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Salmon zucchetti with sugar snap peas, pine nuts, chili & dill 🍋 I made up this recipe tonight and it is now officially my new favourite dinner! For now anyway... So fresh but so satisfying. How good is that feeling when you nail dinner 🏆 Ingredients: 2 pieces of Atlantic salmon 3 medium sized zucchinis, spiralised Bunch of spring onions, finely sliced 3 tbsp chopped dill 1 lemon Punnet or sugar snap peas (about 2-3 big handfuls), sliced lengthways 1 red chili, seeds removed, finely sliced Chili flakes (as much or as little you like. I went about 1 heaped tsp) Handful of pine nuts Salt and pepper Olive oil Method: After you spiralise your zucc, lay it out on some paper towels and try squeeze out as much moisture as possible. This is important so you don’t have sloppy “pasta”. Season your salmon with S&P. Heat a fry pan over medium heat, add a small dash of olive oil, then throw in your salmon (skin down if it has skin). While that was cooking away I toasted the pine nuts in a separate pan cause I LOVE nicely browned pine nuts but you don’t have to do this. Once the salmon is cooked, pop it on a plate to rest. Leave the pan as is (salmon juices and all) and throw in your spring onion, sugar snaps & zucchini, toss it around then add the chili and the zest of the lemon. Combine through and cook for about 1 min. While that’s cooking, slice the salmon. Add the dill, pine nuts, salmon & chili flakes to the pan, toss through and season to your liking. Voila! Throw it on a plate and give it a big squeeze of lemon juice. After this pic I also gave it a sneaky bit of finely shaved Parmesan to bring it all together. Delish 👌
👇🏻👇🏻MEAL PREP TIPS BELOW 👇🏻👇🏻 . You guys asked, so I delivered. Meal prep is an absolute staple of my routine, it means I always have healthy, easy meals ready to go and really means I have no excuse not to eat well. To help you guys out, I’ve put together my top five tips for all of you. Enjoy and feel free to ask my any questions below! 1. Make a plan. Spend 15 minutes the day before you do your shopping planning your meals (all of them) for the week. I love looking through my cookbooks and favourite blogs for inspiration. 2. Check your supplies. See what is in your fridge and pantry already, what can you use up, what do you need to buy more of. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save from using what is already in your pantry. 3. Do one big shop. Buying all of your ingredients at once ensures no unnecessary trips to the shops and saves you time and money. 4. Plan your prep and set aside a couple of hours. I like to think of this as my mise en place! I write down my meals, and step out the elements that those meals require, for example, roast veggies, cook rice, make green sauce etc. This way you can combine tasks together (i.e. thing that all use the oven) and your prep will be much quicker overall. 5. Store your food correctly. Use good containers to keep all of your cooked meals and prepped ingredients fresh. I often cut up my fresh veggies (things like kale and zoodles) and heat them up when I want them. Other ingredients, might need freezing - I just google how long things last in the fridge I am not sure! HAPPY PREPPING! ✨#mealprep #sundaymealprep #meatlessmonday #foodieflatlays
Looking for the perfect dinner party crowd-pleaser? We recommend you whip up our Leftovers Chocolate Orange Tiramisu with Candied Almonds. It's full of rich mousse, cream, coffee and a chocolate loaf that makes for the most satisfyingly wonderful tiramisu ever! You can grab the recipe in our Ultimate Chocolate Cookbook over on our online store today!
