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“East 4th”
Victor Simon, La toile égyptienne, 1941. At @museelam
Часть процесса того самого бигля 😜 Всё не перестаю удивляться - как люди умудряются выкладывать каждый день по новой работе? Я рисую тоже почти каждый день, но не всё подходит для формата инстаграма, что-то рисую для сетов, иногда на одну работу уходит по несколько дней... ну и я уже молчу про все обработки и прочие «компьютерные дела», которые, бывает, занимают по несколько дней для только одного сета или работы.... ребят, вы мои герои, если постите каждый день по работе, честно! 💪🏼👸🏻🤴🏻
Where I keep ma beer.
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Goed weekend! ✖️Fine Art Glicée Print✖️Mooi voor je Gallerywall ✖️
Alfred Haberpointner's WOOD ART #alfredhaberpointner
"Wood is a complex material because it provides inner dynamics." The artist, Alfred Haberpointner, strikes, chops and burns, provokes the material and demands everything from it. The result are works that are, on the one hand figuraly recognizable and comprehensible, but on the other hand they can remain arrested in their abstract geometry. Haberpointner does not wish to tell any stories or to interpret. For him the interplay of form, material, surface and sign are much more important. “This certain kind of love for wood is crucial. On the one hand it is something with which I am very strongly connected. On the other hand I try to overcome this attachment, […] to get rid of it, to push it in the background,” says the artist about his relationship to the material. The viewer’s perception of Haberpointner’s works requires an active and constructive process. Not only is the eye excited, but also the tactile sense. The obsessive handling stimulates the material feeling, which results in a unique tactile experience. In this way the artist calls attention to the lack of experience in relation to nature, which the anonymous, all-knowing city dwellers have taken over long ago. #alfredhaberpointner #woodart #natureart
Just finished my newest, long requested, cartoon "Squad" featuring @mt_cahill57 @mad_averette @cate_duncan @emma.mehlhop ! This was requested by @mad_averette and @cate_duncan for a “couple portrait” lmao. I decided to also to put @mt_cahill57 and @emma.mehlhop in this cartoon as well because I felt like they deserved to be in this cartoon for being loyal friends during high school. Hope you guys like it! 😁 #art #artwork #artist #artistsoninstagram #graphicdesign #artistsofinstagram #adobe #adobeillustrator #drawing #draw #illustration #cartoon #anime #original #gallery #creative #instagood #instaart #artoftheday #inspiration #friends #squad #monster #fantasy
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