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Re-Posted For my Instagram folks who don't follow my Twitter or Facebook. Excuse the mood. But, I know you get it. #Misogynoir , #racism , #sexism , #internalizedoppression , #AfricanAmericanwomen , #blacksinglemothers , #blacksi glewomen, #blackmaleentitlement , #colorism
A reminder. People will say it’s hard and it’s true that this is difficult to IMPLEMENT, but it’s simple to understand. Listen to and support ALL women and femmes. It’s crucially important to internalize that AT ALL LEVELS OF OPPRESSION there are people who are either more or differently oppressed than yourself. Purge your inner trashyness. #intersectionalfeminism #intersectionality #intersectional #radicalfeminism #radfem #terfs #whitesupremacy #whitesupremacists #whiteprivilege #whitefeminist #allyship #maleprivilege #whitemaleprivilege #hashtagniceguy #oppression #internalizedmisogyny #mysogyny #fuckthepatriarchy #thepatriarchy #colorism #colonized #colonization #internalizedoppression #systemicoppression #systemicracism #powerdynamics #socialproblems
Did you watch my LIVE video giving you 2 tips on how you can be more gender and sexuality inclusive? I shared about gender and menstruation, and challenging the assumptions we make about one another. You have a few more hours to watch the video, but I also wanted to remind you that I do Gender Consulting in addition to helping feminist deep feelers and sensitive souls thrive and shine. I’m currently working on creating a new gender consulting package that will include 1:1 sessions + an awareness & reflection guide, a shifting your gendered language cheatsheet, and some videos. I want to be super clear about who I work with. I primarily work with folks who identify as cisgender or nonbinaryish. For some reason, people think because I talk about gender that I primarily work with trans folks helping them with their gender identity. Nope, that’s what a therapist does. Most of my clients are cis or don’t have a strict identity. I’m passionate about increasing “cis” people’s awareness about gender and helping them be more gender inclusive in their work, business, relationships, and everyday life. I’ve given guidance on feminist parenting, gone over folks’ website copy to shift it to be more gender inclusive, help shift folks’ language and teach them what language to learn, helped clients move away from the “feminine/masculine” binary in their work, helped leaders address internalized oppression in their work with their clients and participants, and offer another perspective on folks’ creative projects to make sure it reflects their feminist beliefs and values. If this sounds like something you need and want, DM and lets chat. I’d be honored to support you. 💋 #letsqueeritup
Here’s your #feministfriday reminder. Society and oppression are real, and you are NOT powerless. Take your power back by choosing a mindset that serves you and take responsibility for your feelings. This is part of your freedom. Love to you this weekend 💋 💋 💋 P. S. For 2 tips on how to be more gender and sexuality inclusive in your work, business and everyday life, watch my LIVE video I just did. It’s a shorter yet important one. Enjoy and let me know what you think! 🌈
Pretty sure the people condemining this drink bottled water. Stop hating on this woman and hate on the companies that have made billions from bottled water. The companies that sell water are usually from larger companies like Coca-Cola. When white people capatlize it’s ok but when Black people do it, the whole community comes out of the wood works and speaks up? I hope this woman sells just as much bottled water as possible. Fuck the haters . . . . #love #art #instagramers #photography #amazing #look #instalike #nature #food #instadaily #girl #instagood #old #instacool #new #beauty #colorful #style #posts #photos #people #amerikkka #internalizedoppression racism #water #women #july #2018
For the past month I have been putting off my #sistersummer reflections to prioritize my own healing and health needs. While mine is valid, important and necessary, it does not exclude my part in upholding oppressive systems. It does not exclude me from doing my work to dismantle racism and internalized misogyny within myself. My ability to choose when and how I show up to fight points to my white privilege, fragility, exceptionalism and more. If I've learned anything this past year it's that our personal, inner healing is a necessary part of collective healing and freedom. The two are intertwined. It is both/and, not either/or. That means honoring our own & collective needs and humanity. I'm recommitting to @desireeadaway #sistersummer prompts that I started in June and let go. Also will be tending to @rachel.cargle challenge and the work waiting in my inbox. You may still be able to join or follow along #dothework . This is lifelong/lifetimes of work and there will always be a reason not to prioritize it for people who benefit. But that only serves to keep the destruction in place. So for the rest of the summer I will be tending to both my personal stuff and the wider work that's mine to do. And being in nature and joy and action and rest.
