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SUPER BOWL ✨✨✨ pan fried ocean trout 🌈 avocado 🌈 sesame carrot chippies (yellow carrot! Fun!)🌈 balsamic brussels 🌈 herby tomatoes 🌈 purple sweet potato chippies 🌈 roasted red onion 🌈 baby spinach 🌈 toasted pepitas & sunflower seeds 🌈 hommus 🌈 rocket pesto 🌈 what a treat this was!! 🙌👌👏✌️
It’s the weekend....so Oreos 🖤 #rawbar #coffsharbour #glutenfreevegan
Crunchy Nut Granola with @coyo_is_coconuts and one dam fine fig!!🙌🏻💕 Happy Friday all!🌿✨#fridaymood #granolalife
Brisbane mornings are certainly a little different to Singapore mornings at the moment ❄️❄️❄️ throwing it back to these little bowls of warming goodness 👉@jshealth 's Caramelised Banana, Tahini and Cinnamon Oats (recipe on @jshealth 's website under "Three Super Oat Bowls") 🍌✨💛
Mohn, Mohn, Mohn 🙋wir haben wieder ohne Zucker gebacken:) ein schönes Wochende für euch alle, kocht was leckeres, lässt den Backofen glühen❤️ #nosugaradded #mohnkuchen #IQSjerf #jerf #almostfamousfood #healthybaking #onthetable #backeni
Done! Low carb breakfast buns are ready. We are looking forward to getting up tomorrow. Just add coffee ☕️☕️ #IQSjerf #jerf #breakfastideas #lowcarb #proteinpowder #eiweisspulver #brötchen #almostfamousfood #getinmybelly #foodblogger_de #eathe
Chunky Caramel Icecream⚡️cause caramel chunks are good✌️#rawbar #coffsharbour
When in need of cake, Pear and Raspberry is always a good idea!🙌🏻 the perfect thing to get over this hump day👌🏻 recipe by the beautiful Rani from @youtotallygotthis gluten, dairy, refined sugar free and flip its yum! Happy Hump day all💛 #humpdaytreat #dairyfreeliving
Matcha + Strawberry Rose Bliss Balls 💚 so much yum in one little morsel! #rawbar #coffsharbour #polyphenols
(English below 🇬🇧👇🏼) Mi piace tanto prepararmi dei toast alternativi farcendoli con i tipi di frutta più disparata! 🍑🍓🍞Anche la frutta contiene zucchero, ma è diverso assimilarlo in ridotte quantità e accompagnato dalle sue fibre e dall’integrità di tutti i suoi componenti! Quando sono via spesso l’unica cosa che posso mangiare é pane e marmellata, ma piuttosto di una confettura fatta da kg di zucchero 🍭preferisco chiedere della frutta fresca e arrangiarmi così!😉 In questa foto more e mirtilli su una base di yogurt di soia e pesche bianche su una base di crema di pistacchio al naturale homemade! 🤤 . (🇬🇧) I love eating toast with different kind of fruit 🍓🍑🍞 It’s true, fruit contains sugar but it is different having the whole thing with all its fibers and nourishments 👍🏻 When I am off at race weekend the only thing I can have for breakfast sometimes are toasts with jam but I prefer to avoid it since it is made with kg of sugar and ask for fresh fruit to top the bread instead! Isn’t that a genius idea? 😎 Anyway, save this! Blackberries, bluberries on white soy yoghurt and white peaches on a natural pistachio homemade spread 🤤 . #colazionesana #veganbreakfast #fitbreakfast #veganfoodie #iqsjerf #colazioneitaliana #ahealthynut #veganfoodspot #fitfoods #fitfam #foodpictures #foodphotography #gloobyfood #feedfeedvegan #IFPgallery #veganfit #plantbasedfood #crueltyfreefood #sugarfreelife #healthystylefamily #colazionetime #govegan 🌱 #foodstylist #heresmyfood #toasttuesday
FRITTATA 🥚 the easiest way to use up a heap of veg! For this baby, I chopped up some squishy tomatoes that were verging on bin material and threw them in this baking tray. I scattered over a heap of the salsa I had made up earlier in the week (see previous post), a handful of spinach, chopped dill, feta (be generous 😏), S&P and added 10 eggs (beaten). Pop in the oven at 200 degrees C for about 20 mins or until cooked. Voila! Such an easy and really satisfying dinner 🙌
Matching Matchas. These are a throw back as I’m running frightfully late! #mondaysbelike
