotwistaudios — thanks for the words inspo ami — #jerika #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jakepauledits #erikacostelledits #jerikaedits #team10edits #jakepauledit #erikacostelledit #jerikaedit #team10edit #jakepaulers #costellars #loganpaul #logang
Wow Jake that’s great.... thanks tony the fandom loves you every more now 😂😂💕🌸✨
Chapter 13 E: WTF!!! Are u kidding me M: no im boy and cuss in front of the kids E: leave me alone I’m already done with u leave my house and I’m going back to LA M: no u won’t u will stay here with me until Alissa and Blake says I leave u alone G: mommy I’m scared E: don’t worry he won’t do anything M: oh yes I will now let the kids go to there rooms before I do something to them too E: guys go to ur room now S: no mom I won’t leave u E: I said go I’ll be fine Su: no mommy u will get hurt E: I’ll be fine I promise now go plz *the girls go to there room* M: great now where is ur room E: why M: bc I said so where is ur room E: it’s in there *points to her room* M: *grabs her hand and goes to her room* E: leave me alone! M: umm I don’t think so *pushes her to the bed and locks the door* E: what’s are u doing M: something u haven’t done in 2 years E: I won’t let you cuz I don’t want to and there are kids in the house M: u can’t stop me E: umm yes I can M: *holds both of her hands tight* E: STOP UR HURTING ME -the girls- Su: mom said if there is any emergency we call what’s the number S: I wrote it in my copybook wait *goes and checks* ohh 911 Su: I’ll go get the moms ph it is in her bag S: I will come with u *the girls gets out of the room and goes to Erika’s bag which is out of Erika’s room and they call 911* 911: 911 What is ur emergency Su: hello 911: hi little one what’s the problem Su: there is this guy in our house with my mommy in mommy’s room he said he will hurt her 911: who is he Su: Sarah do you know him S: yeah he is moms boss he is always with her 911: ok girls the police are on there way to ur house ok just hide somewhere u guys will be safe G: ok thank you 911: your welcome sweetie ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
LEGENDARY!!!!! I STAN!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Chapter 12 Erika’s POV Everything is going great matt and I are dating but we have to go and tell the kids I’m pretty nervous about this part bc they might remember there real dad and be pissed but idc I went back home with matt and went up to the girls room (bye the girls are now 5 years old) E: hi girls G: hey mommy E: ok so me and matt have to tell y’all something G: what E: uh well me and matt are together Su: wait what about daddy in LA S: yeah what happened E: u still remember him jeez S: mom I want to see my real dad I miss him Su: yeah everything has changed and I want daddy back E: ur dad is not here anymore S: where is her then E: he left us.. Su: no way dad would never do that E: well he did..I’m sorry to tell u guys this but me and Jake aren’t together anymore G: what?! Why *starts crying* E: *goes and hugs them* he likes another girl ok he doesn’t like me S: mom he loves u i know he still does Su: dad would never do that M: yeah he didn’t E: *turns around to him* what are u saying M: Alissa and Blake sent me here to make ur life a living hell and now since ur mine the time will start now E:..... ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
Ok I’m deceased.👋🏻😊
Skskskkskss Update: still crying since Arizona but I’m fine thanks for asking- oh nvm I’m not 😂🌸✨
Oh ok then make me cry some more that’s fine- 👍🏼🌸✨😂😭
Sorry but this is like the bestest thing ever 😰🤗💖 - - - - - CREDS @jerikaxheart 💞 - - - - - #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaedit #jerika4life #jerikaisreal #jerikaisgoals #jerikafanfic #jakepaul #erikacostell -
“She the type of girl that can back it up on you.” 🌸✨
Chapter 11 -next day- Jake’s POV Idk how long it has been but it’s been ages I still love Erika and miss her soo much where is she I want to know but for now I haven’t seen my girls for idek how long I’ve been in bed and haven’t go out of it I’ve stopped working out I haven’t eaten in 1 month I only drink water here and there my ribs are starting to show I am one big mess I have no money left it’s all gone I stopped acting life is just a mess -Erika- E: *calls Matt* hey Matt when are we going on the date M: whenever u want it to be E: well let’s do it now cuz the babysitter is on her way to take care of my babies M: ok well I’ll come and pick u up soon *they go on the date to the beach they’ve been talking and talking till matt has something to say* M: hey Erika..umm can u ask u a question E: yeah sure what’s up M: I’ve been with u for 2 years now and I’ve grown a lot of feelings for u I like u a lot Erika and umm...will you be my girlfriend? E: yes *smiles and kisses him* M: *kisses back* (Ewww ewww ewww🤮🤮🤢🤢) Matt’s POV Stupid dumb bitch she really thought I would like her I will make her life a living hell she broke my friends heart Blake and now I’m getting revenge... ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