Uuuuhhh. Dude lemme F U C C Voyd is so sexy. #theincredibles #theincredibles2 #voyd #minecraft #minecrafthungergames #pubgisbetterthanfortnite #pubg #fortnite #roblox #trump #relatable #normies #thicc #thicc 💦💦❤️👏🏻😂😷👌🏼😫🐬😝❤️😝💩😂😜❤️💦😝😜😜👌🏼😷😫 #thiccbois #gaming #racecar #instagram #memes #danke #dankmemes #dankestmemes #memed #triggered #internalizedoppression
I just watched Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix special and it’s absolutely brilliant! I’m feeling so many things. It’s inspired me to share more of my own stories. I’ve got one coming on the podcast in a few weeks about growing up Christian as a queer feminist and the oppressive beliefs I was taught. Hannah’s unique comedy special and powerful speech felt like a collective healing for all of us queers and women. Whether we’re out, proud and confident in who we are or not, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been affected by all the heteronormativity, homophobia and misogyny in our society and communities. There’s a lot of shame that gets placed onto us from oppression. I don’t know how much shame is still in me, but I’m feeling a deeper layer of healing from Hannah telling her story, from telling the truth. Being honest about how oppression has shown up in our lives is part of our freedom. May we continue to heal, individually and collectively. In love 💗
Day 7 of @wildmysticwoman 's 28-Day challenge on #MeandWhiteSupremacy . A day of reflection on what I've learned so far. I hit the pause button yesterday because my reflections didn't quite seem clear / real enough, and I noticed I was feeling the need to post just to keep doing so every day, and it felt performative rather than productive. So I waited, and rewrote my response today: . I'm learning so much from this challenge, especially in hearing from and reading the responses of other white-proximity or passing folx.* I'm learning to articulate what I experience in the complex intersections of being a person of color & still perpetuating / being complicit in white supremacy. I'm learning to be as honest as possible in how I do so. I'm learning to do this work without expecting "likes" or praise or self-congratulations. A lot of discomfort still comes up for me in this process, and I'm learning to identify it as race-based fragility, without unnecessary shame, and just keep breathing and continuing to do the work. The astonishing thing is that as someone who has chronic illness & c-ptsd, and sometimes used this to excuse my white-proximity silence, I am realizing belatedly that this work actually energizes me, and that the more I decolonize myself, the more I free up my resilence and can go deeper. . Most of all I am learning that I really need to use my voice to speak out against white supremacy, condemn oppression in all forms, and uplift the voices of Black folx, Indigenous folx, and other poc. That doing so needs to be integrated into my work and life, and is not an aside or an interruption to my "brand" or usual programming. I'm far from doing this perfectly. The learning continues. . *A number of my Asian-American brothers & sisters have reached out to me since I started this challenge to offer solidarity, thoughts, resources, and love. If this is you, thank you. My fragility has a lot more trouble holding on in the face of this love. I'm truly grateful and humbled to be doing this work alongside you all. . #whiteproximitypoc #whitesupremacyisreal #internalizedracism #internalizedoppression #selfreflection #dothework #berealwithyourself
Your shipment of hetero approval is on it's way. Follow slut #gaydating #gayboyproblems #gaymemes #internalizedoppression #lgbtmemes #trixiemattel #katyazamolodchikova
This is what internalized oppression looks like. Literally the same women with different skin tones, but 'the fairer one is lovely'. So what does that imply if you're darker? This obsession with whiteness in the POC community is so heavily rooted in colonialism and power it's hard to detangle and see it for what it is. I remember my aunt telling me 'I had gotten too dark' after I had come back from SriLanka when I was 12 and that's stuck. Nobody should be made to feel that their skin colour is not good enough. #racism #intersectionality #skincolour #tamilculture #fairandlovely #darkskinisbeautiful #internalizedoppression #colonialism #ignorance