This meal honestly took 5 mins to make. This lentil curry was from a packet but it had no nasty ingredients. Then quickly whipped up some paleo nann bread to go with it 😋👌🏻
Those are some colourful halloumi kebabs - spicy too! #iqsjerf #iqs8wp
Today’s lunch was all kinds of 😋🙌🤤 balsamic roasted onion & brussels sprouts✨ cinnamon sweet potato chippies ✨ spinach ✨ baby toms ✨ leftover cauli fried rice ✨ soft boiled egg ✨ zesty natural yogurt ✨ pomegranate ✨ lemon ✨ I feel as though some avocado would really have sealed the deal but I had no ripe ones 😭 anyway, with Gordo away so much lately I’ve ended up (mostly unintentionally) not eating much meat but I’m really enjoying it for a change 👌 side note - these were maybe the best onions I’ve ever eaten! I just drizzled them (and the brussels) with a little olive oil, some balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper. Something about the balsamic seriously brought them to life. Try it and let me know how you go 🕺
Matcha Smoothies 🌿 #matchalover
Cauliflower fried rice with miso eggplant 🍆 I made it up but totally inspired by all of @jshealth ’s amazing cauli rice recipes. Basically this version contains garlic, chili, onion, cauli, mushrooms, spring onion (I usually make it with leeks but couldn’t get any 😞), sesame seeds, egg, tamari & sesame oil, then I made the miso eggplant separately and served it on top to make it a bit more “meaty”. This time I also added some thinly sliced broccolini to the rice and served on a bed of spinach because I definitely didn’t eat enough greens today! Such a tasty, healthy dinner. And I have enough leftovers to last me a week 😳😛
Bounty Slice just added to the menu 🌿have a gorgeous weekend everyone! X #cleaneatingideas #chocdaisy #rawbar #rawtreats #plvtribe
For some reason when I looked at this bowl, all I think is “sunshine daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow” - any other Harry Potter nerds out there know what I’m talking about? 😂😂 All (terrible) Harry Potter jokes aside - this is the Superman bowl from @bowl.and.arrow and it is basically a bowl of yellow, sunshiney, perfection - topped with my fav @bluefrogbreakfast granola. I have never been the greatest turmeric fan, but this bowl has shown me just how good turmeric can be 💛 Happy Friday all! #smoothiebowl #smoothie #eattherainbow #glowup
Two ingredient peanut biscuits #iqsjerf
Colourful spring lunch! #iqsjerf #iqs8wp
Chocolate cheesecake brownie with raspberries from @oob.organic #rawcheesecake #rawbar #chocdaisy #holisticnutritionist
This👆🏻right here is my current go to combo. Soft scrambled eggs (circa @pinchofyum ), some form of greens (this time watercress) and roasted vegetables. Here we have cauliflower roasted in @mingleseasoning from my @i.am.company delight box, as well as this little roasted combo - that I like to think of as an epic salad topper - containing red onion, carrots and walnuts. Guys, if you aren’t adding roasted red onion to your meals you are missing out. Big time. What’s everyone else’s go to meals at the moment? #vegetarian #meatfree #eattherainbow #sprayfree
I’m still chipping away at tagine leftovers for dinner (Gordo is working away), so I’m going to throw it back to this beautiful little din of yellowfin tuna with a simple salad of rocket, roasted pumpkin, baby toms, avocado, capsicum, sugar snap peas & edamame 🍋 a trip to the fish markets this week is definitely on the cards 🤤
Was supposed to share this photo yesterday for #toasttuesday , but all of a sudden it’s hump day. Let’s be honest though, when toast is THIS good everyday is toast day right?! Crispy sourdough, @lovemyphilly cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, micro herbs and a good sprinkle of salt and pepper is all you need for this winning combo 🙌🏻🔥 #toast #brunchgoals #easybreakfast #easyrecipes
Tagine time 💥 yesterday I cooked one of our fave new recipes - lamb tagine (served with lemon yogurt, rocket & cous cous) and it’s on the menu again tonight 🙌 as much as I love salads and fresh meals, sometimes you just need something super warming and hearty 🤗 for some reason it won’t let me post the recipe (maybe it’s too long?) but you can find it a few posts back 🥕
Berry, beet & PB smoothie bowl 💗#smoothiebowls
Quick berry oat recipe🍓 In a pot heat: 1/2 cup @kiallapurefoods rolled oats 2 tbs @morlife_ chia seeds 1/2 cup @originalbonsoy soy milk 1/2 cup water (more or less depending on consistency you prefer) 1 cup fresh or frozen berries of choice Stir on low heat until oats are cooked through and enjoy! 🍓 I find the berries are a good way to sweeten without using excess sugar!