If u were a dude😰🤩💘💗💖💞💕 - - - - creds @jerikaxheart 💘 - - - - - #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerika4life #jerikaedit #jerikaisgoals #jerikaisreal #jakepaul #erikacostell -
Chapter 10 Jake’s POV She’s gone...forever this can’t be happening to me rn is this a dream I hope it is but I don’t think so...she left...they all left..they left me in the huge house alone with no one to cuddle with no one to talk to no one wake me up in the morning no one to kiss goodnight nothing they left me empty handed...idk where they went and even if follow her what’s the point she will never forgive me for something I’ve not done and never will do to the most precious girl in my heart why would I do that if we have kids and the bigger problem here is that I didn’t even do anything...my life is ruined now what’s the point of living..I’ll never leave this house and I won’t get over Erika this is just too much for me to handle rn..I’ll try not to kill myself and just go to sleep for however it take to get Erika back -2 years later- Erika’s POV I’m going to a meeting rn with my boss Matt I’m kinda falling for him alittle he is pretty cute and dont even try to remind me about Jake I hate him so much and never thinking of going back anytime the girl forgot about jake they never ever mentioned him once which is good cuz I don’t want to talk about it at all so rn I’m going out with matt to this meeting and I’m coming back home and just chill M: hey Erika how are you *hugs her* E: *hugs him back* good now where is this meeting at M: it’s at my office we have to go now or we’ll be late E: ok let’s go *they go to the meeting and finish everything and Erika was heading home till* M: hey um Erika can we talk for alittle bit E: yeah what’s up M: soo umm..I uhh like u a lot and I was wondering since tmrw we are free do u want to go out on a date or something E: *smiles* I would love too M: *smiles* ok we’ll see u tmrw *kisses her cheeks* E: *smiles* bye *leaves* -next day- ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments) (Shits getting real y’all !!)
Happy 1 month anniversary of officially being official💐 @erikacostell @jakepaul 4•24•18 • • •app - ccp •audio - Goat •dt - @jerikaa.love @cherishing.jerika •please tag them🐝 • • • {ignore tags} #erikacostell #starbucksisliferct #jakepaul #jerikaedit #jerikaanniversary #jerikaofficial #jerika1month #fallingrôsesgrp
I haven’t edited Jerika in such a long time 😫💗 @jakepaul @erikacostell #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerika #jerikaedit #team10 #costellers #jakepaulers
Ohio trio? I say where? I only see the OHIO DUO!
I’m not crying you are! 💕 Dear Jake and Erika, You guys will probably never see this but you guys mean so much to me. Let’s start off the first day jake intruduced Erika to the vlog. I saw a connection I saw potential in the future. I saw possible LOVE. Now to June 18, 2017. Jake proposed to Erika on the vlog for the vlog I saw it as a symbol of wanting more then friendship in the possible future. It was the moment when all of the feelings SPARKED. It was the moment where the gates opened to possible love in there journey of this love. Everyone went CRAZY for this couple. I haven’t joined any other fandoms or wanted to be in any other fandoms or am in any other fandoms because this is something that I believe can last... A LIFE TIME. People may think I’m crazy for having hope in a relationship at the time was fake. But now. It’s not. April 24, 2018.. Jake Joseph Paul asked Erika Micheal Ann’ Costell. To be his girlfriend. This was the time I knew there was love. The whole fandom was screaming so happy and shook that this just happend. Personally, it took me 4 days to actually take in what just happend and tell myself that it wasn’t a dream. I am so happy for the both of you and your relationship and what it has to bring you. Happiness, love, fortune, marriage, children, etc. All I know is that these two make each other so happy in a way that no one else can. In a way that it symbols. FOREVER. I hope that this journey leads to many great opportunities and many other things. So thank you Erika. For making Jake feel so happy and feel like the luckiest man and to hopefully one day call his wife, and the mother of his children. So thank you Jake. For making Erika feel so happy and so cared for and feel like the luckiest girl, and to hopefully call you her husband and father of her children. Love, Helena. 🌸✨ (Thank you for reading this if you did please comment below.)