The west coast is so beautiful and calm compared to the east. I’m wearing oranges and yellows and greens, eating all types of cultural foods, and actually *LIVING*. This trip has already done wonders for my depression. Here there aren’t cops staring you down on every corner like in nyc and ohio. I feel like I can finally breath! But also literally lol since San Francisco is wayyyy more temperate and less extreme than where I was coming from in Ohio and the east coast. My lungs are loving it! And on days where there’s a brush fire and Ash in the air I just stay in. It’s so much easier on my lungs here, I haven’t needed to use my inhaler in dayssss 😭🙌🏼 #spoonielife #asthma #travel #wanderer #depression #fatphobia #internalizedoppression
I found my inner voice set to a songstress and a bad beat @themostmona I bow girl! #sisterresistors #wonderwomenwarriors •LINK TO FULL MUSIC VIDEO IN BIO• Barbarian? That’s how you really feel? Like you didn’t start wars over oil fields? Opium, poppy seed Money moves, @iamcardib. Tried to make me hate me For my hips and nose Now they got imposters On a spread in vogue Not a single feature That they let us own Oh hey packin fillers? Styrofoam. #BeautifulBarbarians •••• What are the ways in which you have struggled with the impossible standards of the western beauty industrial complex? #fairandlovely #morelikeunfairsndcolonized #colorism #bignose #biglips #uglyhair #internalizedoppression #selfhatred #decolonization #selflove #beautifulbignose #beautifulbighair #communityresistance #speakingtruthtodomination Music Producers @cultureshocksound Stylist: @fedaeid Art Direction: @taherehmafi Make up: @Shabanasyed Director: Hadeel Hadidi
I am absolutely thrilled with how much Thrive & Shine has enhanced folks’ lives. I’ve heard from everyone enrolled in my online course how grateful they are for this course, how much they’re learning and implementing into their daily life, and how impactful it is. It makes my heart so incredibly happy I cannot even tell you. I knew how valuable this course was before I launched it, but it is oh so affirming and rewarding hearing how valuable it is from the folks enrolled. I do feel like this course is not about me, but for the greater good, and I am simply a vessel to bring it to those who need it. Though creating it also taught me a lot more about myself and what I need (I’ve become more of myself from my own course too!). 🌴 🌴 If you are a deep feeler and sensitive person, I want you to have this value too. Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you ready to invest in your selfcare? 🌴 🌴 In this course, you will: ~ Strengthen your selfcare foundation, including boundaries ~ Learn how to protect your energy in all different kinds of situations ~ How to get your needs and desires met in all areas of your life ~ How to be at your best thriving and shining 🌴 🌴 I also go over internalized oppression & your role in social change to help you get clear and take action on your strengths and passions, and get free from any oppressive beliefs that aren’t serving you (like criticism, perfectionism, “self-improvement”, capitalism/the hustle, and free emotional labor....). 🌴 🌴 By the end of this course, you will feel more freedom in your mind, heart and body, confident in who you are and what you need to be well, powerful in showing up as your whole self, clear on asking for what you want, and ready to share your gifts with the world! 🌴 🌴 Are you ready to thrive and shine? 🌴 To learn more or enroll today, click the link in bio! Once you sign up, you will get access to all of the material. I hope you will choose to invest in yourself 💋 🌴 🌴 P. S. If you enroll, you also get access to FREE LIVE monthly Q&A calls with me. We are having our first one July 17th/18th. Would love to have you join us! ❤️
RECLAIM YOUR TIME. ✊🐚 You have the divine right to discover your God-given gifts. You need to because the world needs what only YOU can offer! The thing is, the rest of us don't know we need it cuz you haven't brought it yet. ⚓💙 My gifts are sourced from my OWN needs, likes, experience. I would not be a tarot reader if I didn't discover that tarot is useful to me. Now I empower people with affirmative messages which has led to work connecting spirituality and social justice. #greatergood 💌🌐 Figure out where YOU can make space for personal discovery in your life. And when you get on the trail, protect your right to adventure. Set up boundaries so you can remain open to what you want. ⚓🔮That's crucial because life WILL tap you one day and the key to knowing when you're called is being free enough to hear. 💙✨ In this society that constantly shuts us down and dehumanizes us, it is resistance whenever and wherever we help each other shine. ✊🐚 We must see our strengths and circumstances with new eyes. That is how we will preserve the world for future generations. 💫🔮 So don't hold out on us or yourself. What liberates you will liberate another.