Breakfast on the go 🍌🥥🥄 I haven’t a made a breakfast jar in so long! Before I got my vitamix (and became nice cream obsessed!), I was all about overnight oats in jars. Just scroll back a few years in our feed and you’ll see 😆 anyway this is just a mix of oats, shredded coconut, chopped nuts, currants, @lonijane “Burcha” seed mix (minus the dried mango) and almond milk. I let it soak in the fridge for about an hour then layered it in the jars with @coyo_is_coconuts coconut yogurt, banana & blueberries ✌️
Bring a little Spanish flair to your kitchen with our one-pan Spring Chicken Paella. With five hits of veg, this dish is also gluten-free and 8-Week Program-friendly, meaning you can enjoy this classic comfort food guilt-free. Trust us, after mastering this recipe, it’ll quickly become a family fave. Grab the recipe over on our site or use the link via the comments below!
Ain’t no other way to celebrate a birthday than with cake. I’d been waiting for an excuse to try @youtotallygotthis ’s sugar free chocolate cake for MONTHS now, and my gorgeous mum’s birthday provided the perfect excuse. This cake was SO easy and (more importantly) SO delicious! The texture was moist and fluffy and it had a beautiful, rich chocolatey flavour. Paired with the epic ganache icing and this is a sugar free cake not to be missed🤤🔥 I also added some @seriouspopcorn as a cake topper because #treatyoself . And to my gorgeous mumma, happiest of birthdays to you! I’m sorry I’m not there tonight to cook you dinner (a task my brother is definitely not up to 😂) but thank you for being the best mum a girl could ask for, and I hope you’ve had a slice of cake (or two) from me xx #birthdaycake #cakegoals #refinedsugarfree #healthybaking
Porridge weather is officially here There are many gluten free options that can be used in replacement of the traditional oats. You could use, buckwheat, quinoa flakes, Teff grains, or even chia seeds. Photo via Pinterest
Meatless Monday salad inspo by our naturopathy student @naturallyshin Red onion, spinach, sweet potato, fennel, tomato and coriander. Try it and let us know how you go 😊
Did you know that you can totally add miso to your sweet treats? Just like in these scrumptious Miso Choc Chip Blondies! The almond butter makes these super dense and the miso adds a unique umami, salty flavour, which pairs perfectly with the fudgy chocolate bits. To make things even easier, these blondies can be made using just one bowl, winner! To grab the recipe, head on over to our blog article, 7 ways to use up that jar of miso, or use the link via the comments below.
Starting this beautifully sun shin filled morning with Mango, Turmeric smoothie pot☺️💛 because some mornings you want a little sunshine inside as well!☀️🌼 Happy Monday Insta Family, I’m off to Byron this afternoon for a three day holiday!!!🙌🏻 to say I’m excited would be an understatement!☺️💛 . . . #turmeric #antiinflammatory #antioxidants #itsallgood #veganbreakfast #dairyfree #smoothiemornings
How this morning was supposed to go: journaling, gym and smoothie bowls all in a very timely, relaxed fashion. How this morning actually went: had a LONG night of not being able to sleep 😩 consequently slept through two alarms, missed the gym and missed smoothie bowls. Here’s hoping the week improves from here. So here is a picture of @bowl.and.arrow ’s soul mate smoothie bowl from happier, less tired times. This creamy, chocolatey delight was honestly the most filling smoothie bowl I’ve ever had. Also, since it contains vegetables, includes peanut butter and is topped the mouthwatering @bluefrogbreakfast granola, it might just be my soul mate 🤫😍#smoothiebowl #smoothie #veganfoodshare #healthybreakfast