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Get in there Jake 😉😂🙈 @erikacostell @jakepaul
Chapter 9 M: *gets out the bathroom and goes back to Erika* E: why is he crying M: bc he misses u Erika E: I call bullshit on that M: Erika I’m not lying he srsly wants u back E: then why the fuck we’ll be cheat on me in the first place! M: shhh that babies are asleep E: and I’m taking both of my babies with me I can keep one or both of them with an asshole M: I’m just gonna tell u one thing ok so jake was planning this party for ages and checked everything single thing to make it ur best party you’ve ever been to he paid a lot of money and he invited every person he knows except his ex Alissa and u even know Alissa and how jake hates her soo much..I’m gonna leave now and let u think about that situation E: *nods* Mackenzie’s POV I get up from the bed and go out to my car and go back to jake he was sleeping on the floor next to his bathroom door he looked exhausted I let him sleep and I slept in his couch I couldn’t leave him cuz he might to something to himself he loves Erika and idk what he might do.. -morning- Erika’s POV I woke up today took the all my stuff and the kids with me back home but not to go back with Jake I’m going to pack all my stuff and I’m going to Miami I’m leaving LA and I’m letting the girls see there dad before they leave im not going to tell them that I left jake I’m just going to tell them that we are going to go on a long trip I reached to the house took a deep breath in and went inside the girls ran to Jake and hugged him Su: daddy *hugs him* S: *also runs to him and hugs him* J: hi girls *hugs them back* G: we miss u J: I miss u too babies S: where is mommy? J: did she come? Su: yes but she ran up to her room J: ok stay here guys G: ok Jake’s POV I woke up at 3 am and was crying when I heard sunny and Sarah I wiped my tears and knew the Erika wouldn’t come but when the kids told me she came I immediately ran up to the room and didn’t see her so I figured she might be in the kids room I went there and saw her packing all there stuff J: what are u doing E: *ignores* ⤵️more⤵️
Jake or Team 10 or Erika or anyone I stan💕😡😂 Going to post Erika's version of the Gods plan post tomorrow!!🤘🏻💕💕 I hope you guys like it! Give credits if you repost!! - Tags~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @erika_costell @jakes.garage @apollothek9 @viahcostell @shoperikacostell #jakepaul #jakepauler #jakepaulers #jakepauler4life #jakepaulers4life #team10 #jakepauledits #jakepauledit #erikacostell #costellars #costellars4life 🐐 #costellars4life #beagoat #jerika #jerikaedits #jerikaedit #jerikaallacrossamerica #screamingoutjerika #jerika
Chapter 8 ~with Erika~ Erika’s POV Umm basically I went to Pam’s and took my kids and stuff and went to the hotel near by I didn’t tell pam what happened I just told her I’m going to a hotel the girls are confused but thank god they went back to bed I was sitting on the bed crying knowing rn that Jake and I aren’t together anymore but he deserved it I can’t be with a cheater...but why would he do that I was crying and crying till I hear my door open slowly I thought it was Jake but turns out it was Kenzie oh god now what M: Erika *goes in the room* what are u doing here E: how did u find me M: that doesn’t matter rn but what matters is where is ur ring E: I’m done with that cheating ass hole M: I’m trying not to make my voice loud cuz the kids are asleep but would u srsly think that Jake would do that to you E: Mackenzie that’s it I’m done I’m never going back there I’m going tmrw getting all my stuff and the kids clothes and stuff and leaving M: *sits on the bed next to Erika* erika calm down ok he didn’t do anything wrong I’m ur best friend would I lie to u E: I don’t trust him anymore Mackenzie’s POV At this point idk what to say she srsly hates Jake rn ugh what can I do to get the back together I’m jakes only hope I can’t let him down like that I will call Jake and check up on him rn yes in front of Erika ~call convo~ M: hi Jake J: hi.. M: is everything good J: kinda.. M: why what did u do Jake J: nothing I-I just mi-miss her *cries* M: Jake don’t cry *gets up from the bed and goes to the bathroom and closes the door* Jake I’ll fix it don’t worry ok J: ok... M: ok bye be safe J: bye I will ~end of call~ ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
