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Here’s a question: how many total viruses do we know about that can live inside humans? • I didn’t know the answer either, but I would have guessed more than a few hundred. Incredibly, the number of accounted-for human viruses is 263. (like, WUT?) • To give you some perspective, if you were to stretch out the predicted total # of viruses on earth in a straight line (according to a really cool microbio paper in Nature), they would extend out 100 light years from Earth! In fact, those 263 I mentioned are predicted to be a mere 0.1% of potentially infective human viruses. 😳 • If we just consider the fact that every living organism on this planet—including bacteria, archaea, and fungi—are potential virus hosts, well, there must be TONS of different kinds of viruses. For more perspective, the amount of bacteria in the oceans alone out number the amount of known stars in the sky. • To shed some light on this virus abyss, there’s an exciting new (and ambitious) project being launched this year to try and identify 70% of potentially threatening but undiscovered human viruses in ten years’ time. • • The international collaboration—called the Global Virome Project—has estimated there to be ~1.67 million unknown viruses in 25 selected viral families relevant to humans which might represent potentially threatening diseases. Of those, 631,000-827,000 might have the ability already to infect humans. 😳 • Suddenly our “263” number becomes not only tiny but sort of embarrassing. • • The goal of this project, which you might’ve identified already is this: to prevent an existential crisis. Or, put another way, to prevent a viral pandemic that we would truly be unprepared for. • Why? Progress is slow in antiviral meds. It’s difficult, because we don’t have a good way of actually killing the virus like antibiotics kill bacteria. Instead, our approach is to prevent it from making any more copies of itself. But to do that, we need to know a lot about it’s life cycle. On a very mechanistic basis. And to know that, we have to study it. That is what takes time, and money. • If you’re still interested, check out the link in my profile to the project’s website.
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"Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners", a 19th-century painting by Alexandre Cabanel. - which is one of my favourite paintings so far. #LegendaryCleopatra __ Over the next 2000 years and counting, Cleopatra would be renowned for her outstanding physical beauty & inspiring innumerable works of art depicting her as an alluring temptress. A famous Roman historian, Cassius Dio, described the queen as “a woman of surpassing beauty who was brilliant to look upon. When Cleopatra was in the prime of her youth, she was most striking; she also possessed a most charming voice and knowledge of how to make herself agreeable to everyone." __ Yet in another account by a Greek biographer named Plutarch, it was written that what ultimately made Cleopatra attractive were her wit, charm and "sweetness in the tones of her voice". He also reported that Cleopatra could speak at least 9 languages and rarely had need of an interpreter. __ Right before her death, Cleopatra had already sent her heir Caesarion to the Red Sea port for safety with much treasure, possibly as part of plans for an escape to India. Unfortunately, it was reported that he was lured back to Alexandria by Octavian's false promises of the kingdom of Egypt. __ Soon after Caesarion's return, Octavian had him executed, following the advice of one of his teachers who said: "Too many Caesars is not good". From then, Octavian assumed absolute control, marking the end of Ptolemaic Dynasty's rule in Egypt. #End
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During the runaway mine cart sequence of Temple of Doom Kate Capshaw got a black eye. The next day on set everyone else showed up with a black smudge under their eye. . . . . . #indianajones #indianajones #georgelucas #stevenspielberg #adventure #action #movies #academyawards #didyouknow #factoftheday #instafacts #facts 💯
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Markiere jemanden, der auch so ein fettes, hässliches Stück Scheiße ist #fact #facts #instafacts #worldfacts #factzoflife #factoftheday
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