Sunday salad, which will no doubt turn into a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday salad given the amount that I made 😛 rocket, corn, pomegranate, avocado, toasted almonds & pickled onion (just tossed the sliced onion with some white wine vinegar & salt to take the edge off) 🌽🌿🥑 dressed in a simple mix of olive oil, S&P, apple cider vinegar & honey. Served with some delish BBQ chicken pieces (a mix of drumsticks, tenderloins & wings) that Gordo marinated earlier today. Yarmmm! 🙌
Ain’t nothing like making your own cafe brunch without leaving the house. Soft scrambled @frenzfreerangeeggs , teamed with fresh watercress and toasted @homestbybakeworks sprouted bread topped with @genoesefoods pesto. Now time for Sunday evening Netflix and chill 😴😴 #brunchgoals #brunch #sundayfunday #vegetarian
#buongiornocosì 🌷Per molte persone il fine settimana vuol dire anche dedicarsi a qualche ricetta gustosa... Allora io vi propongo questa "Crostata morbida con crema pasticcera e fragole"... vi assicuro di una bontà irresistibile. 😋🍓 Realizzata con farina di riso rosso integrale by @risomelotti per me questa farina è stata una vera rivelazione! Per la Ricetta vi aspetto sul blog ➡️ @ilbellodelfornello il link lo trovate nella bio 🔎 🔎 👍 ⬅️ 🌻 🌻 🌻 @italyquitsugar Con piacere partecipo al #contest #melottispringcontest #delicious #amazing #picoftheday #recipeoftheday #tastyfood #foodaddict #tagsforfollow #foodlovers #Giallozafferano #100ita #ifpgallery #ilbellodelfornello #colazionetime #foodstylist #heresmyfood #IFPgallery #foodblogger #foodpictures #crueltyfreefood #iqsjerf #weekend #fragole #yammyfood Invito @cucinaconclaudia @arte_a_modo_mio al #contest #melottispringcontest 💚
My latest plant mylk crush 🌿hemp. I can’t wait to see how it fares in my next coffee. Happy weekend everyone X #plantbasednutrition #rawfoodshare #essentialfattyacids #hempseeds #organicfoods
Happy weekend ☀️starting mine right with a choccie hit 🍫🤤 cacao protein nice cream (recipe below) topped with Choc a Coconut Clusters (recipe by the fab @myfoodreligion ) & blueberries ✨
Mocha truffle 🖤 #chocolatelovers
🌼Continua il #MelottiSpringContest !🌸 Pubblicate i vostri DOLCI di PRIMAVERA con le FARINE DI RISO! . Non perdetevi questa occasione di partecipare e vincere i nostri prodotti. Ecco un'altra idea super grazie a @italyquitsugar . #Rensta #Repost : @italyquitsugar via @renstapp ··· “ (English below) Non il solito banana bread, ma una torta morbida e gustosa, vegan e senza zucchero aggiungo con farina di riso, banane mature, yogurt al cocco e limone decorativo 🌼🤤 Ho preparato questa torta con la farina @risomelotti poco prima di partire per il @motorlandaragon e mi sta accompagnando in questo fine settimana di delirio 🏍😂 Addolciamoci la vita, va 😘 Quale dolce con la farina di riso state pensando per il #melottispringcontest ?! 🌼Avete tempo fino a lunedì per proporci le vostre idee primaverili ❤️ . (🇬🇧) Not an ordinary banana bread but a soft vegan and with no added sugar cake made with ripe bananas, rice flour, coconut yogurt and lemon slices to decorate 🌼 I bake this cake before leaving for Aragon and now I am having it to give some sweet vibes to my day! ❤️ This weekend is crazy like always, but I will survive 💪🏻 . #colazionesana #veganbreakfast #fitbreakfast #veganfoodie #iqsjerf #colazioneitaliana #ahealthynut #veganfoodspot #fitfoods #fitfam #foodpictures #foodphotography #gloobyfood #feedfeedvegan #IFPgallery #veganfit #plantbasedfood #crueltyfreefood #sugarfreelife #buongiornomondo #colazionetime #govegan 🌱 #foodstylist #heresmyfood #veganpornfood