Chapter 7 M: whose is that jake...? J: who could it be! M: why J: WHO INVITED ALISSA OVER M: Jake calm down..and idk u know I wouldn’t do that J: THEN WHO WHOULD DO THAT?! M: idk Jake calm down J: HOW COULD I CALM DOWN WHEN THE LOVE OF MY LIFE LEFT ME WITH OUR KIDS!! M: Jake she will come back she is drunk J: she didn’t drink it was only one shot... M: I’ll go and talk to her J: *nods* M: now don’t u do anything dumb jake ok u have a family ok J: *nods* Mackenzie’s POV There is no way in hell erika would do that to jake and who the fuck invited that hoe Alissa. I go out of Jake’s room and see Alissa sitting down on the couch it looks like she is waiting for someone M: get the fuck out A: who are u M: I said get out A: I’m not leaving M: SECURITY! Mackenzie’s POV Security came and took Alissa out of the property I went in my car and headed to Pam’s house I reach there and pam told me that Erika came inside took all her stuff and left to a hotel so I go to the nearest hotel and go to the front desk M: hi umm I was wondering did a girl named Erika Costell with 2 baby kids come in here and checked in? Reception lady: umm wait *looks at the names in her computer* what was the name again? M: Erika Costell RL: Erika Costell...yeah she did M: ok can u plz give me her room keys it’s very urgent RL: I’m sorry I can’t do that unless she said so M: I beg u if I go up to her room she won’t open the door it’s her and her husbands 3 year anniversary and there has been a problem RL: I’ll see what u can do for u ma’am M: ok thank you ~with Erika~ ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
Sounds fire if you ask me. 🌸
Chapter 6 Jake’s POV Everything was going great and yes I am drunk I drank a lot but Erika not too much Mackenzie came up to Erika and I and we were making out then she pulled Erika away from me idk where she is going I didn’t really care I just went and sat on the chair waiting for Erika I closed my eyes for a bit then someone came and sat on my lap I figured it was Erika I open my eyes a little and see that it isn’t Erika it was my ex Alissa why is she even here she wasn’t invited I was about to push her off but Erika has already seen everything I pushed Alissa off of me and see Erika crying and leave I ran after her grab her arm and stop her E: Jake leave me alone! J: babe I didn’t do anything she came on top of me cmon you know I wouldn’t do that E: Jake ur drunk u don’t even know what ur saying! And I’m not ur babe anymore jake bye *starts walking away* J: baby stop *goes after her* you can’t do this to me we have kids a life to go through E; *cries* well maybe u should go through ur life with the girl u really love *gets an uber* J: *tears up* Erika stop ur the one I love and idek why she came babe plz trust me E: no..bye Jake *takes off her ring and throws it to him and gets in the uber takes the kids and go to a hotel near Pam’s house* J: *cries bends down and picks up the ring* why would this happen in our anniversary Jake’s POV I wipe my tears go inside and scream “THE PARTY IS OVER EVERYONE LEAVE NOW!” Mackenzie come running to me and calming me down M: Jake what wrong?! J: *starts to cry again and goes up to his room* M: *shouts* party is over due to some problems everyone plz u may leave the house *she runs up to Jake and Erika’s room and see jake crying on the floor she sits next to him and asks* Jake what happened? J: this *shows her the ring* M:... ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
All Jerika moments from last night. Sorry I didn’t post them straight away, I live in Scotland so I wasn’t awake ♥️♥️
Chapter 5 ~call convo~ E: hey baby J: hey are u ready E: yes I’m very ready J: ok well u can come in one hour ok E: ok bye love u J: bye love u too ~end of call convo~ Jake’s POV I’m sooo excited everything is perfect and ready now it’s time for me to get ready so I go up to our room it was decorated with flowers all over the room and the bed I go to the closet an wear (swipe) and now I’m waiting for the limo to came to my house then I’ll go and pick up Erika I’m so excited for today and pray to god that everything goes smoothly Erika’s POV It was 8 and Jake was coming to pick me up at 9 I put the kids in bed and I went to my bag and started getting ready I put on this (swipe) and did my hair and makeup I was ready at 8;55 just in time then 5 mins later Jake texted me Jakey💞: come down I’m here My baby💘: coming Erika’s POV I go down and see this huge black limo then I see jake coming out of it looking sexy asf I go up to him and kiss him and he opens the door for me I go in and he gets in behind me we go to the house and get out the limo E: omg babyyyy a party thank you so much J: I tried to make it the best party u will ever have E: i know it will be the best *little do they know something was going to happen* ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
Sorry not sorry... hehe This pretty much sums up all of my woman stans 💕✨
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Jake left Erika some flowers how cute. 😍💕😉 #jerikaisreal 💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟💙 #jerikaforever #jerikaedit #jakepaul #eriakcostell #jakepauledits #jakepaulers #goatellers #team10
Chapter 4 E: babe J: yeah E: in 2 weeks it’s our 3 year anniversary J: yeah I’m so excited E: me too Jake’s POV So Mackenzie Erika’s friend and I have been planing on doing a huge party and Kenzie is helping cuz I want it to have a girly type of vibe that’s why I’m leaving sunny and Sarah at my moms house since they can’t be there cuz it’s for adults all of our old friends will be there I’m soo pumped for our anniversary i know ur probably think it’s an anniversary y’all should enjoy it together alone but Erika has been wanting to have a party for ever and I figured let’s make a party Erika’s POV I know Jake’s up to something on our anniversary but I srsly have no clue what it could be at all i love this man so much he’s always stressed about having everything planned right and perfect he is literally the cutest -2 weeks later- *they are at the house Erika and the kids are in Pam’s house while Jake is with all his friends decorating everything and putting everything in place for the big surprise* (I’m so sorry it’s short but I’ll try to post another one later tonight) ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
Chapter 3 *jake and Erika both are in the room and and the kids were asleep* J: so what you trying to do tonight *smirks* E: jake we can’t J: why not E: bc we will wake up the kids J: they’ll be fine we are like in another building and they are in another half E: but what if they wake up J: idk lay under the blankets as if nothing happened E: ok *smiles* J: so condom or no condom E: condom i don’t feel like being pregnant again J: ok *they start to make out and they go onto the bed and take off there swimsuits they have sex for 4 hours and the kids didn’t wake up and then Jake and Erika went to sleep* -morning- Erika’s POV Thank god that I wore Jake’s shirt after yesterday and Jake wore his boxers bc the kids came in jumping on the bed waking us up G: mommy daddy wake uppp we want to go swimming J: mmm E: *wakes up* ok ok just let daddy sleep ok and us three will go swimming ok S: yayy ok Su: *jumps off the bed and starts running to there room* S: *with her* Erika’s POV I got up I went and put on my bikini again and went to the girls room and put on there’s we went out to the pool and swam for a while the jake came and joined us Su: mommy E: yeah sweetie Su: why were u shouting yesterday at night E: *looks at jake* ummm J: it’s bc she saw a cockroach S: if u see a cockroach u scream for hours? J: yeah mommy is very scared of them G: oh ok Jake’s POV That was a close one S: *looks at sunny* I thought mommy and daddy was fighting Su: yeah me too S: sunny let’s go and play with the sand Su: ok let’s go *both girls leave the pool and play with the sand* E:.... ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
Chapter 2 J: girls it’s time we tell u the surprise Girls: what is it daddy Jerika: we are going on a trip to Hawaii! Girls: yayyyyyy!! *they both run and hug Jake and Erika’s legs at the same time* J&E: *smiles* E: are you guys ready we have to leave now Girls: yeahh J: ok then let’s go Erika’s POV I go up stairs and gets the kids bags and Jake gets our bags and we head to the airport we go in the privet jet and reach to Hawaii. I srsly love Jake so much he is the best we go to our house tat we rented for 3 days he we are only staying here for 3 days but at least we left for a family trip am I right. Sarah was asleep on Jake’s arms and sunny is playing on ph. We got up and went to our house by the time we were there Sarah has woken up. I got Sunny and Sarah ready to go to the beach then I went to jake and I’s room and goes changed into my bikini J: wow u look good girl E: *smiles* thnx J: *comes from behind her wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck* I love you baby E: I love you too J: ill go get ready the kids are waiting on us E: ok J: *goes and puts on his swimsuit and get out and go to my girls* (G=girls and girls means only the twins) G: let’s gooo *drags Jake and Erika down to the beach* J: they must be really excited E: I bet they’ve never left LA J: yeah and there first trip is to Hawaii I wish my childhood was like this *laughs* E: *laughs* yeah Erika’s POV We reached to the beach and started to swim the girls were playing in the sad while me and Jake were in the beach enjoying ourselves a little bit to much jake and I were making out till we hear “EWWWW” it was sunny I mean it was out honeymoon you can’t blame us me and Jake laughed and went out and played with the kids a little bit till it was night time and went back I the apartment and showered the girls and they went to sleep it was only me and Jake now... ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul
| if jerika broke up • of course this flopped😭😭 • • • • • • • • • • • • • audio : by fleurie inspo: @jerikacostell_ (follow them) #jerikaedit #sadedit #jerika #team10 #jakepaul #erikacostell #aspen #california #l4l @jakepaul @erikacostell
Chapter 1 Erika’s POV Today is our girls birthdays I’m so excited and there gifts is going to Hawaii in a privet jet u may think the kids are spoiled it’s bc they are jake and I are actors and I’m a model we live in a mansion with 8 room but it’s only 4 of us it’s cuz we used to have a team called team 10 it’s a YouTube team but Jake stopped when he know I was pregnant with the girls to keep our babies safe it’s morning time and I go in the bathroom and see jake already showering so I joined and showered E: good morning baby J: good morning *pecks her lips* E: so are u ready for today’s trip J: so ready and I can’t believe it’s already our girls 3ed birthday E: ikr they grew up so fast J: yeah get ready for new ones *winks* E: omg jake *laughs* *they shower and gets ready and they put on this (swipe) they go to the girls room and wake them up* Su=sunny S=Sarah J: good morning girls S: *wakes up* morning Su: *still asleep* E: sunny wake up it’s ur guys birthdays cmon S: yeahh!! *jumps up on to Jake’s back* J: *laughs* are you excited S: very J: well let’s get ready we are going out for breakfast S&Su: yayyyy Jake’s POV Sarah was on my back while Erika had sunny we got matching clothes for them and dressed them sunny look like Erika while Sarah looked like me we love them both to death we all go down to the tesla and put them in there car seats we go down to a breakfast place and eat breakfast and go back home and sit in the living room and play games Su: daddy J: yeah sweetie Su: when will we have our gift J: soon but i know u guys will like it so much S: I’m excited E: I am too Jake’s POV We keep playing and playing and then it was time for the flight we already had everything ready even the girls clothes it’s time to tell the kids the surprise.... ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul (80 comments)
Bruh Jake got a little too excited- 💀🤪 - - - - - - - - - #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaedit #jerika4life #jerikaisreal #jerikaisgoals #jerikafanfic #jakepaul #erikacostell -
Jerika ♡ I forgot my watermark so don’t steal without credit skskks - - - - - - - tag @jakepaul @erikacostell ♡ - App: cute cut ♡ - sound: I forgot ♡ - Dt: @charming.msp @valissapurple (comment for a dt) - - - - - -tags #Jerika #jake #erika #jakepaul #erikacostell #jakepauledit #erikacostelledit #jerikaedit #team10 #couplegoals #ogstan #l4l #f4f #c4c #s4s
The divorce... INTRO: Jake’s POV Hey my name is Jake Paul I’m 23 years old and I have a wife named Erika and daughter twins Sarah and sunny they are 2 years old and I love all my girls soo much Erika and I have been into some fights here and there buts it’s not something too serious today is the twins b-day they will turn 3 years old they have grown so much Erika’s POV Hey my name is Erika costell/Paul I’m 22 years old and I hav a husband named Jake I love him with everything I have he is my everything we have two kids but they are twins sunny and Sarah today they just turned 3 years old Jake and I are going to take the with us to our honeymoon it will be fun to take them along oh and me and Jake have been through fights but it’s nothing serious I still love him to death... (What do u guys think? Should I continue) ~ ~❤️ ~what will happen next ~❤️ ~comment for ᎷᏫᎡᎬ ~❤️ ~ @jakepaul @erikacostell @jakepaul @erikacostell #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jeriaedit #jakepaul #erikacostell #jerikafanfic #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerika #jerikafanfiction #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jerikaedit #teamten #team10edits #edits #erikacostell #jakepaul
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(Don’t repost without Creds)This is made by me. Yes ik it’s kinda sloppy but idc I just thought I would show it to ya! So enjoy! (Btw that thing in her hair is a like a little pin or bow soz) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ignore👇 #jakepaul #erikacostell #newpagepic #300followersplease #imactive #likes #goats #jakepauler4life #costeller4life #jerika #jerikafanpage #jerikaedit #drawing #diamonds #jerikagoals #jerikaisreal #jerikaisgoals #imboredrn #lit #erikathegoat #jerikaisofficial #MkAyByE
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