It’s the beginning of a fresh new week peeps!🙌🏻 Fresh is a pretty good way to describe this mornings weather😋❄️ but no matter how cool the morning is, when your body tells you it is craving a smoothie then, it’s craving a smoothie am I right?🧡 one of my fave winter combos right now is Persimmon, Tahini and Turmeric. Even though it is cold I feel like Turmeric is such a warming flavour. Is that just in my head?🤨 ah well, whatever works😂 Happy Monday all!!🧡🧡🧡 . . . #mondaymotivation #rawbreakfast #smoothiemornings #plantbased #paleobreakfast #rawvegan #persimmonsmoothie #nourish #mondaymood #foodietribe #ourfoodstories #seriouseats #foodography
Raw Choc Tipped Ice Creams with Caramel Centre ⚡️perfect end to the weekend X #eatmoreplants #rawfoodie #rawbar #coffsharbour #foodartist #veganfoodspace
(English below 🇬🇧👇🏼) Sono passati davvero secoli dall’ultima volta che ho fatto colazione a casa di domenica 😱 ed oggi ho voluto renderla un po’ diversa dal solito. 🥐 Ho provato a realizzare dei VEGAN CROISSANT SENZA ZUCCHERO con olio di cocco ispirandomi ad una ricetta di @seitanismymotor 👍🏻 Beh, forse devo perfezionare la tecnica, ma buoni sono buoni ☺️ Dai, ogni tanto un piccolo sgarro ci sta! E voi ve lo concedete? Buona domenica a tutti! ☀️ . (🇬🇧) Today I am having a Sunday morning breakfast at home after ages 😱 and I wanted to turn it a little bit different then usual! 🥐 I tried to make some VEGAN AND SUGAR FREE CROISSANT with coconut oil taking inspiration by Seitanismymotor’s recipe 👍🏻 They taste good but maybe I still need to practice more the technic 🤔 Sometimes we need to go for a cheat meal 😜 Do you go for that as well sometimes? Have a nice Sunday! . #colazionesana #veganbreakfast #fitbreakfast #veganfoodie #iqsjerf #colazioneitaliana #ahealthynut #veganfoodspot #fitfoods #fitfam #foodpictures #foodphotography #gloobyfood #feedfeedvegan #IFPgallery #veganfit #plantbasedfood #crueltyfreefood #sugarfreelife #buongiornomondo #colazionetime #govegan 🌱 #healthystylefamily #heresmyfood #veganpornfood
Myer Lemon + Poppy Seed Pancakes with Toffee Pear 🍐 cause that’s what Sunday’s are about! #sundaylove #pancakesunday
A few of our favourite things ✨ I made up a simple batch of salsa on Monday and it’s just the gift that keeps on giving! So delish to toss through a salad, throw over a piece of meat to spice it up, serve it with eggs (frittata post to come 😎), or even just have it on a piece of avo toast or a rice cake. I just finely chop red onion, chili, tomato & parsley, add a drizzle of olive oil, & season with S&P. Most times I’ll also add a dash of balsamic vinegar. A very versatile and easy little mix 🙌
Almond Butter Chocolate Cups with Goji + Cacao Nib Top 🖤 #chocolatelovers #veganbombs
You asked for it & I listened 🙂👂 . . You want to see more recipes up on my feed 📝 and I deliver 👍🏼 . . My 4-Ingredient Protein Bar done right 😏 ✅ Great snack for the girl boss on the go & to keep those cravings at bay 🤚🏼 . Using @bareblends organic vanilla powder, @bareblends maca powder, any nut butter (I use peanut 🥜 butter or almond butter) and a combination of nuts and seeds. My fave at the moment is @themueslisugarfree gluten free 💛😋 Combine all ingredients until desired consistency. Leave in the fridge to set. And that's it. Easy peasy 🤘🏼 Have a beautiful Friday 💖 💋 . . I hope to see your creations. Please tag @nenapiki_healthymeals and share the ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . #glutenfreedairyfree #foodstylingandphotography #bareblends #besugarconscious #brisbanefoodies #brisbanebloggers #proteinbars #healthysnackideas #fructosefriendly
Ever wanted to eat more fish but not sure what to do with it? So good for you and so quick and easy to cook. Check my stories for step by step what I did with these fillets 👆 . . . . #healthyfood #healthspo #eatwell #nourish #cleaneats #healthyeating #healthymeals #realfood #iqsjerf #jerf
When you find an Oreo almost as big as your head @florafauna_perth you share it! #pertheats