(English below) Non il solito banana bread, ma una torta morbida e gustosa, vegan e senza zucchero aggiunto con farina di riso, banane mature, yogurt al cocco e limone decorativo 🌼🤤 Ho preparato questa torta con la farina @risomelotti poco prima di partire per il @motorlandaragon e mi sta accompagnando in questo fine settimana di delirio 🏍😂 Addolciamoci la vita, va 😘 Quale dolce con la farina di riso state pensando per il #melottispringcontest ?! 🌼Avete tempo fino a lunedì per proporci le vostre idee primaverili ❤️ . (🇬🇧) Not an ordinary banana bread but a soft vegan and with no added sugar cake made with ripe bananas, rice flour, coconut yogurt and lemon slices to decorate 🌼 I bake this cake before leaving for Aragon and now I am having it to give some sweet vibes to my day! ❤️ This weekend is crazy like always, but I will survive 💪🏻 . #colazionesana #veganbreakfast #fitbreakfast #veganfoodie #iqsjerf #colazioneitaliana #ahealthynut #veganfoodspot #fitfoods #fitfam #foodpictures #foodphotography #gloobyfood #feedfeedvegan #IFPgallery #veganfit #plantbasedfood #crueltyfreefood #sugarfreelife #buongiornomondo #colazionetime #govegan 🌱 #foodstylist #heresmyfood #veganpornfood
Just a reminder to C H E W your smoothies🥛🍓 Digestion begins in the mouth, and even though the mechanical breakdown of food (chewing) has been done by the blender, there is still the chemical aspect of oral digestion which requires enzymes to be secreted from saliva and chemically break down food. Oftentimes there is an entire meal in smoothies (fats, carbs, protein) which the stomach should be warned about its arrival through signaling by chewing! 👅 I usually top my smoothies with berries, or stir through something granulous like cacao nibs to remind me to chew to stimulate digestion 😬
Small salad for lunch today
Much of the food considered to be “true blue Aussie” isn’t exactly what we would call healthy... but, that’s no reason to miss out! In fact, we’ve created a bunch of healthier versions of our fave Aussie foods to prove that ditching the sweet stuff isn’t about deprivation, it’s simply about making smarter food choices. So head on over to the site to grab the recipe to these Tam Tims or use the link via the comments below!
Now that’s a bowl of goodness ✨🥑🌈 quinoa 🌟 @jshealth sesame carrot chips 🌟 sweet potato zoodles🌟 avocado 🌟 homemade hommus 🌟 roasted red onion 🌟 haloumi 🌟 balsamic & lemon brussels sprouts 🌟 kale & peas with mint & parmesan 🌟 savory granola 🌟 it took a bit of coordination between the oven and the stove but totally worth it 🙌
That’s one way to use @puresnack kale chips! How do you like yours? Pic by @iheartumami.ny
Looking for a gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free and 8-Week Program-friendly snack? Well, look no further because this Crispy Bacon + Cauliflower Popcorn dish will soon become your go-to! Grab the recipe over on the site or use the link via the comments below.
Raw choc mint cups with raw chocolate hearts cause they are just too adorable 🖤 #rawchocolate
Fancy something simple yet delicious for dinner? I’ve got your back 💁🏼‍♀️😏I finally got around to trying @pinchofyum ’s avocado kale caesar salad with sweet potato fries, and all I can say if that if you aren’t eating your salad with fries then you’re missing out. This kale salad is dressed with a creamy avocado and mayo dressing (I’ll admit, my avo aversion may have slightly skewed the avocado to mayo ratio BUT STILL) you then pair your kale with some perfectly crispy fries - I opted for a mixture of carrot and sweet potato fries - and you have yourself a salad to remember. The best way to get some veggies in on your hump day! P.S. thank you for all the love on my 15k post from last night. I received so many kind messages - you guys are the best and I can’t WAIT to give away a bucket of peanut butter🧡 #kale #sweetpotatofries #pinchofyum #vegetarian
The perfect meal by our nutrition student @byrosie_ check out her page for the recipe!
It's hard trying to please the whole family when it comes to food! That's why we've gathered all our favourite dishes to please even the pickiest of eaters in our Healthy Family Meals eBook. You can grab a copy over on our online store today!
