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Love working outside! ☀️🐦🌻 My office this afternoon! 😍
Double tap and share #wisdomofsuccess Via @successdiaries
So today I helping my clients pick out there finishes for their brand new home. Which for me is one of my favorite parts of my job. It allows me to be creative ,which is the beauty of my job. There are so many moving parts. As I was looking at this simple layout Amanda made for my clients to show them all of their picks. I realized that picking out finishes for your home is a lot like life. You see so many times in my life I choose to complain and sometimes lash out because I believe that my life is out of my control that somehow something someone said or did removes my control of how I choose to live my life. What a lie that is! We are called to live a life of our design and much like choosing the finishes on a home we choose them. Each of these pieces will then lead to the larger picture of what makes up this thing called life. So the pieces you choose in your life will determine what life you eventually have whether it be one that makes you happy or brings you misery. That choice is yours NO ONE can take that from you! So go live your life of design. Speak it into existence here down below. What does that look like?
As a realtor I get to see some pretty amazing and unique homes such as this one! Would rock this fun and funky ombré entryway in your dream house? 💛🏡
This guy has been my #1 supporter in creating the Burn Bright Tribe & now is taking on the venture of being my co-worker! . That's right... we are putting our powers together & creating a FREE virtual running club called RUN & SHINE.✨ . With his athleticism + long legs & my passion for encouraging others on their health + fitness journey, we are excited to open up this group to anyone {men & women} who love running or maybe hate it but want to get better. . We will share running plans {I'll be following a couch to 5k plan}, meal ideas, encouragement, & all sorts of tips & tricks.🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️ . If you are up for a summer RUN challenge, comment below the emoji that best describes your feelings towards running.😵😰🤬🤩😍🤪
I want to be the inspiration!!! You guys I need your help!!! I’m in the running for ms. Health and fitness!! I need your votes!!! I sooo would appreciate your love and support!!! https://mshealthandfitness.com/2018/nikki-cantleberry I love you guys!!!❤️❤️ #mshealthandfitness #fitness #needyourlove #needyourhelp #fitnessaddict #healthylifestyle #inspiration #inspire #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #healthandfitness #girlswholift #momswholift #momof2 #betheexample #beachbody #teamac #inspireothers #vote #lovemyfamily #lovegod #godisgood
#BitacoraDelHincha #Dia6 #AbrazoDeGOL • • Con mi causa #Zabivaka !!! . . . Que en ruso quiere decir "Joven Goleador", es la mascota oficial de la @fifaworldcup. . . . Se trata de una suerte de lobo antropomórfico con el uniforme de los #colores de la #bandera rusa. . . . Patas estar en sintonía con esta fiesta del fútbol llena de color, lleva unos lentes naranjas 👓
Be grateful for the present moment and the people around you. . I feel like we are all so busy, all the time, always in a rush, always running late and thinking about the next thing before we’ve even acknowledged the present. . I’ve been guilty of this on many occasions but it’s something I’m trying to work on. . If someone takes the time to stop and say hi to you, don’t rush off. Yeah you’re late, I get it. I am too, but is an extra 2 or 3 minutes going to make it any worse?? . Take the time to engage in a quick conversation and actually listen and give a fuck about what that person is saying. . Be present. . Be grateful. . Tag a person you’re grateful for. ❤️
🙌 We love seeing Bryan’s story inspire our local community ____________ 😊 Berks County Community Support Program, thanks for letting us be a part of your story today!
Everyday is a new day to improve and to do better than yesterday 💫 In all honesty I hate my body but each day I’m putting in the effort and working towards my goals, for now I’ll appreciate how far I’ve come and remember that I’m doing this for myself ✌🏼
#BitacoraDelHincha #Dia6 #AbrazoDeGOL • • 32 ilusiones, 32 esperanzas, 32 razones para vivir más felices, 32 hinchadas. . . . Todas ellas con la mirada puesta en @fifaworldcup #Rusia2018 .