Banana & cinnamon blender pancakes - recipe by @jshealth 🥞🍌🍓 I also snuck in a serve of @bareblends Vanilla Bean WPI for an extra protein hit 💪 Topped with @barambahorganics Bush Honey yogurt, toasted coconut & berries. A maple syrup drizzle is a MUST, I just forgot to do it for the pic 🤦🏼‍♀️
Whilst at mums place I decided we needed a raspberry + peach crumb cake. I am blessed with good intuition 😉recipe by Hana over @nirvanacakery a scrumptious and simple cake. #glutenfreevegan #nakedfoods
Dinner last night 👉 pan fried red snapper, pea mash, tomato salsa & rocket 🍋 the pea mash is simply cooked peas that have been whizzed in the blender with some parmesan and S&P. It is such an easy and delicious side 👏 I wish I made more as it is so epic on toast with poached eggs 🤤 the salsa my fave little mix of chopped heirloom toms, red onion, parsley, red chili, S&P, a little dash of balsamic and a good drizzle of olive oil. I made a big bowl of it and it will be featuring again in dinner tonight 😎
Prawn spaghetti 🌶🍋🦐 This meal is an absolute treat. Fresh. Delicious. Hearty but light. A very solid crowd pleaser 💯 recipe and method is in the comments below👇👌
Cacao Espresso Bomb smoothie 🍫☕️💣 my all time favourite smoothie! Blend together 👉 1 shot of espresso (cooled in the freezer for about 10 mins), 1 tbsp @bareblends cacao powder, 1 large frozen banana, 1 serve @bareblends cacao WPI, 1-2 medjool dates (omit if you’re not keen on the added natural sugars), a small handful of hazelnuts, a big splash of milk of your choice (adjust to how runny or thick you like your smoothies) and a few cubes of ice 🖤💥
Açai Bowl Mornings @flowerchildcafe #acaibowls
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate for chocolate week 🍫 have you made peanut butter milk yet? Let me know if you would like the recipe X #chocolatelovers #peanutbutterbaby
Coconut miso stir fry with pork 🥢🍃🥥 I feel like I say this all the time but this is definitely one of my new faves! 🙌 the dressing/sauce absolutely MAKES this meal - whisk together 2 tbsp white miso paste, 2 tbsp water, 1 tsp honey & 1 tbsp lime juice. You can use whatever veg you have going in the fridge but this mix is broccoli, capsicum, purple cabbage, onion, enoki mushrooms & sugar snap peas, plus thinly sliced pork fillet. Sauté the onion in a large fry pan over medium heat, then add some crushed garlic & grated ginger. Next add the pork, cooking until it’s browned. Then throw in all the veg (minus the mushrooms), add a generous splash of tamari, a small dash of sesame oil, chili flakes & some fresh chopped chili. Add the mushrooms at the end. Serve on brown rice and top with the coconut miso dressing, chopped coriander & sesame seeds 👏👏👏
A little raw treat shared while sitting in the morning sun @thelittleshopofplenty a cashew mousse + fig cake ⚡️most enjoyable #pertheats
It is Friday lovely people!☺️ So let’s grab ourselves some raw treats and celebrate✨ mine is in the form of this Salted Caramel Tart made using @loving_earth Salted Caramel Chocolate. Darn why did I take this picture in the morning, now I have to stare at it all day waiting for desert🙈😂 #realgirlproblems . . . #rawdessert #rawtreat #lovingearth #paleotreats #rawvegan #vegantreat #vegandesert #itsallgood #paleobased #rawcaramel
Moroccan chicken and carrot salad with cous cous - yet another awesome recipe by my fave @donna.hay (on the website)🥕I added some roasted paprika chickpeas and chopped leaves to bulk it up a little 🍃 this is the perfect dinner when you want something fresh and healthy that doesn’t sacrifice on flavour 💥
Smashed Pumpkin with White Bean purée @florafauna_perth #pertheats #eatmoreplants
The best kind of lunch today. Swipe to see how I adapted it for my two year old. ☀️dark rye bread with avocado ☀️fried egg ☀️veggie and bacon mix up . . . . . #eatwell #realfoodwithkids #nourish #eeeeats #cleaneats #jerf #iqsjerf #pcos #nourish #nutrition
Got a sore throat? I’ve got you covered this winter. Don’t bother with cough lollies this throat spray is so effective in soothing that sore throat!