How about some inspo for your Wednesday morning? 🤤🥞 . . Vegan Salted Caramel Pancakes 🥞 🍌 🔝 with a fave of mine @pure_n_free Salted Caramel Organic 🥥 Yoghurt + Strawberry 🍓 + my homemade granola 🥜 for that crunch factor 🤤🤤 . . Share the love with me ❤️ and comment below 👇🏼 if you’re keen for the recipe 📝 . I hope you have an EPIC day 💖 xx . . 📷 Styling & Photography by @carito.rs . . . . #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreedairyfree #glutenfreebrisbane #glutenfreebreakfast #foodphotographers #veganbreakfastideas #granolalife #veganfoodpics #veganpancakes #pancakeslover #healthypancakes
Raw Carrot Cake, one of my faves ✨ #rawcakevibes #rawtreats #deliciouslyhealthysweets
Lunch was a gooooodie today 🌈 pumpernickel toast with an eggie, avo, rocket, cucumber and some salsa I made up on Friday - just a mix of baby toms, onion, chili, S&P and olive oil 🌟
My signature @bareblends Cacao Smoothie making a mess 🙃 I added a tbsp of cacao nibs for that crunch factor 🍫😁 and sipping it with my @biomestores rose gold stainless steel straw to save the planet 🌎 and contribute to the zero-waste movement. More info coming 🔜 . . 📌 📒 I’ve posted the recipe again for you in the comments 👇🏼👇🏼 . Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday 💖 . . 📷 Styling & Photography by @carito.rs . . . . . #yoginilifestyle #fitgirleats #brisbanefoodies #brisbanebloggers #besugarconscious #sugarfreelife #fodmapfriendly #iqsjerf #sugarfreeliving #fitfoodie #lowfructose #guthealthmatters #guthealing #bareblends #goodstarttotheday #smoothierecipes
Coconut + Raspberry bread topped with crunchy PB and figs 🖤 #eatmoreplants
Kicking off meat free Monday with this AWESOME creation, inspired by the awesome @wiseboysburgers veggie burger that I had on the weekend at the @gogreenexponz - I obviously couldn’t wait to get into my kitchen and make my own 🍔😍 I’ve combined a big, chunky, completely plant based patty (based on a recipe from @bitenz ) with @angel.foodnz dairy free cheese, fresh cucumber and watercress and a @homestbybakeworks sprouted seed bun, to create this epic meat free burger. What’s everyone else having for #meatfreemonday ? #meatfree #vegan #plantbased #meatlessmonday
We have an amazing recipe by @thewholeheartedcook or @melrosehealth This is a must make!  Ingredients: ¾ cup Melrose Rolled Flaxseeds ½ cup chia seeds ½ cup roughly chopped natural almonds 1/3 cup sunflower seeds  1/3 cup pumpkin seeds  ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon ground cardamom  1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped  1 litre coconut drinking milk  ½ cup Melrose MCT  2 apples, grated  1 cup full-fat coconut or natural yoghurt  1 ripe pear, sliced fresh, to serve  1 cup mixed berries, to serve Method:  Place flaxseeds, chia seeds, almond, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and cardamom in a large mixing bowl stir dry ingredients to combine.  Add coconut milk and vanilla bean, mix well to combine using a fork. After 5 – 10 minutes, mix again and then cling wrap and place in the fridge overnight to thicken. The next day, grate the apple and place into bircher mix along with the MCT oil and stir well to combine. To serve, place about ¾ cup bircher in a bowl, add a dollop of yoghurt and top with a few slices of fresh pear and berries. Tips: To make your own drinking coconut milk, use the ratio 1 cup of coconut milk to 2 cups of water, blend or mix well and store in fridge
Monday with green smoothies and sunshine, here you have one happy gal! Lil secret though, this smoothie is full of Mud☺️ well, @mud_co gut healing Bentonite Clay💚 I love this stuff and so do my Villi😉 . Happy Monday peeps!😘 . . #mondaymotivation #itsallgood #eatablemud #eatableflowers #rawvegan #smoothiebowl #vegansmoothies #greensmoothie #guthealing #paleobreakfast #detoxsmoothie #greensmoothiebowl
Coffee + cashew smoothie bowl topped with coffee granola ⚡️no slow start for me this Monday morning! I used @jamaicablue single origin Costa Rica coffee beans & espresso for both recipes, link in bio X #jamaicablue #coffeereimagined #smoothiebowls
Did you know that our gummies can be eaten for breakfast too? Our Bulletproof Coffee Squares and Raspberry Lemonade Jellies are the perfect way to boost the healthy bacteria in your gut, first thing in the morning! Pick up a copy of our Gut Lovin' Gummies eBook from our online store.
