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Started working at @twomenportlandme a year ago thinking it would be temporary. Well, life happens and things rarely ever work out as planned. This past year has hands down been one of the craziest, most exciting, chaotic years of my life and I wouldn’t change one thing. I LOVE my job; it’s exhausting, fun, frustrating at times, and I’ve met so many wonderful human beans 😍 #twomenandatruck #imthetruck
Just a few of my faves on our move today 🤗 @twomenportlandme #TwoMenMaine #twomenandatruck #imthetruck
Spending some quality time with this beauty for the next few days. Moving a customer from Maine to Virginia, first real OTR woooo!!!! #lovemyjob #twomenandatruck #imthetruck @twomenportlandme @twomenandatruck