Shivering my way through this Blueberry smoothie with #noregrets 💜 it has been an emotional week, saying fair well to Nan and spending much time with family. Nan was a florist like me, or maybe I am a florist like her. Seeing beauty in all the small and dainty things of Gods creation as well as spending probably more than half of her 93 years making her own creations in the Kitchen☺️ I reckon the Lord will be getting some pretty tasty coffee sponge cakes from now on. Happy hump day my Insta family. Let’s put a smile on our diles and see what the day brings🌿✨ #humpdaymotivation . . . #smoothiebowl #rawvegan #rawbreakfast #veganfood #glutenfreevegan #antioxidants #itsallgood #paleorecipes #paleobreakfast
Had an epic apple with spiced crumble ice cream @roho_bure_vegan_icecream this afternoon with fudge of course ✅ if you get a chance you have to check them out! #glutenfreevegan #perthdesserts #goroho
And we’re finally back in Singapore! Out of the past 6 weeks, we’ve only been home for 1 week 😱 keeping lunch super simple today (until I do a bigger grocery shop) - a lil salad of rocket, avocado, fetta, cucumber, tinned red salmon & pepitas, dressed with a big squeeze of lemon & a tiny drizzle of olive oil 🍋 so fresh and light - it really hit the spot after 2 weeks of overindulging and eating lots of heavy (but so delicious 🤤) wintery foods. I’m SO excited to be back in the kitchen, so stay tuned for more fresh feeds! ✌️
NEW EBOOK COMING THIS WEEK! After the success of my autumn program and back by popular demand I have decided to tweak the winter program by just providing a recipe ebook! This ebook contains over 20 recipes that are all warming winter recipes but also containing ingredients that are in season! Message me for more information and be first to know when it launches.
Slow cooked lamb shanks for dinner tonight 😋
I made a olive oil + almond cake for a family dinner while at mums house @_greencandy_ ⚡️#glutenfreevegan #rawbar #coffsharbour
(English below) Anche questa mattina sono i lamponi i protagonisti di una colazione fatta al volo 🙄 Dovete sapere che mi sto cimentando nel realizzare una torta di compleanno epica e mi sta dando un po’ da fare con tutti i passaggi 😂 È una nuova sfida e vi dirò che son fin emozionata, ma non voglio montarmi troppo la testa, che poi ne resto delusa 🤦🏻‍♀️ Qual è la ricetta più complicata che abbiate mai realizzato? Nel frattempo piccoli attimi di austera semplicità: pane multicereale, salsa tahin, tanti lamponi freschi e cocco rapé 🤤 Buon weekend a tutti! . (🇬🇧) Again I am having raspberries for my morning breakfast which is one of the quickest today because I am in the middle of baking a birthday cake! Probably this is the most difficult recipe I have ever tried and there is a sort of excitement! But I should keep my feet on the ground or I will be disappointed if the result turn out bad! What was the most difficult recipe you ever prepared? 🧐 Here some semplicity: multi-cereal bread, tahini sauce, lots of fresh raspberries and grated coconut 🤤 Have a nice weekend ♥️ . . #colazionesana #veganbreakfast #fitbreakfast #veganfoodie #iqsjerf #colazioneitaliana #ahealthynut #veganfoodspot #fitfoods #fitfam #foodpictures #foodphotography #gloobyfood #feedfeedvegan #IFPgallery #veganfit #plantbasedfood #crueltyfreefood #sugarfreelife #healthystylefamily #colazionetime #govegan 🌱 #foodstylist #heresmyfood #veganpornfood
Cape Otway
Matcha Chai Tea Custard Tart with Cacao Crust ⚡️happy weekend everyone, I’m off for a holiday with family for 10 days!! X #rawbar #coffsharbour #glutenfreevegan
My morning stack! Chinese herbs for my endo 💛 Gut right for overall gut health Alpha Venus for hormones and liver Iron as I’m suffering from very low iron And a super greens powder
My daughter made chocolate raweo on the weekend & filled them with my white chocolate cheesecake filling ⚡️proud mummy!! Who thinks these should be added to my rawbar menu? #rawbar #coffsharbour
Açai, tahini, yogurt, rawnola, florals.....nuff said ⚡️ #rawbar #coffsharbour #smoothiebowls
My Hemp Power Bars are now available with a raw choc top ❣️thanks to @deva_cacao beautiful raw chocolate 🍫 #rawbar #hempseeds #supportlocalbusiness
I’m back “home” in Australia, between the Gold Coast and Brisbane and I was definitely not prepared for how cold it is! Steamy Singapore has made me weak 😆 but it’s been so nice to rug up (wearing jeans and a jumper is such a novelty) and enjoy some warming foods, like this baby 😍 my fave winter brew of hot cacao oats (1/2 cup oats, 2/3 cup almond milk, 1 tsp @bareblends Organic Cacao powder and a sprinkle of cinnamon - microwaved for 2 mins). Topped with banana, strawberries, bee pollen, gojis, cacao nibs and a dollop of @mayversfoods Peanut Coconut spread 🍓🍌❤️