Gordo’s famous “chicken avocado” 🥑💚 the recipe seems to change dramatically every time he cooks it, but tonight’s brew was a serious winner 🏆 Ingredients: 2 ripe avocados, sliced 800g chicken breast, tenderloin or thighs (we used tenderloins), chopped into large bite sized chunks Olive oil 1 red onion, finely sliced 4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 2 red chilis, sliced 1 zucchini, sliced 1 bunch of brocollini, sliced 1 punnet of baby toms, chopped 1 tbsp seeded mustard 1 tbsp Dijon mustard Large handful of parsley, chopped 1/2 cup chicken stock 1/2 cup white wine 1 tsp of chili flakes 1 cup of pasta of your choice (we used wholemeal fusilli. You could easily skip the pasta if it’s not your thing) Method: place a large fry pan over medium heat. Also bring a saucepan of water to the boil (for cooking your pasta later). Fry off the onions in the fry pan in some olive oil until translucent. Add the chicken and garlic, and fry off until the chicken has some colour to it (1-2 mins). Add the chili, wine, stock and mustards. Stir through for a few minutes. While that’s cooking, add the pasta to your boiling water. When the chicken is just about cooked, add all of the vegetables and let them cook, stirring occasionally (couple of mins). Stir through the avocado and add the cooked pasta. Then you’re good to go! We served with some torn up mint leaves on top (mostly because we ran out of parsley but it still definitely worked!) and grated parmesan 👌
Coffee Granola ✨made using the latest Costa Rica single origin coffee @jamaicablue it has such delicious creamy caramel flavours. You can grab this recipe on my blog for all you coffee lovers! Link in bio X #jamaicablue #coffeereimagined #coffeeloversunite
I love starting on a new batch of sugar free granola. I never weigh or measure anything so each batch tastes different! This one has lots of added coconut butter which tastes amazing. We are in full party prep mode this morning; S has had a bath with a glittery bath bomb and I've ever washed my hair (I'm experimenting with the "no-poo" thing right now). Now all I need is a gallon of coffee and I'll be ready to face 24 small pirates... Probably..
TREATS! Coconut rough - recipe by @jshealth 🥥 and what a treat it was. We went to a friend’s house for dinner last night and I bought this along for dessert with some chocolate crackles. The boys were initially very disappointed that I’d made a “healthy” dessert but after getting into it, they conceded that it was actually delish and the lot disappeared. Win! Get amongst this recipe - it’s the goods 👏🙌👌
@christina.m.sternberg takes over the IQS Instagram: One of my favourite afternoon rituals is to have a square of my sugar-free energizing coconut matcha fudge! It’s the perfect snack to pick you up mid-day without having to resort to a sugary snack. Matcha is a powerful adaptogen – it helps boost metabolism, helps you concentrate, and helps rid the body of harmful elements. What could be better? Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of sugar-free fudge? Full recipe is on my website – head to the link in my bio to check it out!
The combination of peanut butter and strawberries blew my mind when I was first introduced. This is one of my favourite @iquitsugar breakfast suggestions. A great one when you need a sweet fix or for a perfect lazy Sunday morning! Hope you are having a fab weekend, the weather is meant to be amazingly sunny today so get out and enjoy it ☀️#iqs8wp #iqs #strawberries #peanutbutter #toast #royaldoulton #iqsjerf #jerf
@christina.m.sternberg takes over the IQS Instagram: On Saturday mornings I love to head down to the local farmers market in Bondi to grab fresh, organic produce to whip up a tray of roasted vegetables! This one is full of carrots and sweet potato, plus I’ve added in tempeh for a bit of variety as I’m always looking for ways to get creative in the kitchen, because after all healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. Roast up some vegetables and you can jazz up any plate of yours! What’re your fave veggies to roast?