Tying in with last nights rant, this is a piece of #protestperformance i did last summer outside Hooters... as the script in the video explains, this is about the #objectificationofwomen and #womanhood , hooters being a huge commercialised and dangerously normalised site of this... cos when a company uses a male led version of #femalesexuality and #sexiness to sell their product and also couches themselves as a family friendly establishment, it normalises women being viewed as objects, there for the purposes of entertainment. Objects for the desires of men. Last nights tussle on the bus, which wasn’t actually much of a tussle, cos i didn’t take the bait (couldn’t as i had my kids with me), pissed me off, not only cos of how both of them really were fetishising ideas of blackness and black pride but also because there was an implicit suggestion of ownership coming from this young guys aggression. Cos i, as a woman of colour am not allowed the freedom to choose, like him. I am supposed to be the object, not the subject, the agent in my own story... the antithesis of what #patriarchy teaches boys and men. I could see it in his eyes... ‘how dare she!’ And it’s a look i see in the eyes of many... for different reasons... how dare i do as i please and hold my head up high cos i know that I’m a conscious, #wokeaf woman who aims to empower myself and everyone who is marginalised, partly by living my life as an example. I am beautiful, but not as a caricature for you. I am a sexual being but not for the purposes of securing that precious male gaze. I am free, in there where you can’t see or touch and will choose my own path when and where i can. I will not bow down to your fear driven attempts at control... ~ Rant over... enjoy the video... the thought occurred to me, i still have loads of #fakeblood , the sun is shining, i have this week off work and am feeling antsy... watch this space... #personalispolitical #angryblackwomansyndrome #womenwhowrite #dancersofinstagram #postslavery #internalizedoppression #misogyny #videoart #yourrevolutionwillnothappenbetweenthesethighs #feministartist #artistsoninstagram #blackcreatives #dianesimeipoetwriter
Hoagie really isn’t mean she was just yawning 😹 #triggered #internalizedoppression
Regrann from @latoyatrotterlmt - Pt 2 for clarity... The first clip cut off for whatever reason. This is the additional aspect of the conversation. #selfhate #antiblackness #internalizedoppression #internalizedracism - #regrann
Obsessed @themostmona ! How many of you guys saw the whole video? 😍😍😍 “Barbarian? That’s how you really feel? Like you didn’t start wars over oil fields? Opium, poppy seed Money moves, @iamcardib. Tried to make me hate me For my hips and nose Now they got imposters On a spread in vogue Not a single feature That they let us own Oh hey packin fillers? Styrofoam.” #BeautifulBarbarians •••• What are the ways in which you have struggled with the impossible standards of the western beauty industrial complex? #fairandlovely #morelikeunfairsndcolonized #colorism #bignose #biglips #uglyhair #internalizedoppression #selfhatred #decolonization #selflove #beautifulbignose #beautifulbighair #communityresistance #speakingtruthtodomination Music Producers: @cultureshocksound Stylist: @fedaeid Art Direction: @taherehmafi Make up: @Shabanasyed Director: Hadeel Hadidi Outfitters: @culturehijab @Lolasurbanvintage @simplyzeenallc @zamarutjewel Final edit: @judechehab Video Producer: @taniasafi
What's good, black people. 🍉 As we celebrate the freedom of our forebears from slavery, may we contemplate our current state of freedom. 💙 May we continue working to free our minds in honor of our forebears and our futures. We are the hope and the dream of the slave.✊
Pt 2 for clarity... Why is it whenever black people uplift ourselves someone ALWAYS has to say "well what about?". Sometimes it's even one of our own. #selfhate #antiblackness #internalizedoppression #internalizedracism
Empaths and highly sensitive folks, this is you. You feel your way through life. You have a deep inner knowing that guides you. You know things without seeing tangible evidence of them. This is part of your gift. 💋 💋 💋 My friend, Sara, who’s enrolled in my course has a son who is also highly sensitive and has been talking with him about it. She’s using some of the material in my course for him. I absolutely love this! My course is also for parents, friends, or partners of deep feelers, introverts and/or highly sensitive folks. It will help you better understand who they are, what they experience, and what they need. It’s also useful to you, personally, as so much of my material is about setting boundaries, managing your mind and emotions, getting free from internalized oppression, and generally helping you live the life you want and be at your best. Are you ready to thrive and shine? Click on the link in my bio to enroll today or learn more! 💋
rp @themostmona •LINK TO FULL MUSIC VIDEO IN BIO• Barbarian? That’s how you really feel? Like you didn’t start wars over oil fields? Opium, poppy seed Money moves, @iamcardib. Tried to make me hate me For my hips and nose Now they got imposters On a spread in vogue Not a single feature That they let us own Oh hey packin fillers? Styrofoam. #BeautifulBarbarians •••• What are the ways in which you have struggled with the impossible standards of the western beauty industrial complex? #fairandlovely #morelikeunfairsndcolonized #colorism #bignose #biglips #uglyhair #internalizedoppression #selfhatred #decolonization #selflove #beautifulbignose #beautifulbighair #communityresistance #speakingtruthtodomination Producers: @cultureshocksound Stylist: @fedaeid Art Direction: @taherehmafi Make up: @Shabanasyed Director: Hadeel Hadidi Outfitters: @culturehijab @Lolasurbanvintage @simplyzeenallc @zamarutjewel Final edit: @judechehab Producer: @taniasafi
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