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When we asked for “bottoms up!”, @andy1um made sure it’s all in! We love the creative interpretation, which is delivered in a carefully composed frame - the side lines of the tray and the two mugs on top to break the pattern, this deserved another drink! - More great shots at #instaSGsundayBottomsUp . - Thanks, everyone who have joined us week after week. We will try to come up with more creative themes soon. Remember that only a new post to be tagged (posted after the announcement of the special hashtag), and don’t forget to interact with each other. - See you again soon on #instasgSunday10pm , please stay safe and dry.
.. "these mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb."
Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal. Too many deaths, too little time this week. #instasgsunday10pm #instasgsundaybottomsup
Between doing a quick and dirty B&W edit or stabbing my eyes out trying to photoshop the sky in the grilles, I obviously picked the easier way out cos ain't nobody got motivation for that. Also, architecture again because no one would appreciate seeing my butt on instagram. . #instasgsunday10pm #instasgsundaybottomsup #canonsg #visitsingapore #ig_singapore #exploresingapore #igsg #wanderlustsg #instasg #sgig #singaporeinsta #bnw #bw_singapore #bnwphotography
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