I am of the belief that coyo stuffed granola tarts cannot be beaten ⚡️ #weekendsbelike #dairyfreedom
@christina.m.sternberg takes over the IQS instagram: There’s nothing quite like a big bowl of veggies! This one is full of roasted pumpkin and sweet potato, cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, and kale. No matter where you are at in your health journey, it’s always important to add in as many vegetables as possible at every meal. It will help to reduce your sugar cravings and leave you feeling energised for the rest of the day ahead. This delicious salad is packed full of fresh vegetables, protein, and healthy fats to make for a perfectly balanced meal!
Drippy double chocolate ice cream served in a salted caramel waffle cone by the legends @altimate_foods 🖤happy weekend to you all! X #plantbasednutrition #nicecream #
Friday, feeling fresh!🌿 Beetroot patties with all the goodies including Avo and @peaceloveandvegetables Tasmanian Seaweed😍 I tell ya, tis a wonderful day guys!!☺️ Happy Friday!🙌🏻 . . . #plvtribe #plvhomelife #probiotics #veganlunch #lunchinspiration #veggiepatty #veganfood #vegetarianlunch
@christina.m.sternberg takes over the IQS Instagram: Hey IQS peeps, I’m Christina and I’m super excited to be spending my weekend with you all! I hope to bring you some inspiration for healthy, sugar-free eating. I'm a certified yoga teacher and IQS expert, originally from California and now based in Sydney. I’m also currently studying to become a holistic health coach so that I can help people see what a difference nutrition, movement, and mindfulness can make in their lives! I’m a firm believer in a sugar-free diet as I’ve seen first hand and experienced myself a transformation in skin, health, and overall well-being. So come join me as I take you on a journey this weekend into my daily rituals and my best tips for a sugar-free life!
Starting off Friday with an exciting announcement! I’ll be teaming up with @bowl.and.arrow this April as their monthly ambassador! 💛 I cannot wait to work my way through all of the delicious creations on their menu - I’m hoping some of their epic smoothie bowl talents will rub off on me in the process 🤤🤔 To start with, this morning I tried their bowl of the month the ‘Lemonado DiCaprio’. As quite the lemon fan (hello lemon meringue pie you beauty) this bowl definitely hit the spot for me. It contained the perfect amount of tang, balanced by that sweet berry jam on top. What a way to end the week ✨👌🏻 #bowlandarrow #smoothiebowl #smoothie #veganfoodshare
#Repost @italyquitsugar with @get_repost ・・・ ~ Weekend ❄️ means pancake 🥞 (🇬🇧👇🏼) . È sabato e finalmente ho smaltito la cesta del bucato 😍 Sono pronta per rifare la valigia 🤣 Tra qualche settimana infatti si riparte per la Thailandia 🙈 Ma prima di rimettersi con lo zaino in spalla ci godiamo i weekend che restano con molte coccole in cucina 😌 Tipo questi pancake alla farina di ceci, grano saraceno e carrube 😍 È tornato il tempo di rifarli! Sul blog la ricetta 👩🏻‍🍳 . (🇬🇧) The weekend is here and I am done with the laundry! Which means I can enjoy these days the way I want, like cooking this pancakes once again for my Saturday breakfast! 😍 We will be only a few weekends home before heading to Thailand! So let’s enjoy our time spent home 😋 🥞VEGAN CHICKPEA FLOUR, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR AND CAROB POWDER PANCAKES🍓 . Ingredients: 140 gr chickpea flour 40 gr buckwheat flour 3 tbs carob flour 1 tbs vegan baking powder 125 ml coconut yogurt 1 cup unsweetened almond milk Mixed berries 🍓 Decoration made with: 10 gr @lindtitalia extra dark chocolate 85% 3 walnuts Bananas 
Mixed berries . #colazionesana #veganbreakfast #fitbreakfast #veganfoodie #iqsjerf #colazioneitaliana #ahealthynut #veganfoodspot #fitfoods #fitfam #foodpictures #foodphotography #gloobyfood #feedfeedvegan #IFPgallery #veganfit #plantbasedfood #crueltyfreefood #sugarfreelife #buongiornomondo #colazionetime #govegan 🌱 #foodstylist #heresmyfood #veganpornfood
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