What a way to finish Monday...Pizza!! This was the best I can remember, a corn tortilla base with parsley + Brazil pesto, cheese, kalamatas, artichokes, roasted capsicum, mushrooms, purple onion & finally sprinkled with a bit more cheese. A side of kraut + herb salad ✨what meal do you look most forward too after a busy day? #rawbar #coffsharbour #glutenfreevegan
Post run 🏃‍♀️ breakfast. Porridge with stewed apples 🍏
Sunday Afternoon Platter ⚡️nut + seed crackers, my purple kraut, vegan smoked cheddar, parsley Brazil pesto, berries, macadamias, edible florals & my favourite chocolate hand made by @deva_cacao you are so clever! X #cheeseboard #rawbar #coffsharbour #flatlaysquad #holisticnutrition
Chilli paneer lunch #veglife #iqsjerf
Strawberry Peanut Butter Milk Shake topped with Rawnola 💖in my favourite dress sunny from @brookegeorge1 #shoplocally #rawbar #coffsharbour
Herby Pumpkin Bread 💙 the recipe is by Ellie @elsas_wholesomelife I just subbed sorghum + GF flour for the spelt 💙thanks for a beautiful recipe Ellie X #elsaswholesomelife #glutenfreevegan #rawbar
Peanut Butter Zucchini Porridge with Peanut Butter Mylk this morning. The last week has been very fresh with our first frost yesterday morning, so it is definitely porridge season! Have you tried Peanut Butter Mylk? It is pretty ace & I just so happen to have a recipe! X #porridge #peanutbutterlover #plantprotein
Colourful roots ready for roasting #nofilter #iqsjerf #veglife
The latest addition to the @chocdaisy raw bar family 🖤chocolate X 3....for moments when single chocolate is not enough! #rawbar #coffsharbour #plvtribe #chocolatelovers
Dreaming for breakfast like this 🙌🥞
Double Choc Hazelnut Brownies made specifically for weekend snacking 🖤 #rawbar #coffsharbour #chocolatelovers #veganbrownies #foodblogeats
Gooooood morning! 😍 What a gorgeous @paleohero creation by @nenapiki_healthymeals. We’re so glad you’re loving your Primal Muesli ❤️ #Repost ・・・ Probably not the best type of weather to post a smoothie bowl when it’s raining ☔️ and 17 degrees in Brisbane is freezing ❄️😅 but I just had to share the love for @paleohero Primal Muesli as a topping 😉 So crunchy, yummy 😋 & jammed packed with nutrients and healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer 👌🏼 . . Recipe for my usual @bareblends Cacao Signature bowl is #ontheblognow or I’ve shared it many times on my feed. Scroll down for some inspo too 🤩💗🌟 It’s a win-win situation 😁 . . Stay warm and dry Brissy people ☕️ Wishing everyone a fantastic Thursday ❣️ xx . . . . . . . . . #glutenfreerecipes #foodstylingandphotography #goodvibestribe #fitgirleats #brisbanefoodies #brisbanebloggers #yoginilifestyle #bohosoul #sugarfreelife #fodmapfriendly #iqsjerf #sugarfreeliving #fructosefriendly #glutenfreedairyfree #fructosefree #healthytravels #guthealthmatters #guthealing #bloggerbabes #brisbaneinfluencer #bareblends #livingwithpurpose
Tonight was one of those nights where you sit back and think yep, this is living 😎 today was a public holiday in Singas, and a very rainy one at that, so plenty of time to prep, cook and drink wine🕺on the menu was 👉 Bbqed lamb tenderloin marinated in garlic, chili & oregano💥tabbouli💥homemade flatbreads (I don’t think they liked the Singas humidity much or the different brand of flour - definitely didn’t turn out how I used to make them in Aus 🤔)💥chimichurri💥baby capsicums stuffed with cheddar (these sound kinda tacky but man they are so good)💥rocket dressed with lime, olive oil & salt💥 oh yes 🙌
Cause what is more warming on a winters night than a curry? Crispy tofu satay with roast macadamia nuts ⚡️stay warm peeps! X #rawbar #coffsharbour #chocdaisy
Spicy mexican baked bean and egg brekkie #iqs #iqsjerf
A summer fruit crumble type of morning #burntbits #iqs #iqsjerf #sweetenough
Dreaming about a warming, creamy bowl of oats for breakfast 🤤 although I love overnight oats you really can’t beat cooking them on the stovetop. I added chia seeds + some cinnamon spiced pear to this bowl before drizzling PB on top because PB makes everything better right?! Fun fact 🤓 oats are a great source of fibre & the beta-glucan (type of fibre) found in oats is associated w reducing cholesterol levels 👌🏻 Hope you all have a lovely weekend to look forward too -I’m hoping to avoid the library 📚
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