Summer is here....where are you planning to travel to this year?? #iwentonacruise
Got my first paycheck as a Beachbody coach today!! 💲It might not be much at this point in my coaching career, but every little bit counts! And now I can officially say I'm getting paid to get fit! 💪🙌 I love the flexibility of this business and that I can incorporate it into my crazy schedule! Plus it's freaking fun! 🤓 Do you want to get paid to get fit too? Join my team of Boss Babes and we'll help you get started on your coaching business! Make it what YOU want it to be and we'll be there to support you 👊 *Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.* #bossbabe #strongeyedoc #makingmoney #fitnessjourney #buildingmybusiness #steadydetermination #beachbodycoach #workathome #inspireothers #helpingothersontheirhealthandfitnessjourneys
You know, some days are harder than others to swallow. Frustration sets in and sometimes all you want to do is yell. Trust me, I feel that. Shine on my friends, don't let other people dim your light. . . . #yougotthis #beyourself #inspireothers #swearalittle #shinebright #motivation
Work out of the day is decline bench. Start off with one warm up of 12 with low weight, and then move to heavier weight try and hit 10!!! #fitfam #fitnessjourney #inspireothers #fintessmotivation #gymlife #getfit #dreambig #furtherfasterforever #whstrong #teamself #shapesquad #fitnessblogger #fitmomlife #bodypositive #fitmom #thefitlife #sweateveryday #strongnotskinny
if you're lost and alone or you're sinking like a stone carry on.
The most touching, beautiful thing happened to me this morning. As I was walking out the door, got in my van to start heading to work something told me to hell with rushing to work- stop and watch the sunrise. So I did. And as I’m standing there with my feet in the ocean looking up at god’s beautiful canvas, this little Chinese/Japanese lady comes walking up to me with her arms wide open and asks Jesus? I said yes. She then grabs my hand, said a prayer for me, hugged me and said “I love you sister,” and then walked away spreading love to anyone else she crossed paths with. I started crying...Words cannot describe how much that meant to me, that a complete stranger would do that. God sure knows what we need and when. Love and kindness go so far. Today I’m feeling so inspired to keep spreading love and kindness like it’s no ones business 💖 I love every single one of you… Thank you for being on this crazy beautiful journey with me. #thankful #blessed #beautifulsoul #soulshine #godisgood #godislove #iamlove #lovewithin #love #sunrise #inspired #fireinmysoul #transformation #beautifulstory #storyoflove #angel #inspirationalstory #inspireothers #loveothers #loveisreal #lovestory #momblog #momof3 #changed #heartisfull #heartishappy
Recently I was called upon to think about how sadness can truly be a space for great revelation. -- 💫 A space for deepening IN every direction imaginable. Crumbling and coming home to BE with yourself. To FEEL. To GROW. And to REBUILD even stronger in a new WHOLENESS. Words and feelings I never knew or experienced before. -- #sadness . Like deep, profound sadness washes over me with my PTSD. For the first year of my recovery I truly was a medicated mess. Going through the motions of therapy. Journaling. Doing all the things. But never really BEING with anything. - Fast forward to joining IGC. Connecting with @goddessarmy Holy shit! ✨⚡️💫 Magic started happening! Connections started being made in my journey. And yes, less medication so I can think and feel more fully. — So last night I am washed with this profound sadness. Deep to the soul sadness. Why am I attached to needless THINGS? A shift to a desire for simplicity. -- Why am I worthy? AM I worthy? Why do I need to do this work? CAN I do this work? Am I capable of love? AM I even close to love or so off track I should start over and try again? Why do I always take the hardest route possible? Am I truly just a daydreamer with my head in the clouds? Am I avoiding something bigger? What is my why? Why? A million why’s...a million soul searching, burning questions. -- My thoughts and beliefs about money. Ahhh. Money. 😬 Am I good enough to earn what I “deserve?” The tears flowed because I have put my everything on my husband right now. The fear surrounding that is real for me, even though that is what he “wants,” I know he has stress surrounding it. How long will the “good times last?” So manifesting my future...changing my money story. Yes...yes I am fucking worthy of it all! 🤩 -- Through the tears I knew I was being held and heard by something so much more powerful than me. I could feel the arms of the Universe wrapping around my shoulders, drying my eyes. Filling my heart with more love than I can ever imagine. There is so much to be done. So much more work for myself, my story is still being written. And I can feel the shifts happening every single second. I am cracking open and coming home.
#BitacoraDelHincha #Dia6 #AbrazoDeGOL • • Con un amigo 🇦🇷 que espontáneamente nos consultó un tema de su cámara. . . . Conversamos un poco de fútbol y me dijo algo como: Espero que no nos crucemos en #Octavos , nos hicieron sufrir en la #Bombonera . . . . Si bien ninguno de los dos países (🇵🇪 y 🇦🇷) ha tenido un debut auspicioso, estoy convencido que ambos pasaremos a la siguiente #fase ! 💪🏻 . . . Por cierto, aún me falta ir a la iglesia que lleva tu nombre xD
I thought I would post a transformation picture using a similar photo to the one that is in the Weight Watchers Weekly this week 😊 . . My after photo was taken in October when Weight Watchers came to my house and did a Photo/Video shoot 😁 It is a day I will never forget...I will never forget how confident and content I felt in my own skin ❤ . . Self Love is something I struggled with for a long time...I made a decision to start turning my negative thoughts into positive thoughts 💕 . In my before picture I was picking out a bridesmaid dress I had already lost some weight and I was feeling confident...even after they fitted me for a dress and told me I was a size 18 😱 I was shocked at that number...but that number motivated me!!! I set a goal that I wanted to lose 20 pounds before the wedding...I even ordered a size 12 dress...and guess what...I wore it with confidence (If you swipe to the right you can see me in the size 12 dress at the wedding) 😁 Now I wear a size 5 in dresses 💃 Today I faced the scale and I am 1 pound above my goal weight of 135...I was actually thinking I was around 140 and I prepared myself to see that number!! The thing is we all struggle...but we can't let our struggles define our journey 😘 I am back on track and feel Amazing!!! . . In my before picture I'm wearing a size 16 that wouldn't zip up in the back...In my after picture I'm wearing a size Small dress 😁 I'm currently up 6 pounds from where I was in my after picture...still a healthy BMI but 1 pound over my goal weight and I'm still wearing size Small dresses!! *People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/per wk. I lost weight on SmartPoints and a prior WW program and WW Freestyle *
I shared today in my bootcamp about being comfortable with being uncomfortable and when I think about my progress with my workouts and with life in general it’s remarkable. . . Do something today to push you beyond the standards because life is more fun and rewarding when you give it your all💖 . . . . . . . #getuncomfortable #pushbeyondyourlimits #breakalltherules #dosomethingdifferent #beyondyourcomfortzone #pushyourselfeveryday #everydaygrind #inspireothers #fitinspo #30daysofsc
”Muista aina kiikkustuoli; ettet elä nyt yhtään vähemmän kuin siinä ollessasi” / ”Always remember the rocking chair; that you will remember there that you were rocking” #whattawowword Lue juttu sometasapainosta. Suora linkki profiilissa☝️
No matter what is going on I can still look at my life and KNOW that I am Blessed 🙌🏼 LINK IN BIO to shop all our #lovecarter inspirational jewelry #Inspirationaljewelry #Inspireyourself #Inspireothers #Knowthatyouareblessed #Iamblessed #Encouragingwords #Wordsofaffirmation #Speaklifeintoyourlife #Countyourblessings #ThankGodeveryday
Don’t mistake anyone’s kindness for weakness. Trust me when I say this, the only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come. That is the only reason! I remember my oldest brother lit my face on fire when I was 8 with WD40 and a match. My skin on my cheeks and chin are scarred from it still and it’s an unfortunate reminder of where I came from. But without a place to reflect on, you can’t see how far you have come. #scarsarebeautiful #donttreadonme #beautiful #shesonfire #veteranwife #model #inspireothers #instagood #dontlookbackyourenotgoingthatway #positivevibes #thesesignstho
Steady progress. Swipe through to the most recent. Safe to say that according to my metabolic age going down, Veganism is the Benjamin Button lifestyle! Working out fasted and not eating before 4pm each day seems to help with weight loss, energy levels and mental toughness and function. Heard a cool quote on an audio earlier about humans being adaptation machines, and we adapt and become whatever we give the majority of our thoughts to. Don’t eat animals, it’s weird 🥊🏃🏻‍♂️🌱🥕 • • • #humbled #bethechange #bekindtoeverykind #ashtanga #boxing #charityboxing #meatanddairy #training #generosity #teamvegan #vegan #newtoboxing #innerstrength #manchesterdonkeysanctuary #manchester #running #ahimsa #ilovemanchester #kindnessissexy #stockport #yoga #beginneryogi #inspireothers #ahimsa #innerstrength #animalrights #yogaretreatcooking #teachcompassion #teachkindness
Still need to get some graduation gifts? It’s not too late to grab these Inspire Cuff bracelets! You can’t go wrong with any of the sentiments that are hand stamped on each one. All these options are available on NoLeLu.com Limited availability. Order now and get free shipping. 📦👌🏼😊 º º º º º º º º º #Nolelu #NoleluJewelry #Jewelrywithasoulpurpose #gradgifts #cuffbracelet #inspireothers #jotd #braceletsofinstagram #braceletoftheday #stackingbracelets #stacksarethenewblack #inspireyourself #inspirationaljewelry #inspirationalwords #shebelievedshecouldsoshedid #magicissomethingyoumake #dosmallthingswithgreatlove #milesapartbutneverinheart #followyourheart #everythinghappensforareason #graduationgifts #offtocollege #cutegifts #giftsforgirls #movingaway #cuffbracelet
#BitacoraDelHincha #Dia6 #AbrazoDeGOL • • Sobre mi pecho llevo tus colores ...
Meet, get to know and conquer yourself before going into any other battle!
*** DIFFICULTÉS / CARDIO / MIND SET *** Surmonter sa flemme, son envie de rien faire et de rester à la maison en pyjama. Écouter son chéri, se changer en tenue de sport et aller à la salle histoire de ne pas avoir "perdu" sa journée. Se consacrer au cardio (elliptique) et se donner un objectif : courir 8km. Souffrir dès les premières minutes. Parce oui, je ne le vous montre pas souvent, mais parfois c'est dur pour moi 😅. Avoir super mal au dos, souffrir du canal carpien de ma main droite et surtout, avoir la tête qui tourne et se sentir faible... Sans savoir comment, réussir à puiser une force en toi qui te dit de ne pas t'arrêter. Transpirer comme jamais, mais ne rien lâcher. Big up à tous les warriors qui, comme moi aujourd'hui, ont été plus forts que leurs maux. Vous êtes les meilleurs ! 👌🎖️ #run #runnning #runners #runninggirl #fitfam #inspireothers #instamotivation #motivation #fitgirl #fitwoman #fitness #active #workout #nopainnogain #fitnessmotivation #weigthloss #sweat #sweateveryday 💦 #bodypositive #fitgirl
B O O T Y BANDS : These little bands are extremely powerful. Who knew this cheap piece of latex could make for such a good workout! I had zero time for the gym today but I did do this 10 min booty burn and now my glutes are on 🔥🔥 Give it a try! Happy training 👊🏻💦 . . 1️⃣ squat to lateral leg lifts (band just above the knees) x 20 2️⃣ lateral band walks (band around ankles) x 20 3️⃣ hip bridge pulses (band just above knees) x 20 4️⃣ Fire Hydrants (band just above knees) x 20 ea side 5️⃣ donkey kicks (loop band around the bottom of your left foot and right ankle, then switch side) x 20 6️⃣ clam shells (band above knees) x 20 Repeat this circuit 3x
Attention Kingwood…We're officially opening our brand new studio end of July and want you to join the celebration with an awesome one time offer of **20% OFF** your membership for LIFE. Join us as a founding member of our studio and enjoy Pilates at an amazing price! Classes are available for all fitness levels with individual attention from our comprehensive certified instructors. Please give us a call at 832-592-7953 or email kingwood@clubpilates.com www.clubpilates.com/kingwood #pilates #pilatesmastertrainer #celebritytrainer #cadillac #reformer #cadillacpilates #pilateslovers #pilatesreformer #pilatesgirl #fitgirl #fun #bodyfitness #sport #fitness #trx #trxworkout #instafitness #inspireothers #getfit #fitnessblogger #bodypositive #thefitlife #dreambig
#BitacoraDelHincha #Dia6 #AbrazoDeGOL • • Seguimos en la #PlazaRoja compartiendo el #AbrazoDeGOL con gente muy #buenavibra tanto compatriotas 🇵🇪 como locales 🇷🇺.
Can I go to bed yet please? 😌 Today- this girl it tiyaaaad!😨 we have them days where you just feel "meh" and you wanna have an in an out attitude because your bed is calling you 😝 As positive as you want to be and try to be, your body can't always follow suit and even when you want to be chatty, energised and strong in your mind, your body is just like "not today my friend" 😒 But as @abikerr said, numbers aren't going down so it's still progress 👏🏼💪🏼 It helps when you got your lilac @gluteywear on too 💁🏼
When do you want to make a change for the better? And take the first step to a brighter future. 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 #makeamove #makeachoice #timetochange #taketheplunge #todaystheday #inspireothers
"Great is wisdom; infinite is the value of wisdom" ~Thomas Carlyle #MNDiocese #CatholicChurch #NewcastleNSW
awww... i feel very loved. thank you for all the DM’s , comments and words of encouragement these past two weeks. i missed all of you too! Now let’s kick some ass! 💪🏼🔥📸💖 #photogeekgoddess #love #selfportrait #infinitepossibilities #strongwoman #fabfitfun #maturesexy #implied #nude #professionalphotographer #bodypositive #beyou #fetish #boudoir #inspireothers #intimateimages #blackandwhite #bnw #instagramhub
Montana, your views did not disappoint. 🏞
Best Health Magazine (@besthealthmag ) talked to Christine about what it's like to "Live Your Best Life" while coping with health challenges. Read about these inspiring journeys to see how she and others, cope and thrive despite what's been thrown their way. http://www.yogaforrunners.com/press/ #yogaforrunners #yfr #yogapose #yogaoftheday #yogainspiration #yoga #yogalove #runners #teachingrunners #yogaeverydamnday #healthyrunning #marathontraining #training #runnersloveyoga #doyogarunfaster #runhealthy #yogaforathletes #yogirunner #yogastrong #yogaforrelaxation #yogagram #strength #flexibility #yogiathelete #nevertoostrong #neverstoplearning #thrive #ageisjustanumber #takecare #inspireothers
#transformationtuesday · My very first Progress pic from May 19, 2017 vs my most recent gym pic from yesterday! I was so excited for my the results I had gotten thus far!! And to see how far I've come is a great feeling! Still have a lot of work to do to get to where I want, but there ain't no stopping me now! · · I’m looking for 5 people no matter where you are located who want to lose weight or put on some muscle!! Let's take this journey together! Inbox me for details on special promotions and let's get started! · #herbalife #fueledbyherbalife #herbalifenutrition #herbaliferesults
A great day today horses , a beauty treatment 😍 and delivering some fitness products to some very happy customers 🙆‍♀️ had some huge compliments today from some much younger girls on how fit I'm looking 😂 if I can inspire anyone at all to look after themselves and get in the gym or to be more active 🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️🤸‍♂️I'm a very happy woman ✌ #killingit 🔥#fitnessgoals #bikinigoals #inspireothers #beyou #dowhatyoulove #energy #passion #totalwellbeing #livealifeyoulove ❤ Photo credit @eve_croghan 😂📸
“Miss...THOSE SHOES THOUGH. Also I’m diggin’ this music bro, solid choice.” ✌🏽Only these kids would use Miss + bro in the same breath 🤣 . What a joy to be back with 9th/10th graders...truly! I could have easily taken the summer off..but I love this job too much. ♥️These high schoolers bring a different energy + love than my tiny humans during the year. They’re at a crucial age, soaking in EVERY single thing I do, say + show. Honestly, they watch me more than my elementary kids. 👀 So I plan to use these next 6 weeks to model character, healthy eating + positive choices...I want them to know they can choose their lifestyle no matter what comes there way. 🙌🏼
Be great!
Frustrated? Stuck? On episode 2 we discuss how to have a breakthrough.
The number 1 thing I wish I knew when I was 14 ~ @ericalynndoug Episode 1 pt 2
Growth IS possible!
Here’s what we wish we had when we were 14. A place to turn when we just need some encouragement, education and empowerment. We are Tony and Erica and we are in your corner!!
And so it begins. • • • Today marks the first day of my training schedule put together by my man, Joey Howe. Words can’t describe my gratitude to this man for all the help and wisdom he he has given me as well as the time he’s put into this schedule. Time to get race ready and see the results!!
Happy New year to everyone!! ⭐️🎊🎉 ▪️2018 is the year of getting faster, making massive progress and building strength👊🏽 ▪️2018 is the year of continuing to advocate the message of strong being sexy and beautiful. And to find a safe place in your own skin💗 ▪️2018 is the year of setting goals, killin it, then setting more goals 🙌🏽 ▪️2018 is the year to be an inspiration and motivation to yourself and others around you to constantly be pushing the bar and breaking the limits of what you think you can achieve 👑
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