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this fact is so amazing and cool - love marvel !!!
One of the most exciting part of IRONMAN is the transition area. This is where all actions begin. As part of the transition check in team, you will be helping triathletes to rack their bags and bikes. You will also be finding the correct hooks for their kit. If you love the movie - Fast and furious, this is definitely the place you should be keen to join. #ironmanasia #ironmanfact #ironmanvolunteer #transitioncheckin #thingsyoushouldknowaboutironman
What yall think
Guys don't worry my spam of facts will be done for today #MarvelFacts #IronManFact
"Je sais tout faire sauf que je ne le savais pas encore " #IronmanFact #QuicheLorraine #Teamboss Merci à mon professeur @nays4 